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4/13/2018 21:21:50   
Chaosweaver Amon


I remember there used to be a thread for posting hero origins, and where we could receive critique for it. Ah well, I DO recall my old character story, although it is...unfortunately outdated, and I dislike it's tone and writing as of now.

I believe you're thinking of this ol' thing...
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4/13/2018 21:22:55   

Gryffin Warrior of DF GD & RP

@Arcturus: There is a dedicated forum section, outside of the DFGD, for writing character stories! The general area can be found here, and there are sections specifically for AE Fanfiction, collaboration, and for critiquing/getting feedback.
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4/13/2018 21:31:26   
necro emperor

My character's origin story? I... haven't actually been thinking too hard about that, but these stories are all very inspiring. I definitely should try and come up with something.
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4/13/2018 22:25:39   
Rafiq von den Vielen


Well, then I apologize. It did sound a little like you were to me, so it's due to my misconception.
Anyway... I'm going to share my main's origin, actually. Read at your own discretion. And yes, it's purposely written the way it is.

"I want to be like the marvellous Knights Mommy always tells me of before I have to go to bed!"

These were my thoughts back when I was a child. All the others like me played with each other, toyed, enjoyed their lives. They were living without worry. I, on the other hand... I never had the spare time to do as I pleased. I was consumed by thought, by worry, by assistance.

The death of my father during Drakonnan's siege left a stinging mark on our souls. Mother and I were out at the stalls, buying for the rest of the week. My father, honored to serve the town of Battleon as a valiant Guardian, was leading the first line of defense against his army of flaming Dragons... and fell in a veil of crimson blaze. When we returned home, we did not expect his second-in-command to wait for us, their expression grim. In his hands rested the charred cape of my father, wrapped around a single finger - the biggest part of him they could retrieve without burning down to ashes.

I knew my mother had coped with the events much less than I did. She always was such a soft soul. Around me, she pretended that nothing happened. That my father would return soon, trophies of his victories in his hands, sinking to his knees to embrace his beloved family. Yet, whenever she told me stories of legendary knights to calm my sleep... I saw the glint of tears in her eyes. I knew that the message of loss had broken her mind, and that I am her sole anchor that binds her to this world.

Due to this fact, I had decided that I would stop at nothing to see my Mother's face smiling once again. I made my secondary home in the archives of Edelia. Soulweaving was a forbidden technique in my hometown, so I bode Mother farewell with tears in my eyes, promising her that I would return with my father in tow. I beseeched Mother to hold out until I come back, a master in a forbidden technique.

"I regret my line of thought. Errors were made... errors that I cannot mend on my own."
For years, I had been studying at Edelia, still without my very own SoulAlly. I had told the council that my studying only comes to end if a particular SoulAlly can be located and brought to my attention. I wanted to use my own father as my SoulAlly, to bond with him on a whole new level. To retrieve who we all so dearly needed. However... times were changing. Enemies were advancing, enemies we all were needed to defend against. Even I, a novice at actual weaving, needed to do my part.

"I remember not... one thing... but this everchanging swirl of black. A beak, monstrous... and its reality-warping whisperings."
The enemy proved powerful, far too powerful for us novice students. We fought like heroes, yet it was clear all of us had simply put their life on the line. As behind me erupted a surge of energy so massive none of us could block it in the slightest, my body was flung into the sky, unimaginable heat melting the cloth I wore into my flesh. I remember now how long I heard my own agonized screams until unconsciousness overwhelmed my body torn asunder.

Were it hours? Were it days? I had no recollection of time. Yet when my eyes opened, I knew I was alive. My wounds burned and festered, ichor and other less than desirable substances merging with the sea beneath myself. I was afloat off the Falconreach shore. Out here, I knew no one. Out here, I knew that I was alone. Oh, yes. Alone, more than anyone else could ever be. Until I heard this sweet little voice in my head, beckoning me.

