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Thoughts on AQW currently as of 2018

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5/16/2018 20:21:52   

I've noticed that there just weren't as much people online as there used to be in 2012. I went to google trends and it seems search terms for AQW are hitting all time lows 10% of 2011.

It made me think what was exactly going on to cause such a change?

Now obviously with some of the newer games released there would naturally be competition.

However what made AQW unique was the story line was memorable and introduced characters from previous AE games like Dragonfable and AdventureQuest Classic.

However after the Drakath Saga things kind of started going downhill. It reminds me a bit of the DF saga after Sepulchure was defeated, and they entered the Wargoth Arc.

Personally I thought the main driving points were the story and the art style. The combat is ok but the quests seemed a bit repetitive. The yulgars feel a bit like a chat room, except sometimes there isn't anyone who is not afk.

What are your thoughts on AQW in general?

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5/16/2018 20:46:21   
Edme MacHeath

People seem to be talking a lot about how AQ is dying or is not doing so good. And that may be true but AQW is fine. It's never been a big game. It never even reached past 20k players.

It's a 9 year old game that has been using the same business model, has most of it's staff working on other projects, is very nonfriendly to new players, with poor updates and unresolved gameplay issues and bugs.

Especially with it being a browser based game in a age where those games basically don't profit at all anymore. AQ is in a niche market inside a niche market, it's a MMO that is a flash game with little to no advertisement.

It also has just very little to offer. Unless you really like grinding and socializing, there is nothing to do in AQ. Any new players who are used to other games aren't gonna spend any significant money that the game demands to be "cool" or "strong" in the game, there is better games that have way more to offer for a better pricetag.

It's very obvious why it's doing so "bad" The game was messy at it's core and has only gotten worse over time. I don't think it needs to be a huge surprise why AQ is dwindling down.

AQ  Post #: 2
5/16/2018 21:48:24   

A combination of Flash games in general falling out of favor and player-unfriendly game design choices (namely overuse of rares and over-reliance on microtransactions) are the biggest reasons AQW's playerbase has been dwindling. Nothing can really be done about the former and AE refuses to do anything about the latter, so here we are.
DF  Post #: 3
5/16/2018 22:41:30   

Was a time where on a member server you could see 800+, now you barely see 200. Even the membership doesn't have success like in the past. Was a time where we got more servers, not test servers, where most of them were almost full. Well, for those who caught those time to see a populated AQ game, DF game and even AQW game, they will remain with those good memories, but i dunno about the newer players. The motivation was much stronger in 2010 for example than it is now in 2018, probably because lack of staff, advertisment and no original content. Even so, the game will maintain its playerbase for more years, we can enjoy that, we still have parties to play with, we still get weekly events, so imagine how hard is to create this on a weekly basis.
AQ  Post #: 4
5/16/2018 22:52:57   
Aura Knight

It's difficult to stay interested in a game where each weekly release is just a copy of past weekly releases just with a different look. This is the part where I'm expect to say I understand why this happens, but I honestly don't. Changes should have been made as soon as the decline in players started but maybe they couldn't do that. I believe the the problem lies in dev inability to adapt the game. Yeah, we have the server rewrite to consider but it's hard to have faith in something that only one person is doing a vast majority of the work on. I'm sure Yorumi's talented enough but isn't it a bit too much of a burden? If the end result of the rewrite isn't what is predicted, he'd have done all that work for nothing. I don't know if AQW can last much longer and I hate saying this. There's a reason I stuck with this game for almost a decade. Just hope I've not just been wasting my time.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 5
5/17/2018 1:03:22   

At this point I'm just hoping they don't mess up AQ3D like they did with AQW and that maybe they start making things better for the game. They even don't bother to add any new features (The last one was the buyback shop and I think that was purely to make more $$$) anymore they just keep pumping out boring content. They also keep delaying the server rewrite even if Alina says it's in the final testing phase for the nth time..

