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RE: What Inn Challenges would you like to see?

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11/8/2018 11:31:59   

Drakonan also had several cutscene attacks, you just weren't likely to see more than one of them because of how quickly and easily he goes down. Exactly like the Greed fight, actually.
DF  Post #: 26
11/8/2018 17:21:39   
Malarik the Caster

I dunno, I've done that fight a number of times, back when it first came out. Fire war was one of the harder difficulty quest lines, but I remember Drakonnan's cutscenes as just some zoom and enhance and small text bubble thing, nothing of the calibre of the Greed fight. Honestly, if the team is still doing the revamp thing, Drakonnan should be one of those high on the list, just for this purpose.
Post #: 27
11/8/2018 23:34:08   
Baron Dante

^Well, there is something similar in the game. The fight against the Rose Agent and the dragon in the first Sulen'Eska war.

Now, on the topic of itself, I'd second a more proper Drakonnan fight. Back then, Akriloth got his MeltFace difficulty fight, something new and ridiculous at the time, while Drakonnan didn't even get Extreme Mode (Which is kinda funny when you consider that supposedly, one of the two orbs you need to collect before fighting him allegedly directly powered him up. Could've made that a trigger for the harder fight)

Now, a second fight that came to mind, kind of out of the left field... Valoth. The final boss of MechQuest. I can see him being a cool fight, and when else are we gonna have a chance to fight him? The only problem is that he's absolutely massive, easily towering over regular mechs in the game. Now, Uthuluc is also a massive monster that we just don't get to see in full, but this does mean that Valoth couldn't just use the existing animations for MQ, if that was the path we'd go with. I guess that's not a huge issue? If you think about it, we already have his signature weapon in the game... from a cross-over with EpicDuel's mobile spin-off.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 28
11/9/2018 23:54:14   

Besides Greed and Aspar I would like to fight the rest of the Corrupted spirits that Tomix defeated without our help would and love to see what they look like and what they could do.

I would like to fight stronger versions of Seppy's agents with perhaps new skills as they were all pretty easy defeat and I kind of wished that Gary's shimat attack was more impressive or rather that it lived up to its "wind up"

While unlikely to happen, a fight with one of the more malicious versions of ourselves whose brutality matched the Mysterious Strangers' might be nice to see as we could see how powerful they were in their own timeline and what abilities they used to canonically make themselves more stronger.

I also want to fight Nythera and Sarfira mostly because we've simply never fought them for completely understandable reasons, but my gosh do I want to face off against the power they wield.
DF  Post #: 29
11/10/2018 6:49:38   

Roirr after he absorbed the mana-core piece as a fully fledged boss fight would be a cool fight too.

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Post #: 30
11/14/2018 1:11:38   

Drakonann definitely needs his own Inn challenge, and preferably a revamp of the original fight and an added Extreme Mode of that revamp to go along with it. I think some of his attacks need to incorporate the Evil element and be corruption themed considering that he corrupted the minds of famous heros in the Fire War. I feel like battling him shouldn't just be a test of the body but of the will as well. The "cutscenes" in that fight are old and are thus kinda cheap compared to similar in-combat cutscenes like the greed scene (was shocked by the number of people who have never fought HM Greed before, that scene is almost guaranteed to show up if you fight him in HM with a defensive class) because of the skills of the team at the time. I feel like they could be revamped too into cutscenes more reflective of DF's current quality.

As for what Inn challenges I want to see? More Cthulhu Mythos references of course!

Deals insane Fire and Evil damage with plenty of DOTs that affect mana and hp, maybe some resistance nullifiers in case you were thinking of just walking in with +100 to Fire or something

Poison/disease damage, plenty of DOTs, plenty of multi-hit attacks, and plenty of skills that mess with your stats, is as big as Uthulac but is a formless, chaotic mass of yellow flesh with revolting heads and mouths everywhere. Also has a stacking debuff that applies at the battle's start and slowly reduces your damage boost by 1 each turn, so that by turn 100 your damage bonus is -100, imitating his lore where anyone who looks at him turns into a living mummy that can't move. However, once it reaches -100 maybe the player should get perma-stunned or something?

He takes the form of your worst nightmares in his lore, so perhaps he should be a shapeshifter that takes the forms of various DF villains (one form per turn maybe?), past and present, and taunts you as only they would. He also should have unique sets of 4-6 skills for each, every now and again he shifts into his true form and maybe drops an instant-kill level nuke on you that only works if he managed to get 1 special 99-turn debuff on you from each of his forms or something. So if he has a total of 10 different forms before returning to his true one (a giant, black, toad-like horror) then he needs to put 10 99-turn debuffs on you, one from each form and each debuff being unique to the form it came from. Xan's might be "Burning Madness" for example. If he can't/hasn't fulfilled these conditions he fixes you with "Malevolent Glare" which deals massive Evil damage and reduces your bonus, boost, and crit by 80 for 5 turns.

Honestly I have no idea what this guy would fight like. I just wanna see what the DF team could come up with!

Adds. Lots and lots of adds! Maybe have Shub-Niggurath herself be tanky as hell with all kinds of powerful defensive capabilities but very little damage, then have her adds (which should like her but smaller) deal insane damage but have relativity little by way of defense, and if you kill even one of the adds while Shubby is still alive, a new one spawns on the dead one's next turn with a notification saying that Shubby has birthed a new "child" to replace the one you destroyed.

Can you tell I'm a Lovecraft fan?

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DF AQW Epic  Post #: 31
11/14/2018 12:46:09   

I kinda hope the last azaveyran challenge is against the shapeless or roirr. Or both :P
The elemental avatars sound fun to face too, as long as they're still challenging even after everyone tries to resist the hell out of them with their equipment


Drakonann definitely needs his own Inn challenge, and preferably a revamp of the original fight and an added Extreme Mode of that revamp to go along with it.

That's a pretty good idea, ngl. It makes a lotta sense for him to be in the unfortunate souls challenges. Too bad that challenge list is already complete :/
Post #: 32
11/14/2018 14:48:55   
Silver Sky Magician

Inn Challenge against Aegis! You have to beat him for a misc item to unlock Fleshweaver
Post #: 33
11/16/2018 20:08:38   

I think I would like to see an underworld themed challenge set, with bosses like Grrr-berus, Mega Death, and so forth, harkening back to the old days.
DF  Post #: 34
11/16/2018 20:54:35   

A Norse Mythology themed gauntlet where we fight a representative from one of the nine realms.

Also, let's fight the Weaving Siblings
Baltael, Oyva, and Pandora on the floor all at once. Let's see what they were made of in their prime.
Post #: 35
11/16/2018 21:00:50   


I also want to fight Nythera and Sarfira mostly because we've simply never fought them for completely understandable reasons, but my gosh do I want to face off against the power they wield.

We've fought Safiria before, she just wasn't challenging.
DF  Post #: 36
11/16/2018 23:04:00   


Is that war rare now? I never fight against her, I want to try it.
DF  Post #: 37
11/17/2018 0:23:56   
Silver Sky Magician


She also used...ice element? Had her body not warmed up from her centuries-long sleep?
Post #: 38
11/17/2018 0:49:35   

The war is rare now.
DF  Post #: 39
11/18/2018 16:32:26   

I know he was just released but how about Sepulchure BEFORE he became corrupt by the Doom Weapons, when he was known as Valen. He was meant to be a really good swordsman/fighter when he helped Alteon on his revolution against the former king Slugwrath. That and the different versions of ourselves at the Inn at the Edge of Time (the time based classes)
DF  Post #: 40
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