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RE: [BSG] A Guide to the Inn at the Edge of Time Challenges

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7/12/2018 4:40:07   

Alright, I'm bumping this thread because I seem to have found a somewhat more "reliable" strategy for the Legion Crawler + Abomination duo. It's more expensive (as in, it requires DA and DCs) and it requires that you're level 85, but you can get the job done more easily this way.


200 STR/INT/DEX - depends on what your base class is, really
200 END - so you can take more hits, d'ooh
20 LUK - a bit of a boost for everything


Entropy - The reason for this is simple - the best stun in the game, awesome damage, some powerful defensive skills. I will go into more detail about what you should do with this armor later.


Sir Leon (Slot A, find him in The Shears) - He's pretty much got the kit of a Warrior except for one thing - his Final skill is way stronger. I will go into more detail about what you should do with him later.

Mrithra (Slot B, find her in Sulen'Eska - War of the Dragon Rose) - She's got some awesome defensive options, as well as a stun and some decent offensive capacity. I will go into more detail about what you should do with her later.


Weapon: Ultimate Weapon of Destiny - In my case, it was the Rainbow Axe due to being a Warrior myself. I go with this item because it offers some huge stats as well as a good All resist, but if you've got something else like the Ultra Omniknight blade, that's also acceptable.

Helmet: Fierce Dragonlord Helmet - I mainly picked this due to its All resist stat. If you don't have the DCs to get this, get the lvl 85 version of the Necro Paragon Helmet instead.

Cape: Necro Paragon Cape - All resist of 10, enough said.

Ring: Zeclem's Band - Get the Unhallowed Deathknight ring if you don't have the DCs, as it still get's the job done.

Necklace: Canopic Charm - I pick this due to its Poison resist. You'll need it to defend yourself against Abomination.

Trinket: Summon Honda - Picked it due to Poison resist. I honestly didn't use this myself when I found the duo, but if you intend to use it, you should be alright as it deals some good damage, both outright and DoT.

Belt: Silver Links - Picked it due to it's All resist stat.

Pet: Baby Dragon - When I fought the duo, my baby dragon had 200 points in both Protection and Mischief. Protection will help you get your HP and MP healed as well as giving you a Healing % increase of 25%, which is a fourth by the way...not insignificant. In addition, you also get a decent shield, which will help you in combination with Entropy's own shield as well as Mrithra's. Mischief is incredible because of the following:

1. -15% damage reduction. If you combine it with Sir Leon's -20% damage reduction skill, a 1/3 of your enemy's damage is gone, HOWEVER, if you combine it with Entropy's incredible -80% damage reduction skill, your opponent will only deal 5% of it's original damage. This will almost nullify their damage. Take advantage of this by using these combinations on Legion Crawler to cut off his damage by a large amount, and later on, the Abomination.

2. -25% BtH. Not that good on the Abomination due to his unmissable nuke, but it can make a difference on the Legion Crawler especially if you combine it with your shields.

3. -10% All resist. This is the icing of the cake, Entropy's DoT's as well as Sir Leon's own DoT will deal double damage. It's -5% less than Stan the Scanorb's tho, as well as less reliable. Of course, if you happen to get an awesome Darkness weapon, then you can take advantage of Entropy's 2 Darkness resist reduction skills to make your damage skyrocket, although it WILL make your All resist go down by a bit.

4. A 30% chance to stun. By far, the WORST option not just in the whole Mischief tree, but in the entirety of your baby dragon's list of options. This is only usable on the Abomination, even then, it's a stroke of luck because he has some immobility resistance, and EVEN THEN, it's for one turn...If your dragon uses this on the Legion Crawler, then condoleances.

5. A 25% chance to shrink. This one is a bit more useful especially since the Legion Crawler has NO shrink resistance, neither does his buddy for that matter, although you can live without this.

In the end, if you don't have access to both Protection and Mischief on your dragon, you can live with just 200 Protection. Mischief is not mandatory, unlike Protection.


HeroDiet and 5 Health Potions: - Yes, I used both. They're the most reliable and have the highest chances of being huge failsafes that can get you out of a sticky situation no matter the challenge you're in, and this Duo is no exception. Personally, when I fought the Duo, I remember only using the HeroDiet (Rotten Haysack and Seaweed) for healing, I didn't need the potions, although it's better to be safe than sorry. You can get 5 Health potions when you have an artifact called the Cloak Scrap. Get your base class pijamas on (not the dragon base, the BASE CLASSES ONLY) and go to your Book of Lore -> Travel -> Kingdom of Greenguard -> Maguswood -> Drowned Fortress. There, you can get both the HeroDiet in a couple chests as well as having plenty of monsters to fight (and thus, use your Final skill on them). It will take a while to get used to the path, but once you figured it out, it's a breeze.


The secret to this challenge is keeping the Abomination stunned for as long as possible. You've got the Entropy's stun, which hits multiple times so it's the most reliable, you've got Sir Leon's stun and Mrithra's stun. If your pet dragon has Mischief, then he's also got his own stun, tho it's unreliable and this whole strategy overall is luck-based due to the small amount of immobility resistance that Abomination has, but that's why you always start off with the Entropy's stun. If everything goes alright, you should be able to keep the Abomination stunned for a very long time. In the meanwhile, Legion Crawler can be dealt with by using both Entropy's -80% damage reduction skill and Sir Leon's -20% damage reduction skill for a whooping -100% damage reduction. Legion Crawler will deal ZERO damage. Still, use this strategy later in the game when he starts to hit multiple times, right now you should focus on getting your Powerboosts up (Entropy's Shield gives him a huge PowerBoost of 70%, while Sir Leon has 2 ways of powerboosting himself, one of them being a shield with a high PowerBoost %, but only last for 2 turns while the other lasts for 5 turns but has lower PowerBoost %, so use the latter THEN the former) and then start to bash the Legion Crawler as soon as possible, using Entropy's Rotting Touch (you should have it unlocked since you stunned the Abomination first) along with Decaying Needles as well as Sir Leon's Final skill. Use Mrithra's/Sir Leon's potions to keep them alive, preferably if they're below 50% HP, while you should use the HeroDiet as well as your 5 potions if your hero is in danger (tho he really shouldn't be...you're Entropy, d'ooh).

Unfortunately, one of your guests will die, if not both, due to either Legion Crawler hitting too many times and/or Abomination's cheesy nuke. If it's Mrithra, you should be alright, kind off, but if it's Sir Leon, you'll have to rely on your Pet Dragon's Mischief to get the Abomination down to 5% of it's original damage. Even so, keep in mind that if your guests die, the game can continue on, while if you die, you lose, so don't despair just yet, especially since you're much tougher than your guests (they get your HP and your MP, but NOT your stats) and you've got access to HeroDiet/5 potions.

Good luck. This challenge may seem impossible, but it's actually just as okay-ish as the Dragonoid one in the sense that all you need to do is pay attention and get going based on a pattern. If you win, enjoy your prize, which is the best item in the game - Legion Bracer.

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