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RE: September 28th Design Notes: Rebuilding and Epochs

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9/28/2018 23:06:54   

Before I write a more fleshed-out post with my thoughts on the class, I'd like to report a bug - several skills (notably Epoch Boost, Epoch Hex, and Fade) cause your turn to end before your animation finishes playing. This causes enemies that move immediately after you to end their turns early, often playing part of an animation but not actually dealing any damage.

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DF  Post #: 26
9/28/2018 23:50:21   
deaths body

I definitely think that the Epoch class should have a mana regen skill. You absolutely SHRED through mana while using this class. Other than that, wish the basic attack was a little stronger, as well as the heal being a little stronger or the ultra buff to it making it even more stronger. I love the momentum system, really makes you feel like you're building absolute destruction when stacking. Good job on the class, the amulet makes it look amazing, and the walking animation is smooth.
AQW  Post #: 27
9/29/2018 0:02:38   

So, Epoch is finally out in testing huh? Nice! I have not had much time to play around with it yet, but I will give a few of my first impressions.

Aesthetically, this class is perfect. Flashy, fluid, unique, versatile styles of attack, color custom, visually vaporwave in class form. And it is not a floating / monster class so there shouldn't be any problems obscuring the player character's expressions during cut scenes. If this truly is the last chrono class we ever get, I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. It has overtaken ChronoZ as my favorite time class due to style alone. Superb work you've done here Dove!

Onto the skills. As said, I have had limited time to play around with this, so I do not have any exact strategies or examples at the moment...

First thoughts, this class sounds pretty complicated, but in testing I find things to blend together quite nicely. Epoch Hex + Ultra Hex + a stun that can last 4 turns + a -60 to all resistance + a way to limit enemy healing + a ridiculously long period of turn skipping to inflict all of these effects makes this seem like quite a devastating debuffer. I mention this specifically because I feel there is good potential for Epoch to be a powerful charisma class. It can rapidly inflict multiple debuffs to completely shut down a target for an extensive period of time. When playing solo, this will sacrifice a lot of damage. When in a party, you can have allies dealing heavy damage while staying relatively safe as a result of the massive drop in damage, accuracy, and defense.

While it should shine in party play, it is still completely capable of fighting some tough challenges solo. However, the reliance on Boost and momentum in order to secure a foundation of offense and defense is a little tricky to deal with. Yes, you are required to build up some Boost and momentum with the party style as well, but at least you have allies to buy you a bit of time in that case. Nonetheless, Epoch does have ways to effectively defend itself. And as long as a monster doesn't inflict such overwhelming damage over two or three turns that you can not set up your defenses, the class can survive by itself well enough. Once you reach the Ultra Boosted healing ability, I find that it is virtually indestructible for as long as those boosts are still going.

Offensively it is sort of hard to judge. I do not have the numbers of other classes for comparison, but Epoch appears to have above average low-power-offense abilities but below average high-power-offense abilities. The multi attack, combo attacks, and Gunburst seem really strong, even when you do not have much momentum or bonus damage applied. However, Final feels kinda underwhelming even when you unleash it with maximum momentum. Then again, I might just be doing something wrong.

Finally, talking about the Boost and momentum mechanics, I actually really like it. A lot of what I said here might make it sound like it is a nuisance, but I genuinely believe that this is a good gimmick. It is not as complex as one would think, it can allow for some fun and powerful tactics or change ups throughout a battle, and it seems to be a fair way to establish a the growing power level. This seems like a class that would really shine in a longer battle while still having some tools to deal with pesky quest mobs efficiently.

Now, one thing that I would really like to see is a way to regenerate mana. This class guzzles mana shockingly fast. Considering how many skills you need to repeat in order to gain power, Epoch will likely suffer in a longer quest. I would love if the standard Attack gave the class a small mana increase. Maybe +20 mana so that one attack will allow you to cast a free Boost. This would create a dynamic between attacking to gain momentum and mana then casting Boost to gain more momentum and power. It would be a slow but effective way to balance your stats while planning for a more powerful attack.

The only bug I have found so far is the battle freezing after casting a Hex midway in the fight. There was no option to Un-Stuck it so I had to close out the game.

Perhaps I will say more once I do some extra testing. Great work so far. I can not wait for the final release!

