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Finishing my build

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7/12/2018 9:33:39   

Build: FD 100% Proc Bm Ranger
Char Page: http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=22902889
Awe Element: Fire (Willing to swap to ice if there's better fire shield than ice)
4 Rare, and 2 Ultra Rare GGBs

Needs: Darkness pet
Light Weapon
Guest for everything except wind and earth (planning on getting mittens).
Multiplicative fire misc.

Thank you in advance

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7/12/2018 10:48:22   
Primate Murder

Skele-Brain from the Chessmaster Saga's last chapter is probably the best darkness pet currently available for FD builds - it can be toggled to inflict paralysis.

For light weapon consider Soul Slinger or Flashbang Rat Grenades.

Nezujimbo is by far the best ice guest available.

Scion occasionally attempts to paralyse.

The rest really could be filled with Zards, Zorbot, Katshiros or really any other guest available as they don't have much distinguishing features.

Wyrm Knight's Crest halves the fire damage taken and can cast a long-lasting fire-element Burn.

That said, are you certain you wish to fill your Misc inventory with resists? I mean, you could just use Cyclops' Eye, then equip things like Ranger's Scope and pet/guest boosters.

Two more things worth mentioning:

Kindred shield is defensive in nature due to gathering charges with every turn. It can also be used for quickcast mp or sp heal. The Kindred pet is also fairly useful for this.

Pies shield from the Dessert Set has a Cha toggle to boost the damage and accuracy of your pets/guests.
AQ  Post #: 2
7/12/2018 10:58:30   
Heroes of the Scape

Here's my suggestions.

For Ice shield, get Pies from the Dessert Set. It has a CHA drive which boosts your CHA by 50 points at a cost of 34 SP per turn. You can pick up Father Time next year for Father's day if you wish, but BMs are better off with Pies. (I have a BMW and that is what I use)

Darkness Pet: The best non-rare is Eternal Twilight's Harbinger.

Guests: Sadly, there is a lack of high quality Call spells. This is what I would suggest.
Fire: Call Ppoutine Golem. You can find this in Chilly's Shop in Frostvale on the map. You sacrifice damage for an Entangle and Burn effect.
Water: Not much out there. Get Call Tadzard. You can get it from the Frogzard Hunter Part 2 quest. Or buy the level 10 from his shop and go to the item upgrader. You will pay more that way though.
Ice: Call Nezjumbo. He is the best Ice guest around. He is however, a bounty guest. You have to pay him part of your Gold to have him attack which also means you need to click for it. You can find hi in the Rise of the Samurats quest. If you want something that doesn't require that, get Call Icezard from Frogzard Hunter Part 1.
Energy: Either Call Energyzard from Frogzard Hunter part 1.
Light: Get Call Guardian Angel Elder. it does cost a turn to summon it, but it does have a rare but powerful healing effect.
Darkness: Get Call Scion. He has a great status effect.

Fire MISC: This is easy. Wyrm Knight's Crest. IIRC, this is the only multiplicative Fire MISC in the game. Since you are going with a FD Ranger build, I would suggest going with a -10% item for all you elements. You will take less damage than a multipilcative one. Kitsune Mask is a good option, as is Amulet of Drakonnan.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 3
7/12/2018 11:18:19   

Had no clue Kindred set had a pet, definitely gotta look into that. I prefer multiplicative miscs, because I often encounter dual element monsters, and because i keep both the burn and bleed up from neko, i'm at 1.2 instead of .8 for defensive lean. I should swap to pies, because even with the MRM from void visor, enemy still doesn't get paralyzed much to make it useful.

How do I get to the quests for Soul Slinger and Scion nowadays? Well, scion, because if I go for the grenades, it'll give me an extra charge for neko armors.
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7/12/2018 11:28:25   
Primate Murder

Scion is located at Hostage to Misfortune quest in the Hall of Memories.

Do grenades actually give charges? I thought only the Neko bow and shields counted for that.

@ HotS

Actually, the Crest isn't the only miltiplicative fire misc. There's Optic, Grakma Warhorn and Trophy of Supreme Enthusiasm. And I'm probably forgetting something, too.
AQ  Post #: 5
7/12/2018 11:52:45   

They do. Plus shields from all the haven shops, and the Neko pets (Haven't tested with the spirit cats, but the waifer does). The katars as well. That was a fun period. Tried out melee for a time with the katars, still did decent damage.

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7/12/2018 14:20:13   
Legendary Ash

Luna Neko armors can avoid Heal element Burn/Bleed from Pet/Guest since you have Bows and no Guns, which are not functional with armor
Berserker Hides for Ticking Clock and Roar of Courage's powerful boost when low on Hp
Whispering Raiment for +105 Initiative to get first turn

Call Twilly from Hall of Memories
Healing Seeds, Mending Vines, Purifying Pollen free two casts for maximum heal/cure with Rewind location
Purple Rain
Sell Golem, Mittens

Grakma Warhorn
Father's Day Sock from next year's Father's day
Troofle Fur from next year's Snugglefest
Ranger's Scope
Sell Poly, Ruby and Jewel
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