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So, 2018... The year of: NOTHING?!

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2/23/2018 19:45:13   
Doxus the OverLord

At the end of 2017 we had an DN which announced what we should wait for 2018... So... I won't use more words, I'll redirect you all to the DN.

It was said that 2018 will/would be an year of enhancements/improvements. I agree with it and it is true, it's being an year of revitalization due to the zone remakes. Not big ones to be sincerely but I'm liking the way things are going on.

So, improving/remaking/[re]balacing classes is a nice thing to be done. And it MUST BE DONE

But all that revitalization and the MOST IMPORTANT THING is being forgotten or thrown to the void. What should it be?
My answer is:

So, 2016 was the year of ToD's Saga. 2017 was the year of a part of QoM's Saga, it was a complete failure due to making Aria be a weird thing, a history that never gets to an end, and a boring/bad written plot. Also, we had more of Darkblood's history and I think this could be one positive point in 2017. But that was the ONLY ONE positive point in QoM's Saga 2017.

And 2018? What will/would be this year? So, no history? Will it be the year of Nothing?!
Just doing an example... Yokai New Year is one the best events scheduled to happen every february in AQW. So what happened to Yokai New Year's story? Thrown to Void? Maybe just forgotten? Man... it's the year of the Yellow Inugami. All the folklore involving this to be used as part of the lore in-game... and... by the way... this is the year of improvements and enhancements... so, why not being /akiba in February? This month is the month of Yokai New Year, so why not revitalizing Yokai and lauching a history in the same weekend?
There's still time.
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2/23/2018 21:07:36   

The DN you linked to only has the upcoming area remakes listed, more things will be fit inside the framework.
The remakes are deathly important to cater towards new players who come after the legendary rewrite shows up.

Return to Darkovia is coming, Slayer's Rise might never come
Queen of Monsters stuff is coming also

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2/23/2018 21:35:44   
Doxus the OverLord

So, the main history this year is a return to Darkovia?
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2/24/2018 5:03:18   

I think you're confusing the words "story" and "history". History is a recounting of events that have already and actually happened (real life events), while a story is any series of events (fictional or otherwise), that can be told in a coherent structure. AQW's history is what has happened with the game from a real world perspective (such as its development, player statistics, etc.) and its stories are the events that has happened from the in-game world's perspective (such as wars, quests, cutscenes, character development, etc.).

Anyway, in regards to the story being the most important thing? I do not agree with that. Don't get me wrong, story is one of the leading aspects of an (MMO)RPG, but that story doesn't need to be the one told by the staff. It can be the one told by the players as well. One of the things that makes AQW unique, is that due to its enhancement system, command-teleportation system, non-existent stat rolls and non-aggressive monsters (for the most part), players can use the game's assets as they please, to tell their own stories and play through their own scenarios.

For instance, I have often rolled a set of physical dice to decide whether a monster spotted my character or not, to determine whether my character should be forced to face it. I have often teleported to many different maps to continue a story I had written for my character.

If you just create your own scenarios, or use ones created by other players, you could already have access to decades worth of new stories, just from what the game is already offering you to use for them.

Do not get me wrong, new official stories are always nice, but I personally do not find them necessary in order to have new stories to play through.

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2/24/2018 16:04:23   

Sorry, I can't exactly get on-board with using AQW as a single-player dungeons-and-dragons board. If there is a sub-forum or place for writing our own stories, I would definitely try that.
AQW  Post #: 5
2/24/2018 20:55:40   


it was a complete failure due to making Aria be a weird thing

Honestly, I think she should be stuck in her chimera form permanently, or at least make it her base form.it also reminds me of andalites from animorphs which fits quite well for her, especially if she ends up with the power to turn into other things via absorbing some of its dna


AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 6
2/26/2018 20:59:26   
Doxus the OverLord

I think you're correct. I wrote it wrong. It's story. I'll be editting my main post later.
I never thinked about using different scenarios for different purposes other than it's own storyline in that scenario. Of course, when needed to progress, going other places is needed but I must admit I never thinked AQW this way.

My point is that we're needing an official good story to be told. AQW team is capable of high quality stuff and 2016 is a proof of it.
I know this next month will be the one for Dage's Birthday, but... do we really need to be Dage's Birthday to continue Dage's story?
And about Nulgath? Ohh man... sometimes I think the story of Nulgath is being thrown to the void. Day after day.
The point is that AQW is decaying on its quality due some things such as:
"The rewrite is 99,9999999999999999999999999999999999% done, so, no new classes until it gets done".

Man... it's seven years of rewrite... so, what do it need to be done? Another seven? So, more seven years without new classes?
Take a look at 2016... The story was great, the classes was cool. The popularity of AQW was big. The releases was brighting over and over again. The team is capable of this. So, why not?

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2/26/2018 22:48:23   

I have to admit, I kinda feel that these "looking back at old maps" they are doing is just a way of saying that they dont have time to release something decent because of AQ3D.

This weeks release is kinda crappy, nothing really changed except for some new items but other than that its all the same.

I would prefer them just saying it to us directly that they cant release something this week because of AQ3D. If they did that I wouldn't be this upset for this weeks release.

Yes I feel that 2018 will be a dark year for AQW, I feel that the man power they need is focused on AQ3D. As a matter in fact they even said that dage had to stop doing things in AQ3D just for his B-day event, implying that dage is 100% on AQ3D at the moment.

Dont get me wrong I kickstarted AQ3D and fully play it. But as of the moment thinking a while back. It was cheaper to get Black Desert online than AQ3D and its been years and AQ3D has released 80% cash shop items that requires money to get. Yes ashfall is good and all but yah thats just ashfall.

Ive been playing AE games since 2005. I know their habits and they always do this, they tend to cover things to make it look that they are doing something. Yes they are doing a good job but they have an tendency to abandon older games for newer ones. Well maybe abandon is a strong word to say but the bottom line is they tend to shift to another game and just watch their other games sink.

The rewrite has been going on for a long time. Far too long than any other game Ive played. I was still in high school when they announced it and now I graduated college have a job and still its not yet released. Insane thats way to slow and I dont care what excuses they have, Im tired of hearing it already. I have lost hope on it already. If you people are hoping for it maybe your kids will like the server re-write.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
2/27/2018 19:51:42   

If that is true it is very sad, then we have no reason to be surprised they have not made any changes.

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AQW  Post #: 9
3/2/2018 9:12:39   
Jhonny Balado

To be fair,AQW hasn't had quite a decent story since the Chaos Finale.
They are just letting it die,which is pretty sad when you see games like DF that,despite the odds,keep bringing awesome content because of its marvelous developers.
I have played AQ3D and,honestly,it's not worth sacrificing all the other games for it, even though I understand its importance regarding Flash's imminent demise.
Let's not forget that awesome mods like Ashendal were simply wasted.


All dreams must disappear when the dreamer wakes...
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3/2/2018 11:26:08   


which is pretty sad when you see games like DF that,despite the odds,keep bringing awesome content because of its marvelous developers.

well, aqw is ruled more by twitter and being one of the main sources fro money, and quite frankly if it wasn't for aqw being the money bag dragon fable wouldn't have lasted this long nor have as much freedom.
also dragonfables fanbase tends to be more patient then aqws and not being rushed as much leads to less mistakes
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 11
3/2/2018 12:20:58   
Jhonny Balado

Yeah,fair point.I forgot the income aspect.
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