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=DF= September 28th Design Notes: Rebuilding and Epochs

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9/28/2018 20:04:20   

ArchKnight DF Q&A / Pedia


Timeworn Cat
Rebuilding and Epochs

Hey there, heroes!

Falconreach is finally rebuilt!

Take a stroll (especially at night!) and enjoy your sturdier, more secure home away from home! All thanks to the hard working citizens of Falconreach! (and thanks to the Rose and their supplies)

The necromancers have also finished up the cemetery!

I didn't get a chance to FINISH up the cemetery, so no epitaphs yet.

If you find out any bugs in the new, rebuilt Falconreach, please let us know! There was a LOT of things to link up (FR is the BIGGEST town in the game), so some things might have gotten... mixed up!

We're also proud to announce DragonLord testing of the Epoch class!

This is a very unique class with a an intense brawling yet strategical playstyle.

Gain and use Epoch's special resource, Momentum, in order to increase the power of your skills for insane combos.

Now for an overview of this version of Epoch's skills:

  • Attack
    • A basic, low damage attack.
    • Generates 2 Momentum.
  • Epoch Boost
    • Buffs your stats for 10 turns.
    • 1st use: Epoch Power Boost: Buffs your Boost by 10
    • 2nd use: Epoch Defense Boost: Buffs Avoidance by 50
    • 3rd use: Epoch Aim Boost: Buffs Bonus by 40
    • 4th use: Epoch Health Boost: Applies a healing over time effect = 3% of your max HP
    • Generates 1 Momentum.
  • Ultra Boost
    • Empowers any boosts that you have applied to yourself, but maintains duration.
    • Epoch Power Boost: 10 -> 60
    • Epoch Defense Boost: 50->150
    • Epoch Aim Boost: 40->100
    • Epoch Health Boost: 3% -> 7.5%
    • Generates 1 Momentum.
  • Fade
    • Emergency shielding for 1 turn.
    • +200 Avoidance for 1 turn.
    • Does not use or generate Momentum.
  • Laser Blades
    • Does damage and applies a DoT effect to the target.
    • DoT effect is half of your normal damage.
    • Generates 1 Momentum.
  • Laser Slice
    • Consumes up to 3 Momentum to do damage and decrease enemy All resistance.
    • Using this skill with no Momentum will decrease enemy All resistance by 10.
    • Consuming 1 Momentum decreases enemy All resistance by 20.
    • Consuming 2 Momentum decreases enemy All resistance by 40.
    • Consuming 3 Momentum decreases enemy All resistance by 60.
  • Punch
    • Consumes up to 3 Momentum to do damage and stun your target.
    • Using this skill with no Momentum will stun the enemy for 1 turn.
    • Each additional Momentum consumed, up to 3, will add a turn of duration for the stun, up to 4 turns (3 Momentum consumed).
    • Chargeburst
    • Basic multi attack.
    • Generates 1 Momentum.
  • Epoch Hex
    • Debuffs foe's stats.
    • 1st use: Epoch Power Hex: Reduce enemy Boost by 10
    • 2nd use: Epoch Defense Hex: Reduce enemy Avoidance by 50
    • 3rd use: Epoch Aim Hex: Reduce enemy Bonus by 60
    • Generates 1 Momentum.
  • Ultra Hex
    • Concentrate your Epoch Hexes and increase their potency, but maintaining their duration.
    • Epoch Power Hex -10 -> -33
    • Epoch Defense Hex: -50 -> -100
    • Epoch Aim Hex: -60 -> -100
    • Generates 1 Momentum
  • Timeshift
    • Consume all of your momentum to give yourself double turns equal to the amount of momentum consumed.
    • For example, consuming 9 Momentum will give you 9 turns of double turns.
  • Combo
    • Your basic damage combo.
    • Available after a successful hit on the enemy.
    • If you break the combo (by not using the skill in consecutive turns), it will go on cooldown.
    • The combo will also go on cooldown when completed.
    • Generates 1 Momentum
  • Pierce
    • Consumes up to 3 Momentum to do damage and increase enemy health resistance
    • Using this skill with no Momentum will increase enemy health resistance by 10.
    • Consuming 1 Momentum increases enemy health resistance by 20.
    • Consuming 2 Momentum increases enemy health resistance by 40.
    • Consuming 3 Momentum increases enemy health resistance by 60.
  • Gunburst
    • Consumes up to 3 Momentum to do damage
    • Using this skill with no Momentum will do one hit of damage.
    • For each Momentum consumed, this attack will fire off a short volley, culminating in a final larger hit.
  • Final
    • Consumes all momentum for a massive guaranteed critical attack.
    • Does mediocre damage if Momentum is low.
    • High amounts of Momentum will do major damage.
  • Potions
    • Along with normal potion effects, potions will provide 3 Momentum when consumed.
And that's just base Epoch!

