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Blood mage balance

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10/11/2018 4:01:15   

I feel Bloodmage is underpowered, I play as one, I want to switch to a different class but don't have the means to right now, I always feel I can't really do much, especially when I face the meta Massacre build.
Maybe it's just my imagination and someone in forums could tell me why they are not or something, I could be wrong, I don't know.

Bloodmage's Energy Parasite doesn't really do much in my eyes, I could face a Bounty hunter Massacre build with 1000 energy and it would not drain much with just 15% in 3 turns, plus making damage to 85% hurts it as well. Maybe make damage to 100% would be nice at least if the draining is overpowered to some people.

It's defense options, Energy Shield and Reflex Boost, I feel they are a waste, both skills get countered easily by Azrael's Torment from Aux core or by Azrael's bot.
Reflex Boost may not need any change, but I think they should change Energy shield into Plasma Armor. Since Plasma armor does not get reduced by Azrael's torment.
Plus if it's a cyber hunter massacre build, they could still have a chance of winning using Omega weapons and using debuff core.

I think that's all they really need, perhaps buff Bludgeon, but I think that be stretching it.

I am not sure if these suggestions would be balanced, I just feel bloodmages need some type of rework.
I used to rely on Botanical borg for my balance Bloodmage build since there is no other build to go for them (Tried others like strength build but does not go well), and since they nerfed that bot to have deflectable attacks, with addition to meta massacre builds, I have not been playing ED because of this.

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10/11/2018 7:38:04   

I feel your pain, i quit ed, just come around to see what is new. Botanical Borg was my favorite. Staff hear only heavy paying players.
I wonder if your topic will get deleted :)

edit: Btw Botanical borg had 2 nerfs, why is still 45k ?

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10/11/2018 8:28:34   
.Lord Ginger.

Should post this in the blood mage balance thread

Also, no to any kind of armor. Itís due to the fact that

A) debuffs are a bit strong right now and BM doesnít have shields
B) not enough damage output when hit by smoke or malf
C) Energy regeneration is deathly awful

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AQW Epic  Post #: 3
10/11/2018 18:51:41   

This post will get "deleted"? Sorry, I wasn't sure if I was supposed to post in Bloodmage thread or not, thought it was restricted. Next time I will.

"No to Mineral", Mineral armor? You mean Plasma armor? I said Plasma armor.
The argument points against not adding Plasma armor (With the idea of that it would make Bloodmage overpowered, I am guessing) does not make any sense to me.

"A) debuffs are a bit strong right now and BM doesnít have shields", that's actually more the reason why Bloodmage should have Plasma armor.
Plasma armor would replace the Energy shield skill they have. I would keep Reflex Boost (For the sake of people wanting "balance").
Reflex Boost is 4 turns compared to the 3 turn smoke, despite it getting broken down by Azrael's torment, after the 3 turns from smoke, you still get Dex points to spare you can have, perhaps add more scaling, but I don't mind if nothing is changed to it.
Plasma armor does not get broken down by Azrael's torment, and has 4 turns compared to the 3 turn Energy shield. Cyberhunters have multiple ways to reduce Technology/Resistance with their Malfunction, Omega debuff core, Hawk bot, etc.

Other mentions:
Yes, the nerf to Botanical Borg was unfortunate, I thought it was fine. On top of that, like someone said, it's still 45k ....

With the idea that "Staff hear only heavy paying players", if anything, I pay a lot of money to ED too. I am not sure if that claim is true. I am just hoping they see this and take it into concideration at least, I'd appreciate it.

I am guessing these points were made with the intention of arguing against having no Plasma armor but....:
"B) not enough damage output when hit by smoke or malf". Yes, Bloodmages barely have any damage options other than, Plasma cannon/Super charge (Tech/focus), or Fireball/Bludgeon (Strength). That's why I saw doing Botantical Borg focus build was the only way for the class (Until they nerfed it...).
"C) Energy regeneration is deathly awful". Yes, you are right, they a have mediocre way of gaining energy, on top of why you can't really use the skill attacks I mentioned above, might as well not even have the skills in that case.

So sorry if I sound rude or irritated, just stressed out right now. I really wish they do some help for the Bloodmage. I believe in "reworks" rather than "nerfing" as a better way of "balancing" things. I hope these ED testers help in as well.
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10/11/2018 19:16:07   
.Lord Ginger.

Itís nothing to do with being OP having no plasma armor, I just donít think it suits the class at all, and the armors do hurt glass cannon build because theyíll have lower defenses, so I wonít support it. Also the energy cost is high and thereís no way a blood mage can get the energy to do it, also with the armor, it does leave one turn to get screwed over by a malf before you get to apply your buff again, 4 turn armors arenít always the best.

I do want BM to get buffs but I think it should be in damage, MOB, and parasite.

The nerf to botanical borg was extremely appropriate making it a better option than almost any other bot in terms of a damage special which did more damage than my Omega Yeti when I had the sword, and that costs varium.

The robot is still good for sure, I just wont be using it because I need Kartherax

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AQW Epic  Post #: 5
10/11/2018 20:17:07   

If Blood mage was meant to be a "glass cannon" class, then they need to remove the defensive skills all together, and add more energy options and or even a poison skill.

Yes, I do agree they need to add the "buffs" you mentioned.

I guess I am just salty about the nerf on that bot, sorry. Like I said before, with no viable attack for Bloodmage, I felt the Botanical Borg was a must. Now I don't play ED, well until they do something for BM.
If they were gonna make Botanical Borg deflectable, at least instead of defense ignore, give it attack damage like Gamma bot. It wouldn't be as good as Gamma bot because it still have P x P damage (Vise versa with E). Defense ignore is a joke, that's why it fit well to make it unblockable.
I can see some reasoning why for the "85% against 2 players" on doubles
It's very upsetting, I know they are not gonna do anything to it, don't even bring it up anymore about that bot after this post please.

Anyway, yeah, just like you, I feel Kartherax is the only bot to use now (Against Massacre builds), their special IS unblockable (unlike Botanical borg which isn't), "can't wait for them to nerf that bot and make it's special deflectable as well"....

Help bloodmage with something.

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