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(AQW) Sundered Wilozawa's Awakening

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3/7/2018 2:55:17   

Long ago, there's was a war in the underworld long before the current events. This war created many powerful undeads,and fiends that were decimated by invading forces from other realms. Who decided to put a stake in and conquer the underworld and collide their worlds to create their most powerful person who took over Lore later. Steal Sepulchere's power to bypass and battle against QoM during the time and it all failed.

This undead soul was a candiate of a lesser decimated undead rags to undead king who forged considerable great armor and weaponry for lesser powers seeking a path to awake to battle again was awakened by accident somewhere in Lore. Also it had a few other souls that needed to be given power to awaken first. In which these souls were fragmented essences of undead and fiends held together by magic circles. By a adventurer unknowingly chanced upon a underground cave that had a natural skylight illuminating a natural fortress with a pool and river that once held a connection to both underworld and to abyssal void. Who broke the seal pillars on the fortress. This adventurer never thought one of their musings of talking on fusing names became the soul's current name.

Afterwhile, this soul began to prode around and form a temporary shabby skeleton of earth to walk around and use a shabby made sentry to observe the current world of broken Lore. It was kinda pleased that there's alot of other realm people currently given a location to poke around. Yet there's still not enough realm people to see their endless supply of useful stuff. So now Wilozawa selected a rusty armor to hold its soul temporary as it moved to the back of the fortress.

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3/7/2018 3:27:59   

Later on Wilozawa, rested within the fortress to recover his magic powers. Then it gathered leftover dropped misc. items from the shabby earthy sentry before it went and rolled away a few mana potions to Wilozawa. At night, he casted a spell on a fishwing,frogdrake,swamp lurker to gather more stuff. While the earth sentry once in while trips up adventurers to see what they were going sell to drop and collect whatever they're holding in their inventory packs. After a while Wilozawa turns to end the earth sentry to make a different sentry spots a considered worthless small mixed demon soul that just needed a place to live in and it was contractless because it never had enough power to manifest a connection.

So he lets this demon soul into the fortress to place a formation imprint of power as its contract as it said that it just wants to be a errand runner. Each day, this demon soul gathered enough stuff dropped from heroes to fill up the fortress. Passively collecting dropped to destroyed merge tokens to item to be used in forging skeletons that needed to be refined carefully to gem state. Wilozawa remembered all the formations,runes,glyphs and matrixes to forge a simple,yet powerful skeleton. Second skeleton was chosen to be made out of infernal tokens. After it figured out how to create a rock of siphoning to slowly siphon away the infernal invaders' power to infuse the skeleton to be garnet to the core.

During the time that the adventurer got more people afterwards to explore didn't know that this fortress was a consider a so-so place that rarely got attention from undeads and fiends. Since there was nobody there to charge them for staying as they were going to war. So Wilozawa slowly layed out a path of redirection on the adventurer with a exploration team out of the underground cave to blasted them away with a wind storm landing into that undeground river to drift away. After awhile Wilozawa slowly closed down the cave entrance leaving people to ask where was the cave in the next month.

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3/8/2018 3:44:45   

In a meanwhile of the later month after closing down the cave entrance, Wilozawa finally gave the mixed demon its name as Nulaxou. In this process the demon was able to manifest itself as a tiny crow that looks likes to pull pranks. So Nulaxou began shifting to placing all the stuff that it gathered orderly in the armory and rooms. As it was managing the supplies, Wilozawa began to occupying the pool that happens to a natural forging pool that just needed simple to medium formations/matrixes to slowly lay out the forge pathways to harmonize the power from the ground and water. He moved on to forge a good skeleton to hold another soul instead of his own soul, made from leftover fragments of passive cleaned bones drifted through the river.

