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=AQ= House Guard Suggestion Contest!

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3/5/2018 10:23:05   
  The Hollow
AQ Lead

With the ability to visit specific neighbors, we will be adding house guards that offer rewards when defeated. The first guard of this type will be one that comes from the creative minds of our players!

  • We are looking for awesome ideas for a house guard, and the reward they will give after being defeated.

  • Contest ends April 1st.

  • Artwork is NOT a requirement, but if you feel like it will help your suggestion, feel free to include images.

  • Only 1 suggestion per player. 1 Guard and reward per suggestion i.e. no sets or compression items.

  • Content should not be expected to be implemented in-game 100% as suggested. The numbers for the winning entry will be finalized by the programming team.

  • Please do not pm staff to look at your suggestion. We will view all entries!

  • The winner of the contest will receive a free version of their suggestion, as well as being credited in the guard or item's description.

  • Have fun!

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  • AQ  Post #: 1
    3/5/2018 11:26:18   
    Lord Athor

    Level required to buy: 150
    Location: Up to the devs
    Cost: Very high

    Starts off in human form, at 50% HP it transforms into Omega or Mutated form, at 15% it transforms into Moon form. During Moon-form there will be a chance of being Uncreated, though very low ~ 1% or so should suffice, see Uncreation below.

    I leave it up to the developers to balance this monster but it ought to be very hard to kill and each form should present new challenges. One thing that I would like though is that the character only has 10 rounds to kill The'Galin, on round 10 (no matter the HP) it will turn into Moon form and if a killing blow is not landed during that round the character will become Uncreated. That could mean "only" instant death or, if the devs feel a tad sadistic, it could mean death and that the character loses a fixed or random number of levels.

    Reward would be the Sword/Spear/Staff of The'Galin (or "of Uncreation) - a weapon that does Void damage, no downtrigger, counts as a No Special weapon but has a 0,5% chance of launching Uncreate on the enemy. To balance this the weapon will cost SP for Sword and Spear and MP for Staff to use, number to be decided by the devs. Also each time a character misses with the weapon it should take a random amount of HP, as in that the blade drinks HP from the monster when hit, otherwise from the character. If a charcter runs out of SP/MP all the following attacks with the weapon will automatically miss. It's a powerful weapon so it's up to the devs to use the suggested drawbacks to balance it so it doesn't break the game but still is a worthwhile reward to pursue in spite of the danger The'Galin poses.
    Post #: 2
    3/5/2018 13:02:45   

    Tonberry guard: small green with brown robe and lantern and a butcher knife, with the effect of backlash on it at a higher rate after set turns, reward a tonberry pet or temp armor of it that goes away when you log out.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 3
    3/5/2018 13:16:24   

    Cubist Guard : İnstead of fight you have to solve 9*9 rubic cube

    for example
    Post #: 4
    3/5/2018 13:20:41   

    Fist of the North Meow: A martial artist who guards the land with the strength and fury of his paws. His fearsome technique, the North Meow Paw, has a chance of paralysis. Weapon would be the North Meow Fist, a lightning weapon with a low chance to trigger the 100-Fist Meow, the aforementioned paralysis attack.

    Born with the big dipper on him, he seeks to right wrongs and defend his master! Beware his North Meow paw.

    Key Points:

    As the name implies, he is a neko martial artist. The big dipper should figure on him prominently. He's basically an homage to Kenshiro of Fist of the North Star.

    Resistances: I leave that to the devs.

    Guard Armor: Blues and reds should be prominent given the affectionate parody.

    Objective: A guard that pays out to anime. Something for the players to snicker at.

    Reward for defeat:
    Himself as a guard or guest pet.

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    AQ MQ  Post #: 5
    3/5/2018 13:27:15   


    It looked kind of similiar to Pumpkin Golem, except it was a ginger instead of pumpkin.
    And the tentacle like root is brown in color.
    Since he was a Doppel, his head part will be the same as you.

