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9/10/2018 22:30:18   
Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

Have a favourite class? Perhaps you like a specific combination of enhancements for a particular class? What do you think of the global cool-down on skills? Is there a certain combination of skills you like to use with each class? All class discussion here!

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    < Message edited by Shadowhunt -- 9/10/2018 22:30:18 >
  • AQ AQW  Post #: 1
    4/22/2018 14:47:39   

    So I just picked up Immortal Chronomancer today, and I've been liking it so far tbh. That being said, I kind of feel I'm not using the class to the best of it's abilities, so any sort of skill combos to use would be helpful.
    So far the highest crit I've managed to get was ~50k, with it generally being in the ~30k crit and ~10-12k non-crit with the nuke, but I remember reading people getting over 100k crits with it, so just wanna know how to attain that. Also is it just me or does the DPS seem a bit on the lower side, because apart from the nuke the damage seems pretty subpar to me, didn't calculate the exact times, but it seemed a bit slow when playing solo.
    AQW  Post #: 2
    4/22/2018 15:43:03   

    For the ShadowStalker of time, if I buy the key can I sell it back or not? On the wiki it said "Cannot be sold" but then it says 5400 acs before 24 hours and after 24 its 1500 acs.
    AQW  Post #: 3
    4/22/2018 16:06:28   
    Constructive & Helpful!

    It's almost impossible to hit 100k without awe enhancements and a normal damage range weapon, even at max level.
    At max level with lvl 83 Full Luck (no Awe Enhancements), from soloing the Doom Overlord 2 times my average was ~75-85k crits, every now and then hitting above 90k and only over 100k once.

    It's a little weird to put Immortal Chronomancer into a DPS chart, because the whole gimmick of the class is critting with the nuke and it makes an immense difference if you deal lets say 20k damage non crit, instead of ~70k damage crit. In general, I find Immortal Chronomancer quicker on higher hp bosses than mostly any class out there, even without support classes. Immortal Chronomancer also scales better with damage boosts than any other class that isn't Chrono DragonKnight. The more damage boosts you have, the further it pushes the capability of IC in comparison to other classes. With a simple 15% damage boost and Spiral Carve, you should be able to reach 100k frequently, once you learn the pattern. Even just with 1-2 Spiral Carve procs, even without damage boost, you should be able to hit that 100k mark. You will be surprised how much a couple Awe Crits can affect your nuke's damage. I have once hit 180k, without damage boosts, basically double my normal damage, because of enough Spiral Carve Crits.

    You will generally not hit as high on your first nuke, because you wont have the 30% damage buff from Taking Eternity to empower your 10 seconds of attacks. Once you have everything set up though, you will be able to constantly deal immense amounts of damage with every use of Speed Abrasion.

    When setting up your buffs, you first want to apply both Infinity Rift and Temporal Rift a minimum of 4 times each, this is done by alternating between 5 and 2, starting with 2 if you want to apply 4 Temporal Rifts first and starting with 5 if you want to apply 4 Infinity Rifts first. It doesn't really matter which one you start with generally, unless you are trying to solo something that requires you to be able to heal as much as possible, as quickly as possible, but doing this will lower your damage for future nukes though, until you let Infinite damage (the damage buff) fade and reapply it with higher stacks of Infinity Rift.

    When you have made your first rotation of skills, depending if you choose to stack the secondary Rift (the one you chose to apply last) to 4 or 5, you should be able to use 5>2>5 (if you did 4 Secondary Rifts) or just 5 (if you did 5 Secondary Rifts) to apply Temporal Rift. Once you have applied Temporal Rift, keep alternating between 2 and 5 until you have used 5 a total of 5 times (including the one that activated the first Temporal Rift), this should align well with the 10 second time frame, due to the start of the timer being the first use and then 4 more uses is just slightly above 10 seconds, but it's important to do it, because it allows you to apply Temporal Rift by simply pressing 5 after you use Speed Abrasion. You will have to keep count of your Deadlock Stacks and play accordingly, in the case you should miss with a 2 or 5, throwing off the regular pattern. It's something that may take a little while to get the hang of, but once you have it learned, the whole process will more or less be second nature, even with immense amount of lag, I can still pull off the same kind of damage.

    The keys are unsellable, so there's not much discussion about that, but it still follows the general sellback rule of a 90% sellback within 24 hours, so the Wiki will of course represent that.