After finishing the layout of the formations, and placing the skeleton in the pool to be a fulcrum. A natural evil soul made from animal thoughts floated by and dare to dashed to fuse its soul into that skeleton. Until Wilozawa placed a bunch of soul chain traps to catch any soul that dares to take over its first completed project after being awakened. So he made Nulaxou come over and split that soul up into pieces contained by magic circles to be used as power to make the other essences of those souls manifest back into orbs.

Each time Wilozawa rested, Nulaxou placed weaponry along with armors that were infused with natural powers from the places that it gathered/scavenged/salvaged in front of Wilozawa. In which they were the supply of batteries passively replenishing his intact soul power. Each time a weaponry and armor that has been fully drained of their natural energy, has been placed inside the pool to make them be able to be attuned to a different power. After half a month, Wilozawa selected a essence of a fiend to absorb that split natural evil soul in parts...who slowly remembered it was a fiend, that roamed around fighting with a pair of daggers.

When Wilozawa went back to sleep after dropping some of the fully drained weaponry and armor into the pool. Nulaxou poke around this soul feeding it health and mana potions as well to sustain the devouring of that natural evil animal thought soul. When the fiend soul was turning back into a orb...it remember that its name was Gaxow. It was a fiend mercenary rogue that enjoyed the reward of ambushing invaders.

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3/10/2018 20:00:36   

When Gaxow turned back into a soul orb...it questioned Wilozama that placed a pair of broken daggers in front of it. Wilozawa replied that's the best choice of getting familiar with wielding daggers. Gaxow said, "That so boring and old fashioned." Wilozawa said, "When your choice of getting a physical skeleton of a human,darkblood or fiend is far in the future because you don't have a way to bound yourself to something physical or manifest." Before the natural laws force you back into the Abyssal Void Realm, and get attacked by a higher level fiend.

In which Nulaxou repeated the yeah over and over until Wilozawa still in his rusty armor flicked Nulaxou's forehead to go back to organizing the inventory. Gaxow was observing the outside world with a spell that Wilozawa setted up for the other souls as they awaken and rebuild themselves to observe and see what's going on. Beside Nulaxou who scavenged outside and takes the time to eat food included and dodge trouble. Gaxow once in a while poked Wilozawa, asking when he'll replace the broken daggers with something else in the armory. Wilozawa replied, "those broken daggers are here to stay on you until I figure out what stuff to remake those daggers into a suitable pair of daggers floating in front of you when you get a skeleton or manifestation, Gaxow." Gaxow replied back, "Fine, well at least could I at least got outside to use some spiritual attacks on a few monsters that are with the other realm invaders?" Wilozawa replied, "Sure, except don't expose yourself to be eaten or absorbed and hide your reward weaponry, armor,misc. items into a place for gathering for Nulaxou."

Gaxow took about two weeks worth of adventuring outside before coming back tired to recover its soul energy. Wilozawa asked, "Did you enjoyed your prompt adventure outside?" Gaxow said, "yeah I enjoyed blasted a few adventurers that was messing around without proper mindsets." Nulaxou reminded Wilozawa about the scavenging of items. So Gaxow told Nulaxou were it hid the stuff it gathered as Nulaxou went out. During that time Gaxow has been luring natural demonic animal thought souls into the chain traps for Wilozawa to split up as parts for Gaxow to consume and when Gaxow decides to leave some for the other souls....whenever Wilozawa selects which ever fragment soul next.

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3/11/2018 5:45:05   

So after two months worth of recovering Wilozawa selected a fragmented undead essence soul who remembered that it wielded a blade. During that time Gaxow gave away 1/4th of any taken apart bad thought soul to that undead soul who was single minded about its what type of blade user it was. During the time Nulaxou chanced upon a adventurer who lost their way and almost got caught by a monster ambush. That adventurer happened to chance upon a unnatural hole from one of the infernal invader's worm. As that adventurer got a close shave and hulled a bunch of broken stuff from the swordhaven infernal invasion because that adventurer use to throw junk at other people that tried to steal his gold.

