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Damage and Energy Control

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6/21/2018 16:35:32   
.Lord Ginger.

Hey y'all,
A lot of y'all (at least the ones who read this and play the game) probably know the whole energy meta that is going on, and has been for a while.

A lot of people are not too fond of this especially with different things like the tech CH becoming a thing.

Since some builds like that can regenerate HP like crazy and control energy, there needs to be a way to stop this regeneration, or at least slow it down.

Damage output may make y'all think that Strength will be OP...

Well we can always increase everything more than we can increase strength (robo, aux, gun)

Malf, intim, and smoke don't rely on strength (as in increasing, smoke is by tech, intim by support, malf by support)to be good, so damage from other builds will be good, especially if they buff these skills (which I kind of talk about later in this post)

We could also increase the block rate (it sounds bad yea because of increasing luck), however this would prevent stat spam strength and can help other builds be prevelant

My suggestion is:

If the damage is raised in general and people can do more damage than a heal (408) in the amount of turns (4), on a consistent basis, this would help shorten the battles and lessen the effects of energy.

With increasing overall damage, players will have to choose whether to take energy and try to get some heals, or do more damage to win the fight and speed things up.

If the damage output overall is increased then these battles will last shorter.

And for y'all who like bosses and such:

The normal bosses could have their damage improved by an amount as well

And for legendaries, since we all focus on defense anyways, they don't have to be changed as their damage output is great enough, and a lot of the battle is played defensively for us.

With this change:

If everything is overall buffed, class skills will be a bit weaker in general, I think to further the whole "devs don't want us to rely on the same actives because they don't want it to be like passive" things, we can increase the damage actives, and increase the debuffs, such as smoke, intimidation, and malfunction.

Current Energy skills:

There are a few skills that I would also like to see fixed with this damage increase.

CH static should be buffed to deal 100% damage and maybe can recover less energy so strength builds are more viable.

Bounty Hunter needs a buff for sure, as it can hardly get enough energy to heal without 60+ support, possibly rescaling this move on tech like it used to be.

Mercenary static smash is really nice as it is, taking 100% energy, maybe nerf this amount more or decrease the energy drain.

Tech Mage, I think it's fine as it is, to be honest.

Blood Mage Parasite I believe should take more energy, or return the 3 turn of this skill.

The tactical mercenary atom smasher is pretty bad, so this needs a major energy buff, and maybe make it unblockable if it isn't already.

Plus, pyro shouldn't be as relevant if these energy skills don't matter as much

My main suggestion is the increased damage to shorten battles and lessen the possibility of heal looping, or at least make it last shorter.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 1
6/21/2018 17:52:03   

Hey Ginger,

I think part of the long battle problem is probably an indirect of the developers attempting to encourage the use of skills, particularly caster skills, in battles which, historically, were underutilized. For the large part of Beta, Gamma, and probably Delta, "regular" attacks (i.e. strike, gun, auxiliary, robot) were the basis of one's moveset, at least in 1vs1. Debuffs, strength skills, passive skills were popular because they simply enhanced these regular attacks without being distinct attacks on their own. The only way to make caster skills more appealing, it seemed, was to drastically decrease the effectiveness of regular attacks while simultaneously buffing the caster skills. Under this model, however, average damage often becomes too low when one does not have energy to use caster skills, hence the developer's need for creating energy regeneration skills.

As a result, what I see today is not necessarily a problem with damage itself, but the way that it is distributed. That is, the standard deviation of the damage of an individual player's attacks is far greater than before. Because the majority of attacks are too weak to break the 408 threshold in four rounds, there is an extreme emphasis on landing the few powerful attacks correctly such that most battles have become sort of a war of attrition: stall until the time is right to hit hard. Opportunistic gameplay is the dominate strategy for all builds such that those that rely on more consistent (less variable) damage, such as Strength builds, are lackluster. Unsurprisingly, Rage, which offers a sudden burst of irregularly high damage, has become far more important than in previous balance eras. Another problem arises when both players are too weak; the model then becomes "stall until you have energy but your opponent does not".

In order to correct this issue, (1) the standard deviation of the damage of attacks must be greatly lowered and (2) the mean damage of attacks must be raised above 408/4 (102). This could mean slightly increasing the damage of the regular attacks to be near or at this average, as you have suggested, while slightly decreasing the effectiveness of caster skills. By making caster skills and healing less appealing, energy regeneration skills will naturally become less useful such that players will have to once again think twice about using all of these skills. To facilitate this shift, the 408 base for heal could be adjusted to be lower, if necessary.

Hopefully, this writing is not too convoluted and sort of aligns with what you are suggesting/expressing.

I just want to say, though, that I personally don't have a particular dislike of long battles or energy/heal regeneration. I also don't have a particular dislike for the quicker battles of pre-Omega phases. I think both are valid gameplay models that can bother offer strategic and exciting battles. Whether battles should be long or short, in my opinion, is more a matter of personal preference than anything.

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