    < Message edited by Metakirby -- 4/26/2018 19:58:06 >
    AQW  Post #: 4
    4/25/2018 11:44:04   


    Infinity knight needs either a mana buff or a DOT buff.
    Post #: 5
    4/26/2018 1:58:27   

    Couldn't agree more, even with Mana enhancement, it still lacks mana sustainability right after it's nuke.
    Considering the physical calendar still available and people still have access to it, shouldn't it still visible for slight changes?
    Also, It occurs to me that weapons/armours/items that has damage boosts unfortunately it's effect does not come in play with it's DoT damage.
    Post #: 6
    4/26/2018 2:56:39   
    Edme MacHeath

    To my knowledge no heromart class has ever been buffed, much less rare classes, although the class is still technically available.

    Technically chunin was buffed before it went rare. It had it's mana model changed from warrior to mage.
    If you count variations then classes like alpha pirate have been buffed/changed, but that's more the original being buffed than the rare class being buffed.

    This would make Infinity Knight the first class to break this trend and I don't see this happening.
    Funfact infinity knight is probably one of the best classes to use against doom kitten along with vampire lord due to both being able to almost never crit (provided you don't use VL's 5th skill)
    AQ  Post #: 7
    4/26/2018 3:29:54   

    Yes, it was explicitly stated that they wont buff previous calendar classes, in regards that it has gone rare;
    it won't be fair for players that weren't able to obtain it at that said time.
    Considering that the physical 2016 calendar to this day still purchasable, it should still be visible to revise the class.
    Albeit, I can see the quandary since it won't be quite fair for players that have Timekiller, Chronomancer & Chronocorruptor; but still falls on the parameter that they have stated;
    It hasn't gone rare.

    I can't quite say about VHL (Haven't got the time to farm), but I could attest how formidable Infinity Knight is against a couple bosses with certain mechanics.
    Just did the whole djinn storyline solo, InfinityKnight & EternalChronomancer proved their might as always.

    < Message edited by Santient -- 4/26/2018 3:34:18 >
    Post #: 8
    4/26/2018 8:42:10   

    DoTs do get buffed by damage boosts in the Test Server though. They even Crit.
    Post #: 9
    4/26/2018 17:27:31   


    @Edme MacHeath Ever heard of blaze binder? It also can solo doom kitten due to it's last skill, auto attack and the third skill not being able to crit + adds a DOT effect. Infinity knight with a heal lacks mana. The calendar is still available in 2018 while the past calendars 2015 and less didn't make it to mid 2016 and that says a lot.

    @XeNON_54 the DOT damage on the testing server must be bugged then. 5 or 7 stacks with Corruptor unlocked dealt 46k DOT.

    Edit: The Nuke doesn't even hit 25k per DOT. for a chrono class, this doesn't live up to the name "Chrono"

    < Message edited by HotlineBling -- 4/26/2018 17:37:26 >
    Post #: 10
    4/26/2018 18:04:34   
    Edme MacHeath

    Blazebinder isn't really that good against doomkitten as it struggles with mana and the only skill you can use to actually gain mana with is it's last skill as the first one auto crits, the 2nd and third ones are status effects/DoTs
    However against a single target that skill only really breaks even.

    Making it impossible to maintain mana. This mana struggle also makes blazebinder, which is already too slow to be considered viable, even more slow.

    So no. Don't use blazebinder.

    The reason why infinity is better is that it only runs out of mana after it kills doomkitten, and far exceeds it in speed.

    < Message edited by Edme MacHeath -- 4/26/2018 18:47:01 >
    AQ  Post #: 11
    4/26/2018 18:49:58   

    Infinity Knight should be buffed considering it hasn't gone rare, I agree with that. It could also motivate others to get it, since it's been around for so long.
    DF AQW  Post #: 12
    4/26/2018 19:54:01   
    Constructive & Helpful!


    Blazebinder isn't really that good against doomkitten as it struggles with mana and the only skill you can use to actually gain mana with is it's last skill as the first one auto crits, the 2nd and third ones are status effects/DoTs

    Blaze Binder was actually the first class I managed to solo Doomkitten with, then Shaman (although it's incredibly slow), then Lightcaster (with enough non crit heals) and now Vampire Lord, which I never really thought of a Doomkitten soloing class before, but it seems to be faster than the previous options, with the exception of a lucky Lightcaster.

    The last skill only uses up 7 mana total for hitting 1 target (3 with 15% boost + static weapon, 2-3 with BB v2 and with NSoD you actually GAIN mana from hitting a single target). You usually have enough mana to use the heal whenever you get close to death, as well as using Dark Fire continuously, just stay away from Smoke and Combustion and you should be fine. It's of course significantly easier with damage boosts and/or use of Mana Vamp.


    Making it impossible to maintain mana. This mana struggle also makes blazebinder, which is already too slow to be considered viable, even more slow.

    So no. Don't use blazebinder.

