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Lucky Dragonslayer Hybrid suggestions?

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9/14/2018 19:04:16   

Hi hi! Alice here! I'm thinking of making my character go into a dragonslayer hybrid build once I get enough levels for Dracomorgrify, for now I'm still lv 90, so my character page is pretty irrelevant though (and I'm not guardian yet, but this is just a matter of waiting for one or more two months).

So... My idea would be to use Purple Rain and Dracomorgrify, then proceed to hit the opponent in the face with Dragonblades for some sweet extra damage... I don't really feel like using my MP for damage spells (unless there is some spell out there that triggers on dragons), so I wanted to get some suggestions of any good quickplay options that could use my MP and SP.

I also want to know any other dragonslayer gear in general that I might have missed since the pedia isn't up to date yet! >.<

And... Ah, my armors are mostly chosen due to fashion choices than anything (I do want offensive stuff though), but feel free to suggest other ones that aren't too bulky or that change your face (I'm not using any of the current subraces because they're ugly)... Ah, I also don't want any stuff outdated on the Lean system.

As for shields, I'm mainly looking for fun stuff, I'm fine with anything for as long as it gives at least a -24% for the element in question, so please suggest me any fun stuff I missed!

I want one resist Misc of each element (I don't want Cyclops' Eye), so please suggest a compression option if you think there is a nice utility option you think I should get!

No need to suggest any pets/guests, I don't wanna bother with looking at their animation~

No rares (seasonal are good though!), GGB, or tokens please, I'm poor and my character is new... Although I wouldn't mind them being listed as alternative options in case I ever get lucky and get them... Anyways, here is my intended build atm:

Stats (I'm not changing those, they are just for reference)

200 STR
200 INT
200 LUK
150 END

Weapons: (For the slots with a ???, I have no idea what to put, a weapon with some utility would be nice though)

Fire: ???
Water: Blade of Awe (Is there an easily available dragon-trigger temporary weapon? I know the Dragon Blade exists, but I need to beat the Essences first... That, and the weapon is a bit too broken for my taste) or Pearl Dragon Blade.
Wind: Wind Dragon Blade
Ice: Ice Dragon Blade or Blade of Awe.
Earth: ???
Energy: Energy Dragon Blade
Light: Light Dragon Blade
Dark: Dark Dragon Blade

Armors: (Not sure if I should pick Ice or Water, both don't seem to have good armor options that I like.)

Fire: Inferno Plate
Water: Ultraguardian (I'm not using Kindred nor WHEEL, they're ugly.) or Tsunami Plate.
Wind: Horde's Ire (I'm not changing this one, I love its looks)
Ice: Blizzard Plate (I might use Gogg Shapeshift maybe, not sure, will have to decide later once I play with it~) or Ultraguardian.
Earth: Fatal Chimeran Vindicator (I don't want to use Morningstar, too bulky)
Energy: Megingjord
Light: Waqaya of Osiris (I'm totally fine with using Lightbringer Shapeshift instead tbh~)
Dark: Angel of Souls (I'm surprisingly fine with this one, even if it hides my face~)


Purple Rain
Moonwalker's Grace
Gandolphin (In case I get lucky with GGB)
Catnip Senses? (totally fine with substituting this)
Lightbringer Shapeshift? (totally fine with substituting this)
Gogg Shapeshift? (totally fine with substituting this)

Shields: (I'd be super happy with a shield that triggers on dragons, but I think those don't exist?)

Fire: Cerberus Ward or Supreme Overlord Legend
Water: Shield of Awe or Celtic Wheel or Kindred
Wind: Fujin no Shukufuku (I wanted to use the Yata Mirror tbh, but I think it won't work without DEX?)
Ice: Lt. Lore's Shield ( Horo-show also seems useless without DEX...) or Shield of Awe
Earth: Tectonic Tower Shield
Energy: Jarnskjoldr
Light: Scarab Shell
Dark: Cerberus Ward or Lantern of Souls
??? (If I use Cerberus, it seems I'll have one leftover slot, any idea on what to put? I'm totally clueless... Ah, I'm not using IronThorn, too outdated and broken for my taste~)


Water: Layard's Loyalty
Wind: Sphinx's Riddle
Ice: Void Visor
Earth: Polygalactase Process
Energy: Blood Ruby
Light: Eye of Osiris
Dark: Catcher's Mask

Uhn... Wow, this took a while to type out, searching stuff out certainly took ages... Oh well, thanks for anyone that helps! ^^)/

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9/14/2018 19:17:44   

For your fire weapon, there is a Fire Dragon Blade; it's from one of the dragon wars, I can't remember specifically (I think it's one of the two most recent Dragons Gone Wild wars?). For earth, there's the Peta Dragon Buster, if you're willing to spend tokens? At level 92, there's also the Mutant Dragon Blade. Don't know if you consider Human Fisher ugly, but that's definitely also a water armor option

EDIT: Oops, didn't see that you said no tokens or GGB. Mutant Dragon Blade and Fire Dragon Blade are still options. It's kind of a shame that you don't want any GGB items, the Frozen Dragonslayer is pretty much exactly what you want for ice

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9/14/2018 19:54:05   

@sleddyboy3 Thank you! I didn't know there was a fire dragon blade! I'll try finding it! ^^)7

Human fisher is super duper ugly even if it wasn't GGB... *shivers*

Oh, I did hear of Frozen Dragonslayer, but hoping I get an UR GGB is not really something I'm relying on~

Peta Dragon seems pretty neat, but I don't have the tokens! xD
That, and it would kinda make my other 7 weapons useless... >.>

Mutant Dragonblade seems like a fun weapon, but kinda counterproductive to the idea of using the triggers against dragons of the opposite element... Still a fun interesting weapon though, I might play with it! ^^)/

Thanks for the help!
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9/14/2018 20:56:39   
Legendary Ash

200 Dex accounts for 25 Blocking, normal monster miss chance is 15% given maxed Dex and Luck, character on average wouldn't be able to block unless your enemy doesn't have Pure build or has an inaccurate lean, however there is always a chance of blocking due to it being a roll from 1 to 100.
This means that Defense leaning shields that have lower resistances are not favourable, due to the points on it not being enough to do much on average.
The standard elemental Dragon blades are maxed at Lv 144 G, compared to a Lv 150 item in average base damage and accuracy, 1.15*31*.81125/(32*.82125) = 1.100497, its 10.0497% stronger an equivalent of Dragon Buster, which is a two thirds of the trigger potential that a Lv 150 Pearl Dragon Blade has.

Fire Dragon Blade from DRaGONs gone WILD
Defensive Dragon Blade
Dragonslayer Axe

GGB MC alternatives
Cleaving Dragon Buster/ Dragosector
Golden Dragon Spear
Dark Dragon Staff

Ice Cream Crusader from Warlic's MC Dessert quest

Dragon Strike Guard for Fire from DRaGONs gone WILD
Cryo Chrono Shield > Father Time returns on next year's Father's day
Dazzling Solaris Shield once a Guardian

Bell Shell from Chessmaster: A Cavernous Chronicle > Father's Day Sock returns on next year's Father's day
Mecha Knight Power Core from Mecha Knight
Shadowfeeder Pendant
Essence Orb
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9/14/2018 22:55:29   

@Legendary Ash Thanks for the in-depth analysis and for the item recommendations! They'll surely help! ^^)/

I won't get the sugar rush because I disliked the looks, but the rest seems great! Thank you very much! *hugs*

Now to work on grinding my way to a high level to make use of all that~
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