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Why Do You Do What You Do?

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9/29/2018 13:47:18   

So for your personal Hero, what motivates him/her? The lure of adventure? The peril of innocents? Piles of gold? What's your personal hero's motivation?

For me, it's simple. Sicarius wants to do the right thing, and no one else will step up. He has no family anymore, so he considers all of Lore his family. He wears pieces of Doom Knight armor that Warlic has cut off from the Shadowscythe to show the people of Lore that everything can be used for good. And he won't stop.
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9/29/2018 14:04:39   
Shadow X Ascendant

Shadow X = Find The Purporse of Your Existence, So he can Find his Inner Peace and Unlock the darkness within it's soul. The True Power of Shadows.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 2
9/29/2018 14:21:34   
Sinclair Glory

It was once fun and adventure. For justice, to protect the innocent, thrill and GOLD (don't judge, a guy has gotta eat). As time has gone and all the wars he faced, all the people he couldn't save, all the blame he gets for not being able to do the job as a Hero... his heart has darkened a little. Motivation is still to protect but now it's more to do so with chasing power. By becoming the authority figure, none shall oppose the peace system he shall place. A little bit more strict with punishing the criminals and... Oh wait... just realized this is what seems to be happening in Dragonfable to our very own Heroes.
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9/29/2018 17:10:49   

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9/29/2018 17:46:16   

Based on the book one starting location, I'd always figured it as the hero was training to be among the ranks of Oaklore's finest, but always bored with it at the same time. So when the call for a new adventure comes along with the Black Dragon Box, they leapt at it. They get sucked into a prophecy and attain a companion for life, becoming an accidental hero in the process. For my hero personally, I've decided that their motivation after the hatching was the quest to become the strongest and most skilled being alive, training in every combat profession possible. Helping others and saving the world is a just a side effect of proving to all who'd dare challenge them that they're the superior being.
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9/29/2018 19:37:51   

Haelon was told she didn't have the right kind of name to join the order of the pactagon. Then she met a priestess, a dragon, and a moglin, and decided to follow the call because it looked like something interesting to do and she was bored. She adventured for the fun of it, always enjoying meting new people, with no desire to slow down. Not ruining away from anything, but racing toward the next day, always. (being a sensible adventurer she kept selable items on hand so that she would always have money if she needed it in a hurry.) In Book 3 she's a bit less footloose, and more checking on all the friends she made before she was frozen.
But when you make her mad, the Dragonlord of Destruction comes out to play, as Caitiff found out, and Envy before it.
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9/29/2018 22:06:04   
Malarik the Caster

Ok lads, strap yourselves in for the most amazing story told this side of Lore. This is a tale of adventure, where one lone hero battles against the odds, questing for many years, across many lands to full fill his destiny. This is a tale of action, where our hero must fight for his very survival, relying on every tip and trick he can to succeed on his quest, lest he perish amongst the ranks of those lesser, who failed where he shall prevail. This is a tale of honour, in which the very values of our good kingdom of Greenguard thrown into question, where chivalry, knighthood, brotherhood, honour; where the makings of the spirit of the worthy are tested in the ultimate trial of the human will. This is a tale of deception, not only of the mind, but of the spirit, the very soul that must be tempered into the weapon that will traverse the perils of Lore, at no cost too great, for the benefit of none but all who he meets. This is the tale of Malarik the Caster.

It was long before any of the havoc began, when Lore was peaceful, after hundreds of years of prosperity after the elemental war. In these times of order and harmony, chaos would grow. A being of noble will and pure spirit, would lose something very dear. For to lose what one had fought for for so long was to fail. To fail was to throw into question an entire life of hardship and labour for a goal. In this state, the want for more would grow, a lust for power, to never again let the mistakes of the past once more haunt him; to never again hear the voice of her in his mind, whispering, begging him to unite them once more, to end his ceaseless mission, to cry forth for the wish of life once more. Never again would he allow the mistakes of the past to be held against him. Never again would he fail.