    If one did not have access to Vampire Lord or Infinity Knight (both which are not readily available to everyone), Blaze Binder is the best option next to that. I feel like when you only have a handful of classes able to do it in the first place, you can't be too picky about the speed of the kills. How much does being able to solo Doomkitten fast even help you in the long run? There's no item that requires a lot of Doomkitten kills, unless you want certain drops, which are generally quite high drop rates anyways, so just being able to do a solo in the case that you cannot find a group should be enough.
    AQW  Post #: 13
    4/28/2018 14:14:58   

    What is the combo for Chrono Assassin? It's hilariously bad if you don't know how to use it and for how hard it is to get (more frustrating than VHL imo).

    Moved and merged thread. ~Shadowhunt

    < Message edited by Shadowhunt -- 4/28/2018 18:46:02 >
    Post #: 14
    5/6/2018 7:23:10   
    Edme MacHeath

    Assuming one has awe and/or boosts is Glacial Bezerker or StoneCrusher the better soloing class, DPS wise?
    AQ  Post #: 15
    5/6/2018 9:23:31   
    Constructive & Helpful!

    After killing Onyx Lava Dragon a bunch of times, I can say that with average, and even above average Magnitude procs, Glacial Berserker has a more consistent + higher DPS than Stonecrusher.

    Full luck, 15% damage boost, no Awe enhancements:

    Stonecrusher average: ~1:05-1:20
    Glacial Berserker average: ~0:40-0:50 (occasionally upwards of 0:55 if the cooldowns reset mid battle)

    Full luck, 15% damage boost + Awe enhancements (Mana Vamp for Stonecrusher and Spiral Carve for Glacial Berserker):

    Stonecrusher average: ~1:00, with a 0:50 due to 3 magnitude amplified Mana Vamp crits, each one doing about 14k at full bruised stacks.
    Glacial Berserker: about the same as before, but averaging a couple seconds faster overall, the Awe enhancements are less impactful for Glacial Berserker than for a lot of other classes.

    In theory, against a low enough hp boss, if you can get 4-5 Magnitude amplified Mana Vamp crits, you can surpass even the best of DPS classes, but it's insanely unreliable, not only do you need to get Magnitudes, but they will also need to line up with your own skills + potential Awe procs. With every skill use, in a soloing situation, you have a 25% chance of activating Magnitude and within the Magnitude period, you usually have 2-3 chances for your Awe enhancement to proc, that's some terrible odds, not to mention you will also need to crit with the Awe proc itself on top to really push the class ahead of other classes.

    Glacial Berserker is definitely not perfect, the class can sometimes lose all of it's momentum, and then you are stuck with waiting for the, actually quite long, cooldowns to tick down, all while having the slowest auto attack in the history of AQW. Glacial Berserker has less damage spikes compared to Stonecrusher though. More often than not, the class is at 100% efficiency, but it does have it's moments of "well, this sucks" every now and then.
    AQW  Post #: 16
    5/6/2018 13:11:57   

    for immortal chronomancer
    its quite hard to achieve a 100k+ crit without damage boosting weapons like nsod or burning blade. Spiral carve helps with getting crits

    < Message edited by omijneb -- 5/6/2018 13:12:19 >
    Post #: 17
    5/7/2018 4:40:04   
    Edme MacHeath

    I've found that spiral carve is actually better than mana vamp even for stonecrusher.
    AQ  Post #: 18
    5/7/2018 8:24:32   
    Constructive & Helpful!

    Spiral Carve is not affected by Magnitude, which is why I used Mana Vamp instead. Spiral Carve would definitely give you a more consistently higher DPS than Mana Vamp, but Mana Vamp has a higher potential. Besides, if both Glacial Berserker and Stonecrusher were to use Spiral Carve, it's very clear that Glacial Berserker would still be ahead of Stonecrusher, even with Stonecrusher having a faster auto attack to easier abuse Awe enhancements.
    AQW  Post #: 19
    5/9/2018 9:22:40   

    Just picked up Chrono Assassin today, and it seems decent so far tbh, survivability feels like a big issue when soloing tho. Anyone got any tips on how to maximize damage and survive during solos? I remember there was talk of the class having pretty great DPS and being good at soloing when it came out, so I have hopes from it :3
    AQW  Post #: 20
    5/9/2018 10:40:35   
    Edme MacHeath

    Okay first and foremost Chrono Assassin's DPS is largely inpart to using AWE enhancements, in which you can use Spiral Carve for raw physical damage or Health Vamp if you need to survive slightly longer.

    Secondly, very importantly it's very much a timer based class that deals (hopefully) enough damage to kill the boss before it kills you, similar to how Ultra OmniKnight worked with destruction stacks and no way to heal. You can not fight bosses beyond a certain HP point with Chrono Assassin, nor can you fight bosses that hit high. Your survival is too pitiful. You rely on dodging and dealing enough damage to finish the fight before the boss finishes you.

