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Primate Murder's Suggestion Thread

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4/30/2018 4:22:30   
Primate Murder

Welcome. This thread is mainly to put my ideas out there and get feedback. If the staff implements any of them, then all the better.

Time Stop Cloak and Dagger
Wind element shield and dagger. Shield can grant celerity and dagger gains damage boost if you weren't attacked last turn.

Time Stop Cloak

Wind shield with a darkness secondary
MRM focused on magic defence

Effect: Click on it to gain Quickcast celerity using the same stats as for Shadowfeeder Pendant.

Appearance: A dark cloak thrown over the player's arm.
Description: This unassuming cloak allows you to slip in between the moments.

Time Stop Dagger

Melee/Magic dagger
+5 bth lean
0-proc, so +9% damage

Effect: Deals 95% damage in its basic state, but triggers to gain +10% damage if monster didn't attack last turn (due to celerity, paralysis, etc). This stacks - so you deal 1.05 damage if you weren't attacked for one turn, 1.15 damage if unattacked for two turns, and so on.

Appearance: A slender dagger with an hourglass etched onto the base of the blade. The hourglass turns if the weapon is triggered.
Description: This unassuming blade allows you to strike those unfortunates who walk amidst the sands of time.

Mini FSB: When using the shield and dagger together, the trigger is instead 15%.

Carpe Diem
Hp-costing celerity spell.

Effect: Grants the player celerity for two turns, no saving throws involved. This spell is unique in that it pays its hp cost two turns later (perhaps via a Spiritual Seed). The hp-cost is 9999 harm/void damage. In other words, the player wins the battle in two turns or dies.

Appearance: A clock device in the background with arrows at 11:58. Changes to 11:59 after first turn.
Description: Or else...

Quid pro Quo
A Backlash-Spitual Seed quickcast SPell

Effect: A Purple Rain type SPell. Cast once to plant a spiritual seed in the monster and start a counter recording all damage the monster inflicts on the player. Cast again to activate the seed and deal an equivalent amount of harm damage (*.85 for autohit *approporiate spiritual seed modifier) to the monster.
Edit: This spell's effect is automatically disabled if you cast Purple Rain.

Costs sp, fairly low.

Appearance: Reddish-purple transparent mist surrounds the player at initial casting. The mist dissipates and appears around the monster at the second casting, compressing until it surrounds him before disappearing in a flash.
Description: What goes around comes around.

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AQ  Post #: 1
5/1/2018 12:23:13   

Ooooh, I dig these a lot!

A shield with a cast skill is nice and the dagger seems pretty cool too.

Carpe Diem sounds cool but that HP cost may be too severe.

Quid pro Quo is a good concept. Would be interesting for Tank Builds. Would you consider adding a .85* penalty to make it Auto-hit? It would suck if you spent so much time building up momentum and then happened to miss. Also, there probably should be a damage cap on the attack unless you really want to drag the battle out.
AQ AQW  Post #: 2
5/1/2018 15:31:32   
Primate Murder


Carpe Diem means seize the day. I use it as the idea of 'do or die'. But maybe the cost is a little too severe.

Regarding Quid pro Quo:

This attack has no Type, automatically hits, and does not get Stat bonuses. If the Element is Harm, then it deals 90% of the above listed numbers.

This is from the entry on Spiritual Seed. I am not certain if the entry is outdated and needs the modifier, so adding it in just in case.
AQ  Post #: 3
5/1/2018 15:44:30   
Lord Markov

Given how easy it is to bring now monsters at this point, I think that kind of cost on Carpe Diem is about the only way to make it not ridiculously easy to use. I do know the staff dislikes celerity as a status though, so you might want to make it paralyze or something functionally equivalent.

I'm almost certain Spiritual Seed auto-hits since basically all status effects that deal damage do. Basically the infliction save roll takes the place of the attack's chance to hit. Certainly it's an interesting idea, though I can't think of many monsters I would use that against.

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AQ  Post #: 4
5/1/2018 16:06:03   
Primate Murder

There's a number of monster that paralyze doesn't work on though... Also, two turn paralyze can be achieved via a quickcast vampire mesmerize (or control, anyway), while 2-turn celerity is entirely unique.

Wicked King?
Edit: Or Starslayer if his MRM were further buffed? Or Gnat or Lightning Bug or other monsters with low health and really high defences?

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AQ  Post #: 5
5/2/2018 0:39:19   
Lord Markov

I can't think of a whole lot of monsters that paralyze doesn't work on that celerity wouldn't be cancelled out either. I don't really see celerity as that unique of a status (in fact, I would consider it inferior to basically every other form of the monster non-acting that has 100% chance of occurring) but I don't really care what you use either, I was just pointing out a potential roadblock.

Unless that got around the Wicked King's damage cap it wouldn't be super useful. I guess if one were to purposefully open their defenses versus high blocking monsters that could be useful, certainly in standard situations though you simply aren't taking enough damage for it to amount to much.
AQ  Post #: 6
5/2/2018 0:54:35   
Primate Murder


Oh well, they were always intended to be specialized for certain situations rather than always useful.

Thanks for the feedback!
AQ  Post #: 7
5/6/2018 4:54:18   
Primate Murder

Well, since it seems nobody else did it yet for some reason...

Really Big Gauntlet
Melee Earth Fist. Gets additional abilities when paired with Space Stone miscs.

Space Amethyst

Effect: By itself it only grants +50 str.

Effect: When paired with RBG, all your weapon attacks deal lightning element damage. You can also click on it to toggle Power Mode, which makes all your weapon attacks with RBG deal 2x damage for the combined sp and hp cost of a standart skill.

Upkeep cost is divided between sp and hp.

Appearance: A purple gemstone.
Description: In the hands of Sonath the Angry Dwarf this Space Stone had enough power to shatter moons.

Space Sapphire

Effect: By itself it only grants +50 dex.

Effect: When paired with RBG, all your weapon attacks deal ice element damage. You can also click on it to toggle Accuracy Mode, which makes all your weapon attacks with RBG autohit for the combined sp and hp cost equal to 15% of a standart skill.

Upkeep cost is divided between sp and hp.