If you equip the Eternal Locket Artifact:
  • New, super rad artwork!
  • An awesome way to hover around!
  • Maximum momentum increases from 9 to 12.
  • And, although this is not implemented yet, Eternal Epoch will have access to another, additional, Boost and Hex.

The Epoch class will be available from all HeroMart calendars from 2018 onward- the Eternal Locket Artifact, however, will only be available from the 2018 HeroMart Calendar. Future HeroMart Calendars will come with new Artifacts for the Epoch class, changing art and mechanics in different ways.

Have feedback about Epoch? Discovered something neat in the rebuilt Falconreach?

Join the discussion on the official forums!

Check out the Artix Games Launcher!

Follow us on Twitter for sneak peeks and updates (and feel free to tweet us your fan art and feedback too!)

Verlyrus Twitter

Tomix Twitter

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~San Robin

< Message edited by San Robin -- 9/29/2018 16:59:35 >
DF AQW  Post #: 1
9/28/2018 20:06:19   
Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ GD / EpicDuel

Interesting to see Momentum used to spend on powering up the abilities, looking forward to testing this.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
9/28/2018 20:11:38   

Must admit, it was quite surprising being in Falconreach seeing it still being fixed up and then seeing it all fixed up when I saved my shown items. Did not expect it but enjoyed it, Falconreach looks great ^^
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 3
9/28/2018 20:12:47   

This seem pretty cool. Seems like a lot of fun.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 4
9/28/2018 20:13:28   
Shadow X Ascendant

Interesting Took Many Screenshots to remember it , i will add them on my Gallery
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 5
9/28/2018 20:22:27   

This looks AWEOSME, as a RW user I've been aching for a power-buildup class and this seems perfect! Can't wait to try it against some challenges!

Edit: it's practically impossible to keep track of your momentum, which is super important. Any way to make that happen?

< Message edited by mahasamatman -- 9/28/2018 20:37:58 >
DF  Post #: 6
9/28/2018 20:23:43   

Finally rebuild until next time its destroyed. People of Falconreach are becoming master builders.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 7
9/28/2018 20:25:08   

quick testing im iffy on epoch, needing to recast the so many times for a fairly weak heal seems like it could get old quick, but again this is only after some quick fiddling, its an interesting idea but im not sure how effective it is as a usable gimmick, maybe if the buffs and the hexes were one ability but as it is atm i cant ever see burning 10 turns to get all the buffs and hexes active as a useful use of your time, or even 5 just to access that weak heal

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 8
9/28/2018 20:34:35   

So nice to see Falconreach rebuild, and it the new art style as well.

I can't wait to try out Epoch, gonna be running through a bunch of quests to try it out. At a glance, the Momentum feature is gonna be useful during longer fights; more time to build it up to unleash the more powerful skills.


DF AQW  Post #: 9
9/28/2018 20:40:59   

@Mahas: Theres a bar above your attack button, clicking on it says how much momentum you have

Now onto the bugs!
Locket is not yet allowing for momentum above 9
I don't THINK double turns is working right? I used it with 9 stacks, and then the enemy went, then i went twice, and now its back to normal

Edit: Okay i just got a double turn randomly in the middle of the battle? 17 turns after using the shift skill...
Edit2: Happened a second time, and a third.

so to summarize, no double turn upon using the skill, one double turn after that, then 3 double turns in a row 17 turns after using the skill

< Message edited by Chewy905 -- 9/28/2018 20:44:21 >
Post #: 10
9/28/2018 20:44:36   
Stephen Nix

Undead Penguinmancer
DF Pedia

Now is the time to strike and destroy this puny town.

I mean umm, this place looks nice. Waccc wwwaac wwaaaaaaccccc!

Love the music used.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 11
9/28/2018 20:50:55   
earthbound immortal

Im thinking just for organization purposes, have all skills that build momentum on one side, and skills that use momentum on the other.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 12
9/28/2018 20:55:23   
AQW Lore-titician

Above the basic attack button there is a meter that fills up with your momentum, if you click it, a pop up message shows up giving the number f Momentum stack.

as for what I think of this class...

Well, first I think this is earned:

With that out of the system...

