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How did you come up with your character's name?

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3/10/2018 17:02:08   

I think this could be an interesting discussion topic as names often have some meaning, or otherwise say something about ourselves.

Some people use their own names or something to represent themselves as a form of self insert, which is the point of of an RPG (Role Playing Game) in the first place.

Others use a series of letters that has some sort of meaning or says something (my forum name is Kurtz for the character from Heart of Darkness for instance)

Still others just use something that seems cool.

To get this discussion started, my main character's name is Hero (because I made it when I was small and was not very creative )
my alt character's name is a nickname of someone close to me.

I know this is a somewhat personal question so don't talk about more than you are comfortable or willing to.

I include forum tags in this discussion

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
3/10/2018 17:14:52   

Dragonfable is the ONLY game in which my character is named after myself. Even on other RPGís I use a version of my tag instead. I made my character when I was younger and just donít want to change the name cause itís fitting for it to be me I guess?
Post #: 2
3/10/2018 17:21:34   
Shadow X Ascendant

My Shadow X is "Stronger Than Steel and moving fast as a whirlwind, his spirit burns like flames, his mind is calm as water, always sharping his form like an ever changing cloud, sometimes he hide in darkness and vanish forever".

My Kazeshini means "Death Wind" in japanese, well, after Calamity Saga, everyone know how our dragons can be Death and Destruction Flying Machines.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 3
3/10/2018 17:26:07   

My character, "Raime," is named after the identity of the Fume Knight from Dark Souls 2, and my dragon's name, Enrav, is based off of Raime's favorite bird, the raven.
Post #: 4
3/10/2018 17:27:33   

^^Would I offend you if I said that was the most chunni thing I have ever seen in DragonFable? ;p
Still a good name though.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 5
3/10/2018 17:28:51   
Shadow X Ascendant

Not, that is the purpose, before i start using ascendant, i always have used only Ninja :v

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 6
3/10/2018 17:45:56   

Well, Sanani is just Sanani. I one day just created it name from scratch and because it sounded cool it stayed. But it is still better than my other "hand made name" Denim(English is not my native language and it took me few years to learn of sole existence that such word exists.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 7
3/10/2018 17:52:26   
Da Awesomancer

My forum name, Da Awesomancer, was picked because it was the coolest possible thing 12 year old me could think of. It's actually kinda lame, but I've got nostalgia for it now so it'll stick around for quite some time.

My character name, Kard, was chosen for three reasons:

1) It's short and easy to use, even when I have letter limits to think about

2) It's the word for "sword" in some language (I forgot which one) and swords can be used for both offence and defence, much like how a hero's duty is to protect the innocent by fighting evil.

3) I can make all the lame card puns I want without having to fudge anything other than spelling.

That last one is the most important, obviously.
DF AQW  Post #: 8
3/10/2018 17:59:16   

Hit me with a card pun (related to DF if possible)
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 9
3/10/2018 17:59:55   

My main and one of my alts, Isca and Caylisa, are names I came up with on my own. My other alt, Melia, is named after a Xenoblade Chronicles character.


DF AQW  Post #: 10
3/10/2018 18:03:32   


Well, Sanani is just Sanani. I one day just created it name from scratch and because it sounded cool it stayed. But it is still better than my other "hand made name" Denim(English is not my native language and it took me few years to learn of sole existence that such word exists.


My main and one of my alts, Isca and Caylisa, are names I came up with on my own.

So both of you just made up names wholesale? Do they have any meanings? Like Isca is a biblical name (from Iscah meaning "to watch/observant")

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 11
3/10/2018 18:08:52   

Mahasmatman is the main character of Zelazny's "Lord of Light", possibly the greatest science fiction/fantasy book ever written. I am thinking about changing the name, though.

My dragon is Khellendros, named after a dragon from Dragonlance (it just seemed a cool name for a dragon).
DF  Post #: 12
3/10/2018 18:24:13   

My main character's original name was "coolman 14 13," which admittedly was a mouthful. Two years of that and I finally realised the name stuck out too much and I opted to change it into a name I preferred, Alen.
Post #: 13
3/10/2018 18:25:32   

Because I was only 9 when I first started playing DF it was just one of the "cool" English words I knew of at that time... ("blade master" lawl, there is not even any caps...) I jokingly put one of my characters' name "knife master" in a recent year in memoriam tho.
Post #: 14
3/10/2018 18:41:34   
Da Awesomancer