Appearance: A blue gemstone.
Description: Sonath the Angry Dwarf used this Space Stone to teleport himself directly to his enemies.

Space Ruby

Effect: By itself it only grants +50 luck.

Effect: When paired with RBG, all your weapon attacks deal fire element damage. You can also inflict Disarmed status on the monster by clicking on the gem. This doesn't take a turn and monster can resist (Luck/Int vs Luck/End) with +20 bonus to save. Maximum of 2 casts per turn. Has a combined sp and hp cost equal to 50% of a standart skill.*
*You turn your enemy's weapons into bubbles!

Upkeep cost is divided between sp and hp.

Appearance: A dark red gemstone.
Description: Sonath the Angry Dwarf used this all-powerful reality-bending Space Stone to turn things into bubbles. He really liked bubbles for some reason.

Space Amber

Effect: By itself it only grants +50 end.

Effect: When paired with RBG, all your weapon attacks deal water element damage. You can also gain access to the following skill:

My Soul is My Own
Activated the first time you reach 0 hp or less. You loose sp of a standart skill and are left with 1 hp. This doesn't work if you don't have enough sp.
Appearance: The screen flashes with random colors for a second, then you are shown alive.

Upkeep cost is divided between sp and hp.

Appearance: An orange gemstone.
Description: Sonath the Angry Dwarf only got this Space Stone to complete his collection, so nobody actually knows what it does yet.

Space Emerald

Effect: By itself it only grants +50 cha.

Effect: When paired with RBG, all your weapon attacks deal earth element damage. You can click on it to activate time reversal effect like on Father Time. Monster can resist (VStat/Luck vs Luck/Int). The effect can only be successfully used once per battle. This has a combined sp and hp cost.

Upkeep cost is divided between sp and hp.

Appearance: A bright green gemstone.
Description: Sonath the Angry Dwarf used this Space Stone to manipulate time to his advantage.

Space Topaz

Effect: By itself it only grants +50 int.

Effect: When paired with RBG, all your weapon attacks deal wind element damage. It also grants +20 control and fear potency.

Upkeep cost is divided between sp and hp.

Appearance: A yellow gemstone.
Description: Sonath the Angry Dwarf used this Space Stone through his proxies to enslave the minds of others.

Really Big Gauntlet

Earth melee fist with -5 bth lean.
0-proc, so +9% damage

Appearance: A golden gauntlet so big it drags on the ground.
Description: Sonath the Angry Dwarf had this gauntlet forged in order to control the power of the Space Stones and take over the universe. It's a bit big for you, but with Space Stones installed it grants great power.

FSB: When wielding the gauntlet, you have 1% chance of casting Powerword Die* for each Space Stone you have in your active inventory.

*Turn your foe into dust with just a snap of your fingers.

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AQ  Post #: 8
5/8/2018 16:23:14   
Primate Murder

Other odds and ends from the same source...

The Black Order
A set of neutral lean armors. With them you too can become a disposable one-trick minion.

Crow's Glaive

Neutral wind armor
Strong Melee Defence, average Magic and weak to Ranged
3 hit attack with +3 bth lean because glaive

Trigger: Deals +10% damage with spears and lances
Downtrigger: -5% damage with other weapons

MC goes into compressing a skill:

Glaive Thrust
The player receives one hit of harm damage. All armor attacks next round deal 3x damage. (basically, sacragon spur-type skill)
Note: This only works if you're wielding a spear or a lance.
Costs 50% sp of a standart skill

Appearance: A tall skinny guy in black armor with a glaive. Stabs and slashes for his attack.
Description: Not very smart or strong, but his glaive attack is feared throughout the galaxy.

Bony Maw

Neutral darkness armor
Strong Ranged Defence, average Melee and weak Magic
4 hit attack with +5 bth lean (because telekinesis)

Effect: Spells deal +50% damage for an hp cost of a standart skill.

MC goes into compressing a skill:

Telekinetic Enhancement
A quickcast spell inflicting Augmentation Arcanum (+42% damage from all magical attacks for 1 round) that can be cast up to two times per turn. Monster can resist (Int/Luck vs Int/Luck) with +20 bonus to save. (elevuln numbers taken from poelala/ramssy comparison).
Costs 50% sp of a standart skill

Appearance: A tall emaciated guy in a black cloak. Attack is creating spikes above him and throwing them at the monster.
Description: Also known as Sorcerous Bloodmage.

Cull Black

Armor with an FO/FD toggle
Average MRM
1 hit attack with a -5 bth lean

MC goes into skill compression.

Kill to Live
Toggle. Loose 3 MRM to deal +5% damage until the end of the battle.* This maxes out at 4 uses.

Live to Kill
Toggle. Loose 5% damage to gain +3 MRM until the end of the battle.** This maxes out at 4 uses.

*Cull focuses on killing his foe!
**Cull focuses on surviving the battle!

Appearance: A big guy in black armor with a hammer. Attack is a hammer smash.
Desccription: This big guy can deal out the pain to his foes or survive. He fails to deliver both.

Approximately Midnight

FO water armor
Strong Melee, average Ranged, weak Magic
2 hit attack

Effect: Has no Lucky Strikes, but deals +(10*Luck/VStat)% damage.

MC goes into another +5% damage.

Appearance: A woman in black armor. Uses your weapon, but hides the shield. Attack is the regular double slash.
Description: This warrior is as strong as she is unlucky.

StormBreaker v2.0
Energy Axe-hammer. Can daze the monster on first turn.

Melee/Magic toggle
-3 bth lean because axe-hammer
0-proc, so +9% damage

Effect: Dynamic Entry. At the beginning of the battle inflict Awe-Inspiring Presence on the monster. Monster can resist (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 bonus to save. If it fails, it becomes dazed (100% chance of inaction for one round). (this is a copy of the terror raiment mc)

Appearance: An axe-hammer with a wooden handle. Upon activating the effect, you smash the ground with it and lightning spreads out.
Description: With StormBreaker v2.0 even you can enter the battle like a boss.

