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Daily Rewards

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11/7/2018 7:36:02   

Most PvP based MMO's have some sort of incentive to play competitively. In EpicDuel's case, its for daily leaders either individually or with a faction. And in recent years, there hasn't been much else of a good reason to play competitively considering 5,000 influence in wars can be earned by most in two or three days.

My suggestion is to add Daily Rewards for Daily Leaders. For example, if you become top 5 in lets say 1v1, you get a reward package in your mail that you open and it'd give you a decent weapon or rare core, or maybe even something passive such as a double exp our double credits boost for a few hours. And of course, the winner of the daily would get a Legendary Reward that would be better versions of the common daily rewards package. A limited-rare weapon or core, or double xp or credits for 24 hours after using the item.

This would give battle-hardened competitive players a chance to grasp at something more, and it will most definitely entice others to attempt to at least become top 5 everyday. Some people would solely grind daily for weapons and cores that they aren't able to purchase. And of course, the rarest or most powerful of weapons and cores would have an EXTREMELY low drop rate from the Daily Rewards packages.

On top of this, maybe something similar could be done for factions. For example, the top Juggernaut faction for the day gets double credits for 24 hours (this nor the xp would be able to be stacked if a player were to use their own Daily Reward xp or credit boost). Or maybe even a passive for all faction members that gives them +1 strength, dex, tech, and support.

We'd see more competitive players individually, and we'd see an increase in competitive factions as everyone would surely love the boosts. The rewards I've used in this example are obviously JUST examples, but how would you guys feel about the developers adding daily rewards?
AQW Epic  Post #: 1
11/7/2018 10:08:12   

your suggestion is amazing and really helpful to see 1k or more wins 1vs1 per day again so I'm hope they Take this proposal into consideration

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Digital X
ArchKnight AQ GD/EpicDuel

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Epic  Post #: 2
11/7/2018 12:06:01   
.Lord Ginger.

Iíd like to know what you mean by rare because if you mean rare weapons, then heck no.

Rare cores? Only the ones that are attainable by playing 1 year of ED, same goes with weapons.
AQW Epic  Post #: 3
11/7/2018 12:17:48   

Rare as in just really good weapons, not necessarily weapons marked "Rare" and most certainly no promotion/legacy weapons. But as I stated, the prizes of the Daily Rewards are only examples. The rewards could be anything. But so long as there are rewards or some sort of benefit to being competitive other than an achievement almost no one cares about anymore, then the competitive scene in ED may rise.

Getting back toward the rewards, maybe Nightwraith could design weapons ONLY obtained through the Daily Rewards boxes? And the best looking weapons or armors would have an EXTREMELY low drop rate from a reward box.

The ideas are endless. PvP-Only bikes, armors, cores (nothing too OP), xp boosts, credit boosts, weapons, house items, or even a reward that contains a hefty amount of credits that all has a random drop rate.

Maybe top 5 all get one box that holds one item whereas the first place winner gets 3? I don't know.

All I know is the rewards can literally be anything and people will want them, ESPECIALLY if its some pretty cool looking gear.
AQW Epic  Post #: 4
11/7/2018 12:53:26   

This might make competition unnecessarily fierce for anyone trying to get the daily achievement for the first time. I think a better idea would to have goals like 100 wins a day, 200 wins a day, etc. to get the rewards. I know the point of this is to increase competition, but that's what I would like, personally.

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Epic  Post #: 5
11/7/2018 13:31:18   

Us beta/gamma players know all about fierce competition for dailies, and we survived through it. We loved it. The peak of EpicDuel was primarily because of fierce competition. Earning a 1v1 daily isn't supposed to be something you can do easily. I win them often these days after playing 10-12 hours, whereas back in beta and gamma, I had to play almost the entire 24 hours and I loved every second of the grind.

With the current state of EpicDuel, I'm not sure if competition would ever be "too fierce," thus, I am willing to try anything to make it as fierce as possible. What successful MMORPG doesn't want fierce competition in their PvP?
AQW Epic  Post #: 6
11/7/2018 13:39:01   

I have nothing against competition. But it doesnít really seem right for the people who are actually trying to get the daily achievement to be constantly smashed by hardcore people who want some free credits or weapons. As someone who has won Jugg daily dozens of times already, whenever I see someone actually trying to go for Jugg daily (for the first time) I make sure not to pass them because thatís a really mean thing to do. But if daily rewards are implemented, I would be a whole lot more inclined to screw them over just so I can get a small reward and I think thatís bad.

