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RE: =DF= Design Notes March 2: The Primordial Challenge

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3/9/2018 10:43:26   
Shadow X Ascendant

Equips - Ult. Dragonstaff of destiny / Shown - Blade of awe
NO guests
200 protect dragon
Spiked leather gauntlet, leorilla mana belt IV, N. Paragon Cape IV, unhallowed DK circlet / ring lv 80. Baltael aventail , Legion Bracer
You don't even need 200 End, just LUK for crits.

First stun squirrel. Soul Shield, Then hit uthuluc until his shield break, then soul pierce, valor impact doubled, baltael syncronization, while his shield is broken, you can use soul burst to stun him. and keep hitting once his hp is down from 1600 and he is still in sunderer chint debuff use soul slice to K.O Him, then taking out squirrel is a lot easy, just 1 weapon of each damage type. In the end, all you will use is one temp item and 1-2 potions, very simple

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 326
3/9/2018 12:51:05   

Thanks! I was using the same equips, but I never really stunned the squirrel... I also calculated that every third turn of the match (turn no 3, not every 3 turns) not counting stunned turns, Sciuridaehotep uses ďNo BuffsĒ, so stunning may be good. Do I have to debuff Uthuluc often or just conserve mana, as tis may be one of the reasons Iíve failed... thnks fr th dvce tho...

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DF  Post #: 327
3/9/2018 14:30:42   
Shadow X Ascendant

Just use stun squirrel, and use shield, you can use the daze, slash, attack to break the shield of uthuluc or even soul vacuum. oh and while the squirrel is stunned DON'T ATTACK him, he will reflect all damage caused to him

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 328
3/10/2018 0:54:13   

ArchKnight DF Q&A / Pedia

I can't believe it, I survived the nuke in The Primordials twice... Squirrel ended Leon early unexpectedly, but Artix and I battled it out right until the end, until Artix got nuked. I didn't think I had enough damage on the Squirrel to get it down before the second nuke, and I didn't... but I had enough defences stacked and survived with no more than 10 HP to spare. By luck, Life Carve was free, and my dragon healed me next turn. Squirrel was down in 2 turns. I have all the upgrades now, that's my last battle with The Primordials. Glad it was a memorable one.
DF AQW  Post #: 329
3/10/2018 8:17:39   

Finally defeteated them with DmK. And I'm only level 74 and with 36 LUK. INT was 200 and End/Wis were 65.

I used Sir Leon, Artix and Stan, 5 potions and seaweed, rotten hardtack.

Equipment was

Ultimate Star of Glory - Because it gives All 10 and Health -15
Blade of Awe was shown.
Nick's Toasty Cape - Because it gives All 9
Zeclem's Band lvl 70 - Because it gives Good 13
Fierce Dragonlord's Helm - All 10 and Health -14
Squirrel's Tentacle lvl 25 - It gives All 3, I tried to farm any necklace that gives All 5, but they didn't drop so I used this.
Elemental Unity - The normal version. I haven't upgraded it but the upgraded version also gives All stats so it is very good. It's attack also gives -30 to boost and usually crits.
Legion Bracer for extra stats.
And Stan the Scan Orb. In my opinion, it is better then the 200-protection dragon, with it, you can damage Uthuluc and if you don't have any buffs, Squirrel doesn't attack you so often.

After that, I had All 36, Good 13 and Health -33. Squirrel could to at best, only half damage to my DK and Uthuluc did only third what he usually does.

It was pretty normal strategy with DmK, Inner Darkness on The Witness, Sir Leon stuns the squirrel. If Artix goes before Sir Leon, just attack with him the squirrel. He rarely crits, so don't waste his attack on Uthuluc, but ~300 damage on Squirrel could be very helpful at the end.

Then, corruption on Uthuluc, but it's very wise to use light weapon when doing so. Corruption on ??? -guys gives -30 to your weapon element and -30 to boost. And with Stan, Uthuluc's has All 85 and Light -30. That way, Leon and Artix can actually damage him and Artix can do 150 light damage per turn at best. And since Uthuluc always starts with his health absorption attack and then does his screaming attack that gives him shield, after stunning the Squirrel with Sir Leon, use his Strength Strike to give Uthuluc -20 Dmg.

After that, use Malefic Binding on Uthuluc. It doesn't matter if it misses, it still gives it's debuffs. Weaking Blow doesn't, so use it only after Uthuluc's shield goes away.