Bulk's Bulkbuster
FO earth/energy armor with a chance to deal extra damage

Strong Melee and Ranged, low Magic defence
2 hit attack

MC: All your armor attacks have a 10% chance to call upon Bulk to empower your strike for an extra 100% damage. Monster can counter this by being too scary (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.*

*Bulk empowers your strike!
**Bulk says 'No!'

Appearance: A large mecha armor in red and gold.
Description: A Bulk in Bulkbuster. What will they think of next?

Loki's Last
DOT earth spell

Effect: The spell's damage heals the monster. It looses 48% of the heal damage dealt for the next 10 turns (380% damage total). The effect stacks if the spell is cast again (the reverse of the Borrow spell).

Costs mp of a standart spell.

Appearance: A hand extends and heals the monster.
Description: The God of Deception remained treacherous to his last. Hopefully it works better for you than it did for him.

Over 14 million futures
A Misc with a modified Eye of Naab effect

Effect: +50 int

Effect: Click on the misc to attempt to see into the future. Quickcast. Monster can resist (Int/Luck vs Int/Luck) with +20 bonus to save. Costs about as much sp as Love Potion's skill. If successfull, monster gains +50% damage in its next turn. Afterwards, you gain +15 bth and +40 MRM for three turns.

Has an sp upkeep.

Appearance: A golden amulet with an emerald stone, resembles an eye.
Description: To those who only see the present it may seem counterintuitive to empower your foe...

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AQ  Post #: 9
5/9/2018 10:36:21   
Primate Murder

Mostly for the laughs, but they are 'balanced' or even underpowered using modern standarts...

The Meta Series
A set of z-token no-drop equiment. Element is the same as your no-drop.

The Meta Armor

FO armor
MRM average, pays 3 MRM for the second effect
2 hit attack with a +5 bth lean

MC is Meta Damage skill. Quickcast, pays a combined hp and gold cost to deal +50% damage for three turns.*

3 MRM pays for the Meta Status skill. The skill pays all 200% damage to inflict a three turn paralyze.** Monster can resist*** (VStat/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with -20 penalty to save. Costs sp of a standart skill.

*You get a damage boost! It's basically free...
**The monster is awed by your wealth!
***You fail to impress the monster with your wealth.

Appearance: A floating whale. Attack is a smash. Meta Damage has no animation. Meta Status is blowing floating dollar signs out of the blowhole.
Description: Only a true whale can harness the power of this armor.

The Meta Weapon

MRM shift
no bth lean
0-proc because we're too cool for proc weapons

Effect: You deal +15% damage, but you take +(15/1.4)% damage. In Magic mode, you take +(0.75*15/1.4)% damage instead.

MC goes into compressing a weapon-based skill:*

The Meta Skill
3 hits of (weapon type) weapon-element damage. +5 bth lean.
Deals +50% damage.
Costs 300% sp of a standart skill.

*Sp cost? What's that?

Appearance: A shiny sword/spear/magical sword. The skill is an explosion emoji.
Description: Only someone who doesn't understand efficiency could possibly use this weapon.

The Meta Shield

Pays 3 MRM and MC to get +210 initiative
Pays remaining MRM to get a bonus (+5% for every 3 MRM) to weapon and skill damage (/2 for spells, *4/3 for magic weapons)

Note: You should have 0 MRM total.

Appearance: Invisible
Description: Who needs shields? Give me a damage boost!

The Meta Master Misc

+50 Str
+50 Int

Effect: +30% damage against paralyzed and controlled enemies (/2 for spells, *4/3 for magic weapons), -10% against everyone else.

Costs sp, a fairly high amount.

Appearance: A cute kitten pic.
Description: The monster will be one-shot anyways, no need to mind him. Look at this cute kitten pic instead.

The Meta Spell

3 hits of (no-drop element) damage at +10 bth lean.

Effect: The spell deals +100% damage. Monster's next attack gets +200% damage. This stacks.

Costs 100% mp of a standart skill + 100% hp of a standart skill.

Appearance: Big explosion emoji.
Description: This spell makes the monster stronger, but don't worry. He'll never get to attack anyway.

The Meta Pet #1

MC goes into using your Main Stat (str/dex/int) for stats instead of cha

Effect: Instead of attacking, this pet boosts your weapon attacks and spells by (Rammsy/Chilly modifier) if they deal more than 100% damage (due to damage boost, effect or skill usage). If they don't or if you lack the gold, you instead loose (Your Max HP/10).

Effect: Has a fairly high gold cost.

Appearance: A blue mini whale.
Description: You get to go all out and look cool for this little whale. But beware if it deems you too lame...

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AQ  Post #: 10
5/10/2018 7:18:28   
Primate Murder

Random ideas...

Undead Archer
FD darkness armor. Deals extra damage with 100%-procs.

Weak to Light and Fire
MRM has a focus on Ranged (because bones)
2 hit attack with +3 bth lean, melee converted to ranged

Trigger: +10% damage with 100-proc weapons
Downtrigger: -5% damage with anything else

MC goes into skill compression:

Arrow Barrage
1 hit of ranged/magic with usual modifiers for magic damage and sp-cost. Uses the armor's +3 bth lean.
Auto-hits, has all Base damage converted to Random and deals *0.85 *elecomp darkness damage.
This is treated as a spell.
Costs sp of a standart skill.

Appearance: The same as monster's and pet's.
Description: So you paid a necromancer to become an Undead Archer yourself. Something tells me you wouldn't get along very well with a Paladin...

Spirit Speaker
FD light armor. Uses cha instead of int.

Has a secondary to earth and water, weakness to fire, dark and lightning
Strong Magic defense, low MR
3 hit attack, no bth lean

MC goes into effect: for spells use cha instead of int for stats.

Trigger: + 10% weapon and spell damage if you're Good-Aligned.
Downtrigger: -5% weapon and spell damage if you're Neutral or Evil-Aligned.

Appearance: A grey cloak with glowing light flying around it. Basic attack is gesturing with an arm and shooting bolts of light.
Description: Paladins and Necromancers draw power from the gratitude of spirits. This means that a fast talker could persuade them to lend their power to him. This would probably work best if you actually have helped anyone in your life.