    Element Modifier
    His elemental trait will be: Weak against Fire, Absorb Water, Strong against Ice and Earth, Moderate against other else.

    This is the reason of that trait:

    Q. Why it was weak against a Fire?
    A. Because it was a plant type monster.

    Q. Why it absorb Water?
    A. Because it was a plant type monster.

    Q. Why it strong against Ice and Earth?
    A. You know, when the weather outside pretty cold, a glass of ginger tea pretty good to warm your body.
    As for the earth, well ginger planted in the ground, and he was an earth element monster.

    An example of level 150:

    Fire: 120%
    Water: -100%
    Wind: 40%
    Ice: 20%
    Earth: 40%
    Energy: 60%
    Light: 60%
    Darkness: 50%

    Monster Trait
    ~ DoppelGinger will be a semi Tank type, his attack element is ele-seek (to your weakest element). (Flat resistance recommend against him)
    ~ He recover SP each turn, if he has enough SP and his HP below 60%, he will cast SPell: Regrow "Recover HP and decrease all elemental modifier by 15% minimum 0%"
    ~ Whenever you deal melee damage to him, there is a chance to inflict blind to you. <<Some of Ginger juice splashed into you eye!!>>

    Stats and MRM modifier
    As a tank, his stats will be (150 version) 200 STR, 275 DEX/END. (No LUK, since it will be hard to beat due of his Ele-seek)
    MRM: Melee will be lower than Ranged and Magic.

    After Word
    He will be a good House Guard candidate to join your arsenal!
    Even if he unable to beat the uninvited guest, he can at least wear them down, so your other guard can pick where he left off.

    Reward: DoppelGinger Root

    Level 150 version:

    +40 DEX
    +40 END
    *0.5 Wind

    Trigger vs Ice monster: Switch Wind to Ice. (ginger will radiating redish glow around it)

    By eating clicking the Ginger, you will gain either HP regen (75%) or Burn* (25%) each turn. (with increased upkeep)

    *<<Fire in the mouth!!>>

    Description: Plucked right from DoppelGinger, it boost your endurance and agility. You can eat some of it to recover your health and warm your body! (Note: Eat at your own risk!)

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    Post #: 6
    3/5/2018 13:52:44   

    I dunno if it's already a guard or not, but having a variant of the Vamp Handmaiden would be nice. http://adventurequest.wikia.com/wiki/Vamp_Handmaiden

    More vampire guards in general would be kinda nice in the event someone wanted to do a roleplay/theme setup.

    As for a reward, maybe a spell that lets you summon a handmaiden in battle? Or a handmaiden armor set? (Kinda like the werepyre/dracowerepyre armor.) Personal preference towards handmaiden armor.
    Post #: 7
    3/5/2018 14:08:31   

    Falerin - The Devourer Saga: Express Soliloquy Edition House Guard.

    Level 150 should be required to have such an incredible house guard, and the cost should probably be commensurate with the amazing services provided. Rather than physically combating your enemies like other guards, Falerin instead goes into exposition mode and forces them to listen to his explanation of the Devourer Saga from start to finish. I think surviving this should be required to obtain his services as a guard.

    I would make the reward a level 150 FD version of his bespoke bedizen, preferably to fill gaps that probably exist for people who use FD armors. Maybe it should attempt to confuse or put your enemies to sleep with each hit. It may or may not also need a skill that damages enemy SP.
    Post #: 8
    3/5/2018 16:08:05   
    The Betrayer123

    Guard Idea: The Front Door

    It makes sense, you don't have a key so how else are you getting in without breaking it down? Should be a high endurance monster that takes an annoying but not excessive amount of time to beat, with small resistances to all elements ideally, if not possibly then maybe fire as a weakness due to it being wooden. Damage to the player should be dealt through getting splinters (DOT), with possible attacks including perhaps a catflap of sorts through which an animal attacks, or the door fighting back by slamming open dealing earth damage. I believe this would make a great guard as it's amusing, is a realistic option, and works as players may get tired of how long it takes to defeat, giving up and leaving the house alone.

