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=ED= June 29, 2018 - Patch Notes - 1.6.76

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6/29/2018 14:28:24   
One Winged Angel1357


June 29, 2018

Patch Notes - 1.6.76

  • Cost of Class Change reduced to 450 Varium, 25,000 Credits.
  • To allow players to complete the Harvest Missions, Pumpkin and Candy are no longer seasonal.


  • Armor Cores:
    • Nanosteel Armor: Decreases the defense ignored of a critical hit by 15%
    • Overshield: Further reduces damage by 15% when you deflect an attack
    • Armored Roots: Increased duration to 3 turns and increased Defense and Resistance to 45% from 33%

  • Primary Cores:
    • Frost Shards/Frostbite: Reduce damage to 85%
    • Energy Storm: Increased damage % to 25%
    • Curse: Reduced energy cost to 100 from 115 and increased support reduction to 40% from 30%
    • Omega Override: Improved base stat reduction to 35%
    • Baby/Dark Yeti Charge: Buff to 20 points
    • Growth Serum: Reduce Energy cost to 100 and Increased Support buff to 40%

  • Sidearm Cores:
    • Energy Shot: Damage % buffed to 25%
    • Laser Sights: Increase damage by 15% when deflected

  • Auxiliary Cores:
    • Salvage: Reduce base Energy cost to 90
    • Laser Sights: Increase damage by 15% when deflected

  • General
    • Field Medic: Reduced healing by 25 points per level

  • Bounty Hunter:
    • Smoke Screen: Increased Dexterity gained per level by 3 instead of 2
    • Static Grenade: Reduced energy drained by 3, added level scaling to improve every 3 levels above 20 and weaken every 5 levels below level 20
    • Venom Strike: Increased attack damage to 100%, reduced poison damage by 10 per level
    • Reflex Boost: Reduced base energy cost by 20

  • Cyber Hunter
    • Plasma Armor: Decreased base energy cost by 10
    • EMP Grenade: Increased cooldown to 4 and increased base energy cost by 20
    • Malfunction: Increased base Technology reduction by 1 and increased scaling to 3

  • Tech Mage:
    • Plasma Bolt: Reduced damage by 10 and increased base cost by 20
    • Malfunction: Increased base Technology gain by 1 and increased scaling to 3
    • Battery Backup: Increased energy restored by 12 per level
    • Plasma Rain: Increased base damage by 11 at each level and increased scaling by 1 per level and increased base cost by 5 (to match Multi-Shot)
    • Assimilation: Reduced energy drained by 8 per level and reduced scaling to 1 per 2.5 points to Strength

  • Blood Mage:
    • Energy Parasite: Initial hit does full damage
    • Reflex Boost: Reduced base energy cost by 20
    • Plasma Rain: Increased base damage by 11 at each level and increased scaling by 1 per level and increased base cost by 5 (to match Multi-Shot)

  • Mercenary:
    • Double Strike: Reduced base energy cost by 10 and increased % damage increase by 2 per level
    • Blood Commander: Reduced health regeneration to 70% of Wtrength
    • Adrenaline Rush: Reduced base energy cost by 20 per level
    • Maul: Increased defense ignore to 15% reduced base energy cost by 10 and increased stun chance by 4 per level

  • Tactical Mercendary:
    • Field Commander: Reduced base energy cost by 10 and Increased Strength added by 2 per level
    • Double Strike: Reduced base energy cost by 10 and increased % damage increase by 2 per level
    • Battery Backup: Increased energy restored by 12 per level
    • Frenzy: Now unblockable
    • Mineral Armor: Reduced energy cost by 10 at all levels
    • Atom Smasher: Reduced energy cost by 20 and improved base % conversion by 7
    • Toxic Grenade: Reduced poison damage by 10 at all levels

Tags: Nightwraith

Dear Archknight reading this given the state of this forums with most traffic coming to the discussion section and not the balance section it may be time to consider revoking the policy that the design notes get split between sections until a time when activity warrants it. At the same time the post is formatted to be easily broken in half if needed.
Love, OWA

Tagged. We'll keep DNs in EDGD for now. ~Battle Elf

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 1
6/29/2018 14:42:41   
.Lord Ginger.

