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4/13/2018 11:20:38   

Is what it says. What's your backstory for your Hero? For me, Sicarius was just a regular adventurer who wanted to help people. He mainly focused on SoulWeaving with Tomix until he mastered it and moved on to becoming a Paladin. That's when he heard the rumors of people who could use the powers of both a Paladin and a Necromancer: the Death Knights. He went to study under Sir Malifact, always wary of corruption. That's when he realized the truth about all magic: it is neither good nor bad, only a tool. From then, Sicarius has donned his black-stained Paladin armor, raising the dead and sapping the life of his enemies in defense of Falconreach.
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4/13/2018 11:24:16   

Ooh, mineís interesting, but I have an art gallery for that, so, Iíll just let you clicky this blue stuff to transpose your soul to the equilibrium that is The Swordhaven Stables. I love how both of us share the common aspect of learning to weave souls
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4/13/2018 11:26:22   

Dude, nice origin. I thought about having my Hero attempting to combine his skills as a Death Knight and a Weaver, but so far he's not that crazy yet. Maybe one day, he'll take his corrupted belt and ring and wear it over his robes, using his looms to raise the dead and weave his threads.
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4/13/2018 11:55:44   
Rafiq von den Vielen

I might post my main another day as his adventures are more of a mess than Xan's mind (ironically so, since he IS a pyromancer), but what would speak against my secondary I currently train anyway?

Before the events of the Final 13th and the Swallowing of the Sun, she lived a rather civil and uneventful life up in Dragesvard. Despite the closeness of Galanoth and therefor Dragonslayers, Vaele has always had a more calm and collected character, enjoying the quiet of the nature.In her youth, she developed magical affinity, especially so to the elements of the north, and Ice in particular.

Come her adolescence, she finally decided to undertake training as an aspiring novice mage, wandering the lands far and wide, discovering new creatures, magical or not, and attempting to learn of their secrets, their schools. Then, however, Final 13th demanded her presence back home, aiding the wounded and corrupted until the events of book 2 began to take place. After taking refuge in a cast-out settlement of Polar Dravir, attempting to hone her own magical affinity with the draconic wilderness invoked in their own being.

In her schooling, she has heard of the Spire and the Atealans coming to lore. Believing that otherworldly magic could combine with her natural affinity and the schooling of the Dravir, as well as cementing her actions as a benevolent helper, she set out to wander, wander into the Spire and seek out a magus worthy enough to enlighten her ways, allowing her to Ascend*. However, since Wargoth appeared on our planet, once again, her quest for knowledge was replaced by being required as an aide and a lifesaver.

She wanted to help in aiding Wargoth to cool down just the same, but her magical affinity proved too weak to be of much use. Disheartened by her failures, she approached Jaania directly before the events of the Merge, asking her to encase her in the very same ice that only thaws with the beginning of Book 3, so that she was unaware of the collateral damage Wargoth did cause.

With her thawing at the beginning of Book 3, she felt an unknown power surging through her self. Being encased in such elemental ice for all these years did, to an extent, cause it to form a bond with her own blood, amplifying her magical abilities at the cost of mental capabilities - case in point that she has become a cold-hearted individual, whose care for others was replaced with selfishness. With the intent of acting only to her own benevolence, not to that of others.

Of course, a being with magical abilities like Vaele's has caught the attention of the Rose, and made her captivity, experimentation and first and foremost, the sealing or draining of her power a prime necessity. Aware of how she had a pretty significant target on her head, she escaped back to the north, far beyond even her birthtown of Dragesvard. In seclusion, she aims to live without bother, as the northern breaches she nowadays calls home are far from even the Rose's influence.

However... it never meant that she is without assistance. In an ice-covered cave, she happened upon a mysterious being which exuded the same elemental coldness as Vaele does. In an effort to escape solitude, it offered her to forge a pact. One would live on, within the other, their elemental affinities merging into one. She agreed, unbeknownst of the fact that it'd change her mind once more.

Still selfish, but now living with a grim blue flame consuming her heart, she resumes her aimless wanders, bringing bitter cold to everything that aims to warm her surroundings. No longer a mere Ascendant, her elemental affinity caused her to become a Revenant.

*And yes, that is exactly why her display armor will be CC Ascendant whenever I get around to change it.
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4/13/2018 12:24:17   

Wow, nice origin story, Rafiq! That's way better than mine.

Haelon just tried to do her best to help people and keep the monsters down, with no place to settle down and no real desire to either. She wandered around the Greenguard region doing what she could to help out, fighting, smithing, ect.... until one day, when she was admiring the view from a cliffside, a dragon landed with a priestess and a moglin.

