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Friday 13th has arrived

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4/8/2018 6:05:11   

Will there be a war or just a shop or something? Then in July the next 13th.

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With every loss we have in our lives, it only strengthens us to get us to our best. Out of failure comes success.
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4/8/2018 6:28:52   

I hope there an war as tradition dictates. The problem will be while we are fresh for an war now we have about less then 3 months to recover for the next more like 2 months.
But in the end I like an good war its fun I get tons of gold and its fun to competer with other warmonger far better then me thinking this time I will surpass them but I never do but its fun.
Maybe we are gonna get an war against the Shapless empire and stop what they wanna do with that thing their planning.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 2
4/8/2018 10:22:24   

A War would be nice, especially if it's a no pressure one.

A nice little chance to farm some XP, maybe get up to level 70 so I can upgrade my gear and see if that helps me win some challenges.
AQ DF  Post #: 3
4/8/2018 11:36:49   

The last war wasn't even supposed to happen, it just happened because we kept asking for one just to keep the tradition.
Let's just give Dove and the others a window to breath and let them work on the main storyline and the new classes.
DF AQW  Post #: 4
4/8/2018 11:48:28   

A war will give them tons of windows of breath. So could it not be an good thing for them also?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 5
4/8/2018 11:53:13   

Yeah, @dragon_monster is right. A war could go for two weeks with Tomix focusing on Epoch’s art and animation and those would be some of the most productive weeks he’d have—not just that, but we have an FT13th coming up soon too, right? Thing is, if he gets Epoch done now, then he can just build over that for the next upcoming calendars and we’d have better longer releases after this year.
DF  Post #: 6
4/8/2018 13:14:53   
Shadow X Ascendant

And don't forget to get yours 13 leaf clover, we will use it. And to mention, the more time he have to finish epoch, more early he will start the work on real Fleshweaver

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 7
4/8/2018 13:26:32   

...I'm going to be optimistic, as I am every Friday 13th, and say "Maybe this time we will be able to take a break. No dark forces waking or being unleashed, no evil cults, no undead hordes and definitely, DEFINITELY NO BLEEDING DOOM WEAPONS."
DF  Post #: 8
4/8/2018 15:29:44   

Speaking of bleeding, what if Pony VS Pony's universe decided to invade DF's? I expect it'd elicit the same response from NPCs as from players.
I'm sorry

The two things I most anticipate are classes (Specifically Fleshweaver), and storyline quests in general. With that in mind, I'm hoping the next two releases help progress the storylines (Lucky Day already cut into the sidequest timeslot as it is). 12 main releases per year really isn't a very fast story progression... and the remaining 12 being divided among the volunteer storylines-- especially with ambitious, curiosity-inducing questlines like the Six Heroes-- is a little strenuous.
Due to this, I'm actually hoping there won't be a war. Even if it saved time (though a war seems like at least as much work as a normal storyline quest), the story is equally important.
DF MQ  Post #: 9
4/8/2018 15:40:45   

Honestly the second week it mostly for side quest like the artgo or whatever so no big loss if its an war instead. And nothing stops them from making it part of the main story the war I mean.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 10
4/8/2018 15:52:48   

Since the new schedule, the second week has always been a full-fledged quest. Atgno started as fillers, but the last quest was quite satisfying.
In terms of side quests we've still got a continuation to San Robin's 'The Nest', Inanitas' 'Thorns' saga, Aeon's 'Six Heroes' saga, and Elryn and Dracelix's 'Sanctuary's Return' saga. I am quite interested-- and I'm sure I'm not the only one-- to see how these pan out; much more so than for an unnecessary war.

Edit: Did I mention Elryn's 'The Branden Quarter'?

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DF MQ  Post #: 11
4/8/2018 15:55:44   

I'm also hoping there will not be a war and this first F13th is a break. Instead a few funny cut scenes that shows us who's got unlucky in doing ice cream eating to classic home cooked food delivery turns into sliding/jump to save falling food with the first savers crash/bump into walls and etc. Like from Dungeon Meshi.

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DF  Post #: 12
4/8/2018 15:59:43   

So its like this first week and inn release, second a side quest release third an main quest release and fourth and art and bug fixes.
There like 4 side quest sagas that have to be done in 20 months. Even less because of moggloween and Frostvale so 16 months. Do you really not want an war at least you get some form of ending there not so much with this side quest sagas.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 13
4/8/2018 16:00:11   

While I don't see a war as absolutely necessary, based on the last design notes we got, we will be getting something F13th related this week.
DF  Post #: 14
4/8/2018 18:00:43   
Shadow X Ascendant

For me , I Want a war just to starting Farming the Elemental Unity Trinket to Ultimate Tier and The Esselence Staff Lv 80

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 15
4/8/2018 23:03:05   

I honestly do not understand the people that defend the argument of that there shouldn't be a war.
It would give devs alot of time to work on something else and players to farm DMs and exp/gold.

The last war was what, the Blood Moon? Given wars now happen once every few months,come on,use simple logic.
DF  Post #: 16
4/9/2018 17:24:46   

After seeing the hockey mask, I'm having flashbacks to the Baron and Caitiff. If she somehow comes back I may need psychological counseling...
Post #: 17
4/9/2018 17:47:48   

Caitiff definitely won't come back, but this could very well be a resurrection of Jaysun, as his spirit was released when the mask was broken as well(jeez, the guy just won't stay down, will he?)

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DF  Post #: 18
4/9/2018 18:23:23   

Frankly if he comes back I'm gonna be super ticked off!

Also, those eyes look a little like Zorbak's, if I'm not mistaken.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 19
4/9/2018 18:29:39   

Wait, does this mean he's still trying to recruit that undead hockey team?
DF  Post #: 20
4/9/2018 18:38:40   

I like the Baron he is one tough cookie we beat him 4 times and 3 of those we really beat him like no body left and he just keeps coming back. He is not our greatest enemy and he is not our strongest enemy but he is our most annoying enemy like team rocket trio is for Ash in that thing no matter what you just know you will never get rid of that particular enemy and you are fine with it.

If he is the enemy he does fits the tradition.
Also what if the enemy for frydae is his father or mother they where evil and they where absorbed in the mask.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 21
4/9/2018 19:54:14   

The face behind the mask is clearly Zorbak's, note the scar across his eye.
Also Valtrith was unambiguously destroyed and his storyline has concluded; I doubt he is coming back.
DF  Post #: 22
4/9/2018 20:23:43   


Also Valtrith was unambiguously destroyed and his storyline has concluded; I doubt he is coming back.

Incorrect. Dove very explicitly stated that Valtrith was among the spirits that were released when our dragon destroyed the mask during the calamity finale. He would only have been destroyed if we lost the black winter war.
DF  Post #: 23
4/9/2018 20:26:36   
Shadow X Ascendant

But If he have been destroyed , Serenity's Soul was going to be destroyed together with him....
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 24
4/9/2018 21:57:15   

What image are you referring too?

anyway, I'm less concerned about Jayson and more concerned about all of the Evil people whose souls he absorbed(IIRC, Serenity is explicitly the only good person he consumed) getting up to stuff.

the last thing we need are thousands of malevolent ghosts getting up to something.

Or Frydae turning up wanting Revenge. I'm not sure how much he can personally do without his heart and presumably weakened by his limited abillity to feed, but he might be able to set something else in motion.
AQ DF  Post #: 25
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