"A Weaver you are... yet an Ally, you have not.
Alone you are, everyone you love is left to rot.
Revel not in your wishes past, for there is no hope.
Despair and sorrow engulf this world, in shadows to last.
Your salvation is this Abyss, and I will you to be my rope."

I, at first, did not understand what these words I constantly heard had meant. Although I was growing worried. If this evil I had witnessed set out for my hometown... could my mother live to the promise? What if I was truly... as the lingering voice in my head said... alone?

"Come forth, Hero, and tell me which you seek.
An ally for you, I can be... but not without a prize.
Without I, you will live a lie, forever be among the meek.
Embrace my gift, and allow me, once more... to rise."

As I lay in the cold waters, motionless, my wounds sending searing waves of pain through my system... I found the voice's beckon to be overwhelmingly tempting. As such, I muttered a single word, its escape from my scarred lips beginning to pull me into a maelstrom. I closed my eyes with everything fading into an inconvenient black... except the beak of the monster. My new Master. The One I would vow my loyalty to.

"I had fallen victim to the Corruptor. I had become an Adept... but the world above cared not for my disappearance. I believed that His whispers were but the only truth."
I no longer had a proper perception of time. In depths, explored by not even the most daring of adventurers, I had retreated, observing the mutations my body had undergone, replacing the festering wounds and charred remains I bore with myself with pincers, scales, tentacles and an adamant belief in His whispers to be my dogma from these days forth. I had relinquished my humanity for the Master's word. I had become a monster... and from this moment forth I knew I would never become something else again.

"I dreamed crimson dreams. I saw warped worlds. I felt the pain caused by broken promises."
During my stay deep beneath the Lorian surface, Wargoth aimed to lay waste to the planet. Only after the Merge, I was cast out by Him to recruit others for his sinister plans, drag them down below. Yet, an unknown feeling brought me to start my travels at the place I was born in, Battleon. I visited their cemetary, my mutations hidden beneath a thick cloak... only to find a tombstone engraved with the name of my mother, and a date of death only two days after my leave for Edelia. Realizing that my promise had been broken this early, that all I did was worth nothing... I cast out my mind into solitude. I no longer wished to be influenced by anyone, be it my Master or feelings for anyone I held dear.

"Solitude brought me to the realization that... somewhere, out there, relics of the threats must have remained."
I set out to wanderings, ignoring the whisperings of Him. They no longer were of interest to me. I visited the most remarkable places where great enemies scoured Lore before, in search for fragments of their power. A minor shard of a Doom weapon, still possessed of its spirit, then brought me to a new realization. In essence, Soulweaving was nothing but fighting with an allied spirit... so it should be possible to subjugate a Doom Spirit to my own will and make them my SoulAlly.

"And this day, I would be reborn once again. My mutations would remain, but I would be the very first Doomweaver."
I was far past the point of return, or the one of caring. Only my own motivations kept me going. I wanted to visit the Void where discarded SoulAllys go. I had hoped to find my parents there... only to exterminate them for good. Father's death... the broken promise my Mother made... I no longer willed myself to hear their excuses. They had failed their son, they had betrayed his undying trust. My dreams of being a noble Knight lay shattered and in ruins, as did my humanity. I had became a monster, an ill-concieved offshoot of man. And it felt right to be.

"Extermination of SoulAllys... an unspeakable crime. To me, it was just another faucet to this corrupted diamond."
Past my return from the Void, past the unspeakable actions I had committed against man, law and SoulAlly, I found myself opposed by these seekers of all things magical. I knew I had to hide, as my mere appearance would likely cause them to destroy me within the blink of an eye. Far off to the south, I found an island with an active volcano. I made the smoldering crater my new home, meeting within an unspeakable creature. Something beyond form or function. I used my remaining Doomweaving abilities to enslave its remaining will, teaching me the secret of pyromancy. Yes, I was aware that I was learning the very same magic that is responsible for all my loss, but I no longer cared. Being an outcast like I was, being far beyond mortal comprehension... I had no choice but to align to my greatest enemy.

