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Returning LVL 150 Guardian Warrior

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3/15/2019 0:36:43   

Hi, I been gone for the past 2 years or so and only play during frostval for the year end sets. I want to know about new meta and i have fears of dying too quickly without resistance miscs so I don't know if I should invest in it. Also asking for a character advice, I don't know how my character holds up at this point.
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3/15/2019 0:50:59   
Primate Murder

Here's a link to the explanation of the current meta.

You'll want to post your character page if you want detailed advice, though.
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3/15/2019 1:26:24   

sorry forgot to include the link
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3/15/2019 1:54:17   
Primate Murder

That link doesn't work...

Edit: Ok, so once I removed the exccess http, I got it to work. Now, let's see what I can do to help.

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3/15/2019 2:08:06   
Legendary Ash

Kindred Spirits' Enlightenment for Auto hit
Horo Vanquisher for Harm toggle
Nocturnal Knight Edge from Yulgar
Sell Dark Blade, Omni and store Mighty

Tyrannochicken Rex Rider from Grenwog
Sell Werepyre and store Past

Morningstar Bulwark for -26
Sell Tectonic

Your Body Heals at the Speed of Light from Out of Order
Sell Maple as its available from Guardian shop and Summons

Floating Pie
Fujin's Curse
Ice Cream Golem
Disgusting Eye Spy/ Geocastellum Cauldron
Pikazard from Frogzard Hunter shop
Fairy Godmother
Skele-Brain a Darkness click to toggle between 5% dmg or Paralysis from Chessmaster: Dark Tidings
Sell Eyephoon to Sea, Frog, Retro and store Pygmy, Dino and Jr

Wyrm Knight's Crest for free Burn with Rewind ability of Rain
All Seeing Eye of Sacragon/ BlARRRney Hat returns on Blarney
Father's Day Sock returns to LTS on Father's day
Mecha Knight Power Core from Mecha Knight
Sell Under, Jewel, Layard, Horo and store Raydius
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3/15/2019 2:44:31   
Primate Murder

First of all, the stat cap was raised to 250. You'll want to get 250 Str/Dex. The remaining points can be divided between End and Luck, depending on how confident you feel. You can also put them in Cha to enhance your pets/guests, seeing as you don't have any boosters.


I would suggest setting your no-drop element to energy, as we don't have any exceptional energy shields or weapons. Don't forget to align your Awe Weapon special if you did not do so yet!

For water I would suggest the Kindred sword with its chargable autohit. As an alternative, Pike Pike is an old standard FO weapon, dealing +25% damage at the expenseof taking +(25/1.4)% more. Also, it uses Cha in place of Luck, so benefits beastbuilds more than pure ones.

Mighty Blade of FP remains the best ice weapon due to its interactions with ice nukes. Definetely a keeper.

For fire, you'd want the Bloodzerker sword from the rare GGB. It's a new standard FO weapon, dealing and taking +15% damage. As an alternative, a beastbuild can use a Pzycho Sabre. It compresses a fire guest and has a combo attack that deals increased damage and slightly lowers monster MRM. A pure build can use Grakma weapon that makes an extra hit whenever you miss.

As you're using FP for ice, you'll need another weapon to compress harm. That's where the Gloom Glaive comes in. Earth/harm compression from the rare GGBs.

Alas, ll the best wind weapons tend to be permarare or premium. If you plan on a build with high Luck, wait until next week and grab Shamrock Sensu or Naginata for a boost to your LS rate. Otherwise, the Fujin spear works.

While 100-proc weapons are not something I would normally recommend, you can click on Morningstar Cross to make a double damage attack - and that boost stacks with Beast Form and Bloodzerker!

If your house has accumulated enough interest, I suggest replacing it and using the tokesn to buy Terror Eater. It's an unmatched weapon for werewolves, as the racial qc Snarl inflicts fear - which can then be consumed by the Terror Eater's skill. With both stacks of Snarl, Beast Form and CIT, you can deal up to 10k damage per turn! Alternatiely, Agony's Embrace is a new standard FO weapon from UR. If you lack tokens or GGBs, Nocturnal Knight Edge, suggested by LA, is still a useful weapon.


