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What Inn Challenges would you like to see?

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11/6/2018 0:39:36   
Silver Sky Magician

Iíd like to fight The Roommates: Warlic + Cysero; The Royals: Prime Alteon + Queen Safiria; Itís Always Time for Bacon: Dr When + Zeuster; and our Titan Dragon

The Roommates should be very interesting with Cysero using a whole armada of random effects and Warlic being the heavy-hitter. The Royals will probably be an ultra-tank battle due to Safiriaís HP draining abilities and Alteonís light-based defense. IDK about Itís Always Time for Bacon but I always wanted to fight those two, and Titan Dragon is self-explanatory: literally the same skill set our Titan Dragon has, maybe with some nerfs

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11/6/2018 2:25:45   

You can actually fight Warlic in some AQ quests. Dude hits like a truck.

The old Ice Orb saga revolved around an Ice Dragon, I forget the name, trying to use the Ice Orb to conquer the world. You never fought her at full power. The first fight was after Galanoth tricked her with poison, and the second was after you beat her the first time and took the Orb. Would've been nice to fight her head-on just once. It also would've been pretty cool to fight Nythera as she was in the Swarm War, all hopped up on Warlic's magic. But you know what would be really cool? Fighting Warlic's father, the real Wargoth.
DF  Post #: 2
11/6/2018 3:17:26   

^ You mean Aisha? Yeah, fighting her at full strength could be fun.

What about Aspar? I recently just replayed The Codex and was reminded of the kind of damage he deals. All Verly would need to do is slap some annoying nerf effects on his attacks and a special gimmick and we'd have ourselves an instant Inn Challenge.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 3
11/6/2018 6:30:54   

Well, like Sepulchure previously, we have not seen a fair fight with Wargoth yet, so Wargoth all the way!
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11/6/2018 6:58:34   

Aspar, Pandora, Baltael and Danyel, they are also unfortunate souls. I hope to see them at Inn, Edge of time.
DF AQW  Post #: 5
11/6/2018 8:46:30   

I was hoping that we'd get to fight Zeclem, actually; though now that Unfortunate Souls is complete, I can't see that as a possibility.
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11/6/2018 9:20:29   

An Inn fight in February against Valentidus and Love would be cool. I've a feeling they'd turn your guests/pets against you.
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11/6/2018 9:42:40   
Shadow X Ascendant

I added an Idea on My Gallery Art . "The Edginess and Extreme Edginess" and "Kerzal - Mindless Body and Ajzal - The Bodyless Mind".take an look there . I added Images/Skills and Rewards. All created by me hehehe

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 8
11/6/2018 10:16:20   

Parallel universe challenges: Dove the SoulWeaver, Swolly Sally, Caitiff the innkeeper.
AQW  Post #: 9
11/6/2018 12:18:43   

I seem to remember the fight against Kara in the Sulen'Eska questline being somewhat frustrating. Cranking that up to eleven could have some interesting results. Warlic would also be interesting, as he already has a gimmick, it'd just be a matter of implementing it in a way to be as frustrating as possible.

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Post #: 10
11/6/2018 12:24:35   

I'd like to see some variant of the former Edelia headmaster Zellaraneish, if only because he has never had any visual representation in the game whatsoever.


DF MQ  Post #: 11
11/7/2018 19:14:23   

I would like to see a boss that has some sort of damage cap and forces you to use weaker multihits, kind of like the Wind Essence Dragon from AQC. In fact AQC has quite a few interesting boss concepts that would make good Inn battles.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 12
11/7/2018 19:59:23   

Noxus, Zorbak , Baron Valtrith
DF  Post #: 13
11/7/2018 20:04:58   
  Stephen Nix

Undead Penguinmancer DragonFable

A Felonious Five Challenge
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 14
11/7/2018 20:56:08   

I expected to see Drakonnan on the Unfortunate Souls challenges board, given that in his story appearance he was capable of casting buffs/debuffs yet still managed to feel very underwhelming as a boss.
I'd also like to see more of the Great Dragons; though we've met Akriloth and Cryozen (and Skweel), the others haven't been acknowledged outside of a decade-old Design Notes post revealing their names. While we're probably past the point of them having a role in the story, an Inn challenge would be a cool way of incorporating them into the game.


Well, like Sepulchure previously, we have not seen a fair fight with Wargoth yet, so Wargoth all the way!

