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=AQW= Design Notes September 11, 2018: How to Get LightCaster Class: Update

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9/11/2018 17:48:07   
Ted Zlammy


September 11, 2018
How to Get LightCaster Class: Update
If you've already got the Class, this does not apply to you
The Good news: the LightCaster Class is CRAZY strong and REALLY easy to get.

The Not-So-Good news: the LightCaster Class is CRAZY strong and REALLY easy to get.

In the name of improving class diversity and healthier game balance moving forward, we're making some changes to the LightCaster Class requirements.

The Better news: If you already have the LightCaster Class, NOTHING changes for you. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Go on blasting bad guys like you always have.

The Best news: LightCaster Class is NOT CHANGING or being nerfed. (BUT Heroes who do not already have the class will need to hit level 80 before they can start to unlock it.)

If you don't have LightCaster Class yet, pull up a notepad and read on. You've unlocked a new quest!

LightMage Class: the Precursor to LightCaster
If you do not have the LightCaster Class yet, starting this Friday, you'll need to obtain LightMage Class. LightMage is LightCaster’s younger sibling. It’s a less powerful but balanced version you'll unlock if you own the Evolved LightCaster or Enchanted LightCaster armors.

To get LightMage Class:
  1. Talk to Aranx in the /celestialrealm map (click "Shops")
  2. Buy the Evolved LightCaster armor from the Evolved LightCaster Armor shop.
  3. Get the Evolved LightCaster Token from its shop.
  4. Use this token to purchase the LightMage Class.*
Rank up your LightMage Class and enjoy!

*The LightMage Class Shop will only appear if you own Evolved LightCaster (or the Rare Enchanted LightCaster). If you have Enchanted LightCaster, then you will use that Token to purchase the LightMage Class.

To get LightCaster Class:
  1. Talk to Aranx in the /celestialrealm map
  2. Get the Evolved LightCaster Armor. Buy the Evolved LightCaster armor from Aranx’s shop shop to get the LightMage Token.
  3. Get LightMage Class. Click “LightMage Class” in Aranx’s apop once you have the LightMage Token to get the Class.
  4. Complete Aranx's Celestial Realm quests. You’ll need to do all the quests in /celestialrealm and /lostruinswar to access the farming quest
  5. Get LightMage to at least Rank 1 and begin LightCaster Farming Quest. Accept Aranx’s LightCaster Class quest to begin (Level 80+ required, at least 1 rank in LightMage required)**
  6. Complete the quest to unlock the LightCaster Class.
Rank up your LightCaster Class and enjoy!

** The LightCaster Class quest can be found by clicking ‘Shops’ and then ‘LightCaster Class’ on Aranx in /celestialrealm.

LightCaster Class Quest
Requires LightMage (rank 1)

Items required for the quest are:

  • Guardian of Spirits’ Blade
  • Avatar Of Death’s Scythe
  • Lance of Time
  • Burning Blade
  • Burning Blade of Abezeth
  • Aranx’s Pure Light

    Guardian of Spirits’ Blade
    Defeat Infernal Knights or Fallen Knights in /celestialrealm, /lostruinswar or /lostruins
    Turn in Trapped Spirits to Aranx in /celestialrealm by clicking ‘Farming Quests’

    Avatar Of Death’s Scythe
    Defeat Undead Hounds in /lostruinswar or /lostruins
    Turn in Energy of Death to Aranx in /celestialrealm by clicking ‘Farming Quests’.

    Lance of Time
    Defeat Infernal Imps in /celestialrealm, /lostruins or /lostruinswar
    Turn in Captured Time to Aranx in /celestialrealm by clicking ‘Farming Quests’.

    Burning Blade
    Defeat Diabolic Warlord in /lostruinswar for a 1% chance to get a Burning Blade.

    Burning Blade of Abezeth
    Defeat Aranx in /celestialarenad for a 5% chance to get a Burning Blade of Abezeth

    Aranx’s Pure Light***
    Defeat Aranx in /celestialarenad for a 10% chance to get Aranx’s Pure Light.

    ***Aranx’s Pure Light won’t drop until after LightMage is released.

    Now that the how is out of the way, here is the what!

    LightMage Class
    (Armor art and skill animations match LightCaster)

    Auto Attack (1)
    Double click a monster to start Auto Attacking it. This is a basic attack, taught to all adventurers. Damage dealt is based on your weapon damage.