    The Door could either be totally normal or enchanted to defend its house and owner from intruders if it was required to be more exciting. Hope you like it

    Reward: Magic plank of wood- Inaccurate but strong magic weapon, has the ability to give splinters to the enemy, but not to enemies wearing metal (like rusted sword sold for tokens) cos it can;t cut into them

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    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 9
    3/5/2018 16:40:08   

    A Houseguard based on Paul Blart, from the movie: Paul Blart Mall Cop. He should be wearing a uniform, and be on a segway that transform into a bigger more advanced version when his HP reaches a certain point (20%). It will also change attack from charging into the attacker on the segway, to shooting beams. And when he gets attacked a speech bubble appears witch says: Safety never takes a holiday.
    Post #: 10
    3/5/2018 17:02:21   

    Level 150 Candy Golem

    Already coded in as a monster (and house guard at low level)
    Has 3 great animations
    Add one more CRAZED SUGAR RUSH attack

    AQ  Post #: 11
    3/5/2018 18:19:47   

    Sorry for the lack of details. But I guess it could be called "The other heros"
    Basically why not have the NPC's we been helping so often.. Finally give us backup as house guards? Could just use the NPC Guest/Pet Art. Silly idea for sure. For many reasons.
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 12
    3/5/2018 19:56:04   
    Zork Knight

    Toll Troll

    Looks like a fancier version of the old trolls (Kel-Al Relish, etc.), maybe with some watchman theme. High STR and END, regeneration, uses SP to call for backup (another Toll Troll shows up to aid him in the battle, like Zadd calling another Golem)

    When encountered, you can either fight him, pay gold to skip the battle (if possible, add the toll to the house owner's funds, like a random donation), or scram and leave the house you're visiting.

    Reward is Toll Club, inaccurate melee weapon that does extra damage at the cost of gold (like mercenary guests).

    < Message edited by Zork Knight -- 3/5/2018 20:12:00 >
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 13
    3/5/2018 20:47:31   
    Keeper of the Owls

    Tax Collector: Heroes and villains alike fear the wage-garnishing powers of the LRS (Lore Revenue Service).

    -takes a percentage of the player's total gold when defeated (could be based on number of hits landed against player or just a flat % rate)
    -gives a percentage of collected gold to the guard owner (click on guard in house to collect)
    AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
    3/5/2018 21:00:54   

    Grey Wizard

    Boss monster (3.5)

    Attacks: YOU SHALL NOT PASS (creates mana based barrier on self)
    Mana drain (drains some of your mana to himself, if you run out of mana he starts to drain your SP, if no sp drains health)
    Elemental Scorn
    Essentially he does 1 of 4 spells fire/dark, water/lightning, earth/light, ice/wind and it uses his hp to increase the damage.

    Description: A wandering grey wizard with a sense of duty and honor. Hire him to defend your house and THEY SHALL NOT PASS!
    AQ  Post #: 15
    3/5/2018 22:15:18   

    a cute corgi wearing a cashmere scarf

    Description: This loyal pupper will always protect your house (or something along those lines)
    Reward: A corgi face (Could be temporary or permanent addition to the inventory)

    AQ AQW  Post #: 16
    3/5/2018 22:43:53   

    Trainers Guild

    Level requirement: Every 10 levels for adventurers, every five for guardians, and a Z-token variant that's as powerfull as the one ten levels higher.

    Concept: A team formed of Sir Lanceler, Neberon, Grimweld, the Combat Practice Trainer, and Sir Pwnsalot. The fight has three waves, and in each wave the player must obey the same combat rules they would need to train their different stats with Neberon and Grimweld (Example: In round one, you may have to follow the restrictions of both Magic and Dexterity training). The Combat Practice Trainer's weapon would change to match the element and type of attack that you are weakest to, and Sir Pwnsalot would untrain a random stat if you lose, but not if you flee. You can also bypass the battle for a level-scaled, small but painfull amount of Z-token, to be given to the house owner. Doing so will result in the message "Moved by your generosity and apology, your faithfull teachers have given up their mercenary ways and returned home."