During that time, Nulaxou was able to lure that adventurer into going to Northpointe to join the good faction after dropping off all the other broken stuff except a scavenged swordhaven guard armor with a platinum knight's hammer. Nulaxou was able to get Gaxow to carry the broken armor sets, while Nulaxou carried all the broken weaponry back to Wilozawa's fortress. As that undead soul turned itself back into a orb...it knew that it naturally was a simple two-handed blade user. Wilozawa then made Gaxow carry scrolls of enrage for Nulaxou to drop soul chain traps around to capture natural demonic souls made from animal thoughts. As the souls were being caught, Wilozawa asked that undead soul if it had already a name from memory. That undead soul said, "No." In which Wilozawa created a name for the undead soul was "Baixeno."

So Baixeno was tasked upon gathering the other types of potions and fire. During the time of gathering,sorting, and listing, Wilozawa was able to gather a fire above the forging pool to recraft Gaxow's broken daggers with a few scraps of metal to regular plain daggers. Baixeno naturally carried in potions to tonics as he was floating with a broken blade from bludrut keep tossed away from a adventurer. While Gaxow was waiting for his daggers, Baixeno almost bashed Gaxow in the head from a chop from the blade! Gaxow shouted, "Hey watch where your swinging your blade!" Baixeno said, "Oh sorry." Gaxow exclaimed that Baixeno should have practiced his swings right next to the river. Nulaxou came back just in time from salvaging for Baixeno to go back to helping Nuaxou sort out the items. While Gaxow was enjoying his repaired daggers out for a spin attacking slimes.

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3/16/2018 2:51:19   

During once in a while, Gaxow encountered the infernal magic invaders from the sky near Swordhaven's left area , who decided to capture him. Gaxow was able to evade just in time for Wilozawa to create a portal underneath Gaxow to dive into and disappear. While Baixeno was gathering the weak tonics from Northpointe that was dropped by the adventurers clamoring over the ground next to the guardian to sleep and prepare for battle training. Nulaxou was scavenging some stuff from embersea's war. While Baixeno was gathering tonics he encountered a moglin who lost its way to meet with other moglins in Northpointe. So the moglin ran over as it saw a flying orb and asked Baixeno for directions as Baixeno who was simpled minded, directed the moglin towards the entrance path of Northpointe. In which the moglin thankfully offered a batch of potions that was chanced upon from a scattered log.

After awhile with the time all three was out,Wilozawa took out a few crystals fragments to merge into a full crystal to replace the first skeleton fulcrum. Then a intact solider soul who freed itself from a trap that was not a soul chain but a forced summoning trap. It used a gravestone to bash that trap user down for the count before a forceful returning to the underworld. Noticed that there was a abstract skeleton around during its drifting that gives off power. When that intact soul forced itself to stay back and observe the linings on the skeleton...Wilozawa noticed a soul standing still looking and threw out a spell of spot sealing to beckon that soul to talk. That intact soul became afraid that this rusted armor possession thing was very powerful. In which Wilozawa slowly asked what is your name to that wandering soul. The wandering soul said that its name was "Daikan Crawquelio" a solider who was almost sword blessed to be a knight. Wilozawa replied, "Do you want to be a knight despite becoming a deathknight? Duawan Crawquelio, said back "Yes." Wilozawa, too bad you can't now so I'll lock you up. Daikan Crawquelio said why?! Wilozawa said, "Just felt like it" and placed a hex to seal Daikan Crawquelio into a crystal pendulum.

So when Wilozawa was done with the crystal sealing and looking at his first skeleton decided to infuse also a bunch of sellable cracked opals into the bones. While Daikan Crawquelio was dumbfounded about it being sealed up in a pendulum. Wilozawa muses, "At last, my experimental crystal test will be in due time afterwards."