    Light Beacon (2)
    Cast down an elemental light beacon upon the target. Does lite damage and applies In The Beacon increasing the amount of damage your opponent takes by 2% per stack and lasts 10 seconds if not re-stacked. (Stacks up to 50 times)

    Light Beam (3)
    Beam your opponent with a ball of pure light. Deals significant damage that is guaranteed to hit but cannot crit. Each hit applies a stack of Blinding Light which decreases your opponent's chance to hit by 5% per stack and lasts 12 seconds if not restacked. Maxes out at 2 stacks.

    Lumenator (4)
    Casts a net of light upon your allies. Heals for 300% spell damage to up to 6 allies and applies Lumen which increases damage, crit damage, crit chance, hit chance, dodge chance, haste and damage resistance all by 8% for 12 seconds. Cannot stack.

    Seared by the Light (5)
    You focus the power of the entire sun on a single point. Does a large amount of damage on hit then deals 400% damage over 10 seconds.

    Bright Mind (p1)
    Increases Intellect by 8%

    Light Speed (p2)
    Increases Haste by 8%

    Power of the Light (p3)
    Increases all damage done by 10%

    All in all, this is a solid single target mixed healing/dps class with a decent group buff. It doesn’t have that absolutely busted well rounded good-at-everything-ness that LightCaster has but it will hold you over for pretty much any non-major boss fight in the game. Also, pro-tip, LightMage and LightCaster's auras are different so you can stack LightMage's Lumen with LightCaster's Illuminated!

    Tags: Arklen

  • hOI! You're taGGed now! ~Phantasmia

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    MQ AQW  Post #: 1
    9/11/2018 18:00:08   

    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
    9/11/2018 18:53:52   

    Well, at least it wasn't a nerf...
    AQW  Post #: 3
    9/12/2018 10:08:15   
    Captain Kuchiki

    As much as this belongs in the Suggestions section, it's also a legitimate question - Considering the fact that purchasing an AC Armor is required for the Class (among other nonsensical grind-based requirements in the grand scheme of things), why isn't the LightCaster Class a free given in the OG LightCaster BoL Shop from the Upgrade Package in April 24, 2013 - Oct. 4, 2013?

    Considering that in general, the entire premise of a LightCaster Class and Evolved/Arcane LightCaster Armors, etc. are a rehash of something that was promoted to be Rare as an Upgrade Package long ago, seems rather disingenuous and blatantly insincere to people those that upgraded back then, that this was not a given from the start or from when LightCaster Class first released.

    < Message edited by Captain Kuchiki -- 9/13/2018 7:09:15 >
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 4
    9/12/2018 12:55:31   
    G Man

    Again, why are these NOW issues?
    They should've been issues when they (the variants of light caster) were first released, or shortly after release, not months, or YEARS later.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
    9/12/2018 18:12:19   
    Captain Kuchiki

    Pretty much my point. Not against the idea of the Class being a Seasonal Rare available to all than closed off as an exclusive, but at the same time, this was something that should have been a given as a free update to the shop in the Lightcaster BoL Shop from it's appropriate Upgrade packaged five years ago. To be honest, I don't know why nobody else (If nobody did) raise this issue back when LightCaster Class was first introduced.
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 6
    9/13/2018 9:40:40   
    The ErosionSeeker
    *insert cheesy pun here*

    Why is it a "should", because the things are similar? Should red Naval Commanders owners get every future Naval Commander for free, too?
    If you wanted the 2013 Lightcaster set, you got exactly what you paid for.
    It's unreasonable to buy something and then expect to get an extra thing for free several years down the line. You got a promotional package, not a dividend.
    DF AQW  Post #: 7
    9/13/2018 14:59:07   
    Edme MacHeath

    @TheErosionSeeker: The problem is that AE has gone back on their own wood about 3-4 times in the case of lightcaster now. The 2013 LC set originally promised to unlock the class, which is later released by buying a evolved armor, which is later revised by just paying for the class straight up, which is now being split into two versions and being able to be earned.

    LightCaster was promised to be a seasonal item and by changing it now it's kinda a different item. Naval commander has been rare forever and never has been promised to return or to unlock certain items in the future so that is a null comparison. Perhaps however you feel this is a fair change but it still is a change that came out of nowhere.

