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Which are the problems that is breaking ED?

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5/13/2018 20:30:04   

I played this game first time in 2010, when I know about AE and its amazing flash games.
Let's have a litte flashback, but before I must say I may be wrong because I don't own the truth, so anything wrong, please sorry, because I'm just a normal player who loves this game.
ED was epic, and what destroyed him, IN MY OPINION, was the REVOLUTION. You can see everything today on ED is different from before, mainly the balance, that I think is the main problem.

The revolutionary thinking destroys everything, because it changes the roots, and Epic Duel had good roots. Its great features, IN MY OPINION AGAIN, is the gameplay, the only thing what makes me play even today. Second WAS the balance, the PvP had strategies, what no happen nowadays, when a Support Mercenary have to use only 2 skills to finish a battle against a focus build for example (happened to me to get killed by 2 hits from a supp merc, using a high defense focus). The passives abilities increased the chances of a dinamic battle, another thing I miss so much. The 1v1 today is just monopolized by three classes: Cyber, Mercenary and Tech Mage. This breaks the game dinamicy. There's a Cyber's build that's IMBA even you have 100% luck (lol), that is the Tank 1100 Hp build.
Another balance issues most of you must know is the incapacity of a blood mage take a fair PvP with a cyber hunter, due the mana limitations of bm. Cyber has 3 defenses abilities so good, a powerful damage stun and a crazy emp, what makes this class the most used on pvp.

But most boring than the unbalance btw classes, is the poor Rank System, what instabilizes the battle's chances of crit, block, def (The rank was a try to make ppl playing ed infinitely, but it just broke the game. A game wich you can collect battles on your profile is itself infinite). A thing that came with rank was the uncertain of battles' results. You may have the better strategies, the better items, but you can still lose due the abusive crits and unlucky that comes against to you if you're higher rank than your opponent. The rank, instead of make the PvP fair, it just broke it.
Noone has infinity patience. If you're smarter than your opponent, has better items and keep losing by the chances you probably would lose your will of playing, because there's no more fun in the battles.

A thing I hated was NPCs on PvP (Rlly, why this instead of engage to make a good balance, as before, and so get more players?). You can see the Jugg Top 1 before the npcs (Who fought against PLAYERS to get his 15k battles), was just forgot. A lot of things added to the game seems to be unthought, like npcs in pvp and rank system.

The question is: Can this game be great again?
I think it is a hard work to do this, because this game is so ruined, but I think isn't impossible.
As a "normal player", a thing I'd love to see is a new balance system, new class' skilltrees, with EXCLUSIVE skills (like why a cyber hunter have poison?). And a PvP with fixable chances of crit, etc. """THE BATTLES SHOULD HAVE MORE STRATEGIES AND LESS LUCK""".

And is this what I think. I'm just a brazilian normal player who plays this games by 8 years and wanna see it ALIVE !!!

Say below your thoughts. What could be improved etc.

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5/14/2018 16:00:34   

As someone who has played this game for almost as long as you have I can agree on one thing. It would be nice to see this game thriving like it did back in the phases of Beta - Delta however there are somethings that were missed.

1) They added NPC to PVP because of the fact that the player pool without them was just plain pathetic.

Juggernaut was just about dead due to their being a tiny 2 vs 2 player pool and people wanted to be able to jug again, not to mention the population of the game was so low that it took forever to even get matches. Then there was the fact that we couldn't even get new players to start duel due to their being a mandatory tutorial mission where you had to do 1 PVP battle to go out but those players couldn't even get said match due to their being almost no one for them to challenge down at those levels. All of these and more reasons was why they added NPC to the mix so the game could function when there was a lack of actual players.

2) Bad balance issues and poor decisions made by the epic duel staff.

This has always been present within the game even since Alpha, and there was never a perfect imbalance. People always found balance issues within the game and whenever someone found a "OP build" Or something that worked too well it was copied and everyone who didn't copy it and got steamrolled cried for it's nerf. Epic duel was always in this cycle of nerfs and buffs and it never seemed to stop. It destroyed builds, placing less dominant ones on the top, only for those to get nerfed and so forth.

Then there was the biggest kicker of removing passives for actives while adding cost to cores. It is why we are now stuck in the energy crisis phase where a lot of the older fun builds of the past are no longer used or can function. Variety took a massive huff in the nards and it is why we have so few builds in each battle mode. Because using almost anything else will result in you losing.

3) The staff no longer works on this game.

Not sure if you know this but the Epic duel staff as well as the majority of the staff members from most of the other games owned by AE have been moved to AQ3D. In AE eyes Epic duel is not worth having their staff put any time into because lets face it. the amount of people playing compared to the beginning of omega, or even end of delta doesn't compared. Back in the infernal war we has 3 servers open with 2 of them being full and a 3rd almost full. there were over 2-3 thousand players playing the game back then where as now we don't even get 200 players anymore. Even down time after reset back in older days yielded more players than epic duel pulls in now at it's peak (Back then it was like 400+ players during reset times)

So tell me if you are in charge of a business, and you see this would you really keep the staff working on this game that is barely pulling in 100 people at best? Most would say no and that was the case with AE.

Besides the game is already on a dying platform and they are already running into other issues so they just had the staff leave the game as it is, and only have them do anything if something absolutely need to be done so the game can stay function (and by functional I mean you can play it not fixing balance issues or adding anything new).


Unless AE has a change of heart and lets the epic duel staff come back to said game the game as it is now is dead, and won't be getting any updates outside of maintenance and the gifting update.
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5/14/2018 18:17:50   

These phases are really necessary?

The game was good, every server was full of players, everything was going well. So why they changed a thing that's already good?
I have some doubts, I'd like if you can solve them.

1- I always played ED with pauses (I play 3 months and I stay 3 without playing), and I remember when I backed I just saw that everything has changed, points, skills, everything. So I shall ask WHY they did all of that? Was really necesary?

2 - I know there are external problems that makes the game even worst, like the decaying of flash. But, in your opinion, what should be the first actitud by the devs to make this game great again? (if possible, of course)

3- Do You think, like me, the devs was undemocratic? This game should have a major care to the players opinions, or shouldn't do nothing radical before the agree of most players. Do you agree?

4- Would worth, for AE, a total engage on this game again?
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