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=ED= Feature and Balance Suggestions

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6/26/2018 19:59:23   
  Battle Elf
Has eight 1v1 wins

Hi all,

As you might've heard, Nightwraith has been able to set aside some time to work on minor updates for EpicDuel. We're planning on making some balance changes to try and level the playing field as well as update features that could use improvement. So far we've looked through some of the more recent threads and have some initial ideas, but if you have any suggestions, we're all ears.

Please remember that these updates aren't going to be huge, so ideas regarding new maps or mission chains probably aren't feasible. The goal here is to polish and patch up EpicDuel as much as possible.

Battle Elf

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AQW Epic  Post #: 1
6/26/2018 20:30:38   

1) Power weekend becoming permanent

This means that every friday, Saturday, and Sunday power hour is on 24 hours. This way players who need to level up quickly can do it during this time and it would help speed players through to the higher levels to help deal with wait times in 2 vs 2.

2) Increase the war drop chance for both normal and super bombs during wars and lower the cost of war commanders.

While some people are lucky to get them others aren't and you can go up to 50 wins without so much as getting a single drop (I went through this and it wasn't fun) if you don't use war commanders, and if you do use them unless you have a lot of credits you will go broke easily using them. These changes will ease the burden on those players who are trying to get drops.

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Epic  Post #: 2
6/26/2018 23:35:43   

Hello First I'm would to say thank you for Nightwraith about give epic duel some attention Like old days this might help this game to back alive again but now Blocks , def , Critical , Stuns make this game unfair if back damage and hp like delta or gamma this will back this game alive 100% old players will back again .

if back some old items like Eggzooka , Azreal sword , rare armors not delta or founder for sure , maybe back Admiral Uniform for Varuim and Credits to be Fair

Now when u got high rank and Join 2vs2 u got all noob partners in epic duel never get Strong partner i'm got High rank dos not mean i'm super Hero :D fix this please

This even Now i'm sorry if there 're More Requests but i'm wasted like 8 years in this game and hope back like old days when was 3k ++ player's online this will help epic duel too to earn some money

I'm 24 years old and stay here never leave until this game shut down

Thank you Nightwraith and Battle Elf
Epic  Post #: 3
6/27/2018 1:31:11   
Legendary Ash

Quality of Life updates:

- The option of selecting an item from inventory and bank simultaneously to switch around like in AQW, currently if both slots are full your items are locked into bank or inventory permanently.

- Change Arcade Tokens stack as a currency next to Credits and Varium.

- Correct 2v2 to be always a battle of four participants, which is what is the label claims to be, instead of a 2v(2 - 1) scam to give Juggernaut queues a highly favourable battle, because as higher levels players equipment stats grow faster, a 20% Jugg buff is much more advantageous than a flat stat contribution like Underdog. The 20% Jugg buff should be made similar to Underdog in flat stat contribution.

Fair play, like Player like Monster:

- Rebalance NPCs reducing their Energy to player-like levels and giving them Rage, this would end the strategy bias towards NPCs for high Defense/Resistance and against Support builds because their investment in Support stat didn't mitigate damage in any way currently.
It would make the infamous "sap and wait out" phase less prominent against NPCs that are highly dependent on Energy for damage and give them some chance of staying competitive in the drawn out end phase of attrition, where Rage cycling and unpredictable blocks cement the outcome for either side.
Currently NPCs deal the value of the damage floor and produce zero stress for the player without their Energy. They are an HP sponge at this point which is not an entertaining part of battle.

- Allow clicking NPCs Level bubble to display the currently hidden stat, damage and defenses like players to give them critical information on what skills, physical/energy skill composition and damage to expect, instead of looking at the Epicduel wiki for that information, which are all estimates and some Lv 40 Bosses and Legendaries are still missing those values, due lack of motivation and volunteers to acquire it.
AQ  Post #: 4
6/27/2018 6:30:17   

Removing stat improvements on Energy gain/drain/steal moves and making them a set amount, much easier to balance out the game then except bringing back passive skills
Post #: 5
6/27/2018 9:09:53   

Wooh! This is exciting! Glad to see that some community impact might get into the game! :D Oh and hi Battle Elf! :)

Now, onto the things I have to suggest. Keep in mind that this is my opinion and whoever disagrees should take it with a grain of salt and everything that is written is pretty much lackluster.

Personally, I have two major gripes with the current state of balance. Those are Energy management skills and the Legendary system.

