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RE: September 28th Design Notes: Rebuilding and Epochs

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10/1/2018 12:53:05   

so epoch seems pretty cool, shame its turn 1 burst sucks though since it makes it feel like archivist (which im not really a fan of either) really good for bosses but i probably wont be using it too much.

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DF  Post #: 101
10/1/2018 17:44:29   

I'm in agreement with some of the earlier posts. Did the latest grandiflora quest with epoch, had more trouble with the three-enemy encounter than the final boss at the end. It is *very* satisfying to set up a fat 4-turns in a row and then spam combo attacks.

...But the walking animation bothers me so much. My character is standing there, sword at hip? Or maybe holding it downwards? Then when she runs, she whips up the sword to her shoulder and her right arm just... flaps behind her. It 's just weird, imo.

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10/5/2018 19:45:06   

Maybe add that momentum boost to the dodge ability as well? A one turn avoid is great and all, but it has a long cooldown before using it again. By giving it the momentum boost it would be more viable and worth it. Otherwise if you misuse it against a boss your more than likely to get blown away later.At least thats been my exp so far. Oh, and again, needs mana regen pls... :P
Post #: 103
10/5/2018 19:53:21   

Timeshift cuts the CD in half, you know. And it's supposed to be a panic button, so count yourself lucky it doesn't cost momentum. Also, Epoch has Mana regen. The Attack button regens 15 mana(and if you have Eternal Locket, Eternal Boost restores 20 per turn or 40 if Ultra boosted).
DF  Post #: 104
10/6/2018 10:05:23   

Just got back to testing epoch today and noticed the mana regen, YAY! It doen't feel like its done yet and is definitely better than the initial start. (Not sure if mana regen was there since the beginning as I didn't notice it if it was there, sorry!). Anyways, lookin good! Thanks again DF team!
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10/12/2018 21:22:42   
Sakurai the Cursed

Sooo... I know Epoch isn't meant to be good at farming or anything, and it's really good at challenges of course, so I was pretty alright with that idea. But then, I used it on tonight's release and, well, I didn't quite realize how bad it was. It's practically unusable for normal questing. Not just bad as in "well you might take 2 turns instead of 1" like most defensive classes, but to the point that I will never use it for anything but a challenge fight even if I want to, aesthetically or thematically or whatever. Because, the way it works in challenge fights is, you have to spend a few turns taking a beating and not doing much until you buff yourself up, but then you can use all that buildup to bring yourself back and sustain yourself. For normal quests, it's: spend a few turns taking a beating and not doing much until... no, the fight's over, so then next fight you spend a few turns taking a beating and not doing much until... yeah, again. There's no chance to recover because, as expected, you have no way to kill anything quickly, but more importantly no way to protect yourself until 3 turns into the fight at minimum. You can just try to basically stall a fight so you can recover for future fights, but then you're taking ages and not even recovering that much in the end, since the mob/s you're stalling on are still gonna be hitting you and in order to recover you need to spend extra turns not being decently shielded. It just feels like, at the start of a fight, knowing it's not going to be a long one, you're doing nothing but choosing the best of bad options over and over, so despite liking the feel and look of the class, it makes using it for normal quests unfun to me, and with how bad this one was, probably not even usable at all on longer/tougher quests.

The thing is though, I really can't think of a great solution. Giving a way to get momentum at the start of the fight might make it too good at farming, since the gun is decently strong with momentum. Making the shield last longer so you can have some protection while you buff yourself up would be great, but it'd also be a big buff for challenge fights where it's already at the top... Maybe a combination, with the shield only lasting 2 turns but also giving 1-2 momentum? Then you still don't have a full shield and you can't immediately do a strong 3-mom gun or anything, but you can at least shave off some of that damage taken at the start of every fight, and I think it's reasonable to be able to do a decent attack on turn 2 or a strong attack on turn 3. But even just 2 turns on the shield is still a buff to challenge fights, not to mention that it wouldn't even slow your momentum buildup to use it. Or maybe just keeping momentum through fights, so you could, well, build up and maintain a momentum through series' of normal fights just like on long single fights? But that would make it possible to build up a stock before challenge fights too, and skip the vulnerable buildup process. I dunno, it's a complicated problem and like I said I can't think of a great solution, but that's my view of the state of the class anyway.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 106
10/12/2018 21:31:33   
AQW Lore-titician

I agree, I just tried Epoch for the new release and I BARELY made out of the lollitulas alive, and used the potions already. Honestly, one thing that could solve this class, BIG TIME would be switching the Attack Buff with the Defense Buff. I find more reliable to have the defense first and then Ultra it if the fight requires more defense, like when fighting multiple mobs. And the health buff before the aim, making the order Defende - Attack - Heal - Aim buff. Priority-wise, those are much more vital for anything. I was really thinking aboyut making Epoch my saved class after so long with MSW, but it seems I'll have to stick with it for a while until Chaosweaver comes out.

I know you guys had a lot of fun planning thye gimmicks of this class, and honestly, the momentum mechanic is GREAT, especialy since Shadow Walker felt like a prototype of it with the shadow charges (and honestly feels much more reliable than Epoch) but the execution could use some fine-tunning so this class isn't a set-up nightmare and a waste of HP in quests like today's. And it isn't anything special, just a bunch of enemies one after the other, but for Epoch, it made all the issues with the class stand out. Please, not Archivist all over again.
DF AQW  Post #: 107
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