"I am but an abomination... but the corruption that flows through my veins affirms that I have done the right thing by becoming one."
Here I now rest. Hidden far away from the Rose, from humanity as a whole... His whispers in the back of my head, gnawing away at my sanity. My DoomAlly asking me when I show my face to the world, laying waste to that which made me the way I am. I can only cackle as I form volcanic ashes into a humanoid mask to disguise myself. My voice is hollow, distorted, raspy, but it is still clear what I respond...

"The time for my resurgence has not come yet. Though when I do, world... be afraid. Be very afraid."
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4/13/2018 23:56:28   


A hero of legend.

A hero that Callidus loved reading about. The tales of his exploits, his adventures, his fast-talking, and even his normal life. Matheus was a revered figure among the land, and Callidus was his largest admirer. He, and his older brother, Arjeyenn. The two brothers were raised by a father, who was willing to give their life for him. His name, was Raleigh. Raleigh had introduced the two brothers to these stories, for a means of escape from problems.

There happened to be some issues within the family, specifically, over an inheritance. Left by their grandfather, Regis, a mysterious man with little known about him. He was a quiet man, and as he could not speak or move, this further worsened the issue of learning about who he really was. The inheritance was a key. A key to a secret room in his house. A room that was protected by an incredible magic barrier, one that not even Sepulchure would be capable of destroying. This key was made of a very special material, and could only be opened with a key of that material, and shape. It had to be precise. Even if you had a key with the right materials and shape, an attometer's difference wouldn't allow you to open the door. No one knew of the contents of the room. But due to the wild ideas of the family, it quickly spiraled out of control, and thus, the fight began.

Who was the heir? Was it Uncle Drake? Their cousin Felicis? Who? Because of this, the family had become incredibly divided. And thus, Callidus and Arjeyenn grew to hate their family, because of this pointless fight over the inheritance. One day, their father was finished, and went to the key. He decided to destroy the key. He performed a ritual, opening a portal to the expanse: A dimension in between the elemental planes, and our reality. He threw the key inside, and sealed the portal permanently. No one could get inside of the room.

The family was enraged at this. To the point where they ostracized him, stole his property, his money, and eventually, the family of three was driven onto the streets. Callidus and Arjeyenn began resorting to thievery, and fast-talking scams. They were able to get enough food, but Raleigh always refused to take it. He believed that his children's lives were more important than his, no matter how much they begged him to eat. Within a week, he was dead. The only thing keeping the two boys going on at this point, were the tales of Matheus. Learning from his stories of him tricking his enemies, they started doing the same. They were outlaws, and they were unstoppable. They were survivors. They were also seasoned fighters, being able to handle themselves on the street, and the occasional gorillaphant.

One day, 6 years after their father's death, Callidus and Arjeyenn were 15, and 17 respectively. On one of their usual scams and tricks, they were met with a surprise. A man was able to outsmart every single one of their fast-talking skills. Even their pickpocketing, he read like a book. However, after their attempts, the man smiled. He introduced himself. His name, was Cor. Cor did not get angry at them for this. Rather, he asked them, if he could teach them. The duo were naturally suspicious, but considering there were two of them, they accepted. Walking into his house, Cor said that he would take them under his wing. To improve their fighting skills, their pick-pocketing, or smooth-talking. "You two are the most talented thieves I've seen in years," he smirked. "Would be a shame, just to be doing it all on the street, where the idiots are, right?"
And so it began. For three years, the duo was taught under Cor, and they would only improve, and they went higher up the hierarchy. From the streets, all the way to corrupt knights. They weren't caught once.

When Callidus and Arjayenn began questioning why they were doing this, Cor then revealed his intentions: "You see, people nowadays, are corrupt. I want to expose them. All of the targets we've done so far? Every last one of them is corrupt, and I've seen most of 'em firsthand. So I want to show how idiotic they are. Their greed. Their arrogance. How they never deserved to get up there in the first place."

