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RE: How did you come up with your character's name?

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3/29/2018 8:28:51   

Character name: chaos (thats right... No capitals)
Borne from the angst, edginess and general teenage nonsense from being a fresh teenager at the time, this was born.

Dragon was called Aeon (I really am gonna rename him soon), for no reason apart from the whole "It can be, so why not"

Well. Take a guess.
Hint: The number is related to the number of attempts it took me to beat Sephiroth in the same game.
I was an idiot, who watched an guide of how to beat him without Reflega, and so I attempted ONLY that method.
and over.
Till I quit and just spammed the living daylights out of that one spell.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 76
3/30/2018 8:42:46   

Your forum name has to be one of my all-time favourites. It's definitely better than Octo-bear.

By less noble, are you referring to the martial art? Or am I missing something...

Since this now covers dragon names, I'll proceed to the two I haven't covered:
My main's dragon is called Adjectiving Verbs... it's a permutation of a grammar joke. Once again, anybody who gets this (at least, quickly enough for it to seem funny) passes The Test.

And my secondary's is called Flappy Bird. I don't really feel that much explanation is needed here.
DF MQ  Post #: 77
3/31/2018 0:38:55   

@^: I pronounce 'Lua' as it's said in the name 'Lualhati', which is based on the word 'luwalhati' and means 'glory'. Thing is, it can also be pronounced as the completely different word 'luwa', which can translate to either 'to spit/vomit out' or 'bulging/protruding'. Both of which are... less than flattering, name-wise. Though I guess the latter pronunciation is less common, in English.

Nice to hear that my name's a favorite of yours! Yours is also nice. Certainly, it's a name that stays bright under wear.

...I am so sorry.
Post #: 78
3/31/2018 1:41:30   


Certainly, it's a name that stays bright under wear.

Artix Entertainment has always had puns in their games so I expected more puns in this thread to be honest.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 79
4/1/2018 4:21:55   

@^: So did I. Then again, it kurtz to be right sometimes so maybe it's for the best.

Sorry 'bout that
I had to feed the dragons and in doing so, remembered that I didn't do my alt account. Lake, my warrior and the only male character I have, is named for... lakes. I also write that his surname is Waters and that his sister is named River, his father Ocean, and his mother Spring. Yeah. His water theming is super subtle, I know. His dragon, Azar, on the other hand, is named for his dark red scales, his preference for flames, and the fact that I read the name in a story once and thought it sounded really cool.

For my other rogue, I picked the name Gale because I wanted something that was wind-themed that was also a usable name IRL (in-universe, it's short for Abigale). Her dragon is Tempest for, well, tempests. Just so we're clear, I named my ranger character Gale before I ever even heard about Hunger Games and the same name thing is just a coincidence.
Post #: 80
4/1/2018 11:00:08   
necro emperor


All three of these had little thought put into their names and I consider them some of my biggest embarrassments here. They're the last remnants of my teen years.

I already call my main "master" (see what I mean) in my head by his intended replacement name of Icharuz, a combination of Ichor and Icarus, two terms with Greek mythological origins. Then I just flipped the last letter sideways because why the hell not?

My main's dragon "shadow" and my forum name "necro emperor"... well, I haven't come up with replacement ideas yet. I especially want to change the latter since my days as a massive Necromancer fanboy died when I went mad bought the Kathool Adept armor and later got professional help went for the newly retanked ECC DragonLord.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 81
4/1/2018 13:50:01   
Lord Run

well there was a guy in a game called kessen 3 and his name was Ranmaru he was very loyal died for his lord and when he died i decided to name my character Ranmori after his name
here that the guy i named my character after. the one that protects his lord and die.


and when i was a kid that was the most honorable sacrifice i ever saw in a video game before and i was highly impressed it was the first game
that i ever saw a main character die and he died like a true hero....

as an 11 years old boy to see a thing like that left quite the impression on me it left its mark so deep that i decided to name my hero after that character and
for ever more a true hero in my eye was a hero who is willing to give his life for the cause that he fight for.

Link repeated. Please remember to either quiet or repeat youtube videos. ~Gingkage

< Message edited by Gingkage -- 4/1/2018 15:20:38 >
Post #: 82
4/2/2018 11:00:01   

character: Shayde, i have no idea but i dont regret it
dragon: Anubis, i have a weird fascination with gods and their names
forum: my internet handle on everything is GothKazu and iirc that was taken (i think i forgot my password??) or it wasnt long enough? no idea but kept what i could (Kaz)and added ix a lot
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 83
4/2/2018 13:48:36   

My very first DF character's name is my first name, started it young and didn't care for stories that weren't about me lol. My second character which I made only a month or so ago after not playing for years is named Calcifer and my dragon's name is Howl, which is all a base off of characters from Howl's Moving Castle which is one of my most favorite books ever. My forum name is just a tag for myself that I started using on various platforms, "ELM" is my initials though sometimes I use as "elm" like an elm tree.
Post #: 84
4/8/2018 15:04:54   

I figured I should also talk about how my alt character and dragon got his name and why he is a rogue.

His dragon name is Bob because at first I was only using the alt to test out a different base class so I did not care about the name and choose the most boring one I could.

I choose a rouge because I had seen rouges in PVP and wanted to try out the stealth mechanic.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 85
4/10/2018 20:27:25   

Google translate a phrase into Latin and see how it sounds, then tweak it slightly. Eventually landed with Mortosis and Sicarius
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