The Dresden Series

Leather Duster

FO earth armor with secondaries to wind and lightning, weak to fire and ice
Strong Magic defence, average Melee, weak Ranged
Regular 2-hit attack

MC is skill compression*:

Quickcast, gives +10 bth universal increase until the end of the battle (to both you and the monster) without usual modifiers for spells and magical weapons, and attempts to inflict fear on the monster**. The latter effect lasts three turns (12.5/63 chance not to act), and monster can resist (Int/Luck vs Int/Luck) with +0 bonus to save. This can only be cast once per battle.
Costs 50% sp of a standart skill.

*Look into the soul of your foe and bare your own in return.
**Your foe is terrified by what it witnesses in the depths of your soul. (on success)
***You and your foe are filled with new understanding of each other. (on fail)

Appearance: A tall man in a black leather duster.
Description: Go out into the world and protect the weak with the power of wit and magic.

Blasting Rod

100-proc magic fire weapon (wand)

75% chance of a regular 100-proc attack, 2 hits (also see effect)
5% chance of a special-special with approporiate damage modifiers, 1 hit (also see effect)*
20% chance of it hitting you for full damage of the special, 1 hit (this does magic fire damage and is dodgeable)**

MC goes into extra damage on the 5% special.

Effect: All your weapon attacks deal 55/34 or 1.62 damage of a regular 100-proc magical weapon due to special targeting the player (as in Quester's VBG).

**You loose control of the Rod's wild magics.

Appearance: A wooden stick with ominously glowing runes.
Description: This wizard's tool is about as subtle as a loaded gun and about as safe with its wild (but powerful) magicks.

Shield Bracelet

Earth shield with wind secondary
MRM with focus on Magic defence

Effect: Click on the bracelet to activate Metaphysical Barrier (click again to deactivate). When activated, the shield will create a Chi Shield at the beginning of each turn, unless you already have a Chi Shield active.

Appearance: A silver bracelet with five shield charms dangling on it.
Description: A magical focus designed to handle the pressure while the wizard casts his spells.

Pentacle Pendant

+50 Int

Reduces incoming Magic damage to 55%
Boosts all magical damage by 20% with approporiate modifiers for spells and magic weapons

Effect: At the end of a fight you have a (RoundsEquipped/TotalRounds*100)% chance to gain (MonsterPower)# of magical charges (if you have enough mp remaining). A magical charge is equivalent to 50% mp of a standart spell. This only works if the mob is ItemLvl-10 or higher.
When equipped, you can click the misc to use up a charge to replenish your mp. This doesn't take a turn. You can do this up to four times per battle.

Appearance: A silver pentacle pendant.
Description: A pentacle represents the forces of magic bound within human control; power balanced by restraint.

FSB (armor, shield and weapon) is sweet and simple: All player's fire attacks deal +25% damage with approporiate modifiers for spells and magic weapons.
Note: While the weapon is not the same element as armor and shield, I feel justified in getting an FSB due to it being 100-proc in an FO armor.

Ghost Shapeshift
Used for summoning a cursed neutral FD armor.

Effect: Summons Ectoplasm Form.* This greys out your armor menu and lasts until the end of the battle, whereupon you equip your no-drop again.

*Oh oh, something goes wrong!

Description: Zorbak promised this armor would make you invincible! But why was he smirking?

Ectoplasm Form

FD armor, 50 resists to every element
Has lowered MRM to pay for equal element resists.
Pays sp = 50% melee every turn due to armor+misc level damage reduction. If you lack the sp, you take harm damage equal to YourMaxHP/20. This can kill you.
Has an equal chance of a 1-hit, 2-hit and 3-hit attacks.

Effect (defensive): All enemy attacks have a 50% chance of auto-miss.**

Effect (melee and ranged attacks): All your attacks have a 50% chance of auto-miss.***

Effect (magic attacks): All your weapon and spell attacks have a 50% chance of working correctly. The other 50% causes them to deal *0.9 harm damage to you.****
Type other attacks are unaffected.

Trigger: If your active class is necromancer, your magic attacks have a 40% chance of harming you and 60% chance of working correctly.#
MC goes into no downtrigger.

**You phase through the enemy attack!
***Your attack phases through the enemy!
****Your current form is unable to harness the arcane energies!
#Your experience with ghosts grants you a better grasp on your current form. (appears when you shapeshift)

Appearance: A semitranslucent version of yourself.

Am-Bush's First Strike
Earth shield. Can grant celerity.

High MRM

Effect: If you win initiative, your first turn gets celerity.* Monster can resist (VStat/Luck vs Int/Luck).
*It's an ambush!

Appearance: A small round shield overgrown by moss. Note: This shield can be bought upon slaying an Am-Bush/Am-Boss.
Description: Exactly what it says on the tin.

Holy Water Vial
Anti-Darkovian misc to cancel regeneration.

Effect: Click on the vial to splash some holy water on your weapons for an sp cost of a standart skill. This doesn't take a turn and doesn't stack. For the next three turns all your weapon attacks inflict Disease on werewolves and vampires (including the -pyre variants) with power equivalent to damage dealt. This affects hp healing. Disease effect does stack with each other.

Note: The misc doesn't work and automatically unequips if you belong to one of the darkovian subraces.*
*You are unable to handle the holy water!

Appearance: A crystal vial with water.
Description: A basic tool of any Hunter.

High-Tech Bunker Shielding
Energy shield with max damage reduction.

-26% shield

Free effect: Monster gets +10 bth lean

MC: Damage reduction like Grakma Hide.

Appearance: Two parallel metal rods with a semi-transparent magnetic shield between them.
Description: Custom designed against killer robots.

Changeling Shapeshift
Used for summoning a fluid-element FO armor.

Effect: Summons Changeling From.* Cast again to dismiss it. This doesn't take a turn, but costs sp of a standart skill to compensate for element compression.
*You take on the appearance of your foe.

Appearance: A grinning cat face briefly appears in the background. It quickly fades, with its grin fading last.
Description: Can you say CopyCat?

Changeling Form

FO armor, element shifts to your foe's base element with resists shifting according to the elemental wheel.
Average MRM
Basic attack has the same animation and number of hits as your foe's.

