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RE: Design Notes April 6th, 2018

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4/6/2018 21:52:04   

Use the wicked knight blade move from Evolved pumpkin lord for +50 bonus. By the time the buff is gone, the skill can be used again.
DF  Post #: 51
4/6/2018 21:54:09   
The ErosionSeeker


bonus +8 str +5 dex +5 int +5 luk +12 cha +12 end +8 mpm +6 crit +8 bpd +6 fear +5
luk +4 cha +4 end +2 fear +5

bonus +10 int +12 dex +12 str +12 luk +8 cha +8 end +6 mpm +6 crit +10 bpd +6 wis +6 nature +10
bonus +2 int +7 dex +7 str +7 crit +2 wis +6 nature +10

Leorilla is still better offensively, but Meowphant is probably better for a really niche circumstance.
Anyway, Necromancer makes the duo very easy once you figure the monsters out. Keep defenses up, and the Sporca nuke won't even hurt.
DF AQW  Post #: 52
4/6/2018 21:54:24   
Shadow X Ascendant

But Ranger gives +80 Hit and after some Venom's Arrows, you can have 2 Turns at same time, This Is very good also to reduce cooldown of 30 from Hawk Heals
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 53
4/6/2018 22:04:06   
Baron Dante

Well, that was fairly simple.
DK can get through Sporca defenses through a variety of moves, and since Meowphant doesn't start hitting hard until he takes plenty of damage, you can then slowly build yourself back up to decent health, and then start working towards taking Meowphant out. It's only at low health the damage becomes too much to deal with, at which point you're probably good anyways.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 54
4/6/2018 22:18:09   


Coming next week: The Lucky Day book sure has been there a while, and that 13 Leaf Clover in your pocket is starting to make... noises?

Looks like everyone missed this in the wake of the new challenge. I'm glad something is being done with this sooner rather than later, I hate having to spend an inventory slot on an item I don't use.
DF  Post #: 55
4/6/2018 22:20:27   

It seems the 13 leaf clover is going to be another pet. There have been a lot of new powerful pets lately.

Maybe it is time to update the beastmaster guide.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 56
4/6/2018 22:32:04   

The fight that might get on your nerves is Sporca's. I got to beat it using Ranger, PoeLala's yellow buff 5 HP potions from Cloak Scrap (Seaweed and Rotten Hardtack are welcomed as well).
Use Reflex at the beggining of the battle, follow up with Tracker's Shot and keep using Viper's Arrow until the crit multiplier reaches 1.0 (4 stacks) then use Spotter's Shot>Purge; for more damage but receiving dmg at the beginning just use Reflex>Viper's Arrow(until crit multiplier reaches 1)>Spotter's Shot>Power Shot>Purge.
I still need to try the duo but I'm trying to see which comp I should use.

< Message edited by Luks -- 4/6/2018 22:33:03 >
DF AQW  Post #: 57
4/6/2018 22:34:56   


Keep using Ranger (it is very easy). After using reflexes, using tracking shot and venom to defeat Sporca first. Have 200 protection dragon.

If you are lucky you will win easily. I beat the duo with 0 potions or food. I ended the fight with only 300 less HP than I started.

< Message edited by Kurtz96 -- 4/6/2018 22:35:07 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 58
4/6/2018 22:43:35   

@The ErosionSeeker


Leorilla is still better offensively, but Meowphant is probably better for a really niche circumstance.

Nice uses like the ridiculously good pets we've been getting recently?
DF  Post #: 59
4/6/2018 22:49:53   

I managed to beat sporca with 2 skill rotations using ascendant, the great thing about the class is that your buffs apply even if they don't hit. Meowphant was a pushover with BSW. Not sure how to deal with both at once though.
AQ DF  Post #: 60
4/6/2018 22:53:20   

the ranger strategy is the easiest. Focus on sporca first.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 61
4/6/2018 22:58:10   

Well, it's the most consistent. Deathknight is also pretty reliable, just don't be dumb like me and waste your sporca kill by blinding the cat thing. Need to pay attention to what moves I click.
AQ DF  Post #: 62
4/6/2018 23:07:58   

ArchKnight DF Q&A / Pedia

A little late to the party, but was able to defeat the duo with Ranger. I love using old classes and rediscovering their unique skills!
DF AQW  Post #: 63
4/6/2018 23:52:00   

Beat Sporca on my third try with Ancient Exosuit.
Beat Meowphant on my second try with Ancient Exosuit,but it was very VERY, close.

