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Multi/Hybrid Class

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10/4/2018 16:55:16   

So I started a forum thread about this a while back, but it got locked because it went off topic and devolved into arguments. I wanted to try again because this is a theme that really interests me. Why can't the Hero use skills of different classes at one time? I know there are game mechanical reasons (the amount of space on the action bar), but I'm speaking solely about the in-game Lore reasons (nothing to do with muscle memory or anything like that, just the established Lore as codified by the game and the Devs). Why can't a warrior train to use magic, wield a scythe, and cast the occasional fireball? Why can't a Riftwalker combine his skills with the speed an agility of a SoulWeaver (which would be amazing). We already have an example of two classes merging (i.e. Paladin and Necromancer into a Death Knight). I don't really see why the Hero, who can/has mastered every single known class, can't use multiple skills at once.
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10/4/2018 16:57:43   
Sakurai the Cursed

Simple answer: they can.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
10/4/2018 17:06:57   

Simple reply: they can't, because they dont.
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10/4/2018 17:20:18   

Well, the Hero hasn't exactly mastered the classes, as there are technically people out there who are better with said classes than they are.

Also, based on what was said in the Imposter quest, the Hero actually can merge the classes together, they're just smart enough not to, as it's less efficient. It would take a lot more training to meld two fighting styles together and establish one composite fighting style out of it. Though, technically, Warriors do know a little magic, they just focus it around self-support, to magically enhance their speed, strength, and durability.
DF  Post #: 4
10/4/2018 18:39:15   

There are probably some mutually incompatible classes too. if you're halfway in the realm of fire, you can't be halfway in the realm of darkness too. That's just simple sense. I think dual calssin gis probably possible in universe to a degree, but with no more than two classes at once. And compatibility would be a big issue.
DF  Post #: 5
10/4/2018 18:42:17   
Sakurai the Cursed

They don't because gameplay mechanics, like you said yourself. This is not a game that allows you to pick and choose whatever abilities you want, regardless of what's possible lore-wise, and making hybrid classes with the mixed abilities of two existing classes would be a waste of resources and database space. Sure, some would make no sense to combine, like Ninja skills with the heavy armor and shield of DragonLord for example, but the idea that you couldn't use any techniques learned from becoming proficient in another class because it would be inefficient and make you weaker is honestly just a stupid justification that Ash came up with because he was annoyed that people kept requesting hybrid classes. It makes 0 sense when applied to all the various classes, many of which are similar to one another.

I mean, hell, you ask why it's not possible for a warrior to learn some magic and use that as well? Leon the MageKnight anyone? It is possible. It's just not something that the developers chose to give to us players.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 6
10/4/2018 21:08:04   
Malarik the Caster

In the beginning, during the before-times, the RPG gods did state:
"...For an individual to so wish to wield the power of any of the listed classes, for intents of power in both combat, or for the skin to become their aestethics, the shall poses said power, for only the duration that they which has invoked an armour remain with said armour as theirs and theirs alone. Only 1 armour shall the hero wear. Not 2 armours, 2 would be too many. Not 0, for the game shall be broken. Only 1 armour, with 1 set of skills, shall be ever-worn by any hero. 1 armour they shall wear, 1 armour be their skin, and 1 armour be their skills. 2 armours 1 too many; neither 0 as 1 too few. 3 armours would just be ridiculous. Don't even get us started on 5..."
-Armours 3:7
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10/4/2018 21:25:52   

If I remember correctly, isn't DmK a corrupted warrior and dragon lord hybrid? Certainly Sepulcher was a warrior and he was great at magic.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 8
10/4/2018 21:27:37   
Shadow X Ascendant

Deathknight = Necromancer + Paladin?
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 9
10/5/2018 11:56:16   
Franz Volkier

guys guys that thing not gonna happen people want it for years and it never happened it even went far to the point AE team did a joke quest on it once when you fight a guy who is impostering the hero and combines all the class and in the 1 dimention quest when the hero is just a stick they made it to have what seems to have a skill for warrior rouge and warrior but in a serious multi class
they will never do it.

< Message edited by Franz Volkier -- 10/16/2018 11:40:35 >
Post #: 10
10/5/2018 15:10:27   

We're not asking for a dual class franz. We're just playing with ideas regarding in-universe lore. We all know the closest there'll ever be to dual-classes in the game are Death knight and the pyromancer haircuts that stick around when we're not pyromancers anymore.
DF  Post #: 11
10/8/2018 11:18:48   

Again, like GammaCavy said, game mechanics are irrelevant for this thread. Yes, they are a reason why we cannot have a hybrid class, but I'm looking for a lore reason. Why, in the story of the game, can we be using our ninja skills and not often a rift to jump through? Why can't a DragonLord be wearing his SpiritLooms and do some weaving? etc.
Post #: 12
10/9/2018 8:39:55   
King of Zards

I think it could be possible in story. Several characters like Uaanta, Sir Leon or the aforementioned Sepulchure are skilled in both magic and physical combat. And if it's possible to combine two classes that are seemingly polar opposites like Paladin and Necromancer, who knows what else is possible.
Post #: 13
10/10/2018 19:21:39   