We need a team of testers that play the game to balance it. Because after two weeks, there is about 0 progress.
AQW Epic  Post #: 2
6/29/2018 15:39:14   
Daph Duck

I agree with Lord Ginger
AQW Epic  Post #: 3
6/29/2018 16:00:34   
Silver Sky Magician

Surprisingly extensive balance changes, and a step in the right direction. Biggest change is the decreased class change cost, which is very welcome. Personally, I believe that it should be zero cost - if youíre not satisfied with your class, in EDís current state you wonít grind just to change classes. Youíll quit.

Hopefully the core and skill balance changes will encourage more diversity. An unblockable Frenzy in particular is quite a significant buff to TLMs, since rage Frenzy is their main turnaround move.
Post #: 4
6/29/2018 17:56:30   

Decreased energy drains while increasing energy gains with some things isn't a bad step. Though I feel bad for those trying the legendary bosses with the nerfed field medic. That no matter what other buffs we were given hurts far more than any of the other changes made.
Epic  Post #: 5
6/29/2018 21:39:09   


That is objectively wrong. A 25 point decrease in heal is, quite clearly, more than made up for by the following buffs:

  • 10 more NPC armor (decreases 10 Damage on all attacks, including Crits, making it superior to even 10 Defense and Resistance);
  • 20 more Defense and Resistance;
  • 10 more health from Medical Mastery, dimishing the nerf to a mere -15;
  • and most importantly, the 10 point increase in Battery Backup and 10 point decrease in the cost of Mineral Armor means that Tactical Mercenaries can afford to use a heal that is exactly 1 level higher than before, effectively negating the 25 point nerf, assuming that you are using a build that does not already have max heal.

    Dage and Legendary Titan are far easier than they were just a few weeks ago. This is from a purely statistics standpoint. Legendary God of War and M4TR1X may be harder, depending on which class you use, but they were already quite easy anyway.

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  • Epic  Post #: 6
    6/29/2018 23:38:04   
    One Winged Angel1357

    I'm so far out of the loop for balance, which of impressive because I had about zero understanding to begin with, but I'm happy to see life in the forums again.

    As soon as my work calms down a bit as we settle into the summer I'll get some missions going to ease some credit income issue I was reading about on Twitter.
    AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 7
    6/29/2018 23:43:53   
    .Lord Ginger.

    Blood Mage parasite only got a normal strike buff when the energy regeneration still needs help.

    Bounty hunter static grenade now takes 250 at level 40 with 60 support instead of 247 which doesn't help at all.

    Tech Mage focus is now even more useless with the assimilation nerf.

    Tactical got a buff which wasn't really needed.

    The cyber nerf I don't think will do that much, but people are probably hopping over to Tactical as I speak.

    Support Mercenary didn't really get a nerf, besides 5% down from blood commander, heal got nerfed by 25 points anyways.

    Robots didn't get touched unfortunately.

    Increasing skills damage by 2% at all levels never does anything, I don't know why NW keeps doing it.

    The buff to debuffs didn't do anything because the game isn't fast enough for those skills to honestly be useful, as well as the energy meta. The only thing that coulda been buffed would be support tech mage with the malfunction, and that gets beat by support mercenary which is more relevant anyway.

    We're still working on stuff but I want to see my BM and BH revived, and my focus TM not messed over because of this absurd assimilation nerf.
    AQW Epic  Post #: 8
    6/30/2018 9:50:18   
      Battle Elf
    Has eight 1v1 wins


    Increasing skills damage by 2% at all levels never does anything, I don't know why NW keeps doing it.

    This is an attempt to prevent heal-looping builds.
    AQW Epic  Post #: 9
    6/30/2018 12:02:40   
    .Lord Ginger.