It was then, that being, far greater than anything on Lore, awakened. It slumbered for Aeons, stirring every so often as to watch the world it oversaw. It watched the rise of humanity into the great age of technology and hurrahed. It watched it reach out towards the stars and wept with joy. It watched it fall back into anarchy and wept. Now it watched, as a power to rival it; a malevolence filled with darkness and hatred; beyond that, filled with evil. This being, the force of which all of Lore held in balance, below which the Avatars pulled at the reigns of creation. It stared into the void of reality and consciousness. From it it pulled at the soul threads of eternity, using its very essence as the basis for a vessel, that shall be its harbinger, its herald on the plains of Lore. It pulled from the greatest of heroes; the knights of yore, the starship commanders of yesteryear, the guardians of the elements, the greatest magicians and warriors and soldiers and leaders. From these threads, it wove. For years it wove, crafting a being beyond which any comprehension could allow for an acquiescence of understanding. Within the void, the being spun with the looms it had used to create the fabric of existence itself. It wove in right with creation; here would be a vessel unlike any other. It would require the powers of old, fused with that which had not yet been seen upon Lore. It would pull from the ideas of all, the thread that had yet to be spun, and from it weave a masterpiece of true imagination. In left, it wove with destruction; this vessel would be its horseman, and would need the power to stand against the tides that it would be sent to stop. Not only must it fight for its existence, but it would fight for the sake of all existence. Should this vessel fail, the fates of all would be sealed. This could not be allowed to come to pass. A base was chosen, the greatest pilot from the Lore of Old, and from him the cast was made. In him, the power of existence, of destiny, the force above all, would rest, until great need awakened them. Harnessed from Creation, imbued with Destruction, woven by Destiny, the Hero of Lore would be all that stands against the oncoming tide, that the force of Doom would be unable to break. He would be the beacon of hope, a balm in the crucible of terror that would grip the lands of Lore.

It was only when Destiny had felt that it was time, it was only when he was nearly complete. It was only when he had been gifted with the tools to fight the oncoming wars, that he was ready for the final piece. In him, Destiny did grant a blessing. In him, he was gifted the final powers of destiny. He should never fail, never be broken, never again. The hero of Lore would not break. This was the work of destiny, to never again allow another creature of sentience the means with which to seek out the evils of Doom. Should he ever fall, the light of destiny would rewind the fabrics of time, pull the threads to the beginning of the quest, and grant him the ability to enact the will of Destiny. He should not fail in his mission, He shall not succumb, He shall not falter, He shall prevail.

With this gift, the forces of Destiny were felt on Lore. New powers, forces beyond anything seen in aeons were stirring. As the vessel of destiny awoke, he smiled. He did not open his eyes. Today would be a day of good fortune. Today, he would begin his journey. Today, the prophecies of Destiny would begin, for today, the Hero of Lore did open his eyes. The tomes of Lore would know of his deeds. The archivists of the Kings for generations to come would scribe the tales of his quests. The people of the lands would rejoice at the sound of his name, an utterance a prayer to Destiny. In his actions, the world would be made a better place, free from the chaos of the Doom. In him, would there be a solace to be found in the ocean of malice, the force that he would keep at bay. It was on this day that a hero was born.

"It's the perfect day for an adventure. Great things are coming my way... I can just feel it!

You know how the story ends...
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9/29/2018 22:11:10   
Shadow X Ascendant

You should read my story too hehe It's very detailed and wrote by chapters , like an great Book hehe You're From Pure Light, Right? I think you deserve to know the Pure Darkness' Story too http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=22325322

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 8
9/29/2018 22:31:34   
Malarik the Caster

Gave your story a read, and I have to say that, wow, that's some nice darkness aesthetic. Never really got the whole shadows thing. Could be the fact that darkness is always used when the stakes are a tacky good V evil setup, and more interesting dynamics arise when it is flawed good V misunderstood/morally ambiguous yet right. That's one thing I like about the book 3 direction: it steers away from the light V dark towards a more neutral existence for the elements as forces of nature. The firmament is the best example of this, and I'm guessing that the malerous chain will continue this, so I can't wait for the next 13th (although that will come with a bit of a wait).
The black on black kinda reminds me of the ShadowWalker, I'm guessing that was the sort of thing you were going for. A being of darkness that wanders across the dimensions. Looks good, got a good backstory, but in the context of the game, I'm not sure how that would fit. That isn't to say the darkness thing isn't good (hehe, this game ruined my puns), but this game has traditionally forced you into the shoes of a predetermined character. It has become more AAA than RPG, but that's just my 2 cents. For example, I don't know why our character would want to do an escort mission for what amounts to a mercenary guild in a foreign land, while the absolute storm begins to brew back at home. I get that the plot demands it, along with the recent Alexander stuff that resulted in the most intense exchange on this forum relating to plot in a long while, and I think part of it is that there are so many quest lines that are just hanging, and likely wont be resolved for the foreseeable future. This is one of the reasons I'm sceptical about Fleshweaver. Our character would never, ever, never ever ever harm an innocent, let alone commit the murder (is it murder if they are a spirit?) of a close friend, just for power. The non-canon stuff are some of the only ways to even be considered remotely flawed, as all the 'evil' classes are DC locked. Even our necromancer summons skeletons that want to help, instead of animating and forcing them to enact our will.
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9/29/2018 23:03:56   
Shadow X Ascendant