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3/18/2018 1:22:50   

Meanwhile Baixeno was remembering what kind of being it was on Lore after going on a month long break...it watched the war between the darkbloods of Kolyaban followers and those who were modern to stick the flow against the QoM. When it ended...something resonated within its soul and Baxieno slowly watched how the darkblood moved in silence and thinking. Nulaxou swatted Baixeno to help out organize the healing and other types of potions and scrolls. Gaxow was training against a chimera in northpointe in the forest...accidentally bit off more then he could chew, spun with both daggers at the chimera to finish it off in which 7 infernal goblins dropped down to consume the chimera got sliced in the back and fled after they decided to use their fire breaths to burn Gaxow into the city hiding at the fountain for his 17th trip outside.

Daikan Crawquelio was still figuring out what just happen got shakened up by Nulaxou who pecked him over and over inside the pendulum crystal. When Wilozawa grabbed Nulaxou's crow tail and threw its body into the pool to make Nulaxou swim back to ground and dry itself after remembering it was a punishment. In which Nulaxou can't touch what Wilozawa made when all three were outside gathering supplies. Wilozawa selected another fiend fragment soul essence this time to slowly revolve back into a soul orb.

As Wilozawa communicate after six months to the shocked Daikan Crawquelio inside the crystal pendulum about why he was sealed. Daikan posed a question why it needed to be inside a crystal pedulum. Wilozawa replied, "Be another observer on how I use magic curses, natural formations of spells,runes, glyphs,matrixes to try your own fusion of spells and techniques if you're going be a knight that fight against things that know magic and tricks to mess around."

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3/30/2018 2:03:45   

After a full year Wilozawa made Daikan Crawquelio absorb a load of of cavern celestites in which Wilozawa patiently saw that the pendulum was inciting calm waves. For a long time, Baixeno was learning how the darkbloods fought and fully remembered that itself was a darkblood warrior. So Baixeno went to Wilozawa to craft a darkblood skeleton. Gaxow was still minding its own business attacking a few grim stalkers moving around the city again after the invasion of Northpointe by QoM. That other fiend soul slowly began to study the futuristic Seraph, Infernal, along with Celestial wares. During the past year...4 other fragmented souls slowly begun to occupy each a circle of soul chain traps to absorb energy. Two were fiendish souls and the other two were undead souls...in which the fiendish soul's physical weapons choices were a two handed big greatsword and a spear,while the other 2 souls that were undead...their weapons choice was a broadsword and a pair of axes.

The two other fiend souls were very bored, so they spin around their weapons for fun and poke Nulaxou away. For a while...of recuperating of absorbing broken down soul energy that were from the traps. These two fiend souls materialized each form of a woman and one of the undead in which was the axe user also materialized a form of being a woman temporarily. From then... all three female souls began throwing rocks against Gaxow and Baixeno when they're bored.

From the first year to the second year....another undead soul piecing together itself again chose a scimitar and a shield to materialize being a woman once in awhile. In the second year's first quarter,Wilozawa begun drawing a giant circle with a chain of formation circles inside that will be frozen in time until more souls that were originally there begun to recover their mind and powers to guess what this giant circle will be used for.

Each month now in this second year, Wilozawa asked Baixeno, what type of armor do you want to go with your skeleton? Baixeno wanted a armor that can fly in the sky without wings.

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4/21/2018 3:38:48   

During the passing of the second year. Gaxow begun bugging Wilozawa of who messed up the writing...in which Wilozawa said what writing? Gaxow replied, its the writing of how our personnel build up for battling instead of enjoying ice cream cones! Wilozawa doesn't know except Nulaxou probably knows because he dropped a small ice cream bucket with melted ice cream onto a main creator's head of the story by accident.