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AQW  Post #: 6
5/17/2018 19:15:29   
Keeper of the Owls

Stale gameplay and lag are the biggest problems with AQW right now. It's been 10 years and neither problem has been fixed.
AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 7
5/17/2018 22:48:04   

Flash slowly dying out and overuse of micro-transactions and lack of player friendliness aside, there's one main reason why I have lost a lot of interest in AQW personally. I'm probably the odd one out, since most players seem to only care about rares/items (seems to be the main motivation for a lot of players), but I used to really like the storyline and the cutscenes. Before the QoM storyline, I felt really captivated by the Lords of Chaos arc, at the other side arcs like Doomwood Skyguard, AQW Zombies, etc. It used to have a certain charm to it, a certain kind of wit and creativity, that now appears to be all but gone. The last time I genuinely enjoyed a release on AQW was during the Throne of Darkness side arc. It felt like some of that old spark was back. But it seems like that spark quickly faded, because ever since then, all the other releases were either bad or mediocre at best. I'm unable to come up with any other memorable release since then. I suppose what I'm trying to say is, it all seems very lazy now. I think it's probably because AQW doesn't have as much staff anymore, and because the developers are probably focusing most of their time and resources on AQ3D, and when it comes to the QoM story, there's a lot of flip flopping with how it's supposed to turn out because it seems none of the writers or staff have any concrete ideas, hence releases like the (probably) long forgotten "Summon" event, which was originally supposed to take the QoM story into an entirely different direction, only for that to randomly be scrapped due to unforeseen circumstances. Honestly, it's sad for me to see what AQW has become. I don't think I'll be playing this game much longer. I mostly only do so out of nostalgia as well as a faint hope the story will get better, only to constantly be proven wrong. The recent Djinn Realm releases didn't even have cutscenes. That right there just screamed "lazy!" to me. Even the side releases are severely lacking in quality. At this point, I wish AQW abandoned it's weekly release schedule to provide more polished, quality releases. Quantity isn't always the answer. AQW already has ten years worth of weekly releases, although it might be the constant new items and rares flowing in that keep the game going.

So, my thoughts on AQW as of 2018? As I mentioned before, I don't see myself playing for much longer, so I would have to say "pretty bad" if I were to briefly sum it up. But all of these are just my own personal thoughts and opinions, and others may disagree.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 8
5/18/2018 1:01:09   
Aura Knight

The suggestion to change the releases from weekly to bi-weekly has been mentioned before. I don't see why they can't do that. We don't need a new map every Friday. Some players might not care for the weekly releases and all they do is buy something from the Featured Gear then go back to being afk. Having weekly releases isn't something to be proud of when the quality of those releases seems to often be bad. I'd care a lot more for a release that is of decent quality than one which is rushed just so we can have a weekly release. Tradition is fine and all but seems to be hurting AQW more than it helps.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 9
5/18/2018 1:57:31   

Lots of items only being re-skinned thats all.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
5/18/2018 10:20:48   
Beshin Adin

I think it's a good story without blowing the budget on art
AQ AQW  Post #: 11
5/18/2018 13:00:59   

I've been a player of AQW since Beta. Honestly a lot of things have changed in the way AQW is being managed. from the top of the line content and items it started to decline to 5-10 minute quest release every friday to re-skinned items and unfriendly environment (Let's Face it there are a lot of AFKs than people helping out newbies). right now, were just clinging to the rewrite of the servers wherein were waiting for that fresh start.

hopefully, AQW will not end up like being MQ.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 12
5/18/2018 17:57:47   

While DF has a smaller budget and staff, they have one thing that allow people to stay loyal: a good story. When DF players fight wars, they don't do it for the trinkets; they do it because we've gotten emotionally invested in the storyline that led up to the war. Take the beginning of the Fire War in both games. In DF, we became invested in the Fire War not as another adventure but rather we saw the beginnings of an NPC who has stood in the background for some time slowly turn to villainy.

And that is why AQW won't work, because we lack a good story.

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Post #: 13
5/18/2018 18:14:42   
Beshin Adin

^ I think the AQW story is quite good..........would be nice if they chose a saga and stuck with it, like they did with the 13 Lords.............
AQ AQW  Post #: 14
5/18/2018 21:25:28   

Really after the 13 lords saga was over the storyline fell into a mess.

The QoM storyline has all kinds of interesting and fun villains and monsters but the storyline refuses to really do anything with them and they're kinda all over the place.

You've got Tyndarius and his horde of fire spartans and tigers sitting around, you've got a horde of demons sitting around in Darkovia, you've got at least 2 big bad ice villains sitting around in the North, Gravefang and his horde of werepyres are seemingly aligned with the Queen now but we've yet to see anything happen on that front either. Nevermind she raised a few elementals titans then got bored....