P.S. The rebuilt (again) Falconreach looks beautiful! How about we keep it standing this time, eh?
Post #: 28
9/29/2018 0:06:54   

I am very curious about this class is it canon like when Tomix said on twitter that Epoch is dead you are the new epoch does that mean this class is canon? Also if it is does it mean that the hero we play as is now among the top us in the multiverse?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 29
9/29/2018 0:18:56   

@deaths body The ultra version of the heal boost was actually nerfed from a ~75% HoT to a ~50% HoT. Also, the Atack button currently does 100% damage while also granting 2 momentum and regenning 15 mana.
DF  Post #: 30
9/29/2018 0:28:20   
AQW Lore-titician

@Dragon_monster actualy NOTHING in the Inn at the Edge of Time is canon.
DF AQW  Post #: 31
9/29/2018 0:30:46   

Ah, I had not even noticed that the Attack already regenerates mana. I guess it is such a small amount that I hadn't realized. Well this kinda invalidates what I said. Still, it would be nice if the regeneration could be slightly higher.
Post #: 32
9/29/2018 0:34:03   


@Dragon_monster actualy NOTHING in the Inn at the Edge of Time is canon.

Is there no inn at the edge of time that takes us from all multiverses?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 33
9/29/2018 0:39:48   


Up to 24 attacks within 12 turns (when the bugs are fixed, at least)?
+50 Defense Unboosted which resonates so well with Ultradefensive Items?
+60 BtH Boosted which lets me bypass most defensive barriers?
A 4 Turn Stun? A Boosted 5% HoT for ten turns + my 150-ish WIS?

(All this class needs is that the Stun lowers Immobility Resistance by 15 every momentum you consume, such that you can get a max of -180 Immo Res on an enemy or something that counters stunning so that the class doesnít get annoying against stuff like Maldrydys... okay, maybe not -180, but, you know what I mean...)


Quick Question, does Attack still give momentum if a special is triggered?

Also, yeah, this class DOES feel like a great Beastmaster class, especially with the Baby Chimera, oh, boy, and extra gold at 200 CHA? Also, +60% Boosted PowerBoost keeps you sustained too.

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DF  Post #: 34
9/29/2018 0:58:10   
Malarik the Caster

Wow, had to make an account just so I can respond to this. Long-time player, on and off, since Xan burned down Falconreach in '07 (or was it '07, so long ago) and i have to say, this is one of the best classes to be released by the game in a long time. Epoch feels so different to anything else, although I suppose Ranger comes close with its turn skipping and charges, and maybe ShadowWalker, although I don't have that one, so I can't compare. This class seems like the answer to many of the more recent inn challenges; i'd go as far as even guessing that Verly may have been inspired in his designs by this class. Already, it won me the Unraveller, which i was struggling to get even half way, and it can deal with some of the storyline bosses I test all my classes again (never another When). Didn't realise the mana-gen thing till now though, and i suppose it feels more balanced with it, but it forces you into a weird situation later on, relying on a low damage attack and surviving from the most OP buffs and debuffs since Exo.
Speaking of Exo, this class reminds me of that style of combat: building a nice base, controlling what the enemy can do, then kicking their ass when they have -150 BPD. I really like the buildup, although the 'final' attack is underwhelming. I'm not sure what the numbers are, but with 0 charges, it did 7-9 Crit damage for 8 hits with 0 charges, and 85-100 Crit damage with 9 charges, at lvl 60 (i know, so low, but i hate farming). The damage does feel kinda weak, especially considering I had the bonuses every time i built up to maximum charge final. I expected something more akin to Baltael Sync in damage, but maybe i'm doing something wrong. -50 All, +100 boost, 9 charges, anything else?
Aesthetically, everything this release is amazing. Not only is the Epoch class beautiful (equip Transcendence, thank me later) but FALCONREACH!!! OH FALCONREACH! I haven't seen anything like this since the rebuilding of the old Falconreach, and this beats it by a landslide. The buildings, the lighting, the colours, the aesthetic, the music. I hated the theme of book 3 Falconreach with a passion. Maybe it was nostalgia, but the old theme is just so much more enticing to a peaceful haven/ trading hub/ war academy/ battleground/ our personal proving field that I feel Falconreach was in the older, and even still today, releases. This new theme, I hear it's from AQW, although I don't play it, is PERFECT. Now if only we could get a nice relaxing theme for Sunbreeze Grove, then all my favourite locations would have beautiful themes (honestly, just give it the OG login theme, maybe a bit slower?). Between Nova Falconreach, Pellow Village, Bk3 Ravenloss and anything that came out of the First Weaver or Blood and Roses, the musical value of the has improved dramatically since the beginning (still waiting for ANY of the other orb zones besides the locker to have a theme... I can dream, can't I :P)

Anyways, found a very interesting bug, where if you click on the epoch charges when there are none, then instakill the mob and click on anything to get a popup, such as your stats, it breaks all popups and changes them to "Charges: Undefined." Keeps going even if you reload, AFAIK the only way to fix it is to clear the cache. More of a nuisance than anything else.
There is also the already mentioned turn-skipping bug, where the game doesn't seem to realise what's happening and freak out, but this so far has been to my advantage, as it just grants random turns periodically.