    Description: Feeling under-appreciated, your former trainers have taken a job as guards from someone who DOES appreciate them. They taught you everything you know, so be ready for a tough fight!

    Reward: Generalists Gauntlets- armored gloves that cover the player's fore-arms depending on the armor, and can be clicked to hide them. They are a misc item that gives 5-10% of 1/6 of the player's max stats (effectively, a 5-10% boost to each stat if they were built up perfectly even)

    Creators note: If you choose to use this, there's no need to credit me. Just the idea that I could contribute in some small way is an awesome thing in itself!

    < Message edited by brotherinlaw -- 3/5/2018 23:04:06 >
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 17
    3/5/2018 23:17:34   

    How about a ghost which is restless because of a "Mystery" happened in the house.

    Mystery which would be solved by the hero... leading to .....(i don't know what to add but its up to the program team to do any thing here).

    Which then leads on killing or should i say making the ghost rest in peace ... then doping this items (which is an item valuable to the ghost maybe a s a token of appreciation or a gift for the hero.or it has something to do the msytery or its also the reason why the ghost is restless or it could not go to the after life because of the item related to the mystery).

    maybe a child ghost (boy) ...

    i dont know about the item.. but you got the idea about the stuff.

    thank you for reading
    Post #: 18
    3/6/2018 0:53:10   

    If you guys are up for more parodies / homages:

    Ancient Deity Simulacrum

    Description - A simulacrum of an ancient warrior whose weapon of choice is a massive double helix broadsword. This powerful warrior singlehandedly protected his world against uncreation by The'Galin and people have revered him as a deity ever since. In his time off, he wanted to use his powers to guard something from intruders and that something... is your house! He'll even lend you his blade if you can defeat him!

    Elements: Earth / Water.
    Appearance is an old man in samurai robes with white eyes and hair which looks like it forms a pointy cap. He carries a massive double helix broadsword (appearance is described below), which rests on his right shoulder when not attacking. When he is in a berserk state, he holds the sword in both hands.

    Attack animation:

    Attack 1 - He jumps toward you swinging his sword in an overarching arch which slams down on you and then disappears and reappears back where he was standing. One hit, does massive damage. Seeks between Water and Earth, whichever element deals more damage to you.

    After three quarters of the deity's health is depleted, he will pull out a flute with his left hand and will appear to play a song. This will "revert time" back to the start of the fight where both of you have full health. After that animation plays, the crescent moon handguard will begin to shine and he will become berserk. After this animation, he will not play the revert back in time song, but he will be berserk and he holds his sword with both hands.

    Weapon Reward:
    Ancient Deity's Sword. No Special, +9% damage.
    Compresses Earth and Water Elements.
    Similar in shape to the Fierce Deity's Blade from Majora's Mask. To make it different enough appearance wise, the hand guard is a crescent moon instead of a square with the points of the moon flowing into the blades and the blades are made of different materials. What normally is the green blade is brown and made from wood, and the blue blade is a flowing stream of water - forming the double helix of the blade, meeting in the middle, switching over and meeting on top again. The crescent moon glows blue when the element is water and green when the element is earth. The handle is long and white.

    (If this is still too close to being under copyright after the changes, then the blade can just be a massive broadsword. The broadsword would have two modes / appearances, one would be earth where the blade would appear to be made of wood, and the other made of water. The crescent moon would still be and act the same.)

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    AQ  Post #: 19
    3/6/2018 2:11:24   
    Rafiq von den Vielen

    (Just wanting to make sure, does "no compression items" imply no items that, for example, compress an armor in a weapon slot, like Seal of Primal Shadows, or strictly no elemental compression whatsoever?)