Tragedy struck once more. During an attempt to trick a corrupt knight captain, they were caught. The knight captain immediately mobilized his knight force. While fighting them off, Arjayenn was stabbed in the chest, and when Cor turned, his neck was slashed, killing the latter instantly. Callidus managed to escape, and lost them. He went back to his brother immediately. Arjayenn was lying on the ground, bleeding out. These were his final words to Callidus: "H-heh... *cough* It's funny... we... were trying to expose corruption in people.... their arrogance, and stupidity. How ironic... I ended up dying due to it... I thought I could handle this mission... and I was dumb enough to not realize what I was doing... In fact, both of us are hypocrites... The way we've been living for the past 9 years... Lying not only to people, but to ourselves... S-stay strong Cal... Be strong. Like Matheus."
And so he died.

Enraged, and saddened by the hypocrisy of what he himself did, as well as his mentor and his brother's death, Callidus took up the name Matheus. He swore to prevent injustices, fight corruption, and always stand by his words.

And so his adventures began. It's also why he was so upset about the divide of Falconreach during the end of Black Winter, it reminded him of his family, and his earlier childhood. His lying to Sam further upset him, as he was reminded of his brother, and thinks about how he broke his own code of standing by his words.
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4/14/2018 5:44:47   
Vanilla Icecream

My hero's based on a more Oriental background.

A baby was found near a small village in Korea, abandoned and crying by a stream. An old man on his way to the woods found her, and took her in as he and his wife had no child. However, unlike all other residents of the nation, her eyes were gold, and the villagers believed that she was a cursed child who would bring chaos to the peaceful village. The old couple were forced to live in a hut far from the village.

The baby grew into a child. She loved her grandparents, but she still felt lonely. She ventured into the village. She had the strength of three grown men, and with it, she helped the villagers-- she plowed the field when the cow was sick, and fought off wild boars who dug up the crops. The villagers decided that she wasn't so bad after all. She became friends with all the villagers.

Then the Japanese invaded. Men were forced into the army or forced to work in the dangerous mines. Women who were not married were taken as 'comfort women'. They took anything valuable, and terrorized the village with steel clubs. They tried to take the child, too, but they saw her eyes and decided to kill her instead. The child ran into the mountains, barefooted. Stones dug into her feet, drawing blood, but she had to run. However, the men chasing her had guns--something she had not known the presence of, and therefore had not anticipated.

There was a gunshot. Immense pain drove her to the ground, but to her surprise, it wasn't from the wound. Her entire body felt like it was being torn apart. She stared at her arms. Gold blood ran down her arms as something else tore her skin apart. She screamed in pain, but soon the scream became something else-- a roar.

She had become a dragon of old. Then she remembered everything. She was an arrogant dragon, who had slaughtered innocent people for fun. An angered deity had cursed her, and forced her soul to be locked up in a human body. The deity vowed that if she didn't murder anyone in her new life, she would reclaim her power and live freely. If she did, she would be stripped of her powers entirely.

She stared at the astounded men. She knew this was her last chance. But she didn't care. She crushed them with a single paw.

The deity pitied her, but it had to keep its vow. So, instead of stripping her of her powers, it divided her into her human self and her dragon self, and let her be reborn in the world of Lore. It gave her both the destiny of a hero and a world destroyer. And after that you know the story... :)
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4/14/2018 7:52:10   

For Ailourous, they were a regular cat. Their owner was getting on in years and didn't have any relatives, so of COURSE they made a potion that would turn their beloved pet into a human so they could inherit the little cottage. Unfortunately something went wrong (either the potion wasn't made correctly or the cat didn't drink it all) so she didn't become "fully" human. If she takes significant damage, her mana runs out, or if she's unconscious (or just asleep), she becomes a regular cat again with no memory of being human. This led to her being EXTREMELY frugal with her magic and having memory problems her entire life.
Rose is a master at illusions, and mixes her magic with practical slight-of-hand tricks.
She didn't plan on being a hero, and is honestly pretty weak compared to "real" heroes like Artix or Tomix or Valencia. She was more in the right place at the right time, and honestly goes along with what her dragon, Orpheus, wants to do. To her, he's the real Hero of Falconreach.
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4/14/2018 8:08:12   

Ooh, one of these. Haven't seen one of these things since I've stopped lurking (as much).