Trigger: If you are a neko, you have a natural gift for imitating others. This, alongside your changeling nature, naturally creeps them out. 10% chance of inflicting Creeped Out (renamed The Cold) of an approporiate level each turn.
MC goes into no downtrigger.

Appearance: Exactly the same as the monster.

Tic-Toc Clock
Earth shield with a stacking chance to petrify.

MRM focused on magic, looses 3 MRM to enhance the effect.

MC goes into the Dark Hour Evocation effect: At the start of each turn, the shield has a 5% chance to attempt to petrify* your foe (Int/Luck vs End/Luck, monster gets +20 to save). The chance increases by 1% each turn.
*The clock strikes thirteen and the monster is Transmogrified!

Appearance: A large round rusted clock with two arrows. Both arrows move to point at twelve when the effect activates; the clock shatters if the infliction is successful. It reappears before the start of your next turn.
Description: This shield utilizes the secret hour hidden inbetween the midnight and the first moment of the coming day to turn your foe into a statue!

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AQ  Post #: 11
5/10/2018 10:21:58   
Lord Markov

Meta Set is pretty hilarious. Would definitely love to see that in-game.
AQ  Post #: 12
5/10/2018 23:01:45   
Mr. Uber

Problem with the "Quid Pro Quo".

Its too easily abuse-able with the purple rain spell or an item that can reset HP/MP/SP.

I've constantly thought about suggesting something like this just to put something broken in the game but essentially this is abuse-able for the simple fact that one could:
1. Cast Purple Rain spell
2. Then cast "Quid Pro Quo"
3. Then rack up as much damage needed to kill the monster
4. Then recast the purple rain spell to reset health
5. Then recast the quid pro quo spell to effectively kill the monster without sacrificing any HP/MP/SP

This is unless the purple rain spell or the Quid Pro Quo spell can't be cast if the other was cast like how you can't reset a turn using the Doray (shield) if you already did it with the Father Time (shield) and vice versa.

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DF AQW  Post #: 13
5/11/2018 1:39:47   
Primate Murder

Right, thanks.

Added it to the entry.
AQ  Post #: 14
5/12/2018 13:54:04   
Primate Murder

Was rewatching Supernatural recently and got a new idea. Not certain if it is PG-approporiate, so posting it separately.

The Slasher Set
Layered status-infliction darkness set with an earth secondary.

Serial Killer

Neutral (not FO or FD) darkness armor with an earth secondary.
Weak to fire and light
Strong melee defense, low Ranged and Magic
Vicious 3-hit slash attack

MC goes into effect:

At the end of a fight you have a [RoundsEquipped/TotalRounds*100]% chance to heal [YourMaxHP/5*MonsterPower] hp.* This only works if the mob is ArmorLvl-10 or higher.
*You take a moment to enjoy the sight of your work.

Appearance: A tall and slender man in a tattered black cloak. Moves low to the ground, knife held in reverse grip. Basic attack is a fast dash forward and three quick vicious slashes, faster than animation of regular armors.
Description: Don't even blink.

Bloody Knife

Melee darkness dagger,
+3 bth lean
0-proc, but instead of +9% damage inflicts a stacking bleed (Power: 0.03*HitsConnected, Dex/Luck vs End/Luck with +0 to save)

Effect: Whenever the monster is bleeding (from Bloody Knife or another source), it is inflicted with Torment (renamed Panic). Tormented monster deals -(20*DarkResist)% damage until it stops bleeding.

Appearance: A crude dagger-sized knife that is dripping blood.
Description: You don't want to get stabbed with this knife. Who knows who it's been in.

Barbed Wire

Earth/dark simultaneous resistance shield
Strong Melee defense, weak Ranged and Magic

MC goes into skill compression:

Barbed Bind
2 ranged hits of earth and darkness damage, deals 1.05 damage for allied elements, multiplied by elecomp and looses 70% damage for the effect.
Effect: If at least one hit of the skill connects, it attempts to Bind (renamed Entangle) the monster. Save is Dex/Luck vs Str/Luck and the monster gets -20 to save. If it fails, the monster becomes Bound (-112.5*HitsConnected*DarkResist DEX). Bound monster bleeds (Power:0.5, stacks with each other and other sources) and can't save against this bleed until it successfully breakes the Barbed Binding.
Costs sp of a standart skill.
Note: While the monster is bound, you loose 3 MRM (because you threw your shield around the monster).

Appearance: Barbed wire loosely spooled around your arm.
Description: A tool more suited for torture than combat.

FSB: Fearful Presence

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AQ  Post #: 15
5/14/2018 14:51:41   
Primate Murder

Visited Werepyre hideout and got an idea for an amusing game mechanic (which is a canon strategy that the player has used!)

Play Dead

When you are done with Readying your Inventory, you can click Start Battle. I suggest putting a second button there: Play Dead.

This is a cha/luck vs int/luck stat roll, where the monster gets +20 to save.

If you win, you get to skip the battle (winning, but not getting gold or exp rewards).

If you loose, the monster automatically wins initiative and gets celerity on its first turn (because you're in no position to fight).

I have a feeling it would be rather popular for long quests.

AQ  Post #: 16
5/14/2018 15:34:39   
Primate Murder

And some new ideas, of course, since the last post is getting cluttered.

Lone Wolf
Earth armor for cha builds.

FO, with water and wind as secondaries
Neutral to light and dark, weak to fire, ice and lightning
MRM with slightly lower magic defence
2 hit attack

Effect: If you have no pets or guests active, you deal +75*(YourCha/VStat)% weapon damage.

Trigger: Werewolves deal extra +10% damage.
Downtrigger: Everyone else deals -5% damage.

Apperance: A large werewolf form in somewhat ragged armor.
Description: This wolf only fights for and by himself.

Treasure Hunter
FO water armor for gold farming

Secondaries to dark and wind
MRM focuses on ranged
3 hit attack

Effect: Passive 10% bonus to all gold you gain from battles.

Appearance: Similar to the pirate class armor.
Description: This pirate may have spent a little too much time in leprechaun captivity. Now he only cares for gold.