The class is PURE eye-candy, the skills are gorgeous, the mechanic is easy to learn but very rewarding, and so far I noticed 2 bugs:
*Even with the Artifact, the maximun momentum is still 9 instead of 12
*The extra turns earned with Timeshift come and go erraticaly, one turn I get my double turn, the other I don't have it.
*Not sure if a bug or intentional, but when I have the artifact and stand still, the gear belt stays around my ankles. If it's a bug.... can you keep it xD? Looks kinda cool to me.

That aside, the class is wonderful. The healing seem, very reliable even without the ultra since it comes after a defense buff, the turn rotation is fair and square with the cooldowns and all skills have some really solid effects that leave no dissappointments. The momentum mechanic reminds me of Shadow Walker, down to the momentum meter over the attack button (which I think is PURE GENIUS) and how it generates and consumes it. And again, I can't praise the visuals enough, the use of bright rainbow gives the skills a certain ethereal, even sacred feel to it, as if it transcended every element existing in reality to attack with time itself, also reminds me of the Light spells from Wakfu's Huppermage, a class I'm very fond of, so it gives me some good memories as well xD

I also like that, unlike ShadowWalker, the skills that use momentum are not completely useless on their own, they are still very useful on quick fights so you can finish several enemies in a row without dragging the fight to build momentum, just a good one-two with maybe 1 buff, 1 ultra and straight to the combos finish most enemies so you go to the next just as quick, almost as fast as Soulweaver when it comes to cleaning small enemies. I also agree that maybe the skills that use momentum could be stacked on one side, OR their icons could be highlighted (maybe with a rainbowy edge)

And by the way, tiny typo on this forum post:


Consumes up to 3 Momentum to do damage and stun your target.
Using this skill with no Momentum will stun the enemy for 1 turn.
Each additional Momentum consumed, up to 3, will add a turn of duration for the stun, up to 4 turns (3 Momentum consumed).
Basic multi attack.
Generates 1 Momentum.

Chargeburst is listed without giving it's own space but rather as if it was part of the Punch's description.

< Message edited by ergotth -- 9/28/2018 21:02:06 >
DF AQW  Post #: 13
9/28/2018 20:57:26   

MAJOR bug: Some skills sometimes skip the opponent's (or pet's) turn. It seems like they're about to attack, and then you just get your next turn.
That seems to be... instead..? of the double turns.

Also, noticed the bar, not sure how I missed it XD

Edit: Is it just me, or is the second use of Combo the strongest? Kinda weird. Also, it takes a LOT of momentum to reach high damage with gun and final, so the overall damage output of the class, which is almost only slice and combo, seems a bit low (considering you probably use the first 5 turns buffing yourself up). The defensive potential does seems to make up for that, but it looks like it would need some finer tuning.

Edit 2: Attack seems to deal really low damage- had a damage of 123-153 vs. 10 All res, dealt 57 damage.

< Message edited by mahasamatman -- 9/28/2018 21:15:11 >
DF  Post #: 14
9/28/2018 21:11:08   


The heal isn't weak at all. It's a 10-turn HoT that does a total of 30% when not buffed, and close to 75% total when buffed.
DF  Post #: 15
9/28/2018 21:12:18   

I've briefly tried the class out. The movement/running animation looks really weird and dopey with their arm flailing about. I haven't got the artefact for it since I haven't bought the calendar so I wouldn't know how the hovering animation looks like. From the image, the additional rainbow coloured armor from the artefact does make it look really cool. It makes the Calendar really tempting to buy but I'll hold off until any final releases.

In terms of skills I don't like how the default attack is really weak. I wish it at least got stronger with more momentum or was just as strong as any default attack. I like how the "Combo" attack works and how you have to use it consecutive times. I like how the "Final" attack does get much stronger with max momentum. When it comes to the "Boost" and "Hex" skills separately, I like how you get different one with each use (not to mention the fact they have no cooldown until you use all 4) and how you can make them stronger with their "Ultra" skills. And the "Boost" can stack well with "Pierce" for really high damage. I wish there was an attack or skill that doubles the amount of momentum you gain. Unfortunately I haven't been able to calculate the exact damage percentages for each skill since I was using a varied damage weapon. I'll try and use a soulforged weapon so I can get an exact number next time.