My Hero, Riese D'sal, became an adventurer for one of the most noble and tragic reasons out there.


"Yeah, I know, it's not a very poetic reason... but, well, the rent on the clinic was high, our baby was sick, my husband was barely making enough to make ends meet, I'd already recovered from when I'd been sick too, and I already had my adventurer's license so... it seemed like a good idea at the time. I mean, I guess it is, I'm earning more than the clinic ever did. I actually managed to fund all three of my sisters' adventurer training singlehanded, even earned enough that my parents were able to retire early. Man, I can still remember, my mom and dad were so proud...

...? What? Yeah, I have a family and-and they're all still alive. Is - is that really that shocking? I have a mom, a dad, three younger sisters... well, the last one's technically my cousin but I've thought of her as my sister ever since my family took her in. And I have a husband. How did we meet? Well, we... went to the same school together. I was training to be a rogue, he was training to be a healer, and the school used a buddy system so we were always together and, well... we'd always liked each other. We married after we got our licenses. The plan was for me to become an adventurer straight after getting my license, just like how he became a professional healer straight after getting his but then I got pregnant and... yeah. It's uh... it's not a story to inspire the ages, to be honest, my life before I became an adventurer. But it was a life I enjoyed and I wouldn't trade even a minute of it.

N-not that I find the hero life unfulfilling! It's great! I've made tons of friends, seen all sorts of places, got my hands on equipment I never even dreamed of - it's amazing! It's fun, it's exciting, it's always, always interesting. I love the battles, going to all these new places, meeting all these new people, and I love getting to help so many people. I know, I've made mistakes and - and failed a lot of people but I do know that, by the end of it, I've helped out a lot of others, saved a lot of lives. It's not an easy life, not by a long shot, and I've-I've done my best each and every time but still. It's like my dad said: so long as you can help someone, do it. And I still can. I still will. It's my life now, being a Hero. I am the Hero, it's what I do best, and I take pride in that every single adventure-filled day.

I mean, I barely get to go home, my kid's already half-grown, I've missed years of their lives, my parents' old house in Swordhaven's nowhere to be found, I don't know where any of my sisters are, and I haven't seen my parents in years, and I can't stop to look for them because of just how bad everything else got while I was away but...

... The money's still good, at least. I've gone to a lot of places, made a lot of friends, had a lot of adventures, helped a lot of people - and all of that's great, really. And my dragon, Andre, he's - he's the irritating brother I sometimes wish I didn't have and I wouldn't give him up for anything in the world. But, sometimes, I just wish...


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4/16/2018 10:30:24   

Wow, this thread is HUUUUUUGE!

Shadow X, loved your story, simplistic yet beautifully inspiring IRL too, I guess, to teach and learn at the same time as X did for his hero! Loved reading all your stories, they were all really good. Normally I donít read long things, but all these are really captivating :)
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4/18/2018 11:03:14   

So after replaying the Void Ship quest line, I decided my character went through a soul-searching moment and emerged changed. See his background, part 2, and let me know what you think!