As far as the releases themselves go the quality has steadily dropped, most can be finished in under no more than 15mins and more artificial extending of gameplay by using more and more grinding methods to obtain that weeks gear (this weeks enchanted ice shard quest)

Shout out to Galanoths arm reappearing for the NOOO! portion of the cutsecne at the end of tonights release

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 15
5/18/2018 22:11:36   
Beshin Adin

I still think BoM should be AQW's second big saga
AQ AQW  Post #: 16
5/19/2018 12:59:29   

I've recently come back to AQW after not playing very much since the end of the 13 Lords of Chaos saga. I was excited for the Queen of Monsters saga and I've been having fun playing through all the releases over the years that I've missed. Personally, I think it would be best to fuse the Elemental Titans and Book of Monsters storylines and keep introducing new Drakonus locations and new Titans while also introducing more of the Queen's children on the main continent. Things would truly feel chaotic bouncing between the two and never knowing what enemy is going to appear next or if two enemies will show up simultaneously.

In terms of gameplay, AQW knows exactly what kind of game it is. I'm happy to see that the weekly releases are cohesive with having story quests followed by reputation and farming quests and merge shops. Fundamentally changing gameplay in games usually alienates players, so keeping things the same helps more than it hurts I think. We've seen a huge interest in revival TV shows and returns of classic games that prove people like the old and familiar, so it's better to keep AQW as AQW without trying to introduce any revolutionary mechanics. This way, when people log into AQW they know they're getting AQW.

The only thing I think AQW is missing is having all the story locations on the map and a Book of Lore where you can easily see every saga and replay every cutscene right from the interface. Other than that, I would prefer things continue as they are. Of course everyone is allowed to have their own opinions and there are good arguments against what I believe, but I've been very happy with AQW since returning.
AQ AQW  Post #: 17
5/21/2018 7:47:38   

About the story. Tbh, AQW started to decrease on playerbase after the chaos saga. MoM saga should be a top priority, not the fire war, not other wars, not fillers and such. Ofc ppl are bored if you keep give them same things, just a "reskin" of the previous stuff.
You know that doomvault release few years ago? That's something nice to have, at that level, at that volume, consistency.
AQ  Post #: 18
5/21/2018 13:25:56   

I don't really know what's going on. Chaos Saga was basically "DragonFable Orb Saga, part 2", and now we're flashbacking to Orb Saga part 1 (Firewar, which was the Fire Orb story). Demento and just AQW character art in general looks so bad & un-stylistic that I went back to DF to finish Orb Saga and the rest of the Books. Can't remember the last time MechQuest and AQ:Classic things were relevant, apart from Shadow Council & Vaxen, which introduced 2 major villain characters (one from DF, who serves QoM in future cutscenes) & was a really great event. And now it's rare. ?    ????         why


And the only reason AQW is rehashing Fire War, is to show what happened with the Fire Orb in DF.. which will explain why Fiamme wasn't doing anything while Tyndarius was running around? That might be alright. Until the non-important seasonal events pay a visit.

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DF AQW  Post #: 19
5/22/2018 11:36:49   
thulsa doom

Lately I've been losing interest in AQW because I'm sick of all of the pretty, but useless items.
Hopefully the (fabled) rewrite will make armor,helms, shields provide protection and weapons freeze, burn, DoT, etc.
As it is I have more items than I know what to do with and, ultimately, the vast majority are pretty useless -- giving me no reason to farm for yet More useless items.
AQ AQW  Post #: 20
5/22/2018 13:03:57   

I bought the GrimBlight of Destiny and was waiting for more "promised" doomvault content.
I think it was Artix who said that they won't be releasing more doomvaults because it was apparently not popular enough.
Suffice to say I felt disappointed.
AQW  Post #: 21
5/22/2018 23:22:23   

I think when Milton Pool(Miltonious) left. I think it down graded from some/most players. And stop playing for awhile because mostly Nulgaths now are hard farming now. And also Nulgaths gears are just spent by ACs which it cost by money which kids don't have money. Which means They just drop PC Browser Games and ask their parents to buy PS4 and play Fornite Battle Royale. This is just my observation. There could be more reasons but I'm pretty sure this is one of them. AE need to hire neat organized NPC Artist Mod if they want their game to be live again but that would be impossible for them in my opinion.
AQW  Post #: 22
5/27/2018 20:23:36   

I have come and gone since I started playing. Mostly due to getting bored with the game, as well as this just being a personal opinion. Some of the bosses being nothing more than a hp sponge. That and some of the quest items you can get being a rare drop that you have to grind over and over for. After a while of grinding over and over with a 'Please drop now?' hope. Gets boring. Least of all to me.

As for why others have left? Guessing most got bored with AQW, Real life happened, or they just moved onto other games.
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