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=AQW= Updating the Book of Lore: Player Feedback

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4/16/2018 15:20:01   
Battleon Sorceress

We plan to update the Book of Lore later on this year, potentially bringing back some features of the previous layout while keeping the most useful parts of the current Book. The more detailed your description and feedback, the better!

Please share your thoughts and feedback on Twitter or here on the forum!
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4/16/2018 16:06:14   
Aura Knight


When you need to see the next place to go for story updates, where do you look?

I don't put much effort to look for where to go as the game has a new button usually at the top of the game menu that takes us to that week's release. If such a button didn't exist, I'd expect the Book of Lore to let us access the map. And if we're going to talk about the Book of Lore, it should have a section for main story quests as well as one for some of the filler/holiday releases as well. It'd be more organized this way. While it's not too tough to remember what the map names are to use the /join feature, it would be a lot better to have everything readily available from the Book of Lore.


For following along with the main story, which do you find better/more useful?

- Book of Lore's story tab
- World Map's story tab

Now this is a slightly tricky question. Both the Book of Lore and the World Map's story tab sound ideal places to check. I think both are fine. The map is likely easier to get to since you don't have to click on too many things nor scroll to reach the latest story update like on The Book of Lore. However, it would be better organized when on the Book of Lore. Assuming the map changes each week to show the new release zone, it'd be hard to consider the map the most reliable means of following the story. While it can be done through the story tab, Book of Lore should do it better.

Of course, with the Book of Lore it can also be frustrating to navigate. It could use a search function at least. I've been playing this game since the very start back in 2008 and I keep up with the info about it at least weekly so I don't need to rely on the Book of Lore nor the World Map to know where to go, but for the benefit of those who do need help understanding where to go each week, I think both should be improved upon.

But another option would be to create a new command. Something like /release or /update and then you'd be given a message that tells you the new map name. It's simple enough to click on the new button that shows at the top of the game menu on Friday but what's the harm in having an extra command to do the same thing?

And here's some more feedback regarding the Book of Lore's Achievement Badge Section. Could we please give that a search function? I don't enjoy having to scroll for a long time to find one specific shop and I have doubts anyone else likes doing that too. Relating to this, whenever we open a shop, it closes the Book of Lore and this means we have to go through all scrolling again which is frustrating. Any chance when we do click on a shop, the Book of Lore can remain opened in the background. That way we can view the shop and purchase things from it and go back to check other shops through the badges section. If the Book of Lore is meant to be a helpful tool it needs to be a lot less confusing and frustrating.
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4/16/2018 19:14:06   
Edme MacHeath

For the General Question I kinda see the use of having the new events told from many areas. I sometimes read up on design notes to get a glimpse of the upcoming event and
then I the event button from the game menu to go visit that event, I always use the map for the story due to BoL being outdated since the 13 chaos lords ended.
But that's probably more out of BoL being outdated rather than less convienent than the map. I often use the wiki to check for items in releases to see if I want to try to participate.

Creating a /release or /update is probably one of the smartest ideas I've ever heard. It'd be nice if it gave a tab where you could search through events by chronological release dates. Having events sorted by when they were released is something that is on the wiki and it really helps there.
A search function is also a really good idea.

~I think badges are sorted pretty horribly, they require you to scroll sideways and it takes a long while and is hard to find the exact one when you are looking for a certain one.
I think the general idea of assorting them into Heromart, Achievement and Other Badges is the right idea but it'd be nice to have it maybe a list layout or grid layout or possibly being able to press a button to toggle between different layouts. Also having the ability to shorten the list into more specific categories with toggle buttons would be amazing, it'd be nice to toggle a button to shorten it to only show badges that open shops because that seems to be one of the bigger reasons you'd be looking through badges.

~I think the story tab in the BoL is mostly up to snuff, it's organized well enough it just needs another page for the Mother of Monsters Saga as it only has the Chaos Lord Saga Events.

~The Quest Tab is pretty horrible it even includes some events that are now gone such as weddings. This definitely shows it hasn't been updated in a long while. I think it's also pretty unorganized as it just is a long list without any consistency or actual method of being sorted, it's not alphabetical or tied together by listing events with similarity or anything and I think it could do with some toggle buttons where you could toggle to see which quests you're in the progress of doing or haven't completed yet so you can automatically just remove completed quest lines from view.

~The Classes and Lorepedia Page are pretty out of date and overall just widely unnecessary due to how outdated they are. I think a whole new compendium of classes and general info is probably needed. It'd be nice if it was more complete with links to important sites such as the wiki or forums and event help/support links for contacting AE for things like account issues.

~The Upgrade Tab is nice to see how much membership you have remaining and I guess it's nice to see how many ACs you have despite being able to see that in your inventory but it feels very barren as a tab. I feel like there should be more to that tab than just membership and AC counts.

I know this suggestion sounds like a lot of work and I'm completely okay with waiting longer as I don't feel too pressured to have a good book of lore instantly given how bad it's been for years.

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4/17/2018 14:50:47   
Doxus the OverLord


It's the Book of Lore.

When the theme is info about the releases/storylines, the best place to make an HUGE update and become useful is the Book of Lore.

All this is due to the fact that the Book is easier to use cuz you'll need to use less commands, navigating less for more info. It makes the BoL more intuitive and easier to use.
The issue with story/main storylines is that we haven't a place to go and accurately know everything we need to construct a timeline of facts in-game. Forums is a nice place to go, but still, it's out of the heat of battles and all the Lore/phantasy we have in-game.
We're lacking of a feature to accurately show us the way. This is what the Book of Lore should give to us when the meaning is the storylines. We doesn't need deep info such as details about the plot and story. Knowing the number of quests for each area is still a nice feature to know, but I think it should be binded to World Map. It gives to us the sense of heat/battles in each place and how it becomes intense or not in each place. It helps us to measure our time of that gameplay session when our objective is going for story.

Book of Lore could still show info about classes and where to get them. Just a quick a easy "where to go for".
We're needing too a better system for badges in Book of Lore. A nice feature could be activating badges for showing in Char Pages too.

I'm hoping the best comming from this. Hope we get updates soon. And after it, we need a better guild system and PvP system. BOTH systems are currently DEAD.

Why Dead? Because we haven't incentives to invest our time on them.
Guilds is so reducted to a social feature and nothing more.
PvP is too outdated that can be taken under consideration as a finite thing to farm with finite rewards. We haven't ranks for PvP and a tier system to make it balanced.
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