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Zenn's Suggestion Thread!

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2/8/2019 20:15:20   

Since I've just gotten back into the game after a hiatus, I figured I might pitch in a few suggestions that I've had percolating in my brain kettle. Some of these may be just wishful thinking, but who knows?

To start off with, here's my first attempt at a weapon design. (Stats here are mostly based off of the Paladin Lord's Axe, they could be tweaked or rebalanced if needed.)

Slagheap Axe

«Inaccurate Mastercraft 0% proc Melee Fire axe..»

Level	15	35	55	75	95	115	135	150
PowLvl	15	35	55	75	95	115	135	153

Price	43	162	1115	8802	70781	570467	4599098	22004697
Sell	21	81	557	4401	35390	285233	2299549	11002348

Type: Melee
Element: Fire

Damage	7-13	10-19	12-24	14-28	16-32	18-36	20-39	21-43
BTH	2	4	7	9	12	14	17	19


• All normal player attacks deal +9% damage for not having a special.
• All normal player attacks take -3 BTH and deal *85/82 damage.
• Against a monster with the bleed status, all normal player attacks deal +10% damage. Mastercraft bonus is no downtrigger against non-burning monsters.

The apprentice blacksmith [insert name] botched their first attempt at forging a magical battleaxe, resulting in a permanently molten slagheap. Though it lacks a special, its heat will cauterize wounds, dealing extra damage to bleeding monsters!

EDIT: Increased the bonus a monster gets to its next save after being hit while burning.

EDIT 2: Per Primate Murder's suggestion, I removed the drawback of removing burn status against burning monsters. Mastercraft bonus now counts as a lack of downtrigger against non-burning monsters. (Alternatively, the weapon could also be considered non-mastercraft, this would be up to the discretion of the staff on the odd chance this ever gets implemented.)

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2/8/2019 23:52:00   
Primate Murder

+10% damage is just a regular trigger.

If you count it as the weapon's MC, there's no need to remove the status or give the bonus to saves.
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2/9/2019 0:31:34   

Good suggestion. I wasn't sure how to balance it, given the ease of stacking bleed effects with the right guest. Went ahead and made the change, on closer thought it requires such a specific set-up to exploit that it probably won't be too big a deal.

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2/10/2019 18:18:07   

For my second set of suggestions, I think I'll move away from suggesting new items, and instead opt for suggesting updates to existing items. There are quite a few cool armor sets that I feel like are slightly outdated, some of which because they haven't been given Level 150 versions yet, others because they haven't been able to keep up with the power creep of more recent releases. In any case, these are a few changes I'd make:

Set 1: Nemesis Set

Changes: Give a fully-offensive lean. Add level 150 version. Speed up armor attack animation to take less time. Increase resistances to be in line with other

Set 2: Solaris Set

Changes: This one probably needs the least amount of change. At most, all that would be needed is adding a level 150 tier, possibly buff the light resistance ever so slightly to be comparable to more recent light armors. (E.g. buff 48% resistance on the level 130 tier to 44%.)

Set 3: Nova Knight set

The Nova Knight equipment is really cool, but IIRC comes from a time before mastercraft was really a thing. It's a shame too, because I really love the design and wish it were more viable.

Changes: Give an offensive lean, and add a level 150 tier. Buff fire/earth resistance slightly (e.g. 47% each on level 130 tier to 45% each on the level 130 tier.) If it's necessary, make it mastercraft to justify the additional compression resistance.

Set 4: Jester Armor

This armor could be a really interesting and useful option for people looking for a fully-offensive compression armor, provided they can spare the Z-Tokens. Unfortunately, there is one thing with this armor that kills its usefulness, and that's the fact that it's non-mastercraft, which gives it a 5% damage penalty. As a result it's not really worth spending any real money on.

Changes: Make it mastercraft, removing the damage penalty in exchange for a higher Z-token price. That's really all it needs.

Set 5: Gatekeeper Armor

Another armor set from the Z-token shop, this one could actually be really powerful and worth the cost, but there's really only a single thing keeping it from being useful at all.

Changes: Give it either an offensive lean. Defensive lean could also work, but its abilities will likely be less useful with defensive builds due to the power afforded by the Neko subrace armors. Either way, any lean given to it could justify the price.
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2/12/2019 22:44:25   

Quick little idea for a misc. item that I think would be super helpful:

Reverse Polaris

Element: Light

Effect: Reduces all damage from the element opposite your current armor's element. For example, if you're wearing the Solaris Plate, the misc would reduce your darkness damage by X%. (Somewhere between 40% and 45% at level 150.) In addition, it also offers a slight MRM boost. If your current armor is neutral or unaligned with an element (e.g. Ultimon's Armor, Generalist's Robe), a larger MRM boost is provided instead of elemental damage reduction.


This magical star-shaped pendant not only boosts your blocking, it also reduces damage from the element opposite your current armor's element. If your armor has no element, it boosts your blocking even further.
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