Overall so far, I can imagine it being good for long bosses because of all the potential buffs and enemy debuff set ups but not so good for short mob monsters because you have to build up momentum for your final attack to be damaging and it resets the momentum for each use so you can't really use it immediately for consecutive battles. You really have to be patient with this class. I was able to beat Extreme Unraveler (barely) and Sinnonence with it. But who knows, they could still change it for the better
DF  Post #: 16
9/28/2018 21:16:39   
AQW Lore-titician

By the way, I think the Final's animation could use an animation tweak: The beam could be a little longer, just in the infinite Togs arena you can see the end of it, when there are skills in the game with much larger "area" to go off-screen, and a beam like that should look like it goes endlessly. Maybe doubling the lenght would be more than enough. And if I may, a more timey-wimey name? Final seems kinda generic for a nuke skill. Maybe something like "Technicolor blast" or "break it down!" to make an Overwatch reference, "Inertia break" since, you know, "momentum", "inertia", related things like that.
DF AQW  Post #: 17
9/28/2018 21:22:38   
Sakurai the Cursed

I've only just started playing around with this, but wow, a 10-turn shield and HoT, and a 10-turn blind and weaken??? Takes a few turns of setup of course, but their CD is only 24, so with timeshift you can very easily alternate them. This thing may just be the king/queen of defense, only problem being with all the extending of the battle it's doing it eats up your MP; even with Blade of Awe and my protection dragon I still ran out and had to use a potion on Mega Meowphant just due to how many turns it took.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 18
9/28/2018 21:26:49   


Original: mahasamatman
MAJOR bug: Some skills sometimes skip the opponent's (or pet's) turn. It seems like they're about to attack, and then you just get your next turn.
That seems to be... instead..? of the double turns.

This has happened to me as well, without ever using Timeshift. It's skipped both the enemy's turn and my guest's turn.
I'm doing the Sinnocence boss fight right now, if that helps.
EDIT: I'm also using the AE Game Launcher instead of the browser version.

< Message edited by flashbang -- 9/28/2018 21:29:01 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 19
9/28/2018 21:43:43   

Epoch is even prettier than I thought it would be. And CC! Only complaint is that it needs more muscle. In particular, abs. A pack of six of 'em, would be enough, though eight would be preferable.

Funky running cycle, though. I like it! It's the Class Who Flaps Through Time.

Fight-wise, it's pretty dang strong. I'll miss it, once testing's over. Should shipping become less awful, I'll try and buy it.
Post #: 20
9/28/2018 22:13:32   
AQW Lore-titician

another bug found: Sometimes the boost will show the incorrect icon to the boost applied, used it once, sword symbol with the attack boost, used it again, the same sword symbol with the defense boost.
DF AQW  Post #: 21
9/28/2018 22:26:01   


:O The plot-hole is gone!

Falconreach looks superb. I certainly recognise J6's art style, the colours really make the eastern and western walls look impenetrable. It's nice to see Warlic's and Demento's statues in one piece again too. Also was that pretty bird in Geopetal's hand always there or is that new too?

Yet to try out Epoch, but it looks like fun!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 22
9/28/2018 22:27:08   
Boneless Berkut

RIP the OG Falconreach music.

All joking aside, I really like the new look of Falconreach. I just wish that the original theme was played, rather than AQW's Inn theme, as it would fill the player with a sense of nostalgia, knowing that their hometown has been rebuilt.

Epoch is a fun class to use. I encountered a few bugs, but they have been noted in earlier forum posts, such as:
-Defense Boost Visual Bug
-Some skills (Especially Hex) skipping both the opponents and allies turn.
Probably just me, but I also find the running animation for Epoch to be...weird. I don't know. Probably because both the legs and arm look like they're flailing around.

Regardless, I totally love this week of updates. Epoch was well worth the wait and Falconreach looks magnificent.

< Message edited by Boneless Berkut -- 9/28/2018 22:33:36 >
Post #: 23
9/28/2018 22:30:08   

Just got done running through w/ epoch, and for the most part its great! Buut, there are a few things that i noticed with it.

1) when equpping the epoch artifact the bar does not go past 9

......and thats about it for bugs, the rest is just personal thoughts on gameplay...

Though strong, the mana costs are high like the doom knights; and yes while i understand players should conserve mana for good choices, it seems like epoch is all about the momentum and combos, but if I can only do a few turns before I need to chug a potion for mana then how far am i actually going to get in the longer dungeons? In which case why not either lower the mana costs or give players a way to generate mana instead?

Against mobs its great sure, pvp? Ehhh.. ; Long term quests or worn out areas? Meh.

But for all that I have to say Epoch is a great class and its still in testing, so there will be bugs and options that are subject to change. Takes a little bit of time to get use to but its fun.

Still cant believe you guys still didnt add a SNAP! move for the gauntlet, ugh! XD

In all seriousness though thank you everyone on the DF team for making such a cool class!
Post #: 24
9/28/2018 22:36:03   

The lighting in Falconreach at night is very impressive and very beautiful. Well done.
DF  Post #: 25
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