Armor Reinforce with Summon Honda pushes PoisonRes just above 100 so that I heal from the DoTs. Needless to say,Directed Laser with shown Blade of Awe makes wonders.

< Message edited by dragon_master -- 4/7/2018 0:00:02 >
DF  Post #: 64
4/7/2018 0:09:15   

Sporca is very easy, all you have to do is just use Death Knight, and proceed to chip him down with Necro-presence, and Dark Rite. Keep your health up, and you're good.

Not sure of the criteria to trigger Meowphant freaking out.

Sporcaling is insanely overpowered. I could see myself using Ninja or Necro just to continuously harass enemies.

< Message edited by PurgeXZ -- 4/7/2018 0:14:51 >
Post #: 65
4/7/2018 0:25:10   
Shadow X Ascendant

The criteria to trigger meowphant we told, you can't Stun or Blind him
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 66
4/7/2018 1:49:44   

Phew, finally beat meowphant and Sporca.

Now how do I beat the both of them? With Deathknight, or Dragonlord?

Just untrained my dragon (Only 166 points, lol), and then spent it all on protection.

Wow, that is OP. I only wish he focused more on my health... Plus, he has the worst timing ever. Increases my parry, JUST AFTER I'VE INCREASED MY AVOID. Increases my healing effects just after I've used a potion... Dammit.

< Message edited by PurgeXZ -- 4/7/2018 2:07:55 >
Post #: 67
4/7/2018 2:07:44   


The three best classes that we know of so far for all three challenges are Necromancer(or Paragon, I guess), DeathKnight, and Ranger. You want to take out Sporca first in the duo, of course. And it'd be a good idea to get the HeroDiet(make sure you use seaweed instead of hardtack when you're fighting Sporca, you need all the BtA you can get) and 5 potions from the Cloak Scrap.
DF  Post #: 68
4/7/2018 2:17:11   

But the Cloak Scrap doesn't affect Deathknight armour, it only affects base classes.
Post #: 69
4/7/2018 2:20:31   
Shadow X Ascendant

Simple friend, equip base class, kill enemies with final to get 5 potions then equip DeathKnight, more easy than that, impossible. And on page 2, i wrote my Strategy for the duo with ranger

< Message edited by Shadow X Ascendant -- 4/7/2018 2:22:27 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 70
4/7/2018 3:32:19   

A'ight, finally did it.

and I only had to use two potions, as opposed to the 4 I had.

I brought along my protection-only dragon, with Deathknight. Killed off Sporca first, and then proceeded to switch to healing mode as opposed to Damage mode for the rest of the time. My Dragon was a real bro, and kept on increasing the effects of healing, or outright healing my mana and health. I just gradually hammered him down with my attacks/Dark Rite while my Dragon healed me, or assisted in it.

Gear I used, and level:

Level: 85
Cape: Atrea Dream Wings VIII
Ring: Unhallowed Deathknight Circlet
Helmet: Fierce Dragonlord Helm (Level 72, needed the all resistance)
Necklace: Zeclem's Heirloom (Level 80)
Belt: Silver Links
Trinket: Pirate's Booty (Yeah, I know)

What I learned from this: The Meowphant Mettle belt that I got as a reward was a huge waste of time
Post #: 71
4/7/2018 3:40:27   

When you guy say "protection max dragon", does that mean what i think it meant? So it would be Out of the 600 point i have, i only and ONLY train protection till 200 so that only the protection skills are proc and not the other 2 instead?
Post #: 72
4/7/2018 4:56:57   

yeah. Investing in more skills would increase the number of skills that the dragon would choose from.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 73
4/7/2018 5:12:56   

^Interesting, i always think of it like each roll off its own. If protection doesnt roll an effect, the other 2 subsequently give it a roll on its own kind of stuff afterwards.

< Message edited by BeautyJester -- 4/7/2018 5:15:50 >
Post #: 74
4/7/2018 5:40:21   

Candy-boosted Evo. Pumpkinlord works against both, either individually or as a duo. Got plenty nail-bitey at times during the duo and I had to use both potions even with a healing weapon on show but I managed. I'd recommend bringing a Hero's Diet, though. It probably would've been easier if I'd remembered to grab 'em.

And if my dragon didn't keep trying to attack 'em instead of trying to heal me. Darn dragons and their badly timed stun attempts...

I'll try again with Archivist later. I'd try Cryptic but, well, aim isn't exactly it's specialty.
Post #: 75
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