For the most part, you're good here. The meta emphasizes strong ele-comped skills that can be used after you stun the monster, and the game doesn't have anything (not permarare or premium) that's stronger than WKZ, Horo Show and Taladosian.

Angel of Souls is still good, as an hp-costing skill is highly spammable.

You'll eventually want to replace Samukematsuri with Bloodzerker when you get a UR, for +20% weapon damage and a fire-locked 2x damage toggle that can be combined with Morningstar Cross for another *2 damage. Until then, I would suggest using Rage Beast - werewolf elemental variant that compresses fire/wind.

Kindred is good to use against bosses, but most people don't like to spend time gathering charges for casual questing. I suggest putting it in your storgae until you need it and using WHEEL in it's place, for a water skill with elecomp to damage that can still be boosted by CIT.

In your last slot, I would suggest a utility armor such as Whispering Raiment for its initiative boost.


Once again, you're mostly ok here, though you'll need to change things around slightly for an energy no-drop.

Replace Taladosian shield with Fujin (for the Dex drive).

Morningstar for earth, as mentioned by LA.

Scarab Shell for light, as its toggle lowers monster MRM, thus increasing the accuracy of all your attacks.


Purple Rain and Moonwalker are the staples of the meta, so keep them.

If you get UR GGBs, Call Dunamis and Thernda are the first priorities by far for a pure builds. The guests deal no damage, but boost your damage output (melee and ranged respectively).

As noted by LA, Your Body is the best healing spell, as it uses Dex for stats, doesn't have *0.9 penalty and heals you based on monster's LightResist.

Catnip Senses are qc (good with Purple Rain) and give you Immobility Resistance.

Sisters of Mercy provide an omni-elemental EleShield for when the monster plans to unleash a nuke.

For your remaining slots, you can use the Void Dragon spell (harm nuke) or some of the Skill Scrolls as melee SPells.

Oh, and if you're a beastbuild, you'd benefit from some guest-calling spells. Otherwise, don't bother.


Presuming you're a pure build, the best pets for you would be the boosters, Dunamis and Thernda, but those are premium. In their absence, you'll want pets that have unique gimmicks or inflict effects against monster Cha (usually 0):

Underwyrmling is the only pet in the game that can harm monster sp - pretty useful if you want to prevent it from using those annoying nukes.

Fujin pet inflicts DefLoss (increasing your accuracy) against monster Cha.

Hammer Turret inflicts paralysis against monster Cha.

Lepre-Chan, the only f2p booster.

Kindred pet can give enough charges for your Kindred sword to autohit every turn.

Before Snugglefest goes rare, you should pick up Carnation and Lavender dolls, which inflict Control and Blond against monster Cha.


Essence Orb, Shadowfeeder and Love Potion are all crucial items for the meta.

Helm of Frostval Past is a useful nuke booster in that you can click on it for extra bth, then switch to a damage misc.

Sword Master Emblem and Ranger's Scope are old enough items to provide you with a multiplicative damage boost.

If you want a resistance misc, use Cyclops' Eye to cover all resistances in one slot.

For the remaining slot, I would suggest either Morningstar Helm (to counteract paralysis) or Bell Shell for a slight heal based on the damage you deal. If you have a spare Rare GGB, you can also try out Taladosian Pendant for a boost to your Snarl's Fear infliction.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
AQ  Post #: 6
3/15/2019 6:47:45   

Thanks for the input guys. How can I access wicked king quest?
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3/15/2019 7:41:16   
Primate Murder

Map Sail East > Mt. Thrall > Hollow's Garage > What are you building in here? > What is your favorite thing to work on? > I can handle the Salvation Knight! > Part IV: Escape the Wicked King
AQ  Post #: 8
3/17/2019 16:25:20   

@Primate Murder: What is the best Awe Weapon special for a pure warrior?
AQ AQW  Post #: 9
3/17/2019 16:36:24   
Legendary Ash

PWD is the best Awe special to align to because its damage is based on enemy health instead of a fixed number modified by elemental resistance and has a proc rate of 4% which is better for Offensive leans.
AQ  Post #: 10
3/17/2019 16:43:23   

Thank you.
AQ AQW  Post #: 11
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