Undead Spellsword
FO darkness armor

Secondaries to fire and earth
MRM with a slightly higher ranged (because bones)
1 hit attack, different animations for melee/ranged and magic

Effect: All your melee and ranged weapon attacks deal +25*(YourInt/200)% damage. This costs 25/1.25 or 20% mp of a standart spell.
Effect: All your spells deal +25*(YourStr/200)% damage. This costs 25% sp of a standart skill.
Effect: If you lack resources for either of the effects, you loose (YourMaxHP/20) hp per effect and apply all effects. This can kill you.

Appearance: Same as the monster. Melee/ranged attacks are the sword slash and magic weapon attacks are the fireball animation (with the 'fireball' being the approporiate color for the element).
Description: It may take more than a lifetime to master both sword and spell...

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AQ  Post #: 17
5/14/2018 17:06:48   
Primate Murder

Stumbled upon Ramleoness Cub shield and thought that we should have more shields utilizing the three secondary stats.

Braken Baby

Water shield with focus on MRM

Effect: When you block an attack, the Braken Baby spits at the monster. This deals damage to the monster's mp equal to (5/0.15*1.5*0.85) or 42.5% Melee. This also has a YourCha/VStat modifier.

Appearance: A small version of the braken monster.
Description: This little baby can wreck havok on your foe's mana supply.

Starwatcher Shield

Darkness shield
MRM with focus on magic

Effect: Click on the shield to activate Fate Foretold. This takes a turn*. On your next turn you get +10 bth and a guaranteed Lucky Strike (as long as you still wield the shield).
*You take a moment to watch the stars.

Appearance: A round black shield with shimmering stars.
Description: With this shield even a novice can divine their destiny.

Sunray's Healing

Light shield with a focus on Magic defence

Effect: When you are hit with light damage, you heal mp equivalent to YourEnd/VStat*(5/0.85*0.85*0.9*1.5)% of the damage.

Appearance: Rays of solid light.
Description: You may not be a light elemental, but with Sunray's Healing even you can use the light of your foe's strikes to regain mana.

Four Eyed Shield

Fire shield
Average MRM, looses 3 to pay for skill compression

Effect: Click on the shield to use the Four Eyes skill. 4 hits of fire, water, earth and light with 132/109 elecomp. This has a YourLuck/ExpLuck*10% chance to deal double damage.

Appearance: A shield with four eyes.
Description: Did that eye just blink? Is it looking at me? It's looking at me, isn't it?

Circle of Doom

Energy shield
Average MRM

Effect: Click on the shield to activate Aura of Doom toggle. This deals (20*0.85*0.9) or 15.3% Melee as harm damage to both you and the monster. If your End is equal to or exceeding VStat, the Aura deals 22.95% melee damage to the monster instead.

Appearance: Same as the monster.
Description: This 'shield' is the very definition of a time bomb, but if you are confident in your survival you may shake it up a little.

Axiomatic Chipmunk

Earth shield
Average MRM

Effect: Every turn this chipmunk will decrease MRM of either yourself or the monster by 1. The chance of him targeting the player is 50% - (YourCha/ExpCha*25)%.

Appearance: The same as the monster.
Description: This chipmunk is certainly nutty, but with enough charisma you may persuade him to target your enemy.

Sleeping Pink BrainProdder

Wind shield
Average MRM

Effect: Every turn this BrainProdder has a chance to prod the monster and steal 20 Int, transfering them to you until the end of the battle. The chance is equal to YourCha/ExpCha*80%.

Appearance: A small version of the monster.
Description: Can you awaken this Pink menace without being prodded yourself?

Shellzard's Shell

Ice shield
Average MRM

Effect: Click on the shell to activate an MRM drive. This costs 25% hp of a standart skill and gives you 15*YourEnd/VStat MRM.

Appearance: Shellzard hiding in its shell.
Description: As long as you can endure a little cold, this shield would protect you from harm.

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AQ  Post #: 18
5/16/2018 16:00:22   
Primate Murder

With all these Artix quests and wars, I figured we are due an updated Artix armor...

Artix Redemption Armor
FO light armor. Gets downtriggers against undead.

Elelocked light armor with approporiatly high elecomp
MRM focused on Melee with a Magic secondary
2 hit attack

MC goes into a skill compression:

Gratitude of the Spirits
2 hits of light damage. Elecomp goes into boosting damage.
This is treated as a spell.
Costs sp of a standart skill.

Trigger: When posessing a Good Alignment and not fighting undead, all your light attacks from weapons and spells (including the armor skill) attempt to leave your foe starstruck for 2 turns. The monster can resist this with a -10 save on str/luck vs cha/luck. If it fails, it becomes starstruck (renamed elevuln with +20% light damage). Starstruck statuses stacks with each other.
Downtrigger: When fighting undead, you are inflicted with following statuses:
This grey morality thing is tough! You have a 10% chance of becoming paralyzed for a turn.*
Light Lady's... Favor? Your attacks have a 10% chance of healing the monster instead.**
Censure, Surrender, Abandonment and Doubt. You take 10% extra damage from undead.

*This bloodthirsty homicidal undead is evil... isn't it?

Appearance: Legendary Paladin Armor. The skill looks like a column of light with hints of spirits inside.
Description: Now that Artix went through his spiritual quest, he's once again ready to save people's lives, restore justice and establish peace - just don't ask him to fight any undead.

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AQ  Post #: 19
5/17/2018 10:41:03   
Primate Murder

Neutral ice armor. Can accelerate and stagnate time.

Ice armor with energy secondary
MRM focuses on Magic
4 hits in Accelerated Time
1 hit in Stagnated Time

Effect: Toggle between Accelerated Time* and Stagnated Time**. In Accelerated Time, Chronogeist automatically gets celerity every turn, but deals 50% damage with all weapon and spell attacks. In Stagnated Time, Chronogeist automatically looses every second turn (paralysis with 100% chance of not acting), but deals 200% damage with all weapon attacks and spells. Neither status affects pets and guests.

*Everything around you slows down to a snayl's pace; you feel more insubstantial and illusionary than ever...
**Everything around you speeds up to a barely perceptible level and you feel as though you're the only real thing left in this world...

