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character advice

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5/12/2018 23:03:04   

Finally hit 150. Was FO werwolf ranger, but now swapping to FD 100% proc neko bmr. Need advice on weapons, miscs, and pets to fill the gap, and armors for fire, energy, wind and ice (assuming luna neko, once its released will be waterr/dark, with sol being earth/light).

Char page: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=22902889

Need to update thunder cat pet, and water misc, everything else is max level.

no drop is neutral atm.

PS: Would like to use strictly bows, only have war hawk because aerodu bow is too unpredictable for my tastes.

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5/12/2018 23:36:40   
Legendary Ash

Cephalauncher consider the Blind toggle, from Talk Like Pirate day, Captain Rhubarb's hand map, Challenge fight
Gas Rat Grenade War hawk has a *.75 penalty for using Cha, worse than Aerodu
Flashbang Rat Grenade
Sell Hawk and Radiant

Luna Neko for no drops
Wicked King Plate
Fujin's no Kiyousa
ReignDragon Rider
Radiant Warhorse
Sell Sol

Call Poutine Golem
Call Tadzard
Call Windzard/ Shogun & Ansatsu Contract
Nezujimbo Contract
Call Twilly Heal toggle
Call Energyzard
Call Rayzard
Call Zombie Director from Zorbak at Warlic's shop > Ninja Lawyer Assassins Contract from Blarney
Sell Katshiros

Floating Pie from Warlic's Dessert quest
Fujin's Curse
Fairy Godmother
Sell Jr and Chick

Grakma Harbinger
Father's Day Sock returns on Father's day
Troofle Fur from Snugglefest
Elahi Irt of Osiris from Warlic's Pyramid quest
Ranger's Scope
Sell Poly, Ruby, Eye and Vial
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5/13/2018 4:56:29   
Primate Murder

Woah, did you seriously sell everything from your old build including rares? Your chara page doesn't show a Shared Vault.


For wind there was a Winds of Time bow, but it seems you didn't pick it up. I'm afraid Gas Rat Grenades are the only other real option as LA said.

There are earth and light Knight Bows which do +5% damage for their knight orders.

Boatman's Bow and Labyrinth Bow are nothing special, but provide options for water and earth, which seem to lack at the moment.

Mecha Knight Bow is an alternative if you get tired of your Agony's Wrath.

Warp Wars has a temporary Salvation Bow, you may consider using it as your light weapon to allow for Steampunk Love Bow. Otherwise you may want Golden Paragon Bow from URs. It grows stronger the more foes you slay.

If you plan on bying z-tokens, Stun Bow from the Z-Token shop is very much worth it in place of Bow of Judgement. With some luck, your enemy won't attack once during the entire battle.

You may also want to consider buying Warden's Luminous Bow, keeping it in storage and bringing out when going fighting against shadow.

Note: Snugglefest Seasonal Foam Finger is not a bow, but it is the best possible weapon for beastmasters.


For fire I'd recommend Quester's Heavy Dragon Gunner over the Wicked King Plate. It doesn't compress darkness, but you have neko for that, and it has two skills. The offensive fire skill deals a little more damage than WKP and Force Field creates a mana shield (not quickcast, but for beastmaster that's not as bad).

Likewise, for energy Quester's Heavy Gunner is better due to two skills (as above), and it doesn't require you to beat a very difficult boss.

Fujin armor is probably the most defensive armor in the game, so since you lack the rare BoW and FBoW it's the best wind option.

ReignDragon is a seasonal rare. There is a z-token version in the z-token shop with a fire skill that inflictis burn. This is a reasonable FD ice armor. Another alternative is Chilly Form from R GB. It has two heal skills - mp and sp. Alas, they use int and end, of which you have 0.


As a beastmaster, it is somewhat shameful that you still lack the Pie shield from the dessert set. It has a 50 cha drive like celtic wheel's int drive.


As LA has noted, a beastmaster deals 60% melee damage with guests. There is absolutely no reason not to fill your spell slots with guest calls. Note: You may also consider getting a Celtic Wheel shield. The mana from its int drive with mana from a misc is enough to support an mp-costing summons guest for a battle or two.

Call Zorbot from the Undead War compresses dark and energy elements. Pick it up while you have the chance.

Alternatively, Call Chupacabra compresses dark and water. This is a seasonal rare. Pick it up while you can.

Call Maple Beaver is in guardian shop and compresses water and earth.

Katshiros, of course, compress earth/light and water/dark.

Call Skeeter is entirely unique in that it costs hp rather than sp. This is basically a free source of wind damage.

Call Bloodhawk summons the strongest fire guest, but it's locked behind UR.