    < Message edited by Edme MacHeath -- 9/13/2018 15:03:34 >
    AQ  Post #: 8
    9/13/2018 15:34:48   
    Captain Kuchiki

    @The ErosionSeeker Your example falls flat considering that you're comparing an Armor. A skin/reskin. A cosmetic, to a Class. Not something that has mechanical functioning and actual purpose of practical use in the game.
    A better example would be - Imagine if people purchased the Chronomancer Calendar years back and got the Armor/Helm/Cape/Weapon. Then years later down the line, they released the Chronomancer Class to the general public but locked behind a grind wall with absolutely ridiculous requirements, not to mention the absurd Level requirement at that, oh, and you have to pay ACs for the progress towards it to.
    Pretty sure that people that purchased the Calendar would be absolutely livid with AQW Staff and raise all manner of chronological hell.

    < Message edited by Captain Kuchiki -- 9/13/2018 15:36:46 >
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 9
    9/13/2018 19:45:30   

    So to get the lightcaster class do half to play through the Celestial Arena area as well because that is only area I have not completely done yet.
    AQ  Post #: 10
    9/13/2018 22:23:39   
    The ErosionSeeker
    *insert cheesy pun here*


    The 2013 LC set originally promised to unlock the class



    Imagine if people purchased the Chronomancer Calendar years back and got the Armor/Helm/Cape/Weapon. Then years later down the line, they released the Chronomancer Class to the general public

    You haven't explained why getting exactly what was advertised is a problem.
    If the original promo was for an armor/helm/cape/weapon, and you wanted that, you got exactly what you paid for.


    locked behind a grind wall with absolutely ridiculous requirements

    Maybe if you haven't ever done any grinding ever. Short of the level 80 requirement, those other things are doable in several hours.
    Also not a problem.
    DF AQW  Post #: 11
    9/13/2018 23:32:09   
    Captain Kuchiki

    Is the idea of making a choice based on principle that much to ask one to understand? I'll take your absence of a counter-point to my Chronomancer example as a point that you know can not be debunked because it holds some form of truth based on the simply dignity of principle that even you couldn't deny, that you do have some semblance of an idea of where I'm coming from.
    There is not a problem in the perspective of getting what was advertised, what are you talking about? Is this your attempt to trying to "debunk" my Chronomancer example, by skipping over it altogether and going for the, "Yeah well, you paid for this and got this. So there, yeah" approach? That's just weak and very telling, displaying that you're not even bothering to try and empathize or understand to see where my point of view is coming from.

    It honestly does surprise me that this issue was not raised earlier when the Class was released in general (or if it was, I was not around for it). Understand that I am not alone in having this particular opinion regarding LightCaster Class and it's relation to the LightCaster set from the 2013 Upgrade Package.
    The farm for the items, Burning Blade of Abezeth aside (seriously. that map should permit for a party of at least 3 after The Final Battle quest is completed to tone down the monotony of the grind, popular opinion discussed in the Discord server, but I digress) the grind to reach level 80 all too often feels like cruel and unusual punishment that even AQW Staff has some idea of knowing with their baby step approach into the idea of Auto Modes.

    You may see it as "just complaining for things to be easier", and if that's the perspective I give off, that's perfectly fine, everyone has their opinion. But I'd also like you to keep in mind that I am only one voice of many that in general shares the opinion of how out of hand AQW gets with the grinds for "challenge" that it's no wonder it pushes people to Bots. Some grinding is fine to earn something, but a line is never, if at all rarely, of reason is ever drawn (Level 80/85 is not even the worst offender in this regard, but I digress). But, back to the point at hand;
    What you neglected to mention is the inclusion of the requirement that purchasing an Armor for 1k ACs is part of the mix (which for many, is not a small thing to ask for). So consider, once more as per my example (though it's redundant that I even need to make this example considering it's a copy/paste of the current situation) - User(s) buy Chronomancer Calendar. Calendar Shop has Helm/Armor/Weapon/Cape/etc. Years later Chronomancer Class is released. Locked behind a series of restrictions. Requires that you buy ACs in order to first get Baby Steps Chronomancer (Light Mage/Blood Sorceress treatment), in order to get the Chronomancer Class that SHOULD have been a given in the shop when it was first released.

