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=AQW= Design Notes November 9, 2018: Sepulchure

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11/9/2018 18:13:48   
Ted Zlammy


November 9, 2018
Sepulchure's Saga: Into the Plane of Light
This Weekend, Sepulchure's Saga continues!
Love. Loss. And a Darkness that will change the fate of the world… This is Sepulchure the DoomKnight’s story.

This weekend, log in and battle as Lynaria, Queen of Swordhaven. Your mission: to save your best friend from the DOOM that consumes him. Journey through the Plane of Light to gather magical reagents, grow stronger than you've ever been, and cast the spell that could save your friend from eternal Darkness.

Queen Lynaria has vowed to save Sepulchure -- the man who was once Swordhaven's most loyal knight -- but neither situations, stories, or people are simply black and white. This weekend, events transpire that will change both their lives forever... for Good AND Evil.

Rewards of Doom and Light
Battle through this weekend's release to unlock pieces of the Worshipper of Doom armor set. These weapons, once handcrafted with care, have been corrupted by the darkness that surrounds the Blade of Doom.

The pieces of this set were crafted by AQW Community Artist, Reki Roland (also one of Lore's largest ShadowScythe devotees).

Complete this weekend's release to find Amie the Celestial StarMage in the Plane of Light. She's traveled from the Celestial Realm to gather starlight and, along the way, decided to spend time studying the nature of light itself. Find to earn the pieces of her bright armor set, crafted by AQW Community Artist, Ferozakh.

Tags: Alina

Here be the DNs for tonight's release.
Tagged! Happy Chaos Never Dies day everyone ~ kaos rules x

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MQ AQW  Post #: 1
11/9/2018 18:37:34   
The Jop

Not that there's anything wrong with the Sepulchure story, but are we ever going to resolve the Mother of Monsters saga? I feel like that had a climactic beginning and some setup then just petered out into nothing,
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 2
11/9/2018 19:19:24   

What the heck. Really.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 3
11/9/2018 19:28:43   
Silver Sky Magician

@The Jop

It’s on indefinite hiatus due to lukewarm reception. Some suggestions for it:

1. Complex portrayal and sympathy for at least certain monster subsets, taking a leaf from Dragonfable

2. Complex politics and internal strife, not this ‘we need everyone we can get so why not the guy who released the MoM and killed the fathers of both Good and Evil faction leaders’. For example, we could have the MoM facing off against the Mysterious Stranger, with the Good/Evil/Chaos alliance trying to maneuver between them while fighting amongst themselves. This can get messy real quick so you really need good planning and good writers.

There are plenty of good fantasy series that do this well. You could also just look at the Cold War and how non-aligned countries tried to manage their relations with the US and USSR

3. Character development. Which means you need to consistently make multiple cutscenes from a single character’s POV for consecutive releases. For example, instead of showing character X in prison briefly before making the Hero do the usual series of quests to save them, let character X also go on an adventure that eventually converges with the Hero’s. No spotlight on other characters means no emotional attachment to the storyline means unsustainable reliance on pumping out new gear to keep the game alive.

4. Humor. We’ve got the motley band of Throne of Darkness villains on our side, we could easily use them in conjunction with suggestion 3 above as they go on a wacky adventure to meet up with the fragments of Seppy’s soul with the MoM and pull off a crazy plan. This saga is just too dark (especially the color scheme) and we need some levity.

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11/9/2018 19:33:28   


I'm gonna give my honest opinion. I hope many people read this before this comment get flagged for flaming. But I had a friend, who is a father, whose kid spent over a thousand dollars (yes, OVER A THOUSAND DOLLARS), just to get 2 platinum item of donated awesomeness. Like, what is AE trying to do to these kids? You literally have kids, who aren't even teens yet, spending a ton of money on ACs alone. Now you're making them spend almost $700 for just a PIoDA? That's just insane for a flash player game. It's like they're purposely diminishing their artwork to lure people into buying a PIoDA for the rare items, which have much better artwork. They pretty much gave up on artwork and storyline since 2016 and now they're trying to lure people into paying a ridiculous amount of money just to look meh in the game. Whether it is supporting AE or not, the amount of money they're trying to make is atrocious. I like playing this game, but now they're pretty much lacking on the gameplay and focusing on making money. I really feel bad for those who spend that kind of money when it could be used in better ways, hell, help a homeless guy out if you have that kind of money to spend. This was a lot worse than the Master of Moglins class. AE seems to not care about the letting the players have fun, but care about the money. And my GF keeps complaining about how they release the same haircut over and over again, which shows the lack of creativity and options you can have to customize your own character.

Again I support AE, but the money they're trying to lure out of these kids is insane. This is a big issue that cannot be ignored.

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Post #: 5
11/9/2018 19:36:33   
How We Roll Winner

Um what? That friend who's a father who's got a kid who spent over a thousand dollars on the game to get two items really needs to discipline his kid. I mean really, if this is a "kid" kid we're talking about here, he/she has no business spending money online like that.