    Still worthless

    Tactical Mercendary:
    Field Commander: Reduced base energy cost by 10 and Increased Strength added by 2 per level
    Double Strike: Reduced base energy cost by 10 and increased % damage increase by 2 per level

    Double Strike: Reduced base energy cost by 10 and increased % damage increase by 2 per level

    And last weeks which didn't make anything better either

    Bounty Hunter:

    Massacre → Increased Damage % +2 per level and +1 for level 1 and reduced base energy cost by 10
    Mark of Blood → Increased % of HP gained +1 and reduced base energy cost by 10
    Static Grenade → Reduced number of energy points drained from target by 2
    Cyber Hunter:
    Static Charge → Reduced % of Damage converted to Energy by 1 except level 10
    Massacre buff Increased Damge % +2 per level and +1 for level 1 and reduced base energy cost by 10
    Tech Mage:
    Assimilation → Reduced energy points drained by 2 per level
    Battery Backup → Reduced energy restored by 2 per level
    Blood Mage:
    Energy Parasite → Reduced % of target's energy consumed by 1 per level except level 10
    Mark of Blood → buff Increased % of HP gained +1
    Static Smash → Reduced % of Damage conversion to Energy by 2 per level
    Tactical Mercendary:
    Battery Backup → Reduced energy restored by 2 per level
    Atom Smasher → Reduced % of energy conversion by 2 per level

    2% Doesn't do anything when we have 1000 HP.
    And 2 energy hardly does anything either.

    The skills that were buffed by 2% aren't used because 2% doesn't make it good, not even close.

    We can't prevent loop healing by buffing useless skills by 2% and having them still be useless.

    No one uses double strike, berzerker, maul, field commander, massacre, cheap shot, fireball, atom smash, because they're really really bad.

    For mass to be good with a strength build in 1v1, we need a strength buff and an energy meta nerf. Taking away energy shouldn't mean that your opponent loses. If a cyber drains all my energy, I should still be able to win because of my damage output. Because that's pretty game breaking.

    < Message edited by .Lord Ginger. -- 6/30/2018 12:21:27 >
    AQW Epic  Post #: 10
    6/30/2018 14:52:40   

    I have to admit: Tactical Mercenaries have become too powerful due to Frenzy and the nerfs to certain drains, even with the slight nerf to Toxic Grenade. Because Frenzy was made Unblockable, a different aspect of it must be weakened in order to balance it. Either nix the 10% Defense Ignore or lower the percentage by a fair margin.

    The level scaling on Static Grenade needs to be made more extreme such that a level 40 should have a more powerful drain than it is now. About a 280-290 drain would not be unreasonable.

    The safest fix for Blood Mage at this point is to simply increase the percentage drained and/or gained on Parasite by a fair amount. Creative changes are a last resort; but for now, this would push them in the right direction.

    < Message edited by NDB -- 6/30/2018 15:12:56 >
    Epic  Post #: 11
    6/30/2018 16:11:08   
    .Lord Ginger.

    I think the BH static should be back up to the 330's because it was more balanced with it.
    The only thing that wasn't balanced was the support BH, and fixing scaling can fix the support BH problem.

    Tactical Mercenary Frenzy unblockable wasn't the best idea and when I read the design notes I knew it was an even better class now and that many would change since no other class received a significant buff to compensate.

    The BM parasite, I'd like the 3 turns back because it needs it.

    Support merc hasn't received a nerf (people are complaining, even though everyone increasing their HP and moving towards a more str build would help)

    Strength still isn't good.

    I don't want a 100 str and 20 dex build to be how strength works.

    I like the previous strength build where 50+35 strength worked fine with 50+35 dex.

    This would help balance things out between support for sure since people could use more HP without having a high block chance against it.

    We also need strength back so things like Mercenary can use things like double strike, maul, zerker.
    Cybers and Hunters can use massacre with strength builds without being energy drained 100% of the time.
    Some build like tech CH that's how they play and ok that's fine.

    Blood mage and fireball needs to be a thing and so does BM str again because BM isn't that great.

    Tech Mage assimilation got hurt too much and 5 foc TM is definitely not a thing anymore even though it already wasn't. Idk how Mage is ever going to recover since it's weak against support and support merc is common
    AQW Epic  Post #: 12
    6/30/2018 19:42:05   

    Here is my take on the issue.

    Making Frenzy Unblockable was a good decision to make the class more stable and less under the influence on luck. All Energy manipulation skills are Unblockable and Undeflectable, with the exception of Atom Smasher, so I feel that it only makes sense that Frenzy should be too. (Meanwhile, an Unblockable Frenzy gives a much needed push for Strength builds.) But one must see that making it Unblockable does not necessary have any "tangible" effect on the battle; if anything, in any given battle, Tactical Mercenaries should be slightly worse off than before because of the Toxic Grenade nerf.