The rest is history. She never got over her wanderlust, so managed to be pretty much everywhere and involved in everything. Doomwood, sandsea, Dragesvard, Vertrouche corssing and stoneheart fall, she reached them all because she wasn't needed wherever she was at the moment, and wanted to explore, even finding Stoneheart Fall on foot without a map or any information to say it was there.
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4/13/2018 12:34:28   

Wow, you guys have great backstories! I love Rafiqís story, and canít wait for you to build up on yours, GammaCavy! Wow, this thread may turn to be one Iíd be most keen on checking often!
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4/13/2018 12:39:33   
Shadow X Ascendant

You all have great stories, i will create one for me too let me see
My Shadow X, in the beginning was just a lone Shadow in Darkness Plane which knowing your purporse is greater than a mere Darkness Soul, we found his way off the Darkness Plane and when we reached the Human World, he took a Human Form and started to drain power from all monsters he defeat now we can shape his form to whatever he desires, To what suits better, he wasn't a simple shadow anymore, he was a shadow among shadows, but nothing ever fills the hole inside his heart, Traveling Place by Place, seeking your fate, destiny and secret, your real meaning of existence. With those voices whispering in his head..
"Escaping from your purpose is impossible"
This is just a sinopse, i will work more on it later, i am not so creative as you guys, but i am trying my Best to make a so good story as yours.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 7
4/13/2018 12:43:15   

Eh, that is the built up version. She just keeps walking, wherever her feet take her, and there's ususaly somethign interesteing at the end of it. She'd correspond wiht the other hereos of lore and they could call her if they needed backup, and once she'd found a mystery, she would stay and help put until it was solved! Equilibrium Gate, Fate of the Water Elves, etc... Due to this, she has a network of informants penpals, that keep her up to date on things and generally stay friends. She helped them out, now they keep in touch, and if they can ever repay the favor someday, they do.
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4/13/2018 13:02:40   
Rafiq von den Vielen

I honestly like the concept of a hero being a hero for the sake of collecting penpals, GammaCavy. Makes me think of some good old English crime novels. "Oh? A place I've never been to is haunted by a possibly malicious spirit? Let's go there, make everyone my penpal, and solve the cause! Another job for the Detective of Detectives!"

At least much more lighthearted than other stories (mine not being an exception here) we'll eventually see.

@BluuHorseOfficial and GammaCavy: Thanks! ^_^ I write a lot in my spare time anyway (but I rarely show my things to others because english isn't my native language and because I don't exactly have the confidence to do so), so I do try to make my way across various depths of characters, their mentality, their psyche... it's like building their own little world, something I enjoy doing.
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4/13/2018 13:17:52   

Wow. It is really impressive how much detail you all put into the your avatar's backstory. For most avatar characters, I just let the story dictate what their past, present, and future is. If it isn't told, it isn't important.

The only backstory I imagine my avatar has is that he was bored one day, so he put on some armor, picked up a sword, then went to stare off of a mountain as if he was a legendary hero. Then a dragon flew in and the story took the wheel from there. Everything else about them is implied by the game itself.

I aim to have the design and abilities of my character be related to an original character of mine, but the backstory of that guy just doesn't fit in with anything DragonFable, so the similarities stop there.
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4/13/2018 13:24:19   

@Rafiq bruh. I'm ashamed of mine now because yours is so awesome. Imma go rewrite mine now and see if I can match yours
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4/13/2018 14:08:10   

I...never actually developed a backstory for my character other than everything that happened in Mechquest due to Reset, while sprinkling in some characterization to fill in the gaps in the story and some narratives like how our Hero learns how to Soulweave (Involves Tomix giving the Hero Spirit-Looms, teaching them a trick with them, yoinking their weapons, and then shoving them through the hole in the roof of a building in Ravenloss filled with monsters with a goofy smile on his face) or how the Hero went from Soulweaver to Master Soulweaver (Goes to Edelia for a year after Book 3 Tomix and just barely gets to enroll in the final year class since Danyel was still really mad at the Hero at the time and basically did it out of respect for his brother). Probably the biggest shift from the characterization in-game and my headcanons are after Serenity dies. The Hero is, well, feeling far less Lawful Good when massacring dealing (That's the Hero's official story, and we're sticking to it) with Cultists after that. During the Calamity arc, the Hero, while trying not to make Pandora's mistake, tries to create a self-aware Serenity-like automaton that can live a normal life elsewhere in Lore using lingering Spirit Threads from the Inn during more merry-filled hours of the Inn, avoiding the more negative memories and emotions that Pandora messed with, along with a helping of deathknight powahs so the new spirit has a 'real' body.