Appearance: A monochrome version of yourself in no-drop set-up. In Accel Time the player is constantly in rapid motion, blurry and nearly transparent. The attack is four rapid strikes from different directions. In Stagnated Time the player is more sold and greyed out, but seems to move in slow-motion. The attack is a single slow hit.
Description: This poor soul got stuck in a time anomaly and is no longer capable of moving with the corect timestream.

Adept of Blood
Fire set utilizing bleed.

Adept's Robe

Neutral fire armor with water secondary
MRM with a strong focus on Magic
2 hit attack

Bloodletting Effect: You start the battle inflicted with Bleed (power 1). You can't cure or save against bleed as long as you wear Adept's Robe. If you change into Adept's Robe after battle starts, you are inflicted with Bleed. Bleed's Power passively increases by 1 each turn.* As long as you're bleeding, you gain a bonus to all weapon and spell damage equal to (100*BleedPower/2)%. This gets the approporiate spell and magic weapon modifiers.

*You can feel the power burn through your veins.

Appearance: Red robes with arcs of blood flying around the player. Attack is two slashes with blood whips.
Description: Adept of an ancient cult that uses their own blood to empower attacks.

Ritual Dagger

Magical/Melee fire dagger
+3 bth lean
20% proc, 6 hits with a +5 bth lean
Special sacrifices 90% damage to inflict bleed (dex/luck vs end/luck with -10 to save, power: 0.12 per hit). The bleed stacks with each other and other sources.

Effect: Click on the dagger to Extract Blood. This is a fire skill that removes bleed from the enemy for damage. This is treated as a player attack and calculates damage the same way Terror Eater does.

Appearance: A dagger with a wavy blade and a reddish tint resembling rust. Special creates bleeding wounds on the enemy.
Description: This blade was used to inflict a thousand tiny cuts - then extract all the blood from them with a single thought.

Bleeding Shield

Fire shield with a secondary to water
MRM focuses on Magic

Effect: All your bleed effects deal +25% damage to both you and the monster. This also gives a +12.5% damage boost to Bloodletting and Extract Blood.

Appearance: A rectangular wooden shield with red 'wounds' that drip blood.
Description: This shield seems to be... bleeding?

Create BloodHound

A summoning spell that creates a temporary guest for three turns

Cost: An hp cost equivalent of a skill.

Appearance: Player cuts his arm and from the blood drops a large blood-red dog-like monstrocity forms.
Description: Create a temporary companion from your own blood. With a little extra blood it even could rip your foe bleeding wounds of their own.


2 hit attack, deals magic fire damage.
Deals 2x damage to compensate for the spell's hp cost.
Can be toggled to inflict stacking Bleed (cha/luck vs end/luck, -10 to save, power: 0.15 per hit) for an additional hp cost.
Note: The guest has an hp upkeep cost of a standart guest, such as skeeter.

FSB (Robe, dagger, shield): At the start of your every turn, you attempt to make your foe Bleed (End/Luck vs End/Luck, -10 to monster's save, Power equal to 1/2 power of your own Bleed).

Cain's Knife
Darkness dagger with a trigger against player's subrace.

The First Blade

Melee/Magic toggle
+3 bth lean
0-proc, so +9% damage

Trigger: Against the player's subrace, the dagger ele-seeks among the 8 standart elements and harm and deals +10% damage.
Downtrigger: Against everything else it deals -10% damage.

Appearance: A hunting knife with inscribed runes.
Description: This malevolent blade incites its wielders to murder their own kin.

Mark of Cain

Misc. Provides darkness resistance.

When paired with the First Blade:

Effect: The trigger deals +50% damage instead of +10%, but sacrifices 50 cha (to a min of 0). It automatically unequips itself if you lack necessary cha. It also deals (YourMaxHP/20)% damage to you if you do not deal damage this turn.

Appearance: just google mark of cain.
Description: Mark of Cain drives its wielders into a murderous rage that greatly increases one's power at the expense of a little wisdom and sanity.

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AQ  Post #: 20
5/21/2018 15:57:49   
Primate Murder

Since it seems the werepyre subrace is going to be postponed for a while yet, I thought I'd share my own ideas. Since it requires lvl 10 in both were and vamp, it is rather OP in the ultimate killing machine kind of way. Not entirely serious, mind you...

Earth/dark subrace armor

Weak to fire and light, average to other elements
MRM focuses on Melee
Note: This armor doesn't have a 'base' form, equipping it automatically turns you into ultimate form. This is because a werepyre is already the equivalent of the ultimate form of vampires and werewolves.

Basic attack deals 3x damage with approporiate modifiers for magical weapons and spells.
This costs 50% sp of a standart skill, 50% mp of a standart spell and 100% hp of a standart skill. This can kill you.
If you lack resources, your transformation fails.* If you run out of them, you receive damage equal to (YourMaxHP/20)% and automatically equip your no-drop equipment. This doesn't take a turn.**

*A weakling like you doesn't have what it takes to be a Werepyre.
**You can feel your muscles tearing and your bones breaking as you fail to keep up the transformation.

Description: You have become - a mighty Werepyre!

Level 0: Outcast - Passive
As a werepyre, you aren't welcome among vampires, werewolves or humans. You are an outcast - and you're stronger for it.

When you have neither pet nor guest equipped, you deal +28.725% damage with your attacks (approporiate modifiers for magic weapon attacks and spells).

Level 1: Master of the Night - Toggle
You draw upon your vampiric heritage and use your victim's life force to supplement your own.

Heal (20*0.9*0.85) or 15.3% hp of damage dealt. This costs 10% sp of a standart skill.

Level 2: Accursed Power - Toggle
As a werepyre, you're stronger than anybody else out there.

Enhanced Str drive (1.5x of were equivalent) for an hp cost double the sp equivalent on Werewolf's Lycan Strength.

Level 3: Aura of Terror - Passive
As a werepyre, you inspire terror in all who see you.

All your attacks attempt to inflict Fear (25% chance of not acting, 1 turn) on the enemy. Monster can resist (Str/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 to save.