    However, if, for instance, a Tactical Mercenary would have lost, say, 5% of all battles due to blocked Frenzy, than their win rate would immediately increase by 5% as a result of making Frenzy Unblockable. That is, the change obviously did improve the win ratio of Tactical Mercenaries holistically, but it would still be silly to blame any given loss to a Tactical Mercenary on that fact that you didn't have a chance to block their Frenzy.

    With that said, the root of the problem isn't really that Frenzy is now Unblockable. It is that Tactical Mercenary was already quite powerful beforehand due in part (1) to the previous Legendary Rank balance update and (2) the nerfs to EMP Grenade, Assimilation, Static Smash, arguably even Frost Shards/Frostbite, and the failure to improve Static Grenade and Energy Parasite.

  • To address the first part: to put it simply, buffing Legendary Ranks affects different classes/builds unevenly. Tactical Mercenary 5-Focus builds benefit more from Legendary Ranks more than any other build in the game and thus were disproportionately buffed by the Legendary Rank buff from a statistical standpoint. This is because, on average, they use Primary, Sidearm, Auxiliary, and Robot more frequently than any other build, including other Focus builds (in other words, the probability that a Rank 80 5-Focus Tactical Mercenary benefits more from having those 80 Ranks than, say, a Rank 80 5-Focus Tech Mage does in any given battle is high) and because Frenzy improves with Primary Damage. Moreover, having more powerful "regular" attacks facilitates their use of Toxic Grenade.

  • Nerfing any other class basically always indirectly advantages the un-nerfed class as a rule. However, part of the reason that Tactical Mercenary is able to maintain its dominance is because the three "stealer"-type classes, i.e., Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, and Blood Mage have been nerfed or are still vastly underpowered. Assuming no Atom Smasher, Tactical Mercenary is unique in that it is only able to gain energy, and not drain or steal it back. This type of energy manipulation model is best countered by stealer type moves, which is why Mercenary has historically been the most effective counter class of Tactical Mercenary. If Bounty Hunter and Blood Mage were to have their respective energy manipulation skills buffed, it may naturally reduce the success of Tactical Mercenaries.

    On a different note, Smoke Screen and Malfunction could definitely still need a little more help because they are too easily countered by shields which are far less energy-costly and, except for Energy Shield and Defense Matrix, last for more turns. It may not be unreasonable to extend the duration of debuffs to 4 turns and/or increase their bases by a few points and/or lower their Energy scaling cost to 15 or 10, especially seeing as the base cost of several shields were also lowered.

    @.Lord Ginger.
    Personally, I feel that having Static Grenade be on par with Static Smash (with 5-Focus stats) would be the most reasonable approach, although I could be wrong. Currently, a Level 40 5-Focus Mercenary's Static Smash drains 234, meaning a net exchange of 468. If Static Grenade drained 330, the net exchange is 530 points which is quite a bit over. If Static Grenade drained 290, the net exchange would be 464.

    Having Energy Parasite last 3 turns may be a viable solution if, in my opinion, the cooldown was increased from 3 to 4 turns.

    I don't think that Support Mercenary is inherently overpowered. Rather, to me it is Blood Hawk rather than the build itself that makes it too powerful. (Although Blood Commander is a tad much, but it has in fact been nerfed a bit.) In fact, Blood Hawk in general seems to need a nerf; it is arguably the most powerful Robot in the game, with the exception of Infernal Android and Botanical Hazard which are more useful for certain builds. If the duration of Blood Hawk were reduced from 3 to 2 turns, it would make it more comparable in power to other Robots, not put Black Abyss Bot to as much shame as it does now, while not making it useless for the builds that use it.

    I think we can all agree that Strength builds need a buff, but it probably won't be easy to devise a precise way to go about doing it while minimizing the chance of breaking the game at first. At the same time, all Dexterity builds, like Strength, are also severely underpowered, as well as all pure-Tech builds except Tech Mage and Cyber Hunter. Similarly, most all Support builds, despite their apparent notoriety, are also achieving fairly low win rates with the exception of the two Mercenaries. We just have to accept the fact that not every single stat-based build will work, no matter how we go about trying to balance the game but that we should strive to have at least one or two viable non-Jugg build for each stat which, unfortunately, Strength does not at this time.