Shield Sir Leon very often, he doesn't have any healing ability like Artix does, so he goes down more easily.

After defeating Uthuluc, your chances against the Squirrel are much better if Artix is still at your side. Avoid using Corruption, Weaking Blow, Malefic Binding before the third round with him. Before that, use only other attacks. Also, you have to have one sword, dagger and staff, so you can inflict damage every round with your character. Also, don't stun the squirrel at the third round, before his health is low. If you do, he unleashes his mega attack after coming to his senses, doesn't matter if his cooldown isn't finished.

So, the third round with squirrel is the hardest, but if you use Elemental Unity, Corruption, Weaking Blow and Malefic Binding on him before his big attack, you can survive it easily. His attacks mostly misses then or you take minimal damage from them. At full health, he only did ~1000 damage to me then.

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DF  Post #: 330
3/10/2018 8:34:34   
Shadow X Ascendant

^You mean Dmk (Doomknight) or DK (DeathKnight) ?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 331
3/10/2018 9:54:57   

Judging from the skills mentioned, he/she means DmK.

Remember not everyone knows or uses the same acronyms.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 332
3/11/2018 6:54:31   

Yeah, I meant DmK, sorry for the confusion.
DF  Post #: 333
3/16/2018 9:35:26   


~original: @BluuHorseOfficial
See, you could get the Isandel/Great Grey One/Dreadwyrm Katana at their first stage levels, but not the Squirrel Tentacle or the Void Chitin Ring (and notably others too).


If you do complete the challenge, could you send me a pic?

And I have DONE IT. For some background info, this character was designed solely to unlock ACC.
Clicky for the screenies
I also beat Jack, but I was too distracted to screenshot. Of course, that is the easiest challenge to beat.
The rewards can be checked through this character ID page.
Now my overpowered challenge character is even more overpowered. There is literally one item that it lacks to be the most (overall) powerful level 26 possible equipment-wise, and this is the Legion Bracer. And maybe a skullstaff of doom. I'm not really willing to attempt the Legion duo, due to the cost.

As you surmised, Uthuluc's armor is difficult to luck onto at low levels. Even with 14 crit. That's the (sole) reason Valencia is in the party; She has a guaranteed crit with a fairly low cooldown. Combine that with Ascendant's own guaranteed crit (which isn't necessary to use as damage... even though I used it as the final blow, it was just as an afterthought), and it becomes reasonably easy to break. Since Uthuluc does the least damage early on, I saved the guaranteed crit for later.
The real clincher in this case is the Destiny Weapon; combined with Ascendant's nuke abilities, it becomes crazily strong. Against normal opponents, once the damage has been buffed, it does about 800ish damage when using the nuke (The Wand, following the use of Frozen). Note that this includes the effect of the character's INT stats. It is so strong, in fact, that the strategies are distorted by it; adding the ability to play offensively against opponents that otherwise require defense.
The armor only needed to be cracked twice using this method, meaning that it subverts Uthuluc's crazily high damage in the third and fourth stages.

Sciuridaehotep was a fairly straightforward offensive Deathknight strategy. Not really complicated, just a case of applying debuffs in the right order and switching weapons (and holding off on nukes until the squirrel's magic defense was off). I applied the Deathknight's shield right before the Squirrel's nuke. I'm not sure how well that would have worked, but it targeted Artix instead, and defeating it in five turns was easy from there with food items' instant application.

Leorilla was a complete cheese strategy. I brought Zhoom (bomb shot is the best stun, in terms of cooldown/stun turns ratio), as well as Sir Leon, keeping it stunned for 8 turns (9 turns messed some things up...) while I nuked it, allowing all buffs to wear off before it awoke from stun-lock at 2,500 or so health. Then it was simply a case of basic attacking, and healing with a potion every time it attacked until the stun cooldowns finished, allowing it to be put straight back into stun-lock and nuked.

After scouting against Dave a couple of times, I realised that the exact same strategy could be applied. Since Ascendant has enough defense to ensure that it isn't stunned in the gap between Zhoom's bomb-shot, the same things work; I just needed to make sure the Ascendant's stun was used first, since Leon was disposable and Ascendant had two food items at its disposal, and more potions...
Since Dave was stunned at the end, I made sure to finish him with style.

