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RE: Return of the Return of the Dragonfable Riddles!

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4/22/2018 21:56:08   
Shadow X Ascendant

@Gamma Sorry hehe, wrong, i worked hard on this one
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 126
4/22/2018 23:03:08   

Based on the trend your riddles seem to take, I'm guessing it's Sporca.
DF  Post #: 127
4/22/2018 23:04:25   
Shadow X Ascendant

Yeah, but this is my last one based on IAEOT
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 128
4/23/2018 0:46:34   

Oh, no wonder I couldn't guess it. The inn at the edge of time holds almost no interest for me at the moment.
DF  Post #: 129
4/23/2018 2:25:52   
Rafiq von den Vielen

@Shiny: Both wrong, sorry.
@SXA: ... Toxic Myra? nevermind I didn't see page 6 >_> <_<

< Message edited by Rafiq von den Vielen -- 4/23/2018 2:26:45 >
Post #: 130
4/23/2018 4:17:02   

Rafiq- Seems like Valtrith (although he was summoned with six [or seven] items).
I think Clash is Aisha, Confess is Sek Duat, Contaminate is Vayle, and Consume and Conquest are Xan and Seppy (each could be either).

Reposting riddles (if they're not solved within a day or so I think I'll give the answers, as these riddles are from the start of this thread)
The two in the screen
more than once they were seen
one is said to be a rogue
and the other is green.

I am ancient and old
I give weapons of power
in a place high and cold
I am reborn, so cower!

< Message edited by mahasamatman -- 4/23/2018 19:43:33 >
DF  Post #: 131
4/23/2018 6:13:50   
Rafiq von den Vielen

@mahasa: ... no, it's not Valtrith. Although I'd like to applaud you for the effort.
Effort warrants rewards, so I'll give you a hint:

Minor Book 1 NPC.

and now I'm trying to solve yours.

1 - this is more of a super random guess but Aegis/Aspar?
4 - Nivalis?
Post #: 132
4/23/2018 18:59:43   

mahat, your first: Circe and Donovan/frostscythe, and your second Cryozen?

New one~!
Referenced and seen, but never explored,
I hold a mystery in frozen waste.

< Message edited by GammaCavy -- 4/24/2018 16:52:57 >
DF  Post #: 133
4/23/2018 19:43:05   

Rafiq, GammaCavy: All wrong. Cryozen could fit pretty well, but not what I meant.
Rafiq: Is yours Vilmor?

1- Extremly minor pair of NPCs, seen only twice.
2- Not an NPC. I changed the riddle a bit to make it more fair.
DF  Post #: 134
4/24/2018 12:28:36   
Rafiq von den Vielen

^is Vilmor really a minor NPC? No, he's not correct.

Aaanyway, new one!

I bow to none, I stand proud,
I survive all conflict, there is no doubt.
I make you moan, I make you rage,
With every life I take, I fill page after page.
"My pain is constant and severe."
Yet to your rules, I do not adhere.
I see through your lies, I dispel your mask,
I make you watch yourself turn into a husk.
You think you make me fall? I can but laugh.
I remain standing tall, your soul turned naught.
I know to keep myself whole and hale,
But you, I should remind... of Christian Bale.
Post #: 135
4/24/2018 12:52:44   

^Seppy, Xan or Zorbak?
DF  Post #: 136
4/24/2018 16:53:12   

We are three of many, we helped you fight
But we had to bow before a bigger might.
The bitter one took us, but after all we've been through
One stays the same: We are heroes like you

< Message edited by docblade -- 5/5/2018 18:47:43 >
DF MQ  Post #: 137
4/24/2018 16:54:06   

Rafiq, I'm guessing Xan for your newest.
DF  Post #: 138
4/24/2018 17:17:48   

doc: Possibly Demento, Tomix and... uhh... Another dead hero?

The answer to my first riddle:

Mr. and Mrs. Puddingshins.

< Message edited by mahasamatman -- 4/24/2018 17:18:08 >
DF  Post #: 139
4/24/2018 17:42:31   


Wait a second...... didn't that riddle already get solved, like.... several riddle threads ago? Yeah, I think it was back in the first "Re: Return of The DragonFable Riddles" thread where someone finally solved that.

< Message edited by Greyor_42 -- 4/24/2018 17:43:34 >
DF  Post #: 140
4/24/2018 18:32:06   

Greyor: Yes, I mentioned when I put it up that it was a recycled riddle from a previous thread. The other one is new, though.
DF  Post #: 141
4/24/2018 21:15:55   

Mine is recycled too, but it was never solved.
DF  Post #: 142
4/25/2018 3:25:35   

@Rafiq Is it Seppy?
DF  Post #: 143
4/25/2018 5:09:10   

@mahas Nope, Wrong

I give you another hint: We see them (and fight by their side) at the same time
DF MQ  Post #: 144
4/25/2018 8:05:57   
Rafiq von den Vielen

@Bluu: LOL*. None of those is correct.
*Zorbak being Christian Bale? Thanks. You made my week with that mental image.

@Gamma: It's not Xan either.
@Huntex: Nor good ol' Seppy.

The character is 'younger' than those. (By younger, I mean we saw them much later than we did see Xan/Seppy/Zorbak).
Post #: 145
4/25/2018 14:33:26   

docblade... Caran and Diawe?
DF  Post #: 146
4/25/2018 17:06:57   

docblade: Are those the heroes Drakonnan turned against us? Dain Lorilann and the others?
DF  Post #: 147
4/26/2018 18:30:51   

@^ Thats correct. Dain Lorilann, Xor Vralin and Elgert
DF MQ  Post #: 148
4/27/2018 10:03:55   

Rafiq: Jaania? Sek-Duat?

A search through the 'pedia did not reveal anyone who said "my pain is constant and severe", nor any variation of that...
DF  Post #: 149
4/28/2018 21:27:43   
Shadow X Ascendant

Let me see, huumm, Oh i got it, there it is

I know about you
I Admire you
I Always Wanted To Travel
I can take care of myself
I am Not a Pushover
You Saved Me
Not Only That
You Teached Me
You Fought me, Wait,
Look Someone is coming
how we are going to explain?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 150
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