I also try to keep it slightly more interesting by giving the Hero symptoms of 'Being the one who pushed the reset button', which mostly manifests as headaches and hallucinations when meeting significant people who were from Mechquest (Safiria and the Hero are especially...interesting for the Hero's mental state due to their connection in Mechquest, which Raven somewhat panicks over when the two go to Safiria's castle and the Hero's mind seems to snap in two for a few seconds and Safiria feels an odd familiarity she can't place very well), and that despite every analysis of the Hero being 100% human, the Hero also isn't actually one due to what happened in Mechquest, but most people pick up nothing. Most people, of course, does not include the names 'Warlic', 'Safiria', and 'Aegis'. The symptoms only start happening in Book 3, because, well, that's about the time the Reset happened. Timelines are weird.
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4/13/2018 14:13:34   

My character's origin story is encapsulated quite nicely by my signature.

I feel as though Haelon's approach might have worked a little more effectively in book 1. With book 3's tone, following your feet might be a little more like walking through a forest littered with stomach-punching machines. And the occasional automatic heart-wrench (a kind of spanner).

Seems like Marce and Aria would get along pretty well.

There's no need to join your OC to DF's world! Many people here might disagree with me on this, but in my view it's more interesting if there's more originality to a story (even though it can sometimes feel like it's a little worse off because of that).
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4/13/2018 14:30:28   

Iím awful at explaining the headcanon for my OCs, but here goes~

Cherusa is a deity from outside of the Lorian mulitiverse. Formerly the Goddess of Law, she became obsessed with purging her reality of any and all forms of suffering. She realized that suffering was born from the inequality stemming from individualsí different circumstances and experiences throughout life. And so to accomplish her grand task, Cherusa began removing the very concept of individuality from her universe.

Unfortunately, the manner in which she did this was flawed. While Cherusa did, in fact, create a reality in which all life shared a singular existence, they retained the ability to interpret and experience that existence very differently from one another. This bred even more chaos. Unable to understand where she made her mistake, Cherusa began suppressing free will as well, and things seemed to finally fall into place.

Those desires remained, however, building and intensifying over the course of billions of eons to the point containment was impossible. But, because existence and life had become intertwined due to Cherusaís meddling, those desires, too, became an entity unto itself.

That entity was Vennmaruu.

Acting upon all the misery, frustration and restlessness of those who gave it life, Vennmaruu struck out at Chersua. The clashing of such powerful, opposite natures shattered the reality in which they residedóannihilating everything.

Or rather, almost everything.

Scraps of Cherusa and Vennmaruu survived somehow, escaping to Lore where they were reincarnated as the Hero and their Dragon. Cherusa may sometimes come off as cold or stern, but her only desire is to help others overcome their troubles. Ofttimes this need to help results in her getting a bit too involved. For Vennmaruu, birthed from Chaos, with no defined purpose, it was only natural to become someone whose destiny waivers between apocalyptic herald and savior.

An ironic relationship, surely.

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4/13/2018 14:32:19   


@BluuHorseOfficial and GammaCavy: Thanks! ^_^ I write a lot in my spare time anyway (but I rarely show my things to others because english isn't my native language and because I don't exactly have the confidence to do so), so I do try to make my way across various depths of characters, their mentality, their psyche... it's like building their own little world, something I enjoy doing.

Itís alright! Please rest assured knowing that we here wouldnít judge you for not being good at english, but you do speak really well in the chat, so Iím guessing youíre good at it even if it isnít your native :D. Donít worry, nobody will judge you, so you can confidently express your stories and share them with us! I think we all enjoy crafting a world and a persona for our characters and role-playing a bit.

@Kashlikaro, great backstory, I love how you blended in the guilt that is carried over from MQ in here!


There's no need to join your OC to DF's world! Many people here might disagree with me on this, but in my view it's more interesting if there's more originality to a story (even though it can sometimes feel like it's a little worse off because of that).

I agree with Shinyóyou may want to draft a new story altogether! It could be a cool experience for you, too, as it was for me when I wrote mine. I literally got my Idea when I was doing Nytheraís DragonMage Saga (mainly the Fireflies, which are the pets that drop from there), because Nostalgia (and I think I need to catch up on somaí that now with Warlic being a thing again). I cycled through all the elements, and I really wanted to pick something edgy like Ice, Darkness or Bacon (yep, with lotsa fried egg) and not something everyone likes like Fire or Light, but then, I just donít know, Iójust went out and picked Fireflies despite them being what I didnít want. Point is, if you donít wanna use your OCís story, donít!


