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TimeLine Theory

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6/26/2018 15:01:36   

Ok so as the title says this is just a (game) theory, so it might not be 100% anyway I was thinking and researching as much as i could anyway to come up with a cannon, or non-cannon if you will, timeline similar to that of the Legend of Zelda I don't know if this subject has been touched on before but if anyone would like to contribute than please feel free to anyway this is what I think the timeline stands as

DragonFable - the first story leading up to Drakath and the Chaos
Adventure Quest (3D) - slight peace returns to the world after the war for the elemental orbs + ultimate orb, Wargoth & The war with the Rose.
Adventure Quest Worlds - Drakath returns and releases Chaos amongst the world.
Warp Force - taking place in the near future when space travel is possible.
Mech Quest - set in the near future after the events with The Exo's.

and that's what i think anyway as i said before its just a guess so if anyone would like to contribute please feel free too and BATTLEON!!!


-- shoutout to Crystal Lion for corrections.

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 1
6/26/2018 17:04:11   

Not sure I should post this as I don't want to potentially hamper the topic but... temporal map by Falerin. (I stole it from A Guide to AdventureQuest History and Lore )

It's fairly old at this point but with *cough* time *cough* things of course change. It's a basic structure of time for the games thou it may not mesh up exactly. There is also the matter of any of the newer games and where if at all they sit.

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6/26/2018 22:38:41   
Crystal Lion

It's been stated in threads now gone that Herosmash doesn't take place on Lore. In fact, the first King Zong cutscene shows it takes place on Earth, North America to be exact.

Epicduel is also not considered a Lorian game because it was originally made by another company that was bought over by AE.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 3
6/27/2018 0:30:11   

ah ok interesting thanks for sharing I'll take Hero Smash off the list, also I was aware that epic duel isn't part of the quote on quote timeline hence why i never put it in along with the other spin offs like bio beasts or battle gems.

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7/4/2018 20:27:43   
Nessa Ellensse

You have forgotten the orginal Adventure Quest which came out before Dragon Fable. orgininally Dragon fable was set 5 years before Adveture Quest by Cysero did somethign to split the time line. AQWorlds cam about when Galanoth slew the Great Dragon of time in an attempt to stop Seppy merging the AQ DF and MQ time lines

The great Fire war release happens in Adventure Quest Drakonan I don't really remember much about it I don't think I was playing at the time. Athalth undeashe fire and death across Lore. You have the rise of Drakonan and the Death of Demento
In Dragon Fable you meet Drakonan while he is still Konan, once again. You see the events that turn him into Drakonan, Once again the Great Fire war then then Demento dies later after you your five year freeze if over you seek Drakonan has gone back to his old life as Konan and tried to live his life the best he can

AQ Worlds with Seppy kicking the bucket at the beging of the game we can assume the events that turn Konan into Drakonan have happened, so when the the great fire war happens in AQW Akraith, Demento and Drakonan are all killed

AQ3D there are references to a great fire war serval times, I can't find a Demento anywhere in Ashfall. I'm assuming that's why Galanoth is so axe crazy and muderious

Each one of these games has their own time line you can see it in the subtile or not so subtile difference in personality of the NPCs In AQ DF and AQ Worlds Artix and Galanoth are good friends in AQ3D you don't see any interaction betwen the to they don't seen to even know eachother speaking of AQ3D it's like the NPCs exist in isolation

Vampire Slayer E

while he doesn't exist DF

he is refered to as havign existed at some time in the past i AQWorlds and AQ 3D but no longer in the present and is currenlty dead in AQ Vampire Slayer E like most major NPCs is a game designer avatar. NPC avatars It is my understandign that often an in game avatar is killed or sidlined because that game designer no longer works for AE which doesn't explain why Tomix died since he still works for AE. Tomix is the game designer avatar and soul weaver in both DF and AQW. Tomix is to my knowldge still alive and well in AQworld but not much has happedn with the soulweavers lately

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7/13/2018 17:34:26   
Jonathan Dragonlord

The timeline(s) is(are) already well known.

First, Mechquest starts it off approximately 5000 years before the other games. Then the Reset occurs and the timeline splits because the PC spilled coffee on the control console. One timeline continues with the Mechquest universe while the other begins the DragonFable timeline.

DragonFable starts 5 years before AdventureQuest and acted as a prequel to AdventureQuest until Cysero and the PC kind of broke time during the Final 13th War and the battle against SMUDD, splitting the timelines once more.

AdventureQuest continued on its timeline, with WarpForce branching off (immediately after the end of the first main storyline in AQ) into space but remaining within the same timeline, and now the two take place simultaneously, just in different locations.

Sometime in the distant future something horrible happens in all three timelines and Galanoth goes to kill the Dragon of Time. Him doing this merges the three timelines, creating the AQWorlds timeline.

The only game that takes place in Lore which doesn’t yet have a set place in this wibbly-wobbly timeline (at least as far as I am aware) is AQ3D.

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7/14/2018 20:41:18   
Nessa Ellensse

The time line was broke durning the phone booth quest when you had to go 5 years into the future to calm your dragon who was rampaging through battlone because you weren't there. not only did it casue a time line split but it forshadowed the 5 year span you spent in an ice cube.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 7
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