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The Archmage Class (Will it finally be released as promised after many years)

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10/10/2018 23:56:36   


I am very excited and surprised at the same time that Dev is making Werepyre as a subrace with useable skills for the first time so I am really wanting if Dev will finally release The Archmage class in the near future.

This is also a great opportunity to let people talk about it too.

AQ  Post #: 1
10/11/2018 0:07:41   

As far as we know, the devs don't have any plans to make archmage in the near future.

However, considering that in the spam of 1 year they tackled Neko, Werewolf, Vampire and Werepyre (so, 4 classes in a single year), it might actually be possible that they go after archmage once they do Paladin, Necromancer and Dracopyre.

Right now, we can only speculate though.
AQ  Post #: 2
10/11/2018 1:22:51   
I Overlord I

Nah, man. Nah.

And I'm glad it's still not out yet, honestly. We don't need EVEN more items to fortify mage supremacy. Let the warriors and rangers catch up first.

Also, Pally/Necro aside (as they were all but confirmed to be next in queue), I'd rather see Berserker/BM/Assassin/Pirate Swept first anyway. They're much more fun.

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AQ  Post #: 3
10/11/2018 1:30:30   

you poor deluded soul
AQ  Post #: 4
10/11/2018 7:21:23   

best meme
AQ  Post #: 5
10/11/2018 12:44:27   


you poor deluded soul

Lol'd in the office
Post #: 6
10/11/2018 12:51:19   
Lord Markov


you poor deluded soul


best meme

So said because it's true


Vampires Reign Supreme:
Besting the toughest Dracopyres and Demigods too.
Long Live Queen Safiria!
AQ  Post #: 7
10/11/2018 17:12:58   
  In Media Res
 Apple Cider of Order

Zephyros was working on the Archmage class. Zephyros quit almost five years ago. No one's worked on it since, and I don't think he left his notes.

Honestly, it's pretty much scrapped.
AQ  Post #: 8
10/11/2018 17:13:41   

((EDIT: ^ Well, there ya go. :/ ))
AQ Epic  Post #: 9
10/11/2018 17:22:35   
Lord Noonien Soong


Zephyros quit almost five years ago

Jeez, has it really been that long since he left already?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
10/11/2018 19:19:42   

Is it the plan to just have an advanced wizard class option then? Might be pretty good as well. Less flashy though.
AQ  Post #: 11
10/11/2018 19:41:56   

Are there others names for Master Wizard other than Archmage? Perhaps a new kind of "Archmage" could be created.
Post #: 12
10/11/2018 20:04:27   
I Overlord I



Hmm? I thought it was Bel's brainchild. Or, am I confusing him with Kal...?

< Message edited by I Overlord I -- 10/12/2018 4:17:06 >
AQ  Post #: 13
10/11/2018 21:25:43   
Aura Knight

Wow, way to crush our hopes and dreams. This is a dark day. A dark day indeed. Mages everywhere are saddened greatly. Warriors rejoiced at the chance of maybe catching up with their magical rivals. Rangers still silent about things. No one cares for rangers anyway.

I wish we could still have archmage just as an armor. I thought the art for it was ready given that it was seen in a past preview on the Battleon homepage. Could be a nice gift someday.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 14
10/11/2018 21:43:37   

Problem with an "advanced Wizard class" is that the current Wizard class is already ridiculously overpowered


Thank you for 1K subs! <3

AQ Epic  Post #: 15
10/12/2018 1:07:03   


Zephyros was working on the Archmage class. Zephyros quit almost five years ago. No one's worked on it since, and I don't think he left his notes.

Honestly, it's pretty much scrapped.

Ouchie... That's sad... Thanks for being honest with us though! ^^)/

Hopefully the project is restarted some day in the future!!!
AQ  Post #: 16
10/12/2018 1:30:59   

I would have sworn this was Kalanyr's project originally IIRC. He left to pursue a PHD and I think some people made the mistake of thinking life gets less busy after earning PHD and he would return after, but it really doesn't work that way. I was pretty sure we would never see him again. Too bad, he was a great guy. Very engaged with the players. I wasn't aware of Zephyros ever picking it up but maybe I just missed that. A while back staff said they were tired of hearing about archmage and asked us to stop bringing it up for discussion. It's been a cycle. Someone brings it up, we discuss breifly, staff informs us not to get our hopes up, it dies out, a year or so passes and someone starts a new thread.

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AQ  Post #: 17
10/12/2018 3:59:40   
King Lathas

Make grand classes and have Archmage be one of them, boom. Nobody's playstyle is left out and we can get improved versions of classes that scale to 150, kinda like the subraces.

And to kill the argument that something is someone's brain child: If that person hasn't been at the company for years... do you really think he's coming back or that he cares if you take up on an idea he had? I will not give up on this dream because my werepyre dream also came true.
AQ  Post #: 18
10/12/2018 4:49:10   

if it was scrapped altogether, sounds like it'd have to be designed from scratch all over.....but hmmm here's an idea...Since Archmage has been something the entire AQ player base has been waiting for, maybe the dev's should let the player base *design* it. In fact it could be set up like a contest or Poll, we'd post our idea's for the class abilities, they get voted on and the best ones get added to a list. Then once the list is made we'd go thru a second round of voting to decide the final skills & abilities that will actually be going into the class.

Obviously there would be guidelines and everything would need the AQ seal of approval to ensure that we don't create a totally busted class, lol.

what you think?
AQ  Post #: 19
10/12/2018 4:53:44   
Primate Murder

Well, that's rather unlikely to happen, but just in case I've posted an archmage version in the suggestions thread a while ago.
AQ  Post #: 20
10/12/2018 5:17:25   

but thats just YOUR idea of Archmage, i was talking about it being a collaborative effort from everyone on the forums.

and of course the thread and poll for this w ould have to be set up by the dev's , not us.

if this were to happen tho you could post an idea for an ability/skill from your thread and it would be considered along with everyone elses.

< Message edited by Kajimaru -- 10/12/2018 5:20:29 >
AQ  Post #: 21
10/12/2018 6:28:01   

Lol then I think all 10 skills would end up variants of imbue lore, spell damage boosting, stat boosting, nukes and control skills and potency.

Actually...Id be behind that, might be terrible for the game though.
AQ  Post #: 22
10/12/2018 12:38:07   

Not at all, All options would have to be approved by the staff of course, they wouldnt accept options that would just turn the class into some broken nonsense, and there'd be rules like once an ability has been selected you can't create a similar ability or something like that. Also they'd have to set a requirement of how many passives are allowed and how many actives are allowed.

Over on the Warframe forums they've done this a couple times and it worked out pretty darn good. Obviously AQ is a way way different game but i don't see why such an idea wouldnt work here.

< Message edited by Kajimaru -- 10/12/2018 12:46:51 >
AQ  Post #: 23
10/12/2018 17:42:24   
I Overlord I

Again, we're trying to fix the game -- not break it further. Mages are OP'd enough as is.
AQ  Post #: 24
10/12/2018 18:12:21   

@Above Dunno, I saw the GBI about it and it seems like mages are pretty much as broken as warriors right now? Like, sure, they can burst better, but that's what they're supposed to do anyways. Warriors are supposed to better in long fights.

It just so happens that enough powercreep happened that any monster without a hard damage cap on it can just be nuked to oblivion before it can do anything... But to fix that would need to pretty much nerf Essence Orb, all armors with old skills, boosters, CIT, Kindred, Subraces, Bloodmages... And... I think that's all?

Out of all those, only Bloodmages are mage-exclusive, so I don't see the problem being that mages are broken, but more that players in general are broken... >.>
AQ  Post #: 25
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