Seems like Marce and Aria would get along pretty well.

Well, maybe they would! I just have to return her Pit Grinder, though...


@ShadowStarr5, wow! I really loved reading yours, it was so... pleasing, itís like the Avatar of Timeís OP Reset button but the battleóIím getting off topic quick, ainít I? Loved your story! Also, what about when Vennmaruu understands who they really areóis the little child the dragon turns into... Vennmaruu?

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4/13/2018 14:38:06   
Shadow X Ascendant

Sorry but... I need to ask.... There's someone caring about my story? I am feeling a little put aside here....

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 16
4/13/2018 14:58:34   

Oh, sorry :p

Your characterís story has a really deep meaning. All those thoughts and quotes are... really inspiring actually... Also, will there ever be a point where it ascends to Ascendancy? Well, it IS half your name

I have a lot of people telling me that I cannot escape from my purpose, too, so I can relate a bit, too...
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4/13/2018 15:01:30   

Never really got a chance to write out my character's story until now, so here goes:

Greyor was always a big fan of heroes. Every day after he finished his chores as a child, he would slide over to the local inn to hear legends about great, faraway knights, always imagining that it was him who was rescuing princess, gaining favor in court, slaying dragon, and dueling pirates. As he got older, he would take time away to train swordsmanship in the hopes that his fantasies would become a reality.

Around his 18th birthday, he set out to find his own adventure, in the hopes that it would soon be him that would be talked about at the village inn. This is when he met Celestia, and things started to make a bit less sense in his life. Now, Greyor's skill with his sword had never failed him, but he always felt there was something missing. "maybe I should have tought myself how to use a shield withit? Or maybe it's just because I'm self-taught, and never had any formal instructions?" he would wonder to himself. These questions were silenced, however, when he met Artix, and something about Artix's mission resonated within him. Greyor knew what he was missing now, and the first chance he got, he asked his new friend to train him as a Paladin, so that he could be a proper warrior of light who vanquishes evil. Shortly after, he and another friend, Tomix, helped Vayle and removed the Darkness Orb from her, and what she had said after clicked in Greyor as well. Necromacy didn't have to be evil. It could be used to aid the souls of the departed, just as Paladins do. The two arts have the same final goal, they just come at it from different angles. So, he set out to be trained in necromancy as well, if only to better understand it so that he could better fight those who would use it for evil.

Then Wargoth came. Greyor's talent as a Paladin was no longer sufficient against this new threat, and necromancy wasn't quite cutting it either. He knew he needed something more if he wanted to help, and it was around this time when he heard the rumors. Supposedly, there was a ghost who knew how to combine the two arts into something greater, and was willing to teach his talents to a student.And with that, Greyor embraced the dark powers of a Deathknight.

This was quite short lived, however, as soon after, Greyor got frozen.Over the five years that had passed, everything outside of his ice prison had changed, but unbeknownst to his friends, something inside changed as well. Something within Greyor.... froze. Upon being freed, bits of the ice prison remained attached to him, offering more power. Greyor was no mere Deathknight anymore. He had become something different, something the world hadn't seen in a long, long time. While he was still the same kind man he was before, in battles, he had become a relentless, frozen, force of nature, showing his enemies the same frozen torment he had to suffer for the past 5 years.
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4/13/2018 15:01:38   
Shadow X Ascendant

I will starting working at this part exactly now, just need some time thinking 😁
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 19
4/13/2018 15:06:10   

Shiny, Haelon's not one to stay put when there's adventuring to be done and friends to keep up with or get back in touch with after several years in ice. Book 3 just means she needs to be prepared for double the trouble of books one and two. She's not much for angtsting either, since that gets in the way of doing what needs to be done. Grief just makes her more determined to not fail a second time. And as long as there are people to come back to, she will come back. Vertias has to scold her sometimes, for making him worry, but mostly he's right there with her, bonded by the amulet, fighting by her side, wreaking havoc in battle and having fun being with her, his other half.

She's actually rather like Lina Inverse, now that I think about it, but with less of a temper. When something makes her mad though... then you're reminded why her soulmate and other half is the dragon of destruction, the one who was destined to destroy the world.