So every month Wilozawa was helping to pick Gaxow's armors that will be destroyed from time to time attacking infernals. Along that time of watching, the undead female soul that was a sabre and shield user begun moving along with Gaxow to battle infernals. While Baixeno was slowly building up his momentum of power to manifest flying vision able slices,slash,stabs,chops out of lighting. Wilozawa was able to amass a material that is pretty much considered worthless, feathers for that unusual experiment. For a while the female souls that were messing around at base begun to challenge monsters by teaming up together to defeat them in the afternoon. So now Nulaxou had some free time in which it was currently eating some grilled fishes while counting whats leftovers of armor pieces. Baixeno shocked Nulaxou with a out of control chop that burnt up its body after finishing off that last grilled fish in its stomach. Afterwards Nulaxou woke up and begun clumsily fluttering to Baixeno's shoulder,begun slapping him on the side of the head. In which Baixeno didn't mind at all and begun training again. So Nulaxou got tired and went to Wilozawa.

Wilozawa was crafting a flying one-person portable boat for Baixeno for a meanwhile. Noticed Nulaxou was next to him relaxing, flickered the forehead to call up the three female souls outside battling monsters as a team with a communication spell.

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7/4/2018 21:19:10   

The three soul ladies responded back after they were done cleaning up in a creek in the forest to the communication spell set up. In which Wilozawa replied to go to Ashfall to fight against some Draconian Guards to swipe away a few of their fire infused swords, Pride to swipe away a few Elite Guard's Scythes,Lust for a few Enamored Guard's Axes for a supply of beaten dragon wares. For Nulaxou to drop in a stack for another purpose. While they were communicating, Gaxow was still enjoying fighting infernals,once in a while gets tired of the saber and shield soul lady sheathing her saber after every battles. In which the saber and shield soul lady replied back blunkly, its easy to defend to gauge attacks before using my saber to attack.

So after the three soul ladies came back to base replenishing their power after that quest. Nulaxou was done moving the wares to another location in the fortress...flew to Baixeno in a temporary armor to go outside with money to buy roasted kebabs with bottles of moglinberry juice in Northpointe. During the time of Nulaxou's and Baixeno going for food, Wilozawa remembered the fiend soul who was researching the other realms' weapon wares to design a few simple trinkets for the souls.

These prototype trinkets were single use protection items that explodes after using them to escape. Wilozawa was now looking at the results and carefully allocating a few to the female souls that came back to rest. So after the night, the three female souls bugged Wilozawa, as he was currently going to the research room to name the fiend soul who's researching the weapons. Wilozawa pondered and decided on Muigeso, in which the fiend soul said that's a acceptable name before slamming down on the location seal formation to boot others out by air blast except Wilozawa. So after the lockdown, Wilozawa moved to the war room to study the routes of Northpointe and send a message to Nulaxou and Baixeno to scout a valley section for a portal.

The three soul ladies got mad at Muigeso, as they hit that lock down formation with their weapons. Wilozawa also sent a message to the soul ladies to go to Arcangrove to loot away a few weapons and make up their own names on the go depending on their thoughts before sleeping at base. So after a while Gaxow randomly asked what's going be your name to the saber and shield soul lady, in which she replied: It will be Cang Fei. So after Cang Fei and Gaxow was done fighting infernals...Cang Fei begun to rest and maintain her saber and shield, Gaxow saw a few humans that were hiding in a cave,poke out and decided to scare them. Cang Fei punched Gaxow from the side knocking over Gaxow, saw that these humans were wielding the maces,knives,frying pans, board shield and pot helmets from Swordhaven. Directly took over to keep these humans safe and send them over to Northpointe despite being a undead.

So after Cang Fei mostly finished off the protection of humans, she jumped kicked Gaxow into the water. Later on in the night,Cang Fei and Gaxow returned to the fortress with Gaxow drinking a few health tonics before going to sleep to recover. Wilozawa floated to the entrance to give the female soul a trinket and hear the report of their battling. During that moment... the other female souls heard Wilozawa said congrats to that fourth female soul of creating her own name...decided to chase her down to talk of how did she made her name! In which Wilozawa teleported Cang Fei to her room with a lock down formation as well activated.