Great release as always guys, can't wait for what's next. If twitter is anything to go by, the future of this game looks like it's in good hands (contrary to my worry a few years back when i found out my favourite childhood game had been taken over by a cat and that guy from the best quest chain ever)

Edit: nevermind the damage comment, my timings were off. I managed a 175 X 8 attack, still a little sub par by burst standards, but not as much as I originally thought. At least the class has great sustained damage.

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Post #: 35
9/29/2018 1:08:58   


Quick Question, does Attack still give momentum if a special is triggered?

Yes it does.
DF  Post #: 36
9/29/2018 1:29:42   

Falcon reach is rebuilt yes
Post #: 37
9/29/2018 6:08:16   

Epoch is amazing boss-killer. Just defeated that Ex Emperor in the inn without using food and only 2 potions and my buff-dragon (200 in protection, assistance and mischief).
DF  Post #: 38
9/29/2018 8:01:00   

Whoah! Holy, that was fast! I didnít expect somebody to do it that quick!
DF  Post #: 39
9/29/2018 8:39:33   
Malarik the Caster

Not sure how it happened, but my entire character disappeared. I pressed the teleport to hometown button in the options with Epoch on, from the IatEoT, and now I no longer exist. Must've been eaten by the Mega Meowphant. Equipping a new class fixed it.
Post #: 40
9/29/2018 9:50:31   

finally i dont have to look at the old destroyed falconreach (not hatin, it was just depressing to look at consider how the catliff saga went).
one of the things i love is tat i dont have to take the long way wen goin through southern falconreach cause of the destroyed bridge (yes i mite be nitpicky but tat did annoy me quite a bit at the time)
as for the artwork its amazing ......but it doesnt really feel like FR anymore. Guess i will just hav to get used to it.

as far as testing goes, i couldnt see the momentum bar wen i first tried the armor out and im pretty sure i didnt overlook it....well its fixed now so moving on
the double turn skill works erratically, sometimes i get it, sometimes i dont.
while walking around not just the arm but the legs also look like they are flailing around its really weird....not sure if tat is the default.

though i think these points were probably already pointed out by the others. either way just felt like sharing
DF  Post #: 41
9/29/2018 11:08:05   
Primal Light Dragon

Uh... does anyone know where the cemetery is? It's not that I wanted to look at the gravestones, since Verly says that's not done, but the Necromancers apparently finished everything else, and I love wandering around without just teleporting everywhere... but I can't find it.

I just want to look at the scenery [unless it's the Tomix cemetery (:,-() ]. I promise not to use my scary necromancer powers to raise an army of the undead and attack the rose.



Ego sum egredietur tempestas, manifestum chaos, et ascendit hominum.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 42
9/29/2018 11:11:56   

@primal light dragon, its next to the mysterious orb outside falconreach. u can see a path to the left nxt to the orb. Wen i went there though it was glitched nd mi character went to the upper left cormer of the screen....not sure if its still like tat.
DF  Post #: 43
9/29/2018 12:07:34   

So beautiful... When you've finished the cemetery, will we be able to enter the crypt?
DF  Post #: 44
9/29/2018 13:07:20   
Shadow X Ascendant

@^ Another way to farm Unlucky Doom Essences maybe?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 45
9/29/2018 13:23:57   

The music resets when you cross from the northern half of town to the Southern half. Is that a bug? Doesn't seem like there's a reason for it. Also, was it ever stated who that weird humming statue tucked away in the corner is supposed to be?
DF  Post #: 46
9/29/2018 13:32:05   

So when we'll go enter the crypt... are we going see some renewable eco-friendly improvised/homemade coffins/caskets,urns made out of leftover cardboard,straw,plywood,sawdust,bamboo,etc?

While later on will we get a quest of some grave robbers getting foiled and caught. Another thing is a cut scene of somebody moving in a unusual/or five coffins with engravings of runes,gyphs and formation circle inside that requires elemental essences...like from close to the end of world of cultivation CN reference?

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DF  Post #: 47
9/29/2018 14:04:59   
Chaosweaver Amon

I'm not sure which is more beautiful...Falconreach or Epoch's animations?

I'm no boss fighter or tank type of player but Epoch is SO MUCH FUN! I got to use it to its full potential through some of the inn challenges and I have to say; it's so sick having a class to actually have to really strategize with. Stacking the boosts + Ultra is an AWESOME surge of power, I love it. Didn't end up getting the calendar this year but...this class definitely makes me consider it for next year.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 48
9/29/2018 14:24:48   
Sinclair Glory

Epoch running mode is hilarious lol looks like a ragdoll. Of course I expect a change in the goofy running mode once it's finally released.
Post #: 49
9/29/2018 16:23:50   

Where's the cemetery? Haven't seen it.

Also, can anyone post a rotation with epoch that defeats the X-Unraveler? I tried, but haven't managed it.
DF  Post #: 50
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