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4/13/2018 15:38:34   

Well all my characters are siblings full siblings no half sibling or like that from an knight father and an mage mother who it her own place is the daughter of 2 dragonlords but did not inherited their dragon magic.
My first character Paul is the oldest the most accomplished the strongest and the second most talented of his siblings he started his career as an warrior trained by his father then his mentors who where more accomplished adventurers and became after years upon years of experience an hybrid between an mage an warrior. He is mostly an warrior is his daily adventurers but when needed he will access his magical skills and take his magical armor and bring his full power an his enemies. His reason for being and adventurer and later an full blown hero the likes that where never seen was because that is what he like and what he is very good at.

As there are other character but I care little to none about them except one the last created and the second strongest but most talented.
Tenol she is the most talented of her siblings sure there older more experienced but all except Paul can not hold an candle to her. Why well its not because because she has more magic or she is an better fighter she is not better in those fields but because she has access to time magic. She can bend time to her will to an degree and used that power for years since book 3 when she finally was old enough to become an adventurer to help her big brother from the sidelines saving him when things got to tough helping him in wars by eliminating key enemies.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 21
4/13/2018 15:59:18   

Ok, revamped story time. Here we go (creds to Greyor_42 and others for commenting in my DeathKnight thread and helping to develop this, I would love feedback for improvement):

The day he saw the priestess, everything changed for Sicarius. Sure, he had dreams; everyone did. Maybe he would save a boy who fell down a well, or maybe he would be lucky enough to join the fabled Guardians of Falconreach. That day, however, changed everything. That box changed everything. Within the year, Sicarius was honing his skills as a Dragon Lord in Sunbreeze Grove and watching his dragon, Morte, grow in strength. Their adventures helped to strengthen their bond, and, with Morte's encouragement, Sicarius began to expand his knowledge into other fields, particularly SoulWeaving.

His stay as a SoulWeaver was short-lived, however, due to the invasion of the Undead on one fatal Friday the 13th. Though he wielded his looms with all his might, Sicarius had to admit to himself that Artix saved the city that day. He waded into battle, axe in hand, and the undead simple fell in droves. Sicarius new that if-no, when-the undead returned, he would need the powers Artix wielded. He would need the powers of a Paladin. So, once repairs of Falconreach were under way, he set of for the Necropolis and began his Paladin training in earnest.

Sicarius advanced quickly in the ways of combat and Light magic, and he proved to be the bane of all the undead in Doomwood and around Amityvale. The hero, however, was extremely naive. He assumed that all who used Light magic were good, while all users of Darkness, such as Necromancers, thrived on inflicting pain and suffering. Three encounters he had as a Paladin rocked his beliefs. First, his encounter with Sek-Duat showed him that users of Light magic could just as easily incinerate their foes as heal them. Then, his relationship with the enemy-turned-friend Vayle showed him a side of Necromancy he had never imagined. But the worst realization came when he was adventuring with Artix. One day, they stumbled upon a makeshift house in Doomwood. Living inside of the house was a Paladin, one of the highest ranking in the Order. He was torturing creatures with Light magic for his own amusement. He was stiffly dealt with.

The fledgling hero did not know what to do. His encounters were all mixing together, and he began to think in ways that he knew Artix would not approve. Was it possible that Light was just another form of magic, and that Darkness was just as good, or neutral, as Light? Surely not. He had seen the hordes of undead scale the city, and the rumors of Sepulchure's massing army were always present. But, he reminded himself, what of Vayle? And the Necromancers who had helped to defend Falconreach? Sicarius decided to turn to the one Mage who could help him understand this: Warlic. And help he did. There conversation lasted barely more than an hour, but after leaving Warlic's *tent,* Sicarius had a new belief. Magic, Light and Dark, was neither good or bad: it was a tool.

Armed with that knowledge, Sicarius ventured back into Doomwood to find a place he and Artix had spoken of often and a place he had helped seal: the Tomb of Sir Malifact, last of the Death Knights. With Morte's help (and complete understanding and support), Sicarius unsealed the tomb and ventured inside, only to find Malifact's ghost waiting. And smiling. I knew you would return to this place. You were too wise not to. Sicarius recognized this voice in his head; Malifact was reaching out to him as he had before. "Yes," he replied. "I have returned, and I now see the truth: magic, all kinds of magic, isn't evil. You can use Light magic for evil...and raise the dead for good." The ghost laughed, his spectral voice echoing throughout the tomb. "So," he said, finally speaking out loud, "you now see the world I do." "I do," Sicarius replied. "...and I need a teacher." Malifact grinned even larger. "No. You need my equipment."