During this second night of everybody else in the fortress base except Nulaxou and Baixeno who was outside, drinking and eating. Wilozawa messaged Nulaxou to return with Baixeno to give him a plasma shard so that Baixeno can attack the infernal goblin minions.

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7/7/2018 3:46:46   

Third day in the morning of sleeping in the fortress base, every soul returned to the war room,except Nulaxou and Baixeno who was inventorying the misc. items. Wilozawa begun to talk of how they'll need a wizard to lessen the load on Nulaxou. Muigeso said, we could just randomly steal a undead mage that was summoned from a infernal mage. In which Gaxow said, the infernal mage are trickier to bash about to steal their controlling method of the undead. Cang Fei said just commission a team of advance adventurers that can guerrilla fight and bash the infernal goblins towards the mage to drop and their wizard/mage sealing both to be delivered in the valley. Wilozawa,reminded them that commissioning a request requires a reward in which we don't have a suitable set of rewards from observing the adventurer team.

So Gaxow recommended weapons and armors to be the reward,Cang Fei punched Gaxow to remind him that the weapons and armors that we have are currently out there already. So Muigeso said, since weapons with armors are plenty enough. I'll settle with single use scrolls of magic that's more rewarding then weapons and armors, because scrolls can go by to use in emergencies fast. In which Wilozawa chose Muigeso's reward option.

While the three other soul ladies were just working on cleaning their weapons at the table. Wilzoawa went about to focus on the time set and decision of when the adventurers arriving at the adventurer guild or the outside quest everyday posting board in Northpointe. Nulaxou and Baixeno came back to report that somebody new has taken over being the good's emissary at Northpointe.

After the meeting ended during the afternoon, Wilozawa went back to the pool to pull Gaxow out of training to upgrade his pair of daggers. While Muigeso was moving the order of the other tonics/potions/elixirs to Wilozawa's location to merge afterwards. Nulaxou was eating grilled snakes that Bulaxou caught outside and managing the scrolls. Cang Fei went to the Northpointe to fight a few monsters for training. The other three soul ladies went about to therift to train their teamwork.

So after Wilozawa was deciding on either location...Nulaxou remembered that the adventurer guild has not been able to accommodate the adventurers that arrived in Northpointe. So Wilozawa decided on the outdoor quest board posting for random requests...after checking up on that personal portable boat for Baixeno. Making Nulaxou and Bixeno go to pin it on a free spot on the board without food or drinks for today.

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7/10/2018 4:24:53   

Now that everybody else beside Wilozawa and Muigeso was outside doing their own things. Muigeso went to dreadrock citadel to steal a fallen hero's swords to infuse with void energy for a improvised futuristic weapon to give to one of the three soul ladies to test out. While also gathering essences of hollow wraiths to consume to return in good condition.

Wilozawa went to the pool to pick up a rusted sword and another pair of broken daggers to remelt with some broken infernal weapon scraps into a new weapon thought up on the go with a good amount of formations to consumable potions,tonics,elixirs to activate the weapon power by force and magic. So after the weapon was done, Wilozawa pulled out the crystal pendulum to undo the hex for Daikan Crawquelio to come out and look before asking Wilozawa a question. Daikan Crawquelio's question was, Why am I inside this pendulum when I should be harvesting a skeleton to become my minion? Wilozawa replied back, "you must absorb the energy inside the crystal pendulum first for me to make a skeleton minion for you from broken pieces." Daikan Crawquelio said,"really because that crystal pendulum has a concentration of light energy that's harsh for me!" Wilozawa smacked him and said take your time converting light into darkness and portion a part to turn into the minion's soul connected to your power. Daikan Crawquelio sighed and said okay.

As Daikan Crawquelio moved away to absorb the energy, Muigeso entered and chatted with Wilozawa with having a adventurer that's literal broke because this person used up all their gold and gave away their armor and random weapons to spend on a portal to move survivors to Northpointe. While going on a boat to Northpointe with other adventurers and lived in the forest in a salvaged tent from cloths. So Wilozawa agreed and Muigeso selected the adventurer that was broken and asleep with a scroll of how to activate the power of the weapon laying next to this adventurer.