Jack was a very simple case of blinding the guitar, nuking the guitar, healing, and repeating until they were at low enough health to use the multi to finish them.
DF MQ  Post #: 334
3/17/2018 5:48:56   

Teach me your ways, @Shiny. Great job completing the quests, and itís fine if you made the char specifically OP, because I believe thatís the only way you do it. Alternatively, this variant of the fragmented blade could be used, too, sorry, shouldíve told you earlier. But great job. Actually, Baron Danteís beaten Leorilla at level 1, itís not necessarily that hard if you get the mechanic right. SnugglePanda, Exosuit, and many other classes can beat Leorilla easier at lower levels, but, still, congrats! *fistbump* But, Dave, though, it was really wise to use the stunlock thing. Unfortunately the togs had to be stupid enough to not allow that, or it mightíve worked. Amazing job, and good luck with the challenges!
DF  Post #: 335
3/17/2018 7:13:12   

I was aware of the drop (my main isn't level 60 yet, so I needed to know about the other variants), however farming in quests that involve XP isn't really a good idea for such a low level character, especially since these old quests take their drops from a pool of them. To acquire enough gold for the destiny weapon, then Ascended Chickencow, I had to farm 45,000 gold from Potion Mastery. That being said, the Sneevil Box Fort doesn't yield so much XP, so it may be a good idea to farm for the double challenge.
Indeed, since my main has such a high crit rate, it'd work for that, too...
I'm not really sure how much leeway you have at level 1 without DCs to assist, either.

In terms of the Dave/Togs double, I've heard that the togs can be kept in stun-lock. Unfortunately, Dave is OP...
I'm not sure about Dave's attack pattern, having completely drenched it in cheese. If stunning him causes him to continue the cycle of skills, Zhoom is a direct counter. However, if he continues his sequence uninterrupted it calls for shields or blinds (and if using two skills, Zhoom's stun might need to only be used to delay every second time, or some such, depending on cooldowns).
DF MQ  Post #: 336
3/17/2018 7:22:28   

Even if the togs are stun~locked, you have to kill dave quickly enough. If you have it, you could try enTropy, or Paladin is good, too. Instead, SW (both BSW and MSW) may be able to hold them down. SWoT is a good option too.
DF  Post #: 337
3/17/2018 9:34:13   
Shadow X Ascendant

The trick in big and small is to stun dave, not super sentog, Dave is op, only if you let him attack many rounds.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 338
3/17/2018 10:37:01   

But having guests makes the Sentogs to go wild. Thatís the reason you stunlock them.
DF  Post #: 339
3/17/2018 13:41:04   
Shadow X Ascendant

Isn't more easy to kill they with Baltael SW, and 200 protect dragon, without guests? I beated they many times, even without 200 LUK.
Edit = Once each new challenges comes, i will search Soundtracks that will match with them.
Edit 2 = I Will farm The Ultimate Destiny Axe and Dagger too, if in any new challenge i need each type of attack, i got the Royal Vault Dagger V, once i get the sword too i will start making them into Ultimate Destiny. I even got the Staff V Again kkk (The quest "Are Rocks Evil?" Needs drasticaly a skip cutscene button)

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 340
3/18/2018 11:16:14   

For anyone having trouble with Uthuluc or the duo, I have a weapon to help you.

Grove Tender Blade as shown.

You will be surprised with it and it's special ability.
DF  Post #: 341
3/18/2018 13:07:52   
Shadow X Ascendant

^ The Problem is that you need pay 5000 DCs + Grove Tender Set Package to get it
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 342
3/20/2018 19:06:27   

Once you have the Seaweed/Hardtack and 200 protection dragon (which should be used on all Inn challenges by default), Soulweaver with Baltael's Aventail, Fragmented Blade, and Chi Blast equipped can take this down fairly reliably. The only real danger is Sciuridaehotep casting cooldowns on you at the wrong time (when Uthuluc's armor is down or when it's about to use its nuke). Pretty fun challenge, but not as hard as Big and Small IMO. The Baby Chimera is also looking like the best Pet in the game (besides the dragon of course), which is a nice reward.

Also forgot the password for the account I used here years ago so first post I guess :p
DF  Post #: 343
3/20/2018 20:00:45   
Shadow X Ascendant

@TFS, And For Those who doesn't Have DCs to buy Chi Blast, can use Spiked Leather Gauntlet to increase crit and if they have no luck For Fragmented Blade, like me, They can use the Ultimate Destiny, but for this fight you will need 1 weapon of each type. Melee, Magic, Pierce, when taking out the squirrel

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 344
3/20/2018 23:49:32   

About the trinkets, little chicks, Iímma feed ya. (K yeah, that was stupid, I know...)