    I am going to respectfully disagree that 5-Focus Tech Mage, as you have implied, was not a competitive build before this update. It may not have been overwhelmingly popular, but could easily achieve similar win rates (75%+) as other competitive 5-Focus builds (Mercenary, Cyber Hunter, and Tactical Mercenary). I would have safely rated it a "good" build relative to all other commonly used builds at that time, in the grand scheme of things, if "good" denotes the highest classification before "top tier". I certainly wouldn't have called it anywhere near "bad". I can't possibly imagine that it or other non-Strength Tech Mage builds has been rendered utterly useless with the nerf to assimilation, although I can admit that the -8 to the base may not have been necessary (and was not something I suggested). The specific changes to Cyber Hunter EMP certainly makes a tremendous difference in Cyber Hunter vs. Tech Mage battles, especially in the case of pure-Tech. Obviously, Strength Tech Mage was hurt quite a bit (on the bright side, a Max Malfunction is now 9 points stronger), but Assimilation should still not be considered the underlying issue because, as we all know, all Strength builds are in dire need of buffing.

    < Message edited by NDB -- 6/30/2018 19:54:01 >
  • Epic  Post #: 13
    6/30/2018 20:19:55   
    .Lord Ginger.

    The reason I will disagree with 5 focus tech mage not being competitive is because of the meta.

    It would consistently lose to:

    Tech CH
    Support Merc/TLM
    A good 5 foc TLM

    Struggle Against:
    Strength Mage

    Mainly because of the difficulty regenerating HP and keeping opponent's energy down.

    I think that a hawk nerf would bring it moreso on par, however that would still leave in question infernal android and botanical, it would nerf support but I don't think as much as you'd hope.

    I don't think the energy turn around is what necessary makes the regeneration good, rather than the energy received( I.e tactical Frenzy and tactical being a good class) however I think testing would be optimal.

    For the tactical buff:

    I can see the stance on Frenzy because the energy unblockable thing and how TLM gets its energy besides battery
    (I'd still like a 100% Damage unblockable static charge though so strength cyber can be a thing)

    I do know that ranks helped Tactical because of their use of all the weapons,

    However in December I was 85% (1700/2003) With tactical mercenary with a blockable frenzy and weak legend points and before any other nerf (CH energy or whatnot) while fighting support mercs, str mages, and tech builds, and focus builds. Something a 5 focus TM could not do, especially not against support builds.

    I would say that my TLM win ratio should rise to be about 95% of battles with some of these changes since many of my losses are due to deflections, blocks, especially the rage frenzy block.

    With the Blood Mage parasite: Yes I can see the cooldown as long as it stays 20% for 3 turns.
    Cybers and merc and piston punch are main problems to the blood mage energy parasite.

    I do feel like the Assimilation nerf was a bit rough and I do think a better percentage of energy taken back would help since 63 energy at a level 5 Focus build from an Assimilation isn't that great. However if we move away from energy meta and we can start using less of these skills and more of other skills then I can deal with it.

    I agree with the buffing of debuff skills as you have stated.

    AQW Epic  Post #: 14
    7/2/2018 1:50:00   

    Nice to see everyone here.

    All i can say is, WOW. might as well log in in a few days to see thr new changes.
    DF Epic  Post #: 15
    7/3/2018 20:22:21   

    The problem with buffing debuffs even more is that they can easily become out of control in the low levels where they take away a far greater proportion of the target's total stat, there are lesser diminishing returns on stats, and shields are far less effective. If debuffs are buffed again, which I strongly feel they should, the stat requirement on them could be increased to scale by 3 per level, depending on how significant the buff is. It may also not be a bad idea to switching these requirements around to make it easier for Support builds to use Malfunction and Strength builds to use Smoke Screen, although this may be a bit risky.
    Epic  Post #: 16
    7/4/2018 13:27:21   
    Lord Noonien Soong

    Nightwraith issued a code for a never before seen weapon this morning, and a new update is on our horizons, it would seem: here
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 17
    7/4/2018 15:07:47   
      Digital X

    Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

    Titanium Slayer was the weapons, those codes went QUICK!


    < Message edited by Digital X -- 7/4/2018 15:10:48 >
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 18
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