I wish they had a purified version of the DoomKnight Class and make it somewhat of a cannon class similar to how you can purify the Doom Weapons. They have an Armour for that in Aqworlds in the mirror world which looked pretty awesome. They could call it Destiny Knight or Knight of Destiny (I'll be impressed if you get the reference) and for the sword they could call it the Angelic Sword of Destiny or something along those lines. And no that's not Ash's class. He's an ArchKnight. I just don't like how the OP classes are mostly evil/darkness affiliated. Some Balance between Good and Evil Armours/Classes would be nice but that's just me.
DF  Post #: 14
10/16/2018 11:47:05   
Franz Volkier

oh well if we talk about it from lore perspective i all ways had a theory about it and my theory gose like that
its quite simple really our hero have no skills at all other then one skill and that skill is that he is just a dude who have
a special cosplaying powers that let him to have the potential to get the skills and powers of what ever the thing he cosplay as.

like if he will dress like a samurai for long time he will have the potential to gain samurai skills or if he will dress like a diplomat he will get talent for diplomacy
and if he will dress like Zorbak he will get Zorbak's potential that why for example even for cooking he need to were a chef hat because
it gives him the potential to get skills as chef and in the moment he removes that or change cosplay he lose the potential and talent to the thing he dressed like before
that the reason why he even need to buy a chef hat to even learn how to cook and why he need to dress like a ninja to learn ninja skills but when he take it off he lose thous ability not because he dosen't know the technique he just lost the talent to do that technique its like a guy who know a technique but have zero talent and becouse he have no talent to it he will simply wont be able to preform it or will preform it very poorly so the hero choose to use mostly the skills of what he currently cosplaying as.

< Message edited by Franz Volkier -- 10/16/2018 12:08:46 >
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10/19/2018 10:17:27   

Wasnt there a guy who impersonated the hero while using a mix of all the classes and it turned out to be a weird mess of class amour?
DF AQW  Post #: 16
10/19/2018 11:08:28   

There was an topic on it before and nowhere it went but as deathknight exists you can multi or hybrid classes. That is what the hero did with with teacher who knew how to wield the light and the dark.So its possible but better be an teacher or else its self training and who has the time.
But for the classes we have, we are very good using them in combat, we where the once praised as having no weakness. I doubt anyone is not better at what their class does but in combat nobody is better then the hero with their class(except Artix because he uses spirits and maybe Warlic). For example take soulweaving they can create clothes we have no idea how but in combat we are better then most of them and I am certain equal to the best. Another example Galantoh is better at tracking dragons then the hero but at killing them he is not better.
If we can master any class in its combat side to its best why would we need to combine them?

< Message edited by dragon_monster -- 10/19/2018 11:09:54 >
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 17
10/19/2018 14:57:59   
AQW Lore-titician

I believe the opposite of Doomknight is a Dragonlord.
DF AQW  Post #: 18
10/19/2018 20:16:34   
Sakurai the Cursed

Wha? Int is no stronger than Str, but DragonLord has literally 0 skills that are locked to Melee damage anyway, you can use whatever stats you want.

I do agree that the nerf to DragonLord by making its shield BPD instead of MPM was completely unwarranted, though, but I've ranted about that enough in the past. :p
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 19
10/19/2018 20:41:14   

First off, nobody said that Dragonlord was *equal* to DoomKnight, just that it was it's *opposite*. Secondly, you're not taking into account the artifacts, which cause it to *massively* overshadow Paladin, especially in the offensive department. Third, you don't quite seem to understand what STR and INT do. STR increases melee damage, Immobility Resistance, and Stat Damage(the damage increase you get from STR/INT/DEX). INT, increases Magic Damage, Bonus to Hit, and Critical *Damage*(not chance, that's in LUK). Damage output-wise, INT and STR actually break even, with STR being given slightly more utility with the added Immobility Resistence being, for the most part, somewhat more useful than the Bonus to Hit that INT gives.
DF  Post #: 20
10/19/2018 20:57:38   
Sakurai the Cursed

Yeah, Str gives you flat damage just like Dex and Int, but it also increases all of your stat damage by a percentage. It's not weaker than Int. Each of them has 3 effects, not just 2: Str is damage, more damage, and immobility resistance; Int is damage, critical damage, and bonus to hit; Dex is damage, DoT damage, and glancing blow defense. In fact, Int is the weakest out of Str, Luk and Int, because they're all roughly the same offensively but Int's third effect is the most useless, since we already have enough Bonus 99% of the time even without it; only Dex is less generally useful and even that can be stronger when using a class that uses DoTs. So if anything, it's the Rogues that got screwed over a bit, with Mages in the middle and Warriors on top, but in reality the differences aren't big enough to worry about, since we can max 2 of the stats so you can just use Int or Dex and Str if you want.

< Message edited by Sakurai the Cursed -- 10/19/2018 20:58:53 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 21
10/19/2018 21:28:41   
Franz Volkier

ho really!! i didn't knew!!! well i guess ill delete my post then i clearly had here a wrong info here
Post #: 22
10/20/2018 15:21:39   

Who's to say we already don't mix forms of many forms of martial arts and magics in the cannon and in-game classes? I find it pretty evident that SoulWeavers (atleast tomix's modified combat version) are essentially just rogues with some fancy magic lore behind them, or that Dragonlord are warriors trained in dragon magic. I think that mixing and hybrdizing two things that are already hybridized and melded together through decades or perhaps even centuries of study would be self-defeating and against the intent of the class

And to even hybridize two classes that already have had years and years of study behind them, would it not require the same if not more study to succesfully mesh them? Deathknights don't just pull some paladin techniques and occasionally do necromancy. The skills, from what we can see ingame, have their own identity (with aspects of both palaldins and necromancer, for sure). This is from practice and tutoring by an adept in the field, so it's safe to say that combining two classes effectively is just as hard as learning a new class.

tl:dr classes are already hybrids of the base classes and combining them to be slightly better is not worth the effort of the hero

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DF AQW  Post #: 23
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