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RE: Return of the Return of the Dragonfable Riddles!

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4/28/2018 21:59:48   

@Shadow X Ascendant, Falwynn.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 151
4/28/2018 22:00:44   
Shadow X Ascendant

@Correct, That was fast, well, back to drawn board..
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 152
4/30/2018 4:12:19   
Rafiq von den Vielen


A search through the 'pedia did not reveal anyone who said "my pain is constant and severe", nor any variation of that...

@mahasamatman: Neither Jaania nor Sek-Duat. But I'll explain the hint.
"My pain is constant and severe." is not a quote by said NPC, but it can be used as a reference. Combine two lines of my riddle, and you have the hint. The hint reveals the NPC.

Minor hint: We fight said NPC.
Post #: 153
4/30/2018 15:16:11   

The first united
the second divided
so similar
and so different.
Things get out of hand.
And war approaches
to finally unite
what was divided so long.

(Not my usual style, i know. But i am too busy rn to give you my usual quality. Hope this will work. Either of the names will count as right answer)
DF MQ  Post #: 154
4/30/2018 15:26:36   
Shadow X Ascendant

^ The Professor And Wargoth?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 155
4/30/2018 17:21:05   

@^ This would fit too. But no, this answer is wrong

@v both wrong. Hint: Both chars are human

< Message edited by docblade -- 4/30/2018 23:44:12 >
DF MQ  Post #: 156
4/30/2018 18:25:22   

The Earth Orb?
DF  Post #: 157
4/30/2018 18:49:10   

Here's one that should be rather easy:

I can't see the sky
these things are quite restraining
and by the way, this guy
is insane, but entertaining,
DF  Post #: 158
5/1/2018 11:05:02   
Rafiq von den Vielen

@docblade: Sounds awkwardly like Vaaloirr... or like Trey and Valencia.

v Brock Bargok.

< Message edited by Rafiq von den Vielen -- 5/1/2018 11:47:13 >
Post #: 159
5/1/2018 11:44:03   

Ooh, Iíve got one:

I may not be grey, but then Iím made of stone,
All I spit out is mulched dust and bone,
My flesh is thick but canít resist the heat,
Tickle me with Energy, and Iím your dish of meat,
But no matter what, no matter what,
No matter how weak I was you thought,
My heart resists the stun, and my horns are rustproof,
My visage resists the demise I cause, my wings resist the hoof.
Iím the first dragon youíd see that shoots out rock,
Iím unholy, the nameís ______.

DF  Post #: 160
5/1/2018 11:47:14   
Shadow X Ascendant

@BluuHorse - Enntropy Dragon
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 161
5/1/2018 12:52:47   

@Uh oh, sorry! But you are on the right track.
DF  Post #: 162
5/1/2018 13:00:11   


Gorgok. Not too hard if you follow the rhyme.
DF  Post #: 163
5/1/2018 21:39:37   

More out of context/describe DF as badly as possible.

1. Antique Roadtrip episode [GONE WRONG] [UNLEASHES ANCIENT EVIL].

2. Intern prank inadvertently creates the key to saving the world. Also breakfast.

3. Laying a tormented soul to rest involves a crypt, a well and a wishing fountain.

4. Man/woman spends hours digging through trash in order to find future partner.

5. Minion gets his revenge on heroes by raiding their fridge.

< Message edited by Kyros127 -- 5/2/2018 19:11:32 >
Post #: 164
5/2/2018 0:29:21   

@Rafiq Sorry, Wrong
DF MQ  Post #: 165
5/2/2018 0:38:25   


#1 I got nothing for at the moment.

#2 Is the chickcalves tricking Archimoodes into asking Zeuster to give them the Bacon Element(though, technically, the Bacon Orb had existed on Lore since even before then).

#3 Also nothing.

#4 Is the Hero going through the Sneevil Dumpsite to find the World Destroyer's egg.

#5 I again, cannot solve.

< Message edited by Greyor_42 -- 5/2/2018 0:39:07 >
DF  Post #: 166
5/2/2018 0:59:59   
Shadow X Ascendant

#5 - i think is Gary, The Ice Elf taking the ice orb from Galanoth's Fridge

#3 - i think is Asandar Saga in Blackwyn Tomb, Letter about Illumina in well, and Illumina Spirit Gem in wishing fountain

< Message edited by Shadow X Ascendant -- 5/2/2018 1:09:19 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 167
5/2/2018 7:31:44   

@Greyor_42, I expected somebody to say Gorgok. Sadly, it isnít .