    Ripper Watch
    Power 3.
    Neutral element.

    This watch can stop and accelerate the flow of time! Unfortunately, it seems to be possessed by a malicious, knife-loving spirit...

    #1 - Turns counterclockwise and attempts to Paralyze* your whole party. CHA-based save roll, save penalty included.
    #2 - Turns clockwise and attempts to grant itself Celerity*.
    #3 (ONLY happens when it has Celerity or you are Paralyzed) - summons a vaguely feminine spirit from itself that lunges at your player. The screen fades to black and only strike marks are visible, 4 hits of Dark/Water damage, random. Before the screen returns to normal, a circle of knives appears around you, charging into your character. 4 more hits, randomly of Dark/Fire/Water/Energy element. Appropriate compensations and all that.

    A beautiful, silver pocket watch with ornate carvings.


    Timebreaker Dagger
    Energy dagger/spear. Click to toggle between Melee/Ranged/Magic. (Basically, you use the watch's hour hand for melee/magic, and the minute one for ranged). 0% proc, +9% damage.
    MC: Every attack that connects with the monster has a chance of randomly either Paralyzing the monster or giving yourself Celerity.
    Post #: 20
    3/6/2018 2:59:06   
    Jams Loyal Subject

    Available at levels 50, 100 and 150.
    Already coded as a monster (not sure if its still accessible, as it was a monster at Mt. Thrall which has since been reworked)
    Awesome Exodus Titan (They're made of living shadow, how cool is that!) that would scare the soul out of any trespassers.

    Reward: Summon Exodus Spell (Adds him as a member of your party for an SP cost per turn) (Different strength depending on which level Exdar you defeated)

    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 21
    3/6/2018 6:21:39   
    Primate Murder

    King of Heroes
    boss fight

    You have incurred the wrath of the Oldest King! (Not that it takes much effort)

    Blond red-eyed man in golden armor.

    Attack animation #1:
    Golden portals opening behind his back and shooting swords.

    Attack animation #2 (sp attack):
    Golden portals opening behind his back and shooting out golden chains.

    Maxed out Luck, Cha and Int.

    - If King of Heroes has at least SP, then it spends that much to cast a spell inflicting the Offbalanced status for three turns.*
    - If King of Heroes has x mp, he makes an additional attack at the end of his turn.**
    - King of Heroes deals increased damage as his health decreases.***

    **Know your place, Mongrel!
    ***The King of Heroes starts taking you a little more seriously.

    Gate of Babylon quickcast SPell. At the end of your turn a golden portal opens behind you and shoots a copy of your current weapon at the enemy dealing damage equal to a weapon-based skill (such as headless horseman or human fisher).****

    Description: The King of Heroes is going to kill you for toching his treasury anyway, so you might as well take all of it.

    **** Wow, the Gate of Babylon has the original of your (current weapon name)!

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    AQ  Post #: 22
    3/6/2018 8:05:20   

    I see some of you guys adapting already existing monsters but I thought in a contest we are normally supposedly to come up with our own original ideas?

    Also, Hollow, what do you exactly mean by no compression, the reward cannot be an item that compresses 2 elements as a MC effect? or weapons cannot be toggleable?
    AQ  Post #: 23
    3/6/2018 8:43:26   

    I'm not really good with all the elements and everything as those above but I'm gonna try my best! Please correct me if I've made a mistake!

    How about when pets come out, we could use them as Guards/Have a thing called Pet Guards? (Like having exclusive Guard pets such as the dog, Daimyo?)

    How to unlock: Complete all the quests at Doomwood?
    HP: Whatever seems reasonable. (4000HP? It wouldn't be too bad for players with good attacks/damage)
    Damage: Light, perhaps moderate? (Maybe familar attacks/animations like the ArchPaladin from AQW? :3)
    Weaknesses: Earth, Water, Dark. (Earth and Water are weak while Dark is weakest.)
    Strengths:Energy, Wind, Light. (Energy and Wind are strong while Light is strongest.)
    Drops: Maybe a weapon dedicated to Daimyo?
    NameofDrop: The Legend of Daimyo?!