@Kurtz96 Well, if you insist... ahem

"Well Drakath, you thought you had this whole heist of the Wind Orb planned out, but you didn't account for one variable. ME! The heroic Wildkard who has arrived to usurp your whole strategy and throw off your entire hand! Now, failed prince, prepare yourself to be royally flushed!"
DF AQW  Post #: 15
3/10/2018 18:41:37   

@Kurtz96: Not to my knowledge, I didn't even know Isca had a biblical connection. I think I was just on a site and saw a name that lead me to think of Isca, it's been several years so I don't really remember where I got her name from.
DF AQW  Post #: 16
3/10/2018 18:44:18   

my main character is my own name with a couple letters switched out. I am named for the fairest woman in greek myth, Helen of Troy, and my main is Haelon. My dragon is Veritas. now, there's a long complicated list of reasons why that fints him, but when I was 10 it was the name of my favorite of the Deltoran dragons, the dragon of the amethyst.
My secondary, tertiary, and quadriary, are all more recent creations :Astria and Tavimbra, or star and earthquake, Keskereta, whcih just sounds good, and her dragon Wheviros, also known as whirlwind, and Xerxes, a Persian king, with Amestris, the wife of that king. Also the two big nations in fullmetal alchemist.
DF  Post #: 17
3/10/2018 18:49:15   

My characters name is Greyor, which I chose because it sounded like a cool fantasy name. Not even sure how I came up with it. But now I end up using that name in most RPG's I play if it's available.
As for my dragon, I named it Popsicle, because I thought it would be a funny parallel to Sepulchure and Fluffy.

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DF  Post #: 18
3/10/2018 18:52:19   

I picked my names mostly just because they sound cool, but they do draw from other things I enjoyed when I created them. My warrior main, and oldest character, is named Ishkaara, which draws from Ishgar, the continent from Fairy Tail. My alt rogue is named Dreygra, which is draws from a combination of "dragon" and "fey," and also from Dragaera, from the eponymous Steven Brust novels. Lastly, my alt mage is named Aethra, who is most obviously named for the mythical Aether.

My dragons, on the other hand, are more thematically named for what their cannon element is in my head. Ishkaara's dragon is named Vashtan, for the Vashta Nerada from Doctor Who and uses the dark element. Dreygra's dragon is named Roctaris, for Arctis Tor the capital of the winter court from the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, and as you can probably guess uses ice. Finally, Aethra's dragon is named Larinell, which is a combination of "lunar" "luminous" and "spell" and uses light.

Post #: 19
3/10/2018 19:00:57   

I admire your dedication to lore. I named my dragon Akriloth (because I played AQ before DF) but I never use Fire, I just use whatever element is most advantageous at the time.

And did everyone just make up a cool sounding name? Did no one choose a thematically appropriate name that reflects on an aspect of human nature and our existence on this world? No biblical or literary symbolism? You character in an RPG is a self insert of oneself that should say something about how you view the world, their actions are your actions. All your names are very interesting, and I guess sounding cool is pretty important since many characters were made when you were younger.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 20
3/10/2018 19:14:02   

^ Oh don't get me wrong, I switch my dragons' elements all the time. It's like how all of the DC classes are non cannon for our hero, I think of all of the elements save one as non cannon for my dragon.
Post #: 21
3/10/2018 19:38:42   

Kurtz, I wasn't even going for sounding cool with my characters, and only narrowly decided against naming my dragon after Glaurung from the Childrin of Hurin, or Smaug the Golden. But he was my dragon, and I chose to name him for truth, the sharpest knife of all.


sincerely, your friendly neighborhood warrior thespian dark lord and counter guardian Gamma Cavy
DF  Post #: 22
3/10/2018 19:49:36   

Where you going to use Glaurung or Smaug because they are fantasy dragons, or because they represented something meaningful to you? Anything about their characters speak to you in any way?

Also, if it is not clear, I'm just trying to provoke discussion, I have no problems with anything you choose to name your hero or dragon.

Please do not use invisible or hard-to-read text or font colors, as it is considered spam. ~Gingkage

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 23
3/10/2018 20:04:01   
Chaosweaver Amon

A few years ago I remember watching this really weird documentary* about historic representations of sins and demons and whatnot...according to some branch of biblical history, Amon (as well as Satan) is the name of the demon in the underworld that represents the sin of wrath. Back when the Book 1 Ravenloss Saga came out, I fell in love with the concept of Chaosweavers, and the fact that they wove with corrupt elemental spirits just fit in all too well.

*I couldnít tell you the name of it if my life depended on it...I just remember it being really strange.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 24
3/10/2018 20:07:41   

Anything to do with the Legend of Korra villain Amon?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 25
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