Sicarius stared at Tomix's grave for hours. As hard as he tried to pull away, he couldn't. Not after what Danyel had said to him last week at Tomix's funeral. The sad part, Sicarius thought, is that Danyel was right. I broke my promise. He sunk to his knees and lade hold of the tomb as the tears began to roll down his face again. "Tomix...I'm so sorry...." His shoulders heaved with his sobs, his tears staining the grass beneath him. He startled as he felt a hand touch his shoulder; it was Aegis, he saw. "Sicarius," his SoulAlly said, "you can't blame yourself for this. He knew what he had to do. It was his choice." Sicarius stared at Aegis, knowing he was right but not feeling the truth of it. "I-" he fumbled. Aegis knelt down beside his best friend. "Tomix wouldn't want you to sit here and mope," he said softly. "He would want you to go save the world, like the Hero he knew you were." Sicarius looked up at his friend, a grateful expression on his face. He sniffed one last time. "You're right," he muttered. He turned back to the gravestone and laid his armor-clad hand on top of it. "He would definitely want that." Aegis smiled. "Let's go," he said.

That night, Sicarius stood in his armor room at his small castle in the Sandsea. Morte, his dragon, was asleep in his cave down below, but sleep could not find this Death Knight. Not tonight. Sicarius opened his armor closet, magically enchanted by Warlic to hold an infinite amount of gear and materials. Stepping inside, he saw racks and racks of equipment and armor: Guardian, Dragon Lord, Warrior, Riftwalker, Ranger. He walked to the back, finally coming across what he had been searching for. In the "back" of the closet lay a small, blackish brown chest, about the length of someone's forearm. Picking it up, Sicarius left the closet and shut it behind him. He lay the box on one of his shelfs and then turned to his full-body mirror. He looked at himself, up and down. He knew that many people, even his own allies, still had reservations about him. He was, after, a Death Knight. If the black armor did not frighten them, his gaunt face and glowing eyes did. He looked down at his ring on his left hand, the ring given to him by Sir Malifact seven years ago. "It's time for a change," he said to himself. He moved his right hand slowly to the ring, grasping it tightly, and immediately turned around as he sensed a presence, no two presences, in the room. He looked around, examine the shadows; his cursed sword formed in his hand out the air. "Whoever you are," he challenged, "show yourself!" Instantly, as if from thin air, two figure emerged, and he knew them both. One was the ghost Sir Malifact, his old teacher as a Death Knight, and the other...was Danyel, Tomix's older brother.

"Lower your weapon, my old pupil," the ghost rasped. "We have not come to fight." Sicarius's sword vanished back into nothingness as he eyed Danyel cautiously. "I'm not exactly sure why, or how, you've both come in the first place." Malifact laughed. "Well," he said through a smile, "I am a ghost, and I can go were I please! As for my Weaving associate here..." Danyel stepped forward. "I am the headmaster of the school of Weavers at Edelia," he said. "I did not earn that title because of the look of my Spirit Looms." Sicarius stood straighter. "Fair enough," the Hero said. "But why are you both in my home, and how do you know each other?" Malifact answered. "Because we are both connected to you, and we sensed your distress...and your decision." The Hero's eyes darted between the two figures, his right hand beginning to call his sword back to him. "What do you mean, exactly?" "You wear my ring," the ghost answered. "This allows me to receive...impressions of you. I sensed your agony over your friend's death, and I also sensed your determination to honor him." Sicarius looked over at Danyel. "What about you?" he asked. "How are you involved?" Danyel raised his eyes to meet Sicarius. "Tomix bound our souls together when you both came to me for help with your ship," he said flatly. "The rest is as same as this ghost said." Sicarius was still, unsure of what to do next. "So...what do you both want?" The two figures answered in unison: "To help you."