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Epic  Post #: 7
11/7/2018 13:58:14   

It's not screwing anyone over if you want to win what you want to win. This game is too friendly in terms of competition, and that is what primarily killed the competition. If someone wants that 1v1 achievement, they'd need to ACTUALLY work hard for it. I've won 1v1 numerous times. I even did around 900 wins in Gamma and LOST. I went for 2v2 one day and I specifically remember being in first place, falling asleep, and waking up 8 hours later to Hospital Nurse CRUSHING me and Hospital earned it with limited rest.

So I went hard again as soon as I could and learned from my mistake and that is a huge reason why I can do so many wins today.

I don't believe in rewarding players participation trophies at 100 wins unless there is some grand prize at 300 wins.

In other PvP based games, especially on PC, gamers have to set aside an entire day to grinding to get what they want. I know I sound harsh, but I currently let people pass me in 1v1 often to get their cheevos. But I don't WANT to do that. I do it because there is nothing left for me to fight for unless my faction needs the wins.

A lot of us competitive or ex-competitive players need more to fight for. But with the playerbase at around 70-200 players on at any given time, I truly do not think winning a daily champ would be too "fierce." Us players did it years ago with two to three servers full of 800 people a piece at one time. Plus, this would make earning that daily SO much sweeter to first timers.
AQW Epic  Post #: 8
11/7/2018 14:18:45   

Okay. I like the points you make. But would a participation trophy system actually be that much worse in terms of what it can accomplish? If there are rewards at 300, 500, even 1,000 wins that are really good, it would still encourage people to play really hard. The harder you play, the more rewards you get, allowing you to get ahead of people who play less or donít win as much. It would still follow the "whoever plays the most wins" model, but not in as direct of a way.

You can still disagree. Just putting it out there again to think about.
Epic  Post #: 9
11/7/2018 14:25:50   

I don't entirely disagree with that concept. Because if there are awards at like 300 wins as well as 100 wins, then the competition will still be fierce, but those wanting dailies would surely have to do over 300 wins to get that daily at that point.

To be honest, whether its your way or my way, they are both better than just not getting anything at all haha. As long as there is some sort of daily reward for playing hard, I would love the competition it'd bring.
AQW Epic  Post #: 10
11/8/2018 9:24:57   

That sounds pretty nice but we still got a problem. We still have juggernaut. We already see 1 or 2 players with around 300 400 wins per day, this will only encourage more people to bot even harder.

If those rewards are awarded only for top 5, it wouldn't be too bad because from all boters who bot all the day, only 5 of them would earn it. However, if you put a limit of 300 400, even 500 wins, all botters would be boting even more than ever and ALL OF THEM would get it. It can not be supported.
Even if only 5 boters got it, it would make them bot more since they'll get a buff of 24hs.

I really like this idea but boters ruin every single good idea. I'd just disable jugg till is fixed so in that way plenty of suggestions could be added.
Epic  Post #: 11
11/8/2018 15:31:53   

Its simple. Make Juggernaut harder. Players win 99.9% of their jugg games at the moment. If the AIs you fight in jugg had stat buffs, then strategy would be needed to win and botting wouldn't yield the same results.

But people bot anyway. Doesn't mean the rest of us on 1v1 and 2v2 have to suffer, or even a player willing to play 18+ hours to assure them the top spot in ANY game mode. We shouldn't disregard good ideas in fear of exploits when the game is ALREADY being exploited.
AQW Epic  Post #: 12
11/8/2018 22:41:57   

@ Vanitysixx

kind of hard to make actually harder to the point where it can't be botted to be honest not without making it almost impossible for the jug like before Npc's were added due to balance issues. A better solution would be a much as I hate to say this don't include Jug in this mode period seeing as while there are indeed legit people who jug the majority (if not all) the bots are here as well. Doing this would also encourage those who want these rewards to play the other modes as well.

But I do agree with the issue of this idea making competition even fiercer to the point where newbie's who try are trying to get Daily 1 vs 1 2 vs 2 and Jug get screwed due to some greedy players who won the mode 10's of 20's times wanting the extra rewards.
Epic  Post #: 13
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