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Spellcasting mage.. FD or FO?

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7/12/2018 3:20:06   

I intend to start a spellcasting mage, and would like to first out the item/stat build? Would it be better to go FD or FO? Likewise, for the stats, is it feasible to run a 0/200/200/0/200/150 (i.e. beastmage) ?
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7/12/2018 7:02:06   
Primate Murder

Depends on how much GGBs you have, really. If you can afford Double Poe, than use 200 in Luck and 150 in Cha (for Vamp's Mesmerize). This is an FO, quick-kill build.

Use spell-boosting weapons like Arcane Cutlasses of Combustion and Radiance, as well as Tsunami Pen and Magestaves or Sila's Staff.

For armors use Whispering Raiment (initiative), some vamps for compression, then either Bloodmages (questing) or Wizards' Robes (farming).

Your general strategy would be to equip Whispering Raiment with Ambush Potion for a guaranteed first turn, cast Purple Rain and Mesmerizes, cast Purple Rain again to regain the sp. After that equip Bloodmage or Wizards' Robes (with Imbue toggled) for high damage.

If you're a more f2p player, you'd be better off as an FD beastmage with 200 Cha. Use Tomes, use mana-regen and effect pets/guests.

Get neko armors (then switch back to Vamp subrace for Mesmerize) for compression and sit back, casting spells.

You might also think about getting some skill-armors. Oftentimes they deal equivalent or greater amounts of damage, and Essence Orb made their skills much more spammable.

For more in-depth advice, I'd suggest linking your character page.
AQ  Post #: 2
7/12/2018 22:06:27   

Here you go! http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=77041010

I would prefer a more f2p route, so do let me know the changes accordingly! Currently in the process of shifting stats and items to suit the FD style
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7/12/2018 23:54:43   
Legendary Ash

Set Awe element to Fire for Shield.

Fire/Ice/Earth/Energy/Light/Dark Magestaff pick four active ones
Pumpkin Fang
Feather Buster location
Sell Rod to Sway, Arm and store Omni

An Offensive/Defensive inventory
Tiger Luna Neko
Leopard Luna Neko
Solid Gold Luna Neko
Morningstar Origins
Angel of Souls
Sell Precept, Wheel, Bulk and store Generalist to Lumeno

Luna Shield Water and Dark versions
Pie from Warlic's Dessert quest
Sol Shield Earth and Light versions
Grounded Flora Shield
Sell active shields

Destruction Burst
Archmage Research
Purple Rain
Moonwalker's Grace
Sell Golem, Swarm, Inferno, Cloud and Moap

Underwyrmling from Mt Thrall, Hollow's Garage, What are you building in here?, What is your favorite thing to work on?, I can handle the Salvation Knight!
Lokapala's Nuisance
Ice Cream Golem
Pikazard from Frogzard Hunter shop
Skele-Brain a toggle to Paralyze Darkness pet from Today's Events, Chessmaster: Dark Tidings
Sell Wind/Energy Vamp, Attendant to Revival and store Night

Poseidon's Regale
Void Visor
Head of Raydius Dragon
Irt of Thoth location
Store Hat
AQ  Post #: 4
7/13/2018 2:25:52   

Hi Ash, won't the presence of FO armours mean that I will be taking more damage while casting spells? Or is it supposed to indicate that I should be doing normal attacks so as to benefit from the FO armour instead of casting spells?
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7/13/2018 2:38:42   

Mage won't be casting in FO. Stacking kindred charges, eorbing cit evolve, human fisher's power flowing rubify and spells will serve as backup. FD could store generalist and no need for charisma with pet/shield of kindred.
AQ AQW  Post #: 6
7/13/2018 2:53:45   
Primate Murder

I see. Well, as I've mentioned, after you get all the necessary items from the neko shop, I suggest switching to Vampire for that quickcast control, which goes nicely with Purple Rain.


The four nekos, in order to cover every element.

Pyromancer Bloodmage and Generalist's Robes for high spell damage when facing glass cannons or farming.

Whispering Raiment for the initiative bonus (assuming you're at least level five assassin).


You should probably set the no-drop to earth, as that lacks anything exceptional.

Big Dictionary or Winds of Change as your wind tome for spell compression.

Healing Branch as both a water tome and a healing spell.

Lightning Rod as an energy tome.

Paladin's Tradition as a light tome.

Get Glacial Short Staff when you reach level 85. Until then (and after you outlevel it), use Magical French Vanilla Ice Katana from the Rare GGBs if you can afforf it for the Freeze infliction (to nuke with Pyromancer) or Ryuusei's Staff series if you can't.