Thanks hehehe. If you are brave enough to check my Gallery of shadows. You are welcome. Now i really wonder if our Hero's Story will have an End. Their reaching the final act. There is no world that goes on forever, right?

@Sinclair Don't worry, we won't judge your gold hunt.....especially after the final quest...of atgasedd. .. I'M NOT CRYING ..... OKAY..... Just not.....sorry

@Gammacavy These Pactagonal Knights are dumb. How they could not see potential in the most Powerfull (And Beautiful) Pyromancer Alive? They are not worth to be called "Knights" , they lack perception

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 10
9/30/2018 13:23:38   

My character (a version one doom knight) uses the power of darkness to fight for the light but the darkness calls to him every second of every day telling him to work for seppy, giving a reason why he couldn't defeat him and why he agrees he won't tell any one of his daughter.
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9/30/2018 16:18:08   

Well shadow, it wouldn't be the first time. Remember Sir Baumbard? He trained with their order, and was a member of it, but not a full knight of it. Got knighted by the king directly instead. That's basically Haleon too. besides, she was only a human with elemental blood then.
It wasn't until after she and Warlic fought Xan in his own fortress and took the Pyronomicon from him that she devoted her time to the study of pyromancy in all its might, so that even if Xan ever retrieved it, she would know how to counter him. After all, he was a human turned elemental fire, and she was an elemental human cross as well. A perfect stalemate. The founder of the order of pyromancers in this age, she has made sure that any who would study flame knows the tale of Alexander, so that the tragedy that befell him may never happen again.
DF  Post #: 12
10/1/2018 3:17:09   
Sakurai the Cursed

Well, Fenris' motivation is that she's a video game character and I want to play the game, so I'm afraid there's not much choice in the matter. :p

No, but seriously, personally I don't roleplay in games like DF where there's no player agency, where the story simply happens as it happens regardless of how you would do things. I view it more as reading a story than playing an RPG, because man, some of the choices that the hero has made and some of the things they've done are pretty dumb and would really break my role.

On a small side-note @Malarik:

Our character would never, ever, never ever ever harm an innocent, let alone commit the murder (is it murder if they are a spirit?) of a close friend, just for power.
Well, Tomix specifically said at the time that it won't be murder in the context of how it happens. Of course, he also said back then that FleshWeaving isn't about forbidden magick, but then recently said that Fleshweaving is forbidden magick, so who knows, maybe the plan has changed and it will be murder now.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 13
10/1/2018 11:19:49   

^ I used to be that way, but then I saw where the Devs actually said that our Hero's backstory is our own personal canon. Anything not explicitly stated is up for grabs.
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10/1/2018 12:13:51   
Sakurai the Cursed

Sure, but for me, creating a personal backstory that still fits with everything the hero has done is pretty difficult and seems to defeat the point.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 15
10/2/2018 16:50:18   

I didn't mean to roleplay a backstory either sakurai. it just happened over time that I realized I had one,a t least in general motivations and powers.
DF  Post #: 16
10/3/2018 6:17:10   

I've always been fond of making scholarly characters in games. So my Hero's backstory would be their desire to learn everything they can about magic (since pretty much every class uses magic - as far as I can tell, only Pirate and Ninja don't actually use magic), starting as a mage, but finding a comfortable skill set in Soul Weaving. I might write out a more detailed version later on, but this is the gist of it.


That is not dead which can eternal lie...and with strange aeons even death may die
DF  Post #: 17
10/11/2018 6:40:18   

I just want to explore, learn, mess with everything, help people. we all have a goal and want to help people and do good in lore, but I also just enjoy the adventures.
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