Nezujimbo is best for ice, no second thoughts.

Earth has Call Twilly with heal or Call Mittens with paralysis chance.

Call Scion has a chance to paralyze the foe, if you are unsatisfied with pure damage darkness guests.

Guardian Angel Elder has a chance to heal you.

And a wide variety of other temporary guests. You're a beastmaster now, don't fight alone!

Note: You may also consider getting cha-based SPells like Scarab Swarm or Entangling Vines.


First of all, ignore LA and don't sell the Blood Ruby! It is currently rare, possibly permarare and worth it for the future trading at least. It is also fairly useful on its own for fights like Krenos. There's nothing else in the game that grants as much paralysis resistance and str/luck stat boosts are rather good.

Secondly, defensive miscs are somewhat unpopular right now. With a heal every two fight, you most likely wouldn't need them for any questing. Cyclops' Eye is omnielemental compression and only slightly less efficient than specialized miscs; it generally takes care of all your defensive needs. If you decide to use them anyways, old subtractive miscs are noticably better. HoRD, Helms of Drakonnan and Drakonnas, Eye of Sacragon, Urn of Prevailing Winds, Solaris Helm and Everfrozen Shard (z-token) lower their respective element by 10%. Amulet of Drakonnan and Shock Collar are alternatives for fire and energy.

Thirdly, Essense Orb. Whether you plan to use Purple Rain nuking combos or not, you need a source of basically free sp. This allows you to avoid balancing guests and miscs to never exceed 98 sp and gives you a free pet slot in place of Nightmaragon.

Now, for the rest of your misc slots, you have a wide variety of choices. It's your choice which build you want to play.

SFP. A nuke specialty granting you, your pets and your guests celerity.

Irt of Osiris as mentioned by LA. Heavy duty light misc with bonuses to int, str, end and bth.

Ranger's Scope, also mentioned by LA. A classic damage and bth booster for ranged weapons.

Knight's Crest. Boosts your fire, melee and magic defences and allows you to inflict a 10-turn fire burn on your foe.

Your Coire Dagdae. Water defence, heals some hp for prolonged quests and gives +50 cha for pet and guest damage.

Shock Collar mentioned above. Boosts your pet damage by 32.5%.

Liquid Courage. +20 to saves against panic and fear.

Crystal of Restless Shadows. Generally used in long maze-like quests, since it gives you lifesteal. You deal a little less damage, then heal hp based on damage dealt.

Pendant of The'Galin. End and Cha boost, as well as +10 bth.

Mana Trap from R GB. The best misc when fighting magical enemies. Boosts magic defense, reduces magic damage and deals damage to enemy if it uses mp.

Gemini Pendant from Guardian Shop. Calls an sp-costing guest that seeks between earth and wind.

Yasakani Jewel. Dex and Cha boosts, Wind resists and you heal an extra 10% from all sources.

Poison Arrow Vial may be useful to you, since you use bows. It poisons the monster for 3 turns, than grants you 19% damage boost.

Grakma Warhorn mentioned by LA. Calls an sp-costing fire guest that only attacks 2/3 of the time, but stronger and can inflict EleVuln on your foe.


Ah, the field of greatest battles between beastmasters. Which statuses are better? Should I sacrifice pet damage for infliction chance? Should I focus on damage pets? There's no single answer. Play around with various pets and statuses, decide for yourself which are better. This section is the largest, so I put it last and divided by elements.


LA's Floating Pie has a toggle to inflict paralysis.
Love Machine. Seasonal rare from Snugglefest with a chance to make the monster afraid.
Harpy Dragon seeks between Fire and Wind.
Underwyrmling can be toggled to harm the monster's sp rather than hp (locked behind a difficult boss battle).
Flareos is premium with 12k token package, has a notable chance to inflict Control.
Overlord's Reincarnation has a chance to inflict burn.
Carnation Rose Doll is Snugglefest seasonal rare, but has been updated with a toggle to sacrifice 50% damage to inflict a stron 2-turn burn.
Pumpkin Golem (z-token) seeks between fire and earth.
Bun-battler is grenwog seasonal rare, but attampts to choke the monster every turn to deal less damage.


Cephalopod, mentioned by LA, can be toggled to inflict a strong blind every turn. It's pretty much the only real choice.
There's also Emodjinn, but its a seasonal rare from April Fools. It can inflict daze.