AE can try to make as much money as they want; it's that there are buyers that they keep on doing it. If there's a demand, there's gonna be a supply.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 6
11/9/2018 19:42:45   

You know kids these days. It's called stealing a credit card behind your back. A lot more kids do it than you think they would.

And seriously, it's not supply and demand, it's monopoly. They're pretty the much the only game who has this kind of artwork.

AE can try to make as much money as possible, that's a sign of a healthy company, but can they be sensible as well? Trust me. There is a demand for these things because KIDS AND TEENS are playing these games, and they don't know how to use or understand money as well as adults do.

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Post #: 7
11/9/2018 19:46:08   
How We Roll Winner

So you're telling me because some parents can't stop their kids from stealing their credit cards AE should stop money grabbing?

You do realize that there is a refunding option. The parent is the owner of the credit card. If he or she found out his or her child were spending money from the credit card without his or her prior knowledge, the parent ought to refund the ACs. Of course, doing this would also ban the account, and ought to be a suitable punishment.

Yes, there is demand because kids and teens are playing these, and I certainly agree that they don't understand money as well as adults do. And I say the adults of the family, the parents, should keep a closer eye on their kids and discipline them. That is not AE's job.

EDIT: I know you're upset about AE's plainly visible money grabbing tactics nowadays, but you can't blame the fact that kids are spending money on it to condemn their money grabbing.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
11/9/2018 20:03:40   

When you're a rich dad, kids will never understand how money works since they will think there is infinite supply, which there isn't. And again it happens A LOT more than you think. not just "some parents".

It's not about whether you can get a refund or not. It's about the behavior AE is trying to induce. You saying that AE is not responsible is just being naive when they're purposely trying to induce KIDS into spending money like that. They are fully aware of it and take advantage. They should not be condoning this kind of behavior and the kids will be affected in the future. In this generation, kids get away with EVERYTHING and AE is fully aware of it, which is why their artwork is diminishing since 2015-16, just to focus on making money. This is the reason why you have NUMEROUS cancerous kids nowadays.

A sudden need of money grabbing is a sign of greediness or the company is starting to fail. Who knows, if they shut down, they'll be laughing with all the money we wasted on them.

Some solutions are bring back rare items and/or step up the artwork.

They don't need to lower price or anything. If they want to bring in that kind of money, so be it, but it isn't really kid friendly. However, there are just some things where they take it TOO far, like the PIoDA

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Post #: 9
11/9/2018 20:11:25   


I have to agree with you on this. AE is just making a quick cash grab right now to fund AQ3D. They put gambling on a kids game. I love AE for years but year by year they are going down a path that no one wants.

Saw people on youtube post spending 50-100k AC's and not get what they really want.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 10
11/9/2018 20:20:33   


Thank you. That's all I want to hear. I don't mind this kind of tactic on anywhere else as long it's meant for adults such as Casinos. I grew up playing Poker and Craps my whole childhood and still now, and I gotta say, I'm really grateful with the luck I'm getting or else I would literally be dead. I know this game is not that extreme, but still, on a kids game? That's just wrong. They are inducing bad behavior and it is a big issue.

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Post #: 11
11/9/2018 20:55:36   
Silver Sky Magician

PIoDA does not seem different in principle from Treasure Chests. It’s also quite obscure, unlike say Clash Royale which puts such features front and center. That being said I don’t like such mechanics and they definitely should be discouraged.

Regarding the release, I’m a bit confused: did Lynaria stay with Seppy for over a year to have Gravelyn? How can Seppy even reproduce normally in his undead form? It would make a lot more sense if Valen was with Lynaria at first and they had a kid, then they broke up after Valen became Seppy and after a series of events Valen kept the kid.
Post #: 12
11/9/2018 20:59:46   

Do you play Dragonfable? I think this story is more clear in that game.
Post #: 13
11/9/2018 21:02:12   
Silver Sky Magician


DF has a completely different take on Seppy. For one thing, Gravelyn is adopted in DF.
Post #: 14
11/9/2018 21:03:10   


10/10 accuracy. Bad current artwork means that they're able to milk Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Recolours and WoD without making the game any better. It's really sad to see things like the shading going off with no one fixing it. The only constant stuff are J6's backgrounds and Dage's/Nully's actual artwork (not the rip-offs made by amateurs). Now would be a good time to commission Nully for every piece of art made for Oversoul and to port them over to AQW.
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 15
11/9/2018 21:10:53   

oh lol, a kid steals his dad's credit card and it's AE's fault? gimme a break.
Post #: 16
11/9/2018 21:58:28   

@~kap You have to be naive if you think that's my main point.
Post #: 17
11/9/2018 23:22:12   

*has a modicum of self-control*

Yay, got my first spin!