The Hero wasn't sure what to say. "To...help me do what?" Malifact laughed again. Even as a ghost, he still had his sense of humor. "You honestly think we didn't know what you intended? You were about to remove the ring you have worn for seven years; the ring that granted you the powers of a Death Knight without turning you into an undead monster." Danyel jumped in. "And after that, you were going to put on your old Spirit Looms and attempt to weave for the first time in nine years." Sicarius thought about denying this, but decided against it. "Alright, fine. I was. So what?" Malifact's face changed from humor to concern. "You have no idea what that change can do to you." "What do you mean?" he asked. Danyel began to explain, care filling his voice. "Being a Death Knight for so long as altered your physical makeup. It has fundamentally changed you in ways you can't realize. If you remove that ring, that seven year process will be undone in a matter of minutes. Add that to attempting to put on Spirit Looms, which also affect your soul, could destroy your mind...or kill you." Sicarius was speechless. He looked back in the mirror, eyeing himself. "So...your're saying I'm stuck this way?" Malfiact responded. "You would be, without us. Which is why we're hear." The Hero looked at them both. "You mean-" Danyel answered quickly, tears in his eyes as his voice began to choke. "Sicarius, I'm sorry for what I said at his funeral. It wasn't your fault. I know what you want to do, and I want to help." The Hero looked over at the ghost. "And you?" The dead Knight's eyes lit up. "You were my favorite pupil," he said wistfully. "Now, it's time you become your own person again." Sicarius grinned. "So," he said, "what do we do?"

Almost immediately, the two figures began to move into action. Danyel's white robe disappeared as his hands began to weave threads in various patterns. Malifact began to whisper incantations under his breath. Danyel spoke as he work. "We're going to perform a ritual that will alter your soul's makeup. It's going to transfer all of your knowledge as a Death Knight into Weaving knowledge. Basically, it will be as if your body was weaving the entire time you were a Death Knight." He went back to work, weaving intricate patterns. Sicarius could feel his soul begin to tug, his whole body edging forward the symbol. The closer he got, the faster Malifact began to chant. Danyel's hands slowed to a stop, his right arm extend up, palm down, and his left arm extended down, palm up. "Are you ready?" he asked Sicarius. The Hero of Lore looked in the mirror and eyed his deathly face again. He looked back at Danyel. "Do it." Danyel's hands clasped together in a smack, Malifact's voice reached a crescendo, and Sicarius fell to the floor and knew nothing else.

Morte, Sicarius's dragon, stretched his legs. He had slept...good. Better than he had in a long time, in fact. He reached out his mind to find his bonded partner. His head immediately shot up. Something was wrong, he thought. He flew out of his cave, shrinking from his adult form to his teenage size. He flew up the stairs, around the corner of the hallway, up the second flight, into the armor room. He looked around the room and scanned it for his partner. There! On the floor! But something made Morte stop. That's when he realized it: his partner was..different. His face looked healthy, less skeleton-like. And his Death Knight that had almost become his second skin was gone. It in place, his partner was wearing a robe with a fur-lined hood, with black boots on his feet. That's when Morte noticed his hands. He was wearing...no, Morte thought. it can't be! After all this time! He dropped to the ground to check on his partner. Slowly, with some nudging, Sicarius began to stir. His head raised as he noticed his friend on his chest, eyeing him. No, not him, Sicarius realized. His friend was scanning Sicarius's eyes. Sicarius grinned. "I guess I have some explaining to do, don't I?" Morte laughed sarcastically. You could say that! Your face...your eyes...your hands! Sicarius slowly stood up to check himself in the mirror. He couldn't believe his eyes. He looked...alive! His eyes were a normal blue, his face was plumb. Then he noticed his arms. His looms...they were different. He began to think to himself why that would be, and he was instantly flooded with knowledge. As if I had been weaving for seven years, he thought to himself. He turned to Morte. "Aegis is going to love this," his dragon quipped.

He did.
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Daniels Backstory
Daniel was born into a small Noble family within the The Magisterium on the continent of Azaveyr. during a political dispute with Volkenraand Daniels family was charged with guarding the mana core as fights within the capital were breaking out as The Shapeless Empire was having trouble with keeping its populace in order. Durning a raid Daniel was knocked out and was found by his father his father then sent Daniel to the hill in Oaklore. when Daniel came to he had forgotten everything about himself and his role at the the Magisterium. he then traveled lore as a "hero" helping people all over although his amnesia bugs him from time to time he has adapted to his new life in falkenreach although sometimes his memories come back when he sleeps at the inn. during the encounter with the Magisterium at the Gala Daniel somehow recognized the outfits of the people invading and while fleeing he still had a strong desire to aid them and help fight off the rose. Daniel is torn between his duites as a "hero" and his disire to aid the mysterious people of his homeland.
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Shadow X Ascendant