    I used The Elemental Wheel for the weaknesses/strengths. The link is here: The Elemental Wheel

    Hope this was an alright suggestion! c:
    AQW  Post #: 24
    3/6/2018 9:46:43   
    Dreiko Shadrack

    *Note: any specific numbers on the monster and reward are merely a guideline.*

    Name: The Gogg Emperor

    (it's a pun, d'ya see? )

    Description: Tell me if you've heard this one before: A warrior walks into a tavern and says "I have an army of Goggs at the ready to sow discord upon your lands, fight or flee." That wasn't a joke but that's what's about to happen right now!

    (ok someone that actually knows how to write well would need to re-write that. )

    Level: 150 only

    Price: high.

    Stat spread: High STR, 200 DEX, High LUK, 0 END.

    Resists: low MRM (around 40 each), weak to Light and Darkness (150%), immune to fire and water (0%), resistant to ice and energy (75%), neutral to earth and wind (100%). ish.

    Appearance: like the communicant set but gogg themed and purpley/silvery instead, wears a gogg face helm, has a large elaborate spear for a weapon (description of it below).

    1 Starts fight with two untargetable Goggs, these attack when the GE has his turn
    (each does maybe 60% damage of an actual Gogg, same elements though, if they are under the effects of an impairing status due to enmity they respect that and thus may not attack).
    They "die" at 66% and 33% GE health (if an attack would take the GE's hp below those amounts the Goggs will "die" in his place and any overkill damage will be negated except for the effect of backlash).

    2 Enmity: any action impairing statuses (stuns, dazes, fears, controls, celerity) give a 66% chance to have them affect one of the Goggs instead, grants permanent 65% backlash.

    3 After each of the Goggs dies GE gets a 1.25x damage boost for the remainder of the fight. After both of them die Enmity is replaced by Retribution, GE expends all SP to heal to 66% hp. The second "phase" of the fight begins.

    4 Retribution: causes any status inflicted on GE to be inflicted on the player at 40% of their respective power (if the GE resists the infliction then no reflection occurs) and
    grants permanent 85% backlash throughout the remainder of the fight.
    In the case of quickcast (offensive) statuses Retribution reduces their power to 40% but there's no status reflection, celerity gives celerity to GE as well.

    5 GE will attack the player by throwing a spear for either Energy or Ice randomly.
    When reaching 392 sp empowers his spear to deal either Water or Fire (also randomly) and healing 3/4s of the damage dealt. (both of these only occur in the 2nd phase)

    6 If GE is ever above 66% health (after the 2nd phase begins) AND has 392 sp he will set his HP to 1 and boost both his damage and BTH by a 50/50 split % of the HP "lost".

    Reward: Spear of the Goggery

    Element: base element alternates between Energy and Ice randomly per turn.

    Type: Ranged only.

    Special: no special.

    1 clicking on the handle will expend 392 sp to do a Fire or Water attack and heal 3/4s of the damage. Damage boosted accordingly. "The Empire's Due"

    2 Clicking the spearhead will take some player hp to empower player damage globally (pets, guests, statuses, skills, etc..), can stack as long as there's enough hp for it, lasts 1 turn.

    Appearance: a large ornamental spear with a silver filigree Gogg facing the screen near the top of the spear, the eyes display a purple and a light blue gem, the arms down holding 2 more orbs, one red and one blue.

    Higher gold cost to pay for the damage skill, the booster should pay for itself but if not then also tack on to the price.

    Description: The Gogg Emperor liked how you fought so much that he's letting you buy his spear! Defeats means Friendship, that's how this works, right?

    Good Luck, errybody.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 25
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