First, I'd like to talk about Energy management. It feels that with certain skill and core set ups that players have ability to impact another players Energy way too hard, and in some cases their own. This in my experience and builds holds a major issue due to my tendency of maxing a certain skill and relying on it in order to win a duel. In cases that I end up dueling a player who has a highly scaled or leveled skill that drains my Energy and/or cores that drain Energy I end up losing by default because I don't run the same skills and cores in order to combat the other player in his own game. Thus rendering a build like Maxed Massacre relatively useless. Since it becomes my most reliable sort of damage and win condition. To me it feels forced to rely on Energy management skills and cores in order to have a valid chance of winning a duel between even opponents and it takes out quite a bit of creativity in builds because it becomes as mandatory in builds as were old passives.

For this specific issue, my own suggestion would be complete removal of cores (I will have a take on cores later on in the post) that affect both the player and opponents Energy and balancing all skills that drain and gain Energy around a smaller number with a mediocre scaling. I belive that this would have a positive impact on resource management balance, while also providing support for builds that are oriented on higher Energy consumation and builds that specialize around Energy skills. Because by limiting how much a player can impact an opponents Energy will provide more reliable Energy pool that would allow certain builds to have an impact, while also making builds that are specialized in Energy skills playable by providing scaling to them. In other words, I think it would make both playstyles of a one trick pony skill and energy looper realiable.

Next up, the Legendary system.
I belive that a system that provides players with additional damage and/or tankiness has no place in a player versus player oriented game. For this I will take League of Legends' runes and items as an example. In LoL the runes provide players who meet certain conditions a burst of damage, amplifiers of damage, tank stats which also deal damage and with items like the duskblade which under certain conditions reward players with an additional burst of damage. This brings a damage creep into the game because everyone will deal more damage with easy to meet conditions and in some cases be more tanky while also dealing more damage. The reason why I'm tieing this in with the Legendary system is because it promotes unhealthy balance issues. In EpicDuel the condition that a player has to meet is experience, in other words, if you grind you become stronger. While I do accept that some progression in power is needed I belive that it shouldn't be tied to a system like this. Because a player who has the free time to play 24/7 will always be stronger then a player who has two or three hours to spare a day even though they are at the same level. Personally, I very much liked how the old leveling process went. You level to 30 and play an even game until an additional level gets added, then all the players grind another level and play an even game again. For players like me that can spare a couple hours each day it feels extremely unbalanced to play againts someone who is a hundred Legendary ranks above me. And it demotivates me from playing the game because I am fighting againts someone who has a lot of additional power for 90% of the battles on the same level that I am.

For this issues I would suggest making the Legendary system only as a vanity system. Because with a removal of legendary progression it would provide a more even playing field amongs players who reached the maxed level and remove the stat creep it provides.

Now onto stats and skills. Honestly, both feel weak. Skills seem like they aren't impactful enough and stats seem not to provide much. In order to keep this shorter, I'd just suggest balancing both stats and skills in a way that they provide more impact in battles in a way that is balanced.

Speaking of stats, I think that the idea of each piece of weapon, armor and other items providing different stats was great. It made a lot of diversity in builds, especially those that weren't the flavour of the month ones. I belive that having every item have unique stats would bring back a lot more creativity and fun in build making, thus making each battle feel more unique, different and in turn more fun. While I do agree thats it brings an RNG aspect to the battles because no one is gonna run the same set up, I still think that it would be much more fun compared to everything being anything. (I belive that I still have the google doc with each items stat bonuses up until a certain point)

Also on the topic of stats. I actually think that it was much simpler and fun having the Health and Energy pools be 10x smaller. I loved to calculate my damage rolls with the addition of them being circled into a higher roll or a lower one. With higher numbers my calculations became much less reliable because I'm not a mathematical genius so that I eventually just stopped caring about it and just rolled with whatever came up on the screen. Also it looks much, much cleaner and to me it was easier to read the smaller numbers.

Now onto cores. Cores, well I never liked the feature, nor I didn't like it. It kinda felt meh for me. Some seem to be extremely powerfull, while others not so much. I personally liked the system where my Delta weapons would have a 13% to curse an opponent, rather then the one where I need to spend 130 Energy in order to curse one and lose a turn. Some cores like the curse one just feel like they don't belong in the current state of the game. I mean its great if I run into someone who has 100+ support, but whens that gonna happen now. It kinda ties into the older RNG aspect of the game. While some of the RNG was too much, some of it was good for the game and made it more fun. Honestly, I have no idea what could be done to cores to make them feel more enyoyable other then tieing actives back to RNG on-hits again and letting passives be passives.