Wargoth is fought and defeated in the Book 2 finale. The supposedly-impossible war boss version is very easily defeatable with a burst class and/or hamstorm.

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DF  Post #: 15
11/7/2018 21:07:26   

I'm afraid this will be shut down as a suggestion thread, but I might as well say what's been on my mind regarding this.

I'm hoping that we get to face the Eternal Dragon of Time. Or an Aspect or Avatar of it at least. I dunno why. I guess battling it while knowing

that it's actually another form of you, the player, from AQW
is kinda appealing to me.

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The pessimist complains about the wind;
the optimist expects it to change;
the realist adjusts the sails.
- William Arthur Ward

By these defininitions, I must be a pessimist. Thank you, TFS.
DF  Post #: 16
11/7/2018 21:36:43   
AQW Lore-titician

Bosses aside, I got this funny idea of an "infinite maze", which is basicaly a labyrinth where each transition between rooms would be RANDOM, meaning you can go back and forth and never go to the same room again, making it sort of a game of luck rather than skill and positioning.
DF AQW  Post #: 17
11/7/2018 22:52:15   

while the Titan dragon doesn't seem like it would really be doable, the Roommates would be cool to see.
Aspar.. ow. Yeah, he's a prime inn boss already. Felonious Five: seems tamer than the Inn's norm, but with some cool gimmicks and mechanics. I think I'd have to root for the great dragons too, just so we can get their names in-game.
DF  Post #: 18
11/7/2018 23:07:39   

Yeah, I'll agree with a few others in that I'd love to get an Unfortunate Souls II challenge board or some other similar villains-themed board, just because there are a lot of potentially neat options, from a "what-if" lore and gameplay point of view.
Think folks like Drakonnan, Sek Duat (way back when, when he was more powerful, maybe even pre-lich), Aisha, En and Tropy, all neat book one villains/bosses who could probably use an inn update.

A special shout-out to a "Elemental Spirits" duo with Aspar and Greed, particularly so there'd be an excuse to see this beautiful attack (normally buried deep in the regular Greed boss battle) on full display.

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11/8/2018 1:12:38   
Malarik the Caster

I remember doing that Greed boss fight way back when the base classes were still viable and thinking it was one of the better boss fights, mostly cause it looked so damn SWEET. Now I find out there was MORE of that beauty of a battle I hadn't seen.
Yes. Yes, we need this. Oh lord do we need this as an Inn fight. Scratch the rest of the storyline, I can die a happy man with something like that in any battle in this game.

Edit: How exactly do I get this scene to proc, or have I been punked?

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11/8/2018 1:23:38   

Oh hey, someone used my gif.


How exactly do I get this scene to proc, or have I been punked?

You have to get him down to half health, then wait 10 turns. You'll literally never see it unless you go out of your way to find it.
DF  Post #: 21
11/8/2018 2:33:08   


I'd be more than okay with never seeing En and Tropy again. The fight(s) against them in the regular story already felt like an excruciatingly difficult battle, on account of them getting stronger each time and the player never having a chance to recuperate, and part of why I almost never finished Book 1.
Post #: 22
11/8/2018 2:47:40   
AQW Lore-titician

holy schnoozoberry, I never got to that attack either xD loved it.
Also, I forgot to add in my comment, "the roommates" sounds like a DELIGTHFUL idea. We definitely could use more ally NPCs as bosses as well, like CYsero, Warlic, Artix, Dove, Tomix, heck, maybe an "Innkeepers" where we fight Serenity and Gaelan.
DF AQW  Post #: 23
11/8/2018 5:38:54   
Malarik the Caster

That scene though. If the game had the technology to pull that kind of stunt in a fight, why is this its only usage. That is AMAZING. It makes the fight so much more immersive. Just imagine if they'd done something like that in the vaal fight, or xan. Just some cutscene madness in the middle of a challenge, maybe an indicator for a switch in tactics. If Seppy just did that even once, instead of spamming BREAK and FOOLISH MUGGLE... There are no words in the English language to describe any of this. And the game has been moving towards a cutscene heavy version over the past 2 years as well. Oy vey, does that fight git guud now.
And the number of times I did that fight to get the soulweaver bug to quit, not once seeing quite possibly my new favourite moment in the game.
Post #: 24
11/8/2018 11:28:14   

I think I did see that attack once. It looks somewhat familiar, but yess, would love to see it again. Drakkonan did a few things like that, but this is way cooler than Fire Consumes, or whatever it was that he had.
DF  Post #: 25
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