I Finished The Full Story of My Hero, Finally
Shadow X - The Ascendant Soulweaver
Chapter 1 = "A New World" = Shadow X, Me, in the beginning was just a lone shadow in Darkness Plane which knowing your purporse is greater than a mere Darkness Soul, I found my way off the Darkness Plane and when I reached the Human World, I took a Human Form and started to drain power from all monsters I meet and defeat, Beign a shadow, I could shape my form to whatever i desires, To what suits me better, but i wasn't a simple shadow anymore, i was a shadow among shadows, with nothing ever filling the hole inside my heart, Traveling Place by Place, seeking my fate, destiny and secret, my real meaning of existence. With those voices whispering in my head.. "Escaping from your purpose is impossible". But As there, in The human world, where i started to feel that he a as part of that place.
Chapter 2 = "A Hero Born From Darkness" = After years and years of Training, Learning with the humans, Absorbing monsters essences, I have learned each Skill they have to show , i was a living scanner, knowing each of my enemies Weakness and Resistances, It is as they say "Knowledge is Power", I knew that Power is not the key to discover who you really are inside, It was another thing, so my path continues, upon an mountain cliff, a lone walking shadow searchs for your meaning, embraced in the darkness that he come from, when the events started to Took Place, Dragon Boxes, Orbs, Corruptions, all was messing with Lore. He knowed, In that Moment, That was up to me, To save the world, Who welcomed me.
Chapter 3 = "Questions, Friends and Purposes" = During my travels, I Raised a Baby Dragon from his egg, who they tell to be a world Destroyer, I took care of Him and gave him a name "Kazeshini", We are the same, The people fears us For what we are told to be, we are equals. I also found a Human With Silver hair and purple spirit-looms that was searching for keys or equilibrium, and after helping him, he teached me To weave with souls, To convert spirits weapons into real things, Teached me The art of a soulweaver, And Found my own Soul-ally, Aegis, The Spirit of Valor, That Protects The weak, and respect the strong, But know and accept that soon will merge with This hero into one Living Thing.... one day..... After some events by a watchful spirit of duality, I discovered a type of "Human" beigns that are different from the others, a race that could not stand the light and lives in Darkness, that was my creation place, The Atealans, They seen in Shadow X, a person who could learn each thing they have to offers, and he was ready to Grow, So Iris, The Magician one, Teached me the Signs of zodiac and how I could use them for Protect, Or Destroy.
Chapter 4 = "Embrace your fate" = Mixing The Soulweaver Weaving Art, Ascendant's Cosmos Weapons and a Darkness Souls, I become Shadow X, The Ascendant of Dark Weaving. With all this power I will seek my real purpose in the universe, But what could be a purpose of a shadow? And what means to be a true "Hero" ? Only I can discover it, and only I can understand it....... Maybe....
"When I am Done writting this, i will pray for our savety and lives Because i know that In The End, Nothing will Remain, Except for our regrets". Shadow X - 2018 https://imgur.com/XswJ7Fw
About The Shadow X
Element = Darkness
Favorite Food = Steak
Favorite Color = Black And Purple
Weakness = Beautiful Girls (I'm very Shy)
Theme Song = All Hail Shadow (Magna-Fi)
More Liked Class = Fleshweaver
More Disliked Class = Pirate
Age = 30, Birthday = 11/25

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In the previous thread on this topic, I did post my own characters original origin. Gonna write a new one cause that one sucks. There's a lot of writing talent on these forums. I can appreciate that :)


The pessimist complains about the wind;
the optimist expects it to change;
the realist adjusts the sails.
- William Arthur Ward
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