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Starslayer (Revamped verison)

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5/6/2018 1:01:02   
aq DarkKnight

Monster/Quest Name: Starslayer/The Void
Character Link: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=70499719
Guardian/Adventurer: X-Guardian
Level Version of Monster: 150
Build: Pure BeastMaster Mage
Items Equipped:

  • Weapon: Agony's Embrace
  • Armor: Psionic Vampire
  • Shield: Energy Realm Protector (Would of use Darkheart Mirror if I haven't miss it)
  • Spell: Gandolphin
  • Pet: Underwyrmling
  • Misc: None
  • Guest: Guardian Angel Elder
  • Potion: Poison Neutraliser

Previously Used Strategies: Switched ready inventory on, started battle in Energy armor+shield. He got Initiative, use Force lightning that take half off my Health and render my Misc unuseable, as well as inflict Daze for one turn. He then gain Celerity somehow and keep attacking me with fancy Darkness strikes until my Health is dangerously low that HP potion wouldn't save me from dying the next turn. Die four times in a row and on one of my attempts, I got lucky and only manage to get him down to 457HP before dying again.
Notes: I have only 50 LUK so going first with Assassin's Raiment for +105 initiative is impossible unless I retrain my stats. Also, how could I beat him without spending my Z-Tokens on Ally Assists and quaffing down any HP potions? Please be free to share your battle tactics. Bonus points if you could tell me how you HPMPPK him.

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5/6/2018 1:16:45   
Silver Sky Magician

I see that you have Samukematsuri Caltrops in your Shared Vault, that makes things easy. Just use Caltrops twice and heal as necessary, and heíll literally kill himself. I didnít need any potions with this strategy, just a healing pet and guest.

Note that Caltrops does not work with Gandolphin. Also note that he switches to Darkness if you have the Daze status on you.

HPMPPK is quite simple (though not easy). Just use Dual Poelala with WKZ and 200 LUK + Initiative and hope the skill hits. If it doesnít, try until you get lucky. Needless to say, I prefer the more reliable Caltrops strategy.
Epic  Post #: 2
5/6/2018 1:36:37   

Copy-paste from my other posts:

If you are still struggling with Starslayer, here is a way for Warriors to win somewhat consistently without any PREMIUM or RARE items. I did this multiple times on my warrior who has 200 STR/200 DEX/150 INT/200 LUK so it should be even easier if you have END/CHA (more healing from pets) like most warriors do. Going to try to bold items so if you don't have them you can quest for them first.

1) Get max SP using Essence Orb at Combat Trainer. Go to Granemor and get a Poison Neutralizer from Lucretia. Enter the battle and equip Assassin's Raiment (be at least lvl 5) for +105 initiative to go first.

2) Cast Purple Rain. Use Shadowfeeder Pendant to get Celerity. Use Moonwalker's Grace. Equip Predator of the Night (Dark/Energy werewolf variant). Equip Chieftain's Ironthorn. Equip Divine Kusanagi Sword. Activate Werewolf stat drives to get +50 DEX and +50 STR. Evolve into beast form. Cast Purple Rain. Equip any misc that will help you do the most damage such as Elahi Irt of Osiris or Minotaur's Pride.

3) Attack him for your first turn in the set-up described above. Each hit should do at least 110 damage (you should have 290 STR and 250 DEX + 86 DEX from Moonwalker's Grace).

4) For your extra turn from Celerity, switch out Chieftain's Ironthorn for High Oracle's Taladosian Ward. Remember to use Essence Orb again to get max SP at this point but afterwards equip your damage misc again. Get out of Beast form, turn off the DEX drive but keep strength drive on. Attack him in the regular werewolf form so he doesn't take a big dump on your warrior (you can actually stay in Beast form but is more risky).

5) He will nuke you for a ton of damage but you won't get dazed thanks to the AMAZING potion. Turn back into Beast form when he won't nuke you + turn DEX drive on again and wack him in the head a couple of times for a free win. You might get unlucky and get highrolled if he celerity + spams dark attacks but it happens, just redo it.

Tips: Healing pets are best so use them (Fairy God Mother/Retro Twilly are both good). Make sure to spam Moonwalker's Grace whenever you can. Also, when he is around 600 HP range, equip Chieftain's Ironthorn and kill him instead of risking another turn of getting destroyed. Finally if you have premium items and especially booster pet like Dunamis this will be even easier.

Video of the set-up/strat in action:

Note: he does not always switch to Dark attacks when you're dazed. Sometimes he won't, it's pretty random. anyways, the best strat is to not get dazed in the first place.

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AQ  Post #: 3
5/7/2018 2:27:55   

On initiative. There is little to no use of both boosting options if you've got max luk cause of hidden cap. But Assasin lvl 5 and Lucretia's Ambush stack appropriately(to 210) on a lower amount and on average only 4 minutes required to go first versus topic on a player's starting amount.
AQ AQW  Post #: 4
5/7/2018 4:01:43   
Elemental Magician

Here's what I did on my successful attempt at this:

My build at the time was 200 STR/INT/END and 150 LUK

Enter the battle with Ambush potion and Full SP. Start with Psionic Vampire and Celtic Wheel and hope to go first.

Cast Purple Rain, then use Shadowfeeder until successful. Evolve with Psionic Vampire and use Ancient Wisdom (with Warlic Oblivion Sphere or Legendary Shadow Crystal V1 on Naga Day and toggle Celtic Wheel) and then cast Gandolphin. Cast Purple Rain again to recover MP and SP spent.

Get both Dunamis out and attack with Divine Kusanagi Sword on the first turn. On the second turn equip Sinmaw's Guile (although any good energy shield will do) and attack with Status Ward of Energy. Then hope for the best and hope you don't get stunned or get it too badly.

Every turn, equip Celtic Wheel again and cast Gandolphin, then Equip Darkness Shield (hope he attacks with Darkness) and attack with Divine Kusanagi Sword.

Repeat the last step until he is dead.

The sword's special didn't go off during the battle.

I didn't think to use Moonwalker's Grace or Chieftain's IronThorn, but those can be incorporated in the Pre-2nd Purple Rain and 1st Celerity turn respectively.

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5/9/2018 18:19:58   
aq DarkKnight

To consistently beat Starslayer, it's apparent that 200 LUK and Whispering Raiment (or Ambush Potion if accessible) are required for this particular battle. If Starslayer goes first and gains celerity, I have no chance to enact any of your battle tactics and the battle is already lost. If I go first, I could beat him consistently with any of the strategies above as well as my own favourite strategy. Shame I had to change the character build I had for so long to be able to beat him. My Pure BeastMaster Mage stood no chance against him due to the fatal weakness of having a little LUK points and the Assasin lvl 5 and Lucretia's Ambush boost could not even save me.
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5/9/2018 18:51:18   
High Paladin

Assassin's initiative plus ambush potion should be enough to get the drop on him, even with 0 luck. It is isn't super consistent (~50/50), but once you've got it you're good to go. I know this works because I have accomplished it myself.
AQ  Post #: 7
5/15/2018 19:09:58   
aq DarkKnight

^It's still extremely risky though, @High Paladin. Also, my favorite strategy can not be replicated twice due to his 99MRM and his RNG attacks. It's beginner's luck that I'm even able to beat him. Thankfully, by getting the Divine Kusanagi Sword and combining it with your reliable WKZ strategy, I'm able to successfully beat Him without the fear of retaliation. Your strategy is also very effective against all the other hard-hitters weak to Light(for example, Ryn the Undying), as I recently found out.
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