And lastly I will write a bit about passives. Passives were indeed far too powerful, but I never saw enough justification to their complete removal. They were mandatory in every build and all of the builds were revolved with them in mind. I'd love to see them back again, because I think that even too much skills can be a problem. It just felt more realiable having them present all the time, rather then being present as an active skill which provides nothing more then a strike and a buff towards %Damage healing or Energy gain, whichever. Also boosters. Health and Energy boosters were great.

Feature wise I really don't have much to suggest other then adjusting currency gains a bit.
That would be all from me, and once again this is just my opinion.
AQW Epic  Post #: 6
7/6/2018 1:56:55   
Daph Duck

helo question...... What happened to the original suggestion forum?


AQW Epic  Post #: 7
7/6/2018 2:05:50   
Daph Duck

hey guys i have a fancy idea to spice up epicduel
there would be a separate world specifically for this mode
the competition would be at a few separate times per day maybe ? for like 1-2 hours or so and there could be like a maximum of 50-100 ppl idk if ppl would be allowed to drop in the middle
but wat would happen is the whole map of epicduel would be open and periodically there will be restricted zones so that u cant hide forever and will eventually have 2 fight and then players must 1v1 or 2v2 whoever they meet with depending on whether they r solo or duo mode
to make it fair this mode would only b for level 40s
ppl get credits and exp for every match they win and then the #1 winner of the whole tournament gets a bigger prize .
wouldnt that b fun ?
just a suggestion idk if its opossible to implement but if the science is there i think this would b fun and spice up the game :333

Merged with suggestions thread. ~WhiteTiger

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AQW Epic  Post #: 8
7/6/2018 8:38:58   
One Winged Angel1357

Daph it got canned shortly after the game stopped development to move assets to AQ3D. Battle elf said he'd look into bringing it back if player support keeps up
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 9
7/6/2018 15:11:57   
.Lord Ginger.

Bareknuckle aux

We have the sidearm and the primary

Merged with suggestions thread. ~WhiteTiger

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AQW Epic  Post #: 10
7/6/2018 15:30:00   

Why stop there? Bareknuckle Armor, bareknuckle robot...
Epic  Post #: 11
7/6/2018 15:46:02   
.Lord Ginger.

Because armor makes no sense and a robot would be funny but would need a special for it that could work if we find that out
AQW Epic  Post #: 12
7/6/2018 15:46:12   
Daph Duck

naked armor plz
AQW Epic  Post #: 13
7/8/2018 0:40:13   

I 2nd chat @8X
Post #: 14
7/8/2018 0:50:42   
Silver Sky Magician

I would also like to see Bareknuckle Hairstyle so we can fight without a head and Bareknuckle Motorbike so we can look really weird while walking around.
Post #: 15
7/8/2018 4:31:57   

We should also have bareknuckle skin!

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Post #: 16
7/8/2018 9:16:53   

Don't forget about the bareknuckle evolving achievement (like the burger and sushi), done deal, you don't even need to draw any art for it.

But, for real. Just call it "Imaginary Achievement", no art, add roman numerals to the names for higher ranks. People don't care what the achievements look like, they just want to collect the rating points.
Epic  Post #: 17
7/8/2018 15:29:43   

Let's not forget about bareknuckle background!
Post #: 18
7/8/2018 18:07:33   
Silver Sky Magician

We should have seasonal bareknuckle missions on April Foolís, with no mission text at all, just completion requirements and rewards.
Post #: 19
7/9/2018 3:26:02   

We should have barenuckle weapon stats!
Post #: 20
7/9/2018 14:16:38   

it's nice to know that the bareknucke server is still up and running, even if we can't see it
Epic  Post #: 21
7/9/2018 16:15:31   
.Lord Ginger.

Since your first comment @8x I knew you were being sarcastic.
I wish some moderator would remove all of this spam and trolling, especially from you.
AQW Epic  Post #: 22
7/9/2018 22:04:41   
One Winged Angel1357


We should have seasonal bareknuckle missions on April Foolís, with no mission text at all, just completion requirements and rewards.

Don't tempt me.