    The class has 100% crit chance after two stacks of convert, the skill also increases critical strike damage. The class also has max haste with Shift. And the fastest auto attack ingame.

    The whole plan is to use awe enhancement and full luck and go crazy with rapid crits. Pretty much spam shift, relapse and convert, keeping all 3 skills at max stacks.
    Relapse applies deadlock stacks up to 4, which turns into an effect called Relapse Time and applies a HoT, now you can use any of the other skills when relapse time is applied and it'll replace that with a special effect depending on which skill you used, in PvE/Soloing, the only 2 that matter are Shift and Convert, Shift replaces Relapse Time with a 20% damage buff and reduces enemy dodge and haste by 15%, while Convert replaces it with a 20% damage buff and also reduces enemy crit chance and critical strike damage by 20%. Whichever you feel will help with survival is the one you shoud pick when you have turned 4 deadlock stacks into Relapse Time

    So you can pretty much spam those three skills due to low cooldowns and low mana costs, you do have rogue regen but you have a .5 second auto with full haste that always crits due to having 100% crit chance. As long as you keep relapse combined with either shift or convert when you get it ready, you should be fine, you literally just spam.
    AQ  Post #: 21
    5/11/2018 18:29:58   

    Does anyone know the 2-3 classes with most innate dodging capabilities? (aka base stats/thief enh/passives WITHOUT using any of it's actual 4 skills/potions)
    AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 22
    5/12/2018 5:48:18   
    Edme MacHeath

    Great thief with 65%, BladeMaster with 54% + two 10% dexterity passives, Rogue and Leprechaun with 54%.

    There could be a thief based with a 20% dodge passive that I can't recall, if so that would make it 59%.

    Great Thief is luckybased so it uses full luck to get 30% + 15% + 20% =65%, then ofcourse it has a 35% skill but since you said innate it goes to only 65%

    < Message edited by Edme MacHeath -- 5/12/2018 5:50:45 >
    AQ  Post #: 23
    5/12/2018 19:14:11   

    Thank you for the help!
    AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 24
    5/20/2018 22:25:12   

    I returned to AQW recently after a couple years being gone and am trying to have 2-3 classes that I can use a similar build so I don't have to constantly be re-configuring my enhancements. My main bossing class is Legion Doomknight which I recent got the new version of and capped while keeping the old one just in case. What I need is a class for mobs, and if need also a support class that can help others in tough boss fights. Its just that build mixing can be confusing, and I need something that I don't have to renew my membership when it expires this August. I also currently have 1,121 AC. Does anyone know from this list of classes I have or from what I don't have that I can get to pair with Legion Doomknight without sacrificing needed stats?

    My Classes are: (Classes that are similar in skills or are different versions of same exact class are condensed together)
    Legion Doomknight (New & Classic) (Rank 10/10)
    Abyssal Angel (Rank 10)
    Blazebinder (Rank 10)
    Alpha DOOMega (Rank 7)
    Arachnomancer (Rank 10)
    Artifact Hunter (Rank 10)
    Beastmaster (Rank 10)
    Blood Titan (Rank 10)
    Chaos Shaper (Rank 8)
    Chaos Slayer Mystic (Rank 10) (I usually try to avoid using this class because of how dangerous it is when you spam crazy)
    Cryomancer (Rank 10)
    Darkblood Storm King (Rank 10)
    Deathknight Lord (Rank 10)
    Dragon Knight (Rank 10)
    Dragon Shinobi (Rank 10)
    Elemental Dracomancer (Rank 10)
    Evolved Pumpkin Lord (Rank 5)
    Flame Dragon Warrior (Rank 10)
    Legendary Elemental Warrior (Rank 8)
    Legendary/Dark Legendary Hero (Rank 1/8)
    Lycan (Rank 10)
    Mecha Jouster (Rank 8)
    MindBreaker (Rank 6)
    Necromancer (Rank 10)
    Oracle (Rank 10)
    Pirate/Classic Pirate (Rank 10/1)
    Prismatic Clawsuit (Rank 3)
    Pyromancer (Rank 10)
    Sentinel (Rank 5)
    Thief of Hours (Rank 10)
    Ultra OmniKnight (Rank 10)
    Undead Goat (Rank 7)
    Vindicator of They/The Collector (Rank 10/10)

    Classes I thought of getting: Blademaster Assassin (old version, would have to pull it from Buy Back shop), Eternal Inversionist (currently have Eternal Faction at Rank 7), ArchPaladin (I already have the sword from Binky but don't want to fight Ultra Alteon again if don't have to, but it seems even though I started non-mem route I can go to the member route if that will be possible to solo with the classes I have now)

    < Message edited by Shadowhunt -- 5/21/2018 13:53:32 >
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