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1/11/2019 15:30:50   
Elemental Magician

Grimweld and Neberon in my Training Estates won't let me train to 250. They claim I "have too many points in that stat".

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AQ  Post #: 76
1/11/2019 16:18:59   

Yeah, faced the same issue. Just usethe combat trainers from the battleon main screen.
AQW  Post #: 77
1/11/2019 16:23:13   

When will we finally get the shop for the ES GD blade? It's been over a month at this point.
AQ MQ  Post #: 78
1/11/2019 17:12:59   

Also have "too many points in that stat". But, I also discovered that the staff snuck in a Stan Lee tribute item into the Limited Time shop. It's a very pretty misc. item that gives a nice boost to all of your defenses.
AQ Epic  Post #: 79
1/11/2019 18:54:34   

Is the misc any better than Power Shard Varnak?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 80
1/11/2019 19:17:28   

Thanks for fixing the graphical bugs!
AQ  Post #: 81
1/11/2019 19:27:17   

What were the bug fixes? I looked at the design notes but they have not been updated since the data breach last October
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 82
1/11/2019 19:30:44   

^ AQ Design Notes
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 83
1/11/2019 19:32:56   

Are graphical glitches like certain hair/horns sticking out of blood mage hood going to be fixed like cleric of carnafex?
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 84
1/11/2019 19:38:24   

Crap. Now I'm not sure how to rebalance my stats because as a beast warrior, I want to be able to use melee weapons (since that's what my inventory is built for). But I also have some ranged weapons I like using and ranged Skills. And I definitely want maxed CHA and LUK for status effects. Hmmm, so difficult to choose.
AQ AQW  Post #: 85
1/11/2019 19:39:11   

So are we going to see those reworked stat formulae this week or on the 32nd of Febtober?

I would like to know how long my characters are going to be gimped.
AQ  Post #: 86
1/11/2019 19:52:57   

@Slayne: It doesn't give a bonus to DEX, but the defense bonuses are bigger than the power shard's, being +8 to everything. It also has an SP cost of 77 at level 150, despite it saying it has none in the text. It also was free, to I can't tell if it has any master craft effect from the price- we'll just have to wait for info on it from the staff. *pokes staff for info subs*
AQ Epic  Post #: 87
1/11/2019 20:05:43   
Aura Knight

Maybe the SP cost on the misc is for the MRM boost.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 88
1/11/2019 20:05:56   

Thank you Uskius. I just picked it up,
I like the flavor text
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 89
1/11/2019 22:01:14   

Since there are some bug fixes happening, could we pls have the shield on Ultimon's Armor to display properly? I love seeing the inside of our shields and all but I don't think you should hold it like that in battle lol
AQ AQW  Post #: 90
1/11/2019 23:05:19   

No MP increase with 200 INT to 250 INT. Is this supposed to be the case? I think INT is the one I'll be increasing to 250, lowering my 50 CHA to 0. I'll keep 100 END, feels like I'l be needing it.
AQ  Post #: 91
1/12/2019 0:48:45   

Is it me or the Infusion skill of the new Giftbox armor is not working?

Can't as well increase my stat through the stat trainers
Post #: 92
1/12/2019 0:50:28   

Try refreshing and logging back in again? Worked for me.
AQW  Post #: 93
1/12/2019 7:16:56   

Dear staff,

You have left us with a huge mess after the stat cap increase. We're now expected to have 250 points in several stats and mainly status rolls are in a bad position. Not only this, but many non-pure builds are living on life support now. Builds that were probably not among those requiring a nerf. Therefore, I have come up with new stat formulae for damage, accuracy and blocking. Even if my ideas are far from what will happen, you need to make sure changes come fast:

Old Stat Damage
Melee: STR/8 (25)
Ranged: STR/10 + DEX/40 (25)
Magic: INT*3/32 (18.75)
Spells: INT/4 (50)
Pets & Guests: CHA/15 (13.333)

New Stat Damage
Melee: STR/10 (25)
Ranged:  DEX/10 (25)
Magic: INT*3/40 (18.75)
Spells: INT/5 (50)
Pets & Guests:  CHA*4/75 (13.333)

Old Accuracy
Melee: STR*3/40 + DEX*3/40 + LUK/40 (35)
Ranged: DEX*3/20 + LUK/40 (35)
Magic: INT*3/40 + DEX*3/40 + LUK/40 (35)
Pets & Guests: CHA*3/40 + DEX*3/40 + LUK/40 (35)

New Accuracy
Melee:  STR*11/100 + LUK*3/100 (35)
Ranged:  DEX*11/100 + LUK*3/100 (35)
Magic:  INT*11/100 + LUK*3/100 (35)
Pets & Guests: CHA*11/100 + LUK*3/100 (35)

Old Blocking
Blocking: DEX/8 + LUK/40 (30)

New Blocking
Melee: STR*3/50 + DEX/25 + INT/50
Ranged: DEX*3/50 + INT/25 + STR/50
Magic: INT*3/50 + STR/25 + DEX/50

Initiative: - ?
Lucky Strikes: - ?
Status Infliction Rolls: stop using major/minor. Instead they use a single roll: Stat/10 (25).