Right now, two options are striked off. No enTropy Dragon, No Gorgok either.


The eighth line gives a massive hint.


Oh, sorry! I didnít notice Rafiq von den Vielen solved it!

Also, some more describe DF as badly as possible, you can just say what you think these are about:

1) Cheese causes defeat of traitor.

2) Breakfast tries to eat you for abducting it.

3) Some dude sells drinks because a girl told him sheíd do something sinister to his pet if he didnít.

4) Hot date repairs broken bridge.

5) Cursed grandmother gets beaten up and made fun of after her plants and dogs are injured.

(Wow the last one sounds pretty bed, but when you know what it is, youíd understand.

< Message edited by BluuHorseOfficial -- 5/2/2018 7:42:03 >
DF  Post #: 168
5/2/2018 7:41:51   
Rafiq von den Vielen

^Come on, you made that riddle after you answered my question about the Bargok drops in Q&A about a week ago, admit it. That "wings resist the hoof" line was impossible to not catch.

#1 makes me think of the First Weaver arc, especially the part where Roirr is absorbing the Mana Core or unleashing the Shapeless to go on a killing spree. I'm unsure if the Shapeless classify as evil but they at least meet the "ancient" criteria?

Bluu's things:
#1 - San Robin fighting off an entire band of bandits by the glory of cheese magics. Or alternatively the pun-off between him and the Cheese Baron.

#2 - No idea

#3 - No idea

#4 - Anders? The guy trying to fix the bridge to Falconreach in book 3 getting flung away by the zombie hydra?

#5 - Seppy nuking Grams at the end of the Falconreach Spy arc, with Gravelynn watching?

< Message edited by Rafiq von den Vielen -- 5/2/2018 7:46:07 >
Post #: 169
5/2/2018 7:42:52   

@above, Yeah, I did.
DF  Post #: 170
5/2/2018 8:22:44   


Yep you got 2 and 4 right.

@Shadow X Ascendant

Yep you got 3 and 5 right.

Huh, surprised no-one got number 1 right yet. I thought it would be the second or third easiest. To give you guys a clue (since most people probably don't know what Antique's RoadTrip is) Antiques Road Trip is an obscure little TV show where collectors go around the country collecting antiques. Now can anyone remember something similar happening in DF?
Post #: 171
5/2/2018 8:36:25   

@Kyros127, due to your hint, Iím definitely guessing Trey Surehunter in the Earth Orb episode. :o

@Rafiq von den Vielen,

Congrats! #5 is correct! (Or it wouldíve been if I didnít change that one. The original was ďDaddy, Iím on a balloonóWait, whyíd you blast gwandma?Ē Oh, yeah, and it isnít at the end of the spy arc, but nonetheless, congratulations!!!11!!1) However, #1 doesnít have anything to do with said person, surprisingly. Also, I doubt Anders counts as a couple on a date. Iíll leave a hint, but it will spoil:

1 and 4 are related. By music.

Also, #4 isnít done right then, it takes some time (some=a lot) to occur after the actual event, but said persons are responsible for it.

< Message edited by BluuHorseOfficial -- 5/2/2018 10:24:21 >
DF  Post #: 172
5/2/2018 11:01:53   


#4 Is our (mis)adventure through time to find the harp Yulgar made for Aria's mother(and accidentally knocking the hydra egg into the sea below the bridge in the process).
DF  Post #: 173
5/2/2018 11:57:58   

@Greyor_42, Yup! It is. I'm pretty sure you'll be able to find the first one as well. I guess after a few more posts, I may drop a hint hehehe
DF  Post #: 174
5/4/2018 19:12:15   

Re posting an old one that was never solved:

Referenced and seen, but never explored,
I hold a mystery in frozen waste.

This dates back to book 1.

Mahatsaman I'm guessing that the answer to "I can't see the sky
these things are quite restraining
and by the way, this guy
is insane, but entertaining,"

is Senthris, Saellah's dragon from the dragon/Rose war.

< Message edited by GammaCavy -- 5/16/2018 20:34:43 >
DF  Post #: 175
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