*sees people complaining that it's AE's fault kids have access to their parents banking information and aren't afraid of what their parents will do when they find out they spent that kind of money*

There is just no redeeming the human race. Thanos, can I borrow that glove for a quick sec?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 18
11/9/2018 23:30:04   

They still haven't fixed Sepulchure's Original Helm. :/


Long Unlive the ShadowScythe
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 19
11/10/2018 0:03:20   


Again, never said it was AE's fault, that part was just a true example. I'm just saying the money grabbing is ridiculous in a kids game. Clearly for you, r/wooosh.

< Message edited by weaseloo -- 11/10/2018 0:07:02 >
Post #: 20
11/10/2018 0:40:59   

That is a major issue with the Free-to-Play model, the fact that because the game is free there has to be ways to monetize the people playing it and all games designed around this model suffer from it. That being said, there are ways to prevent children from spending their parent's money in the game and so part of the responsibility must also fall with the parent.

As for the PIoDA, remember that this item is NOT received from rolling the wheel of doom but from spending the currency guaranteed from every roll to purchase the PIoDA. The version that can drop from the wheel is the EIoDA.

I wish I could add that the items received from the PIoDA are purely cosmetic as well, but unfortunately I cannot because AE has allowed classes to go rare, even highly desirable ones, so there are items from the PIoDA that do effect the quality of the gameplay.

< Message edited by Saberblade -- 11/10/2018 0:49:50 >
AQ AQW  Post #: 21
11/10/2018 0:48:38   

"r/wooosh"? What the blazes does that mean?

Anywho, sorry. I suppose I can see it from both sides. I, personally, see the realistic worth of what an in-game item is, and have no particular attraction to the idea of spending money to get them. I allways have. Therefore, I see no potential for danger in this.

However, upon thinking of it, many children lack the patience or the perspective to realise that they will get the item eventually, and that it's even a stretch to say it's worth the time it takes to get the item, let alone real money. Those personally attached to such issues would see great danger in such a practice.

However, I would not accuse the staff of "money grubbing". They need money, and thus they need to put some things in for ACs. As for the wheel itself, it was removed by the staff itself. On multiple occasions, they said it would probably never come back . It was the fans, constantly and consistently demanding it, that eventually got this back, not greed.

If AE is guilty of anything, it's underestimating both the ignorance of today's children coupled with the stupidity of today's parents. AE says, at multiple points, children should ask their parents permission to buy things they don't have money for. If a parent is dumb enough to let their children get a hold of their bank information, I wouldn't have expected it and prepared for it, and neither would they.

All I can be say is, if a child uses their parents money without permission, it is a criminal act. They may not be charged for it, they may not realise it, but using another's property or wealth without their knowledge or consent is stealing. AE is not at fault for this, AE is not even liable for this. It's all on the kids, and the parents who have to correct the behavior.

If you still have an issue, though, I might suggest trying to open a line of dialogue, either through Twitter or a discussion thread, with the staff or the community. Perhapse the implementation of a tracking system of AC purchases, so that if a certain package was reported as being made with stolen money, they could return the money and retract any items the person bought.

< Message edited by brotherinlaw -- 11/10/2018 0:50:20 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 22
11/10/2018 1:30:51   

I don't see how this is even an issue. If they're rich then let the kids spend their money, a thousand $ may be a lot to some and just spare change for some, and besides it's always the parents' job to teach their children how to use money. The real concern comes with the PIoDA and it's cost but come to think of it it's just a BONUS item which after a few years of being a mem and spinning the wheel, you can get a rare item or class (I'll just say mem because even technically a non mem can get it, it would take aeons lol). It's not supposed to be something like "Oh my glob I'm gonna burn my cash to get it" which is what is happening in the case of the kids but hey it's their problem for thinking that way lol.
As for the alleged "money grabbing", that isn't their fault. They're just putting out their product and it's for us the consumers to either spend or not, the bottom point is in the end it's still our choice. Yes we can say that it's kinda absurd that some spend a lot for a flash game like AQW but if it makes you happy and satisfied then why not? You're not hurting anyone.

The only thing I found wrong is that the money we're spending should be used to fix issues that have been here since ages and not to be invested in other games. I don't see AQW dying anytime soon because no matter how negativity or criticism it receives, it kinda feels like home and it brings me back memories. It shows how long our journey has been and it's quite a good stress-reliever after a long hard day or after playing some hardcore games.
Post #: 23
11/10/2018 2:37:36   

So it's only the member free daily spins that got added to the WoD this week right, and the free non-member spins get added next week?
AQW  Post #: 24
11/10/2018 2:50:07   

Money and items aside, I always look forward to the Sepulchure saga releases since they always seem to be of good quality, something severely lacking in modern AQW storytelling. I only wish that AE put in the same effort they did with this saga into others. And although I would like to note that, as previously stated, I like side sagas like these that actually add something to the story and lore of the game, considering the lack of progress and releases with the main story, I do wish they would go back to focusing on that, as I am one of the (apparently few) players who enjoyed that storyline, or at least separate the releases better.


Also, I think the debate on whether or not Lynaria is Gravelyn's mom is pretty much over now.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 25
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