For fire I suggest you get Arcane Cutlass of Combustion if you can spare the UR GGB, and if not - the fire magestaff, in order to maximize the damage of your Pyromancer Bloodmage.

For darkness, I would advise Blackbones as s spell booster, 100-proc magical damage weapon and a lifestealer.


Accordion Shield gives +20 Control Potency - which is by far the best item in the game for Mesmerize infliction.

Pie shield, as mentioned by LA, has a Cha boosting toggle to enhance your pets and guests.

For fire, I would suggest Shield of Agony's Blood. That -10 bth lean can come in rather useful.

Water is the best shield element. It has two very good shields - Celtic Wheel series with an Int toggle and Kindred, which can use charges to heal your mp.

Energy is meh. Taladosian or Grounded Flora are your only real options.

For light and dark you should probably use Sol and Luna shields which provide damage reduction based on your Cha or 100-proc weapon wielding.


Fortunately, you can free fire, wind, water, energy and light slots here due to tomes or Pyromancer, allowing for guest calls and summons.

Destruction Burst is the strongest darkness spell in the game. Be warned, though, that it has a small hp cost to pay for its power - that can stack up really quickly against tank-type monsters. Make sure to use it with Blackbones.

Frigid Fury and Gravity Crush from the Spell Scroll quest are the best spells available for ice and earth.

Archmage Researh, mentioned by LA, is your only real source of Harm damage.

Nezujimbo is the best ice guest available due to Freeze infliction (for your Pyromancer nuke). It has a small gold cost, but that's pretty much negligible.

Call EnergyZard from Frogzard Hunter Part One. The only energy guest really available.

Call Mana Bat, if you can spare a Rare GGB, calls a water guest that can be toggled to replenish your mp.

Finally, Purple Rain, which has the rewind ability (for both you and the monster) that allows you to regain the sp you used up on Mesmerize once per battle. Cast Purple Rain, Mesmerizes, then Purple Rain again.


Fairy Godmother is a good choice, as it can be toggled to replenish your mp, hp or attack. With Mana Bat, they can recover most of the mp you spent on a spell.

Skele-Brain mentioned by LA is probably the best darkness pet available. Nightmaragon becomes extraneous with Essence Orb.

Nilak from the Guardian Shop has Freezing potency - good for both your Nezujimbo and Ruusei's staff.

Underwyrmling from LA's post can be toggled to harm the enemy's sp, but is locked behind a fairly difficult boss. Your knight's revival will have to do for the moment.

If you use Kindred's shield, then the Kindred pet is very much worth it for rapid Meditation Charge generation. Otherwise, the Cephalopod is your only real choice.

PikaZard can be toggle to paralyze the enemy.

Your Psychedelic Dynosaur is one of the best wind pets available.

Hammer Turret is an earth pet that atempts paralysis. Morningstar can be toggled to randomly inflict either DefLoss or EleVuln.


Windter Crown is a good choice, as its the most versatile damage boosting misc available.

Goggernaut Helm from the Arena of Enthusiasts would be your bth misc of choice. It boosts the accuracy of your enemy - but also of your weapon attacks, spells, pets and guests; and the bonus isn't /2 for spells as with other bth boosting miscs.

Corrupted Djinn Lamp summons an mp-costing fire/darkness compression guest.

Gemini Pendant from the Account Shop for an earth/wind compression guest.

Paladin's Oath for an mp-coting light guest with a trigger against undead.

Your Power Shard or any other Int boosting misc for spell damage.

Morningstar Helm for paralysis immunity.

And, of course, Essence Orb so that you never run out of sp.

AQ  Post #: 7
7/13/2018 3:03:58   

Thanks for the detailed reply! Should I go for the Sol neko or the Luna neko for the armors?
Post #: 8
7/13/2018 3:44:33   
Primate Murder

Doesn't really matter. As you'll be switching to vamp subrace, the skills will be inactive for you, so just choose the one that you like aesthetically.
AQ  Post #: 9
7/15/2018 21:25:40   
Legendary Ash

The Offensive lean armors are intended for the ability for weapon attacks if spells are less advantageous in a fight, the below compression weapons would replace 3 Staves and allow selecting elements that pair with Bloodmages and stronger spellboosting weapons.

Rainbow Raygun
Ultra Omni
Use Wicked King's Wrath until Mystic Star Sabre returns on next year's May 4.
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