Level 4: A Gift and a Curse - Active
You bite your victim and attempt to inflict them with your curse.

One hit, Darkness. +10 BTH lean. It takes -44% damage. If it connects, the monster becomes a werepyre. The monster gets two saves to resist this. Both saves are at a -20 penalty. First inflicts with INT/LUK and resists with CHA/LUK; the second inflicts with STR/LUK and resists with END/LUK. If the monster fails both saves, it becomes tagged as a werepyre.
This costs sp of a standart skill.

Level 5: Apex Predator - Passive
The weak live only to obey. As a stronger werepyre, you can enforce your will upon the lesser lesser races.

If your opponent is a vampire or a werewolf, all your attacks have a 12.6% chance to control them. Monster can resist (VStat/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 bonus to save. If your opponent has been tagged as a werepyre due to A Gift and a Curse, they also become subject to this effect, with -20 penalty to save.

Level 6: Accursed Knowledge - Toggle
As a werepyre, you have instinctive knowledge of many forbidden secrets.

Enhanced Int drive (1.5x of vamp equivalent) for an hp cost double the equivalent on Vamp's Ancient Wisdom.

Level 7: Lord of Twilight - Toggle
A werepyre is an unnatural being. The virus coursing through your veins slips in between the cracks of reality and makes your claws sharper than is naturally possible.

All your weapon attacks deal harm damage. You no longer suffer the 0.9 penalty for harm.
This costs hp.

Level 8: Guardian of the Moon - Active
You draw on your lycan heritage and free yourself from all shackles and ailments with a burst of life force.

You attempt to remove every hostile effect from yourself. End/Luck vs VStat/Luck with -20 to save. If you succeed, you remove all hostile effects from yourself and gain +20 immobility resistance and regeneration for 2 turns. This doesn't take a turn.
This costs 200% hp of a standart skill.

Level 9: Wings of the Night - Toggle
Leap into the air and let your wings take you out of your foe's reach.

Gain +36 MRM. This costs 50% sp of a standart skill.

Level 10: The Darkest Night - Toggle
Embrace your inner darkness and become... a mighty Werepyre!

Your armor becomes ele-locked to darkness. You deal full damage of an-elelocked armor.

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AQ  Post #: 21
5/22/2018 14:59:37   
Primate Murder

Malleus Maleficarum
Darkness magic hammer

-5 bth lean
20% proc, but instead of damage the hammer inflicts Jinx for ten turns. Monster can resist this (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with -20 penalty to save. This stacks up to three times, further stacking increases duration instead of effect.

-15% damage, -5 MRM, -5 bth
-30% damage, -10 MRM, -10 bth
-60% damage, -20 MRM, -20 bth

Appearance: A large hammer with writing on the side.
Description: Is this weapon a hammer used by witches or a hammer used against them? Either way, you can draw a little dark magic out of it to jinx your foe!

Eldritch Portal

Dark/light simultaneous resistance shield
MRM focuses on magic

Effect: You can click on the shield* to activate the Shadow Tentacles skill. This doesn't take a turn and can be cast up to 2 times per turn.

Shadow Tentacles
2 magical hits at +5 bth lean, 1 light and 1 dark. This gets 1.2 modifier for opposite elements, but no elecomp, since quickcast. This is treated as a spell.
The spell deals 20% melee damage for 50% sp cost. It uses cha instead of int for modifiers.

*Click on the shield to coax the tentacles of your eldritch monstrocity to assault your foe.

Appearance: Smaller version of the Shadow Vortex monster from the Ultimon Saga.
Description: Open the portal to a mysterious shadowy world with evil tentacles. Lots and lots of tentacles.

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AQ  Post #: 22
5/23/2018 8:16:41   

The Question
(AQ Sugg)

Interesting nerf weapon, that Malleus is. Although I never depended on proc-chance weapon for any effects. I would rather it be active-able or as a 100% passive.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 23
5/23/2018 13:53:13   
Primate Murder

Understandable, I generally prefer activatable weapon skills on my main myself. Just thought it might be a little to strong here.

As for passives, I don't really see a difference. Would it have been better if I put: "0-proc, but instead of +9% damage has a passive 20% chance to sacrifice damage to inflict Jinx"?
AQ  Post #: 24
5/23/2018 14:29:39   
Primate Murder

MindRipper Set
Energy set that steals Int.


Neutral energy armor with water and dark secondaries
MRM focuses on Magic
3 hit attack with +5 bth lean

Effect: At the end of a fight you have a [RoundsEquipped/TotalRounds*100]% chance to gain [MonsterPower]# of Mind Charges. This only works if the mob is ItemLvl-10 or higher.

Skill: You can click on the chest to consume one Mind Charge. This gives you +20 int for the remainder of the battle.

Appearance: Dark robes and a tentacle head (inspired by MindFlayers/Illithids of D&D)
Description: Draw on the psionic power hidden within the dark areas of your mind by eating the brains of others. Totally not like a zombie.


Magical energy staff
20% proc, attempts to inflict Illusions (renamed Asleep). Monster can resist (Int/Luck vs Int/Luck) with -10 penalty to save,

Effect: All normal player attacks and weapon specials deal -10% damage. In return, MindRipper attempts 10*(HitsConnected/HitsAttempted) Int from the monster and transfers them to the player until the end of the battle. Monster can resist (Int/Luck vs Int/Luck) with -10 penalty to save.

Appearance: A twisted wooden staff with a crystal at the top.
Description: Wielded by MindGobblers, this magical staff takes bites of your enemy's mind with every strike!


Energy shield with focus on MRM (primarily Magic)

Effect: When you block an attack, the monster gets MindRobbed (transfers 50 int from monster to you until the end of the battle). The monster can resist this (Int/Luck vs Int/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

Appearance: A small round purple shield.
Description: With this shield you can proudly proclaim yourself to be a Phantom Thief of Minds.

FSB: All your attacks have a (Int stolen from the monster since the beginning of the battle)/10% chance to inflict control (100% chance of not acting, 1 turn) on the monster. The monster can resist this (Int/Luck vs Int/Luck) with a penalty to save equivalent to MindChargesUsed*5.

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