The three soul ladies that were training their teamwork on fighting took a break and went into the rift camp to replenish their stash of potions, wondered how they should maybe split up and fuse names that were heard in the rift camp to turn into their own chosen names or to go to Brightoak grove next for some name making instead.

Now that Nulaxou and Baixeno was done with posting the request...Baixeno begun to move and drop into the empty well with Nulaxou on the ladder knowing to fight against the infernal goblin that knows how to ambush. In the moment of fighting somebody dropped a throwaway dagger in which Nulaxou used to back stab that infernal goblin at the end. Now that those three soul ladies were at recovering Brightoak grove, they were think to name themselves with one who decided to stick a known first name while create the last name being original. They named themselves, Lapis Slivora, Nisovez Ha, Flizena Wist.

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7/19/2018 2:12:19   

Now that the three ladies, Lapis Slivora, Nisovez Ha, Flizena Wist picked up some natural light seed lanterns in Brightoak to direct light into the rooms....they traveled to Embersea to pick up some potions and then lounge around in Northpointe's port side. So now that Muigeso sent away that new weapon and lay a mind communicating spell on the back of the scroll that said only this way of communicating is suitable until the adventurer finishes up the gamma testing and direct its aftermath to paint over the spell and place inside a library in Northpointe.

In the next morning, Wilozawa decided to travel above ground himself in a plain armor and helmet with a plain short sword and buckler shield to study the evil faction's weaponry and armor for a day until he decide to craft a floating case with a interesting armor inside that was sent to Aegis Tower later on in the future. Making the armor shop person and reputation dispenser on Aegis Tower stumped and wonder how it was made, while having the celestial double check its layout and gets interested of how does this armor have celestial power radiating from itself.

While at the evening of the day, Wilozawa changed armor and his weapons with some basic evil faction wares and going into Dreadrock Citadel to observe and buy up a few of the new doomed leftover weapons that will be available later on and that runes cape to toss into Muigeso's room for him to study.

Also went into Northpointe to buy up the simple daggers to melt into Gaxow's daggers after they're worn down. While also checking on what random team of adventurers has decided to take the request for those scrolls. Decided to jump onto the rooftop of a building at midnight to find a batch of 6 oathbreakers who were done living a joyful life to old age got spooked. So they probed around and Wilozawa released his powers and they were shocked as Wilozawa sent out sealing magic onto their bodies and five senses. In which Wilozawa did some brain scrying and noticed their inside minds were changing fast. So then decided to unseal their five senses to offer them a way to continue living. The moment that they follow as puppets or Wilozawa's followers collect their bodies after they pass away after their unexpected life ends down the road.

These oathbreakers were hesitant for a while about the first option, chose the second option instead as they chose to be skeletons after using magic to do so.

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7/21/2018 4:51:06   

Now that these oathbreakers replied with the second choice, Wilozawa placed a seal that detect when they'll past away and lock up the soul afterwards. In which Wilozawa's followers make a casket out of straw with a magic spell to preserve their bodies until they get re-animated with magic. After Wilozawa and these oathbreakers made the deal, Wilozawa jumped off the building's rooftop into a portal that he made back into the fortress base. So the following day, the three ladies, Lapis Slivora, Nisovez Ha, Flizena Wist decide to be the observers of the adventurer team that decided to pick up and grab the request and have it be review inside the adventurer's guild's to see if will get commission approval.

Cang Fei was now in the depths of northpointe's forest area to train her saber and shield skills for battles that may come. Came about a discarded cache of materials that were never used in alternative type of weapon and armor crafting. Sent out a communicating spell to Baixeno with Nulaxou to travel and collect this cache. Now that Cang Fei was done training she jumped into a waterfall's cave to rest.

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