Both Uthuluc and Sciuridaehotep do Magic Damage. So, with all the DeathKnight items and the Runestone trinket, you should have somewhere around 50 Magic Defenseówhich allows you to block almost 1/3rd of the hits. Obviously, there are better accessories, but Iím stating the bare minimum.

The reason I said DK accessories here was because Greyor_42 showed me that he defeated the crawler and centaur with DK, all the DK accessories, and Elemental Unity, which is why I decided to try my above thing with the Primordials. Iíll let you guys know if I succeed.
DF  Post #: 345
3/28/2018 21:24:42   
Shadow X Ascendant

^ I am using Ultimate Weapon of Destiny, Runestone LV 80, N. Paragon Cape, Un. DK Belt / Amulet / Circlet, Legion Bracer and Baltael's Aventail (+20 END / WIS) and i have 58 Magic Defense, But Once i change my Ultimate for NP SoulBlade , i end with 65 Magic Defense
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 346
3/29/2018 11:17:25   

Was able to beat it with DmK, just now.
Build: 140 END, LUK, WIS.
Items: UBLoD, Hide Behind 8, Unhallowed Deathknight Circlet, BA (Defensive version), Slimy Necklace, NSTB, Leorilla Mane 4, 200-protection dragon, and Artix as a guest, plus GM-dagger and GM-staff for Hotep.
Strategy: Used Void Barrier right away, then Dark Ritual on The Witness. Used Blood Rite on Uthu for 3 turns, Life Carve, then Corruption, which broke his armor. Once that was done, I used Doom Spikes, then used Artix's nuke, Inner Darkness and Lingering Doom, bringing him to only 1,000 in just a few turns. Once the stun was one turn away, I used Binding, which stunned him for another two turns. After just a few more crits, I was able to finish him off with relatively high HP, and have Artix around for a few more turns as well. After this, I basically just attacked Hotep (Using LC to keep my HP high, as well) until he was on his last life. Once his power-word had two last turns, I used Void Barrier and NSTB so I could tank his nuke-attack, then stunned him and finished him off with Lingering Doom and Blood Rite. Using this strategy, and with some decent luck (I think I got, "No Skills" maybe 3-4 times at most), I was able to win without using potions or Sea Weed/Hardtack, with roughly 80% of my HP to spare.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 347
3/29/2018 14:07:55   
Fire alandry

Finally beat it. Since nobody mentioned it (I think), I'll write the strategy:
DA, without DC items except DSoE, but I don't think it neccessery. You can use any Staff/Scythe instead.
Build: 200 LUK, 195 END.
Class: BSW
Guests:Nythera, Artix (3)
Items: Aika background (75), DK ring, neckle, belt. Defensive BA. Legion Bracer. NSTB. BoA shown.

The trick is to blind Uthuluc so it'll miss your quests too, and the Squirel can't remove it. You can use Nythera Earth skill too. Because of Stan, you'll do damage to Uthuluc even with its shield (not much, but enough to finish it).

I did it without using poitions, with seaweed. Artix and Nythera survived. The Squirel died before its fifth turn (the nuke). I liked the battle.
DF  Post #: 348
3/31/2018 15:36:15   

Man, I can't beat this challenge or the Big & Small challenge, these monsters are so hard, especially after we got our defenses nerfed, and I'm not allowed to the use Doomknight v1 armor,
and I don't have all the required equipment to be able to beat these tough monsters, so I can't beat any of these annoying challenges, but I want to get the rewards that they have, can anyone help me, or tell me what I should do?
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 349
3/31/2018 15:59:13   

@Windstar try asking in the Battle Strategy Thread by Zyrainóyouíre more likely to get better answers there :)

Phew, okay, thanks so much, Shadow, beat the challenge easily with DmK and said equips. I think DmK w/o guests is better suited for this. I also beat Dave with EPL without OHKO from Enfeebling Scythe, and now Iím proud of myself. Itís actally easy due to reflecting damage, having a good shield, great damaging potential and a weird luck-based (the IRL kind, not the stat) stun skill, you should be able to do it. Now for the Duo... yep, OHKO is way more necessary there.

I got myself the Void Chitin Band and the Squirrel Tentacle Maxed with Baby Chimera too. The Baby Chimera is very OP, I must say. It literally does more damage than or equal to some classes in some scenarios, like the a Pyromancer.
DF  Post #: 350
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