Pure builds assume 250 Main/250 END/250 LUK. Enemy damage should be based on the player having 150 END or so.

As you may see, every stat still gives the same total points as they currently do, I simply changed the formulae to remove DEX from unnecessary places, made LUK stronger but do fewer things and conpletely changed the way Blocking works. I suppose I based it on Runescape where Melee > Ranged > Magic > Melee.

Originally I planned Accuracy to be [Mainstat]/10 + LUK/25, but I felt that made LUK a little too necessary. I kept Stat Damage the same (= a nerf because you put in more points to get the same result) to make sure that [Mainstat] did not become too strong after the large bonus it received to Accuracy (due to not requiring DEX).

Allowing these changes, the player gets a lot more freedom picking a build; that is to say there are more possibilities.
AQ  Post #: 94
1/12/2019 7:20:51   
Phlox Lover

Your suggesting certainly seems to be a more logical proceeding than just gimping all hybrid builds, so I like it.

I think you made a conceptual mistake entirely removing luck from blocking though.
Post #: 95
1/12/2019 7:41:57   

I'm guessing standards still assume that every build has 200 on 3 their main stats so the stat cap increase is just another way to dump the excess 150 stat points ?

Would be nice if the stat formulae would get changed though so non-ranger builds aren't forced to take 200 DEX while ranger builds aren't forced to take 200 STR.

< Message edited by RMC -- 1/12/2019 7:45:32 >
AQ  Post #: 96
1/12/2019 9:07:20   

Yeah just as I asumed basically they those 150 points left before not needs to go into your 3 stats of your choice to be as effective as you were before.
Quite honestly that is BS and is not only a nerf but also totally defeats the reason for the stat-increase.

The only ones that have something out of the increase are those that think "higher number = better for me". No matter the fact that it is just the same behind the cover except 150 points less.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 97
1/12/2019 9:18:11   


Quite honestly that is BS and is not only a nerf but also totally defeats the reason for the stat-increase.

You are assuming the purpose of the increase was to buff players. For all we know, the purpose could have been to nerf players.
Post #: 98
1/12/2019 9:31:31   

so are how stats work going to change in the near future I would hope. Guess I can always take a hiatus from the game while everyone else figures out new builds
AQ  Post #: 99
1/12/2019 9:34:12   


We're now expected to have 250 points in several stats

But... You aren't.
You can run the same build you had before to similar effectiveness. The only difference is to run max damage, you need to sacrifice something. You can't run max damage then have 150 endurance.

How on earth is this game ever going to be more than (Purple Rain > Buff > Purple Rain > Nuke) if people freak out if they even feel they've been nerfed? The game is horrendously unbalanced and is in dire need of changes.


Pure builds assume 250 Main/250 END/250 LUK

Does it not strike you as even slightly wrong that the expected build you propose grants you the most damage and Over Triple the base Health Amount?

Expected Pure build without any changes
250 Strength/Intellegence
150 Dexterity
100 Endurance
250 Luck

This gives you more BTH than was possible before, the absolute max damage you can Inflict, and even some durability.
Pure builds have absolutely nothing to complain about.

200 Strength/Intellegence
150 Dexterity
250 Charisma
150 Luck

Beastmaster... is in a bind. Status effects being affected by Luck, yet pet accuracy being affected by Dexterity means that Beastmasters have an expected stat requirement of 4. Beastmasters don't need Max Player damage, because their whole thing is inflicting deliberating Status effects via their pets, but it also means a good build can't use ANY Endurance whatsoever. If there aren't any major chanages planned to items, the simplest way to fix this is to stop having Dexterity affect pet accuracy, which makes the least amount of sense (Beastmasters are already affected by their own attacks not being the most accurate). But if the staff plans on doing a sweep, then they may not have to change anything, but for now? You are very limited as far as Beastmaster builds go.

Ideally, a standard Beastmaster build should be:

200 Strength/Intellegence
100 Endurance
250 Charisma
200 Luck

If Dex stops affecting Pet Accuracy.

< Message edited by Branl -- 1/12/2019 10:36:05 >
Post #: 100
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