In a less joking manor I want to talk about focus for a second. Focus has been the hotness for the longest time as it was a reward for running balanced stats way back when the level cap was 31. Each class starts with 80 total stat points and needs 180 points to hit 5 focus. Upon reaching the level cap you would get 120 more stat points so you had 20 points left over for your choice. Thanks to this communities love of saving popular builds I can see a bunch of old high focus builds from full varium characters so the most possible stats you could have. Using this old build from F.J. In this build he had 78 stat modifiers with some of the best gear at the time. To deep dive into the maximum possible technology at the time you could get +49 technology with a total of +73 stat modifiers*. If you were running a 5 focus build you would use 7 of your 20 points to clean up wonky stat progression on strength, technology, and support to be end up with 97 technology with 13 points extra points. More likely you would just run a 4 focus build that uses 10 points to clean up stat progression and get 93 technology but you also only need 160 points instead of 180 so you net 30 stat points for health, energy, and maybe pushing a stat higher

*The gear used is Caden's Wrath, Plasma ACP, Particle Cannon, and Founder Armor. My numbers may be off due to the nature of Founder Armor being buffed constantly and the wiki not having a 2010 entry for the armor. Browsing the designs notes doesn't give exact numbers either due to how sparse they used to be with information

Fast forward to present day where we have 156 stat points and 84 stat modifiers with a possible +35 towards two different stats and none of that stat progression clean up I stressed so much in the previous example thanks to the 10x update. And while we can't hit that +49 to technology anymore +35 isn't too bad when you add in the extra 36 stat points from 9 more levels. Recreating F.J.'s build, which was actually viable unlike the max technology build, would net you 42 spare stat points or to put that into perspective two more stats could be introduced, following the standard practice of roughly 20 starting points, and you would still have a four focus build. That doesn't strike me as a stat desired around rewording players who use balanced builds anymore when in practice people running five focus builds have no problems dumping a ton of excess points into technology making them borderline technology spam builds with the five focus robot damage buff.

Before I talk about how I would solve this issue I might be the only person to think is actually a problem I understand this is most likely outside of the scope of what NW can change.

I feel like the best solution would be a system where you need 80% of your stats spread equally between strength, dexterity, technology and support for level 5. From there you decrease by 16% for each level so in descending order 80/64/48/32/16. This would lead to more powerful robots early on in the game at the cost of not scaling up your health so a minimum level for the calculation may have to be needed say level 26 due to having 100 stat points total at that point.

How it would look in practice. Points refer to points in each of the same four stats focus is based on
Lv 26 or below
  • Level 1 24 points
  • Level 2 28 points
  • Level 3 32 points
  • Level 4 36 points
  • Level 5 40 points

Lv 31(to compare to the current standard)
  • Level 1 24.8 points > 25 points
  • Level 2 29.6 points > 30 points
  • Level 3 34.4 points > 34 points
  • Level 4 39.2 points > 39 points
  • Level 5 44 points

Lv 40
  • Level 1 26.24 points > 26 points
  • Level 2 32.48 points > 32 points
  • Level 3 38.72 points > 39 points
  • Level 4 44.96 points > 45 points
  • Level 5 51.2 points > 51 points

So you are saving a point when comparing to how it started but at the new level cap you have to invest an extra points into each stat. Will it make much of a difference? Probably not as you are looking at 18 points less in technology in the most extreme cases which is 10-58 less robot damage. And this damage loss would be covered by a small increase in primary, sidearm, and auxiliary damage. Monkakazi would become slightly less effective against focus builds but it wasn't intended to deal with them and honestly who is using this bot?

Secondary suggestion since we are buffing buffs and debuffs can we change Monkakazi to be based off of total stats instead of base stats? It would create a nice combo as well as give more use to the assault bot as a direct counter.

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 23
7/10/2018 9:06:41   
Silver Sky Magician


I think when considering balance changes we should evaluate if one build or class is suffocatingly dominant or if certain classes have much fewer viable builds than others. I donít personally consider Ďnot serving initial design intentioní as an adequate reason for a major overhaul, and I donít think nerfing focus will help to promote build diversity. It wonít make tech spam CH or support BM more popular, itíll just make those classes less viable entirely with a shift to the usual STR TMs and support mercs.
Post #: 24
7/10/2018 12:54:50   

@.Lord Ginger.
Didn't you title your original thread something along the lines "best suggestion" (I don't remember exacly)? I figured your suggestion was a troll as well...

But I am completely serious about the evolving Imaginary Achievement with no art.
Epic  Post #: 25
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