Malfiact's ghost guided Sicarius into the depths of the tomb, passing all of the traps and shambling undead. Finally, they reached the inner chamber, where Malifact had stored his gear before his unfatelful demise. His Paladin armor lay there, the silver metal now turned black. His skeletal ring was a few feet away, along with his blackened sword. "Put the ring on first," Malifact whispered, "and all will be understood." Without hesitation, Sicarius picked the ring up and, casting aside his Paladin axe, slid it onto his finger. Instantly, his mind raced. He could see so clearly now: the Light magic could empower necromancy and allow him to sap the life from his enemies, while also raising the dead to fight in his defense. Sicarius grinned, and Malifact laughed.

Sicarius emerged from the tomb an hour later, finding Morte asleep on a rock. Hearing his bonded partner coming, the dragon awoke, only to be taken aback. His friend had changed. His blonde hair was now bleached to a bone white, and his blue eyes now pulsed with red magic. His cheeks were gaunt, almost like a skeleton. And his armor...his armor, once shining in the sunlight, was now a blackened plate with a skull on his waist. "Sicarius," Morte whimpered. The former Paladin looked at the dragon. And then he laughed, a laugh that set his friend at ease. He had not changed at all. "Don't worry buddy," Sicarius said. "I'll still be able to buy you your treats from the Grove." Morte laughed, in his own way, and climbed up onto his master's shoulder, changing to match Sicarius. Now, Morte's skin paled to match Sicarius' hair, and his horns matched the red eyes of the Hero he loved. Together, they walked out of Doomwood, ready to face Sepulchure's army. But, Sicarius said to himself, he would not face this enemy as a Soul Weaver or a Paladin.

He would face him as a Death Knight.

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4/13/2018 16:48:20   
Rafiq von den Vielen


Please. This isn't a contest. I don't want others to go "OMG this guy is so good I need to try and one-up him!!!". Write the way you want, not the way others make you.
I won't deny that yours is pretty good, though. A nice read.
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4/13/2018 17:15:59   
god of chaos

I remember there used to be a thread for posting hero origins, and where we could receive critique for it. Ah well, I DO recall my old character story, although it is...unfortunately outdated, and I dislike it's tone and writing as of now.
But I'll put it here I suppose, in a shortened/condensed version.

Long story short, Adremalich was the son of an adventuring couple, a Soul Weaver father and a Technomancer mother, who decided to settle down after a lengthy period spent in the adventuring business, and growing tired of the constant risk and dwindling reward. Hence, they opened up a store where they tried selling quality equipment. Usually, the father handled clothes and adornment and the mother weaponry and armor. Sometimes they went for experimental combos of bringing together technomancy and soul weaving into a single product but those WERE just experiments.

They had a young son, who was mostly raised/cared for by the father's elemental spirit (silver elemental spirit of Atonement, called Gladius. He is atoning for pushing a certain someone down a frozen lake. Part of his design is that his face is merged with a glowing mask, to obscure his face due to the shame he feels for what he did). Things were fine until undead attacked, under the leadership of some aspiring Necro U teacher, called Drema. Drema opposed Noxus and they had quite the bitter conflict between one another.

Of course, seeing that he attacked Surewould (where the shop was situated), many were quick to provide aid, drive off his forces and Drema ended up dying to Noxus. The main character ran from his home, and tried to escape into the woods, only to be wounded in the head. Gladius defended him as long as he could, but then vanished, especially as Adremalich's father perished fighting the undead. Adremalich woke up hours later, and found a letter sent from Noxus, who discussed the possibility of Drema becoming a lich (he named himself after the only words he could make out in the letter, 'a', 'Drema' and 'lich').

He was found by a dragon slayer, warrior and a ranger. The warrior took him in later, and trained him in some basic skills. However an incident with a pactogonal knight and a horrible pun left him with some degree of head trauma (again), causing him to forget his skills (equivalent of a level 8 warrior) and only remember how to handle a sword. That was...mostly it. If I find the original one and rewrite it I may post it here again!
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4/13/2018 21:18:35   


Please. This isn't a contest. I don't want others to go "OMG this guy is so good I need to try and one-up him!!!". Write the way you want, not the way others make you.
I won't deny that yours is pretty good, though. A nice read.

I didn't mean to come across that way, my bad! You just inspired me to go more deep because yours was so thought out, that's all!


I remember there used to be a thread for posting hero origins, and where we could receive critique for it

That would be awesome! Wonder if the forum heads could bring that back...
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