    Seriously. How is it hard to understand where I (one among many) am coming from with the morality of principle?
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 12
    9/14/2018 7:28:00   

    Personally I just find this change for the sake of change that'll hurt no one but newer players and the companys bottom line.

    Also the questline attached to get lightcaster seems to be more needless and unwanted grinding mainly for the 3 weapons requiring 500 drops each thankfully from the same few monsters
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 13
    9/14/2018 11:11:20   
    Snow Angel, Bug Hunter, Class Tester

    It's not change for the sake of change. It's change for working on the foundations of bigger plans we have for classes.
    AQ AQW  Post #: 14
    9/14/2018 12:15:55   

    I personally like the idea. Lightcaster is easily one of the strongest classes ingame, and at 1000 ACs, one of the cheapest in terms of irl money. It always did seem a little weird that something so powerful would be so easy to get, and the model they have decided to go with is far better than a heavy nerf.

    I wish they'd do this with Archpally and release a version with the Commandment and Righteous Seal nerf values intact, but that's another discussion.

    Personally wish Lightmage would get different class art than Lightcaster, maybe a spin on the Dark Caster class (which deserves a buff or at least a way to get the class art as an armor)
    DF MQ AQW  Post #: 15
    9/14/2018 14:28:50   

    The only issue I have for this change is:
    Defeat Aranx in /celestialarenad for a 5% chance to get a Burning Blade of Abezeth
    and yet has not dropped in a multitude of kills on Aranx.
    I already have the Armor, Helm, 250 Treasure Chests, 2 Champion Sashes ( stackable to 5 ).
    Maybe once I have the other 3 sashes... the sword will finally drop (?) --_--

    *cough*psss server wide boosts will be sooo appreciated to assist with getting to level 80*cough*
    Post #: 16
    9/14/2018 15:49:46   
    How We Roll Winner

    Is LightCaster really that powerful? It's been years since I've played but last I remember it was quite solid and reliable, but nowhere near god mode. I'm using full wizard on it btw.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 17
    9/14/2018 18:02:15   
    Constructive & Helpful!

    Consistent high DPS that is comparable and potentially greater than any other class. Check
    Infinite mana (99% of the time) due to mage regen. Check.
    Low cooldown spammable abilities with no drawback. Check.
    Powerful buffs/debuffs. Check.
    A 12 second cooldown strong heal. Check.

    I don't use it often, because I find it boring to use, but I can't disagree with people when they say Lightcaster is one of the best classes currently in the game, usually on people's top 3 list, mine included.
    AQW  Post #: 18
    9/14/2018 18:18:34   
    The ErosionSeeker
    *insert cheesy pun here*


    You may see it as "just complaining for things to be easier", and if that's the perspective I give off, that's perfectly fine, everyone has their opinion.

    Actually no, I agree that some people believe that 80+ is too high (I would have put it at 60 or 70), but at the same time it's obviously bad for game balance to have a single class that (effectively) costs 1000 ACs that removes the need to use any class that isn't VHL because of how insanely strong LC is at every level.
    Some people wanted the Celestial Arena to be what it is, and when one group gets what they want, a different group might get burned by that.

    However, I don't find it reasonable to have the class added to an old 2013 upgrade shop which was sold on its own merits, because LC has a similar design and name to ELC.
    ELC isn't even being given out for free, so the original is barely affected. 1000 ACs might be a steep cost for some people, but compared to standard classes at 2000, or any number of popular armors that range from 750-2000.
    At the same time, Legion requires 1200, and there's no big push to complain about that.
    DF AQW  Post #: 19
    9/14/2018 18:34:58   
    Edme MacHeath

    LightCaster defines the current meta just as much as VHL does. Aside from Calendar classes, LC and VHL are probably the 2 single best classes ingame overall.
    Aside from using Stonecrusher or Archpaladin in nicher situations, VHL and LC are the most applicable.

    You can pretty much just solo use VHL or LC and end up being able to finish almost any task because they both double up as both excellent farming and soloing classes with ridiculous DPS.
    AQ  Post #: 20
    9/14/2018 20:38:10   
    you stop

    This should probably be put in class discussion but it's dead atm. Lightmage still has massive supportive capabilities, basically still giving as much damage as StoneCrusher after some time (8% dmg increase, plus a couple of stacks from 2 skill). Assuming it has the same base damage as LC, players who cant get the latter will still have a class that's quite powerful.
    AQW  Post #: 21
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