Your Sacred Chicken is a nice choice for an FD build. Quog is an alternative wind healing pet. Harpy Dragon mentioned above also heals on its wind attacks.
Sphinx pet from the Osiris quest can inflict daze.
LA's Fujin pet and April Fools' seasonal Nerfbat inflict a little defense loss and EleVuln.
Champion Weapon Golem (z-token) seeks between wind and ice.
Bun-Bowman from Grenwog has a chance to inflict paralysis.
Deadeye Cupid from Snugglefest can control the foe.
Velocigobbler from Harvest Fest is nothing special, but with a Wind Stone misc you can transform it into a Turkeysaurus Rex capable of putting your foe to sleep.
Experimental Robocockatrice (z-token) is possibly the best option here, capable of petrifying the enemy.


Since you lack a freezing weapon, Nilak's potence would only be used if you get a Nezujimbo Contract.
Haunted Sword is a classic. It can lower the monster bth by 12 each turn.
Ice Cream Golem from the dessert set can be toggled to daze your foe.
Nerfkitten is the only true debuffed pet left in the game. It can inflict a stacking Defense Loss on the foe, and when it doesn't do that, it increases its own accuracy.
Champion Weapon Golem (z) has been mentioned above.
Diamond Flutterby from UR can toggle between a Freezing attack and a +5% damage.


Sabre Toothed Grenwog is a pretty good pet from what I hear, but it's most suited for an FO combat style, so I'll still suggest a few alternatives.
Experimental Robocockatrice mentioned in the wind section wind/earth seeks and petrifies.
Neko Waifer and Hammer Turret have a chance to paralyse.
Ca-can cannon compresses earth/energy.
Pumpkin Golem (z) is fire/earth compression.
Azamay Golem is highly customizable with miscs.
Alpha Dracoglin (z) can be toggled to heal.
Golden Gween from Blarney can be paid to deal 30% extra damage.
There is also a Mother's Day Rose in LTS right now.


Thunder cat is more optimized for an FO build. It can still work with FD, but I'll suggest alternatives.
PikaZard from ZardHunter can paralyse.
Toduh from WarpWars can inflict offbalanced.
Sacragon has a chance to inflict more damage.
Can-can cannon mentioned above is earth compression.
Carnation pet (snugglefest rare) can inflict control


Well, first is the Fairy Godmother, as mentioned by LA. It can attack as well as heal your hp and mp.
Sacrab pet from the Osiris quest is a must if you plan to utilize the neko's bleed toggle.
Mau of Osiris from the same quest can inflict Fear.
Dogzilla can inflict burn.
Shadow pets are light/dark compression.
Soluna from UR does the same, but better and can heal your mp.


Deatharrows is one of the best options here (though why you spent a UR on the same effect as an easily-available Model...) for pure damage, but I'll give options.
Nulgath and Soluna from GBs are compression. So are shadow pets.
Skitter can entangle the monster.
Aranacabra (z) inflicts fear.
Undead Archer has a chance for an auto-hit.


Retro Twilly heals a little more than FGM, but does nothing else.
My Tiny Void Pwny from UR GB and Exceptional VOid Drayk from z-token shop deal harm damage.
Mana Golem from the Frazzledop Void fight deals random element damage for 130/90 damage and can be toggled to deal another +50% damage.
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5/13/2018 19:50:52   

Thank you guys for all your wonderful suggestions. Gives me a lot to do on my coming vacation. XD
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5/13/2018 20:35:30   

my alt character " here"

^uses full defensive armors/bows probably easier to take a look at this than for me to type everything out

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5/16/2018 10:23:35   


Some work i've done, so current char page: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=22902889

No drops are now fire.

I have 5 rare, and 3 UR ggb rewards to use. What to get?
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5/16/2018 10:39:21   

questers dragon gunner armor(rare box)

paragon bow (light UR) if you want to do the bow theme

call bloodhawk (UR fire guest)

that would be about it for the current boxes available
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5/16/2018 10:59:20   
Primate Murder

There's not a lot of stuff, actually. Mostly, I would suggest conserving them for the future.

My Tiny Void Pwny from UR deals harm damage, making it the best against low element monsters and always-useful with 10% penalty.

Call Blood Hawk from the UR is the strongest fire guest in the game. It does some heresy with charge storing on attacks, but what's really worth it is the self-destruct mode. It deals bonus damage based on the expected remaining turns in combat, so even with zero charges, if you detonate it on your first turn you deal over 50% extra damage. You can't summon it again in the same battle, but nothing's stopping you from calling another fire guest.

Fu Dog from URs has a petrification toggle.

Chickencow Clone from UR follows your weapon's element, but looses 15% damage.

Taledosian Pendant from this month's GGBs helps inflict statuses, which may be useful for some of the coming neko skills.

Sin of Revontheus from R is a fire element clone of Haunted Sword.

Alternatively, Ghostly Infernal Skull from the same Rs can inflict fear.

That's pretty much it. Nothing ourstanding or game-changing.
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