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Spell Index Alphabetical

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4/21/2005 15:52:45   
Chibi Coronet

Thanks to Yerameyahu for originally creating this and to everyone who has helped update it!

Alphabetical order:

1st Day of Frostval (Rare)
2nd Day of Frostval (Rare)
3rd Day of Frostval (Rare)
4th Day of Frostval (Rare)
5th Day of Frostval (Rare)
6th Day of Frostval (Rare)
7th Day of Frostval (Rare)
8th Day of Frostval (Rare)
9th Day of Frostval (Rare)
10th Day of Frostval (Rare)
11th Day of Frostval (Rare)
12th Day of Frostval (Rare)

Abominable Assault
Abominable Assault G (Guardian)
Abominable Assault Z (Z-Token)
Alchemized Water of Immortality
Allergic Reaction (Normal; Guardian)
Altered Water of Immortality
Angelic Light (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Aqua Purge
Aquabat Swarm (Normal; Guardian)
Aquella Ally Assist
Archmage Research (Normal; Guardian)
Arctic Tornado (Special Offer/Mastercraft)
Arm-Ageddon (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Arrows of Integrity
Arrows of Honor
Arrows of Merit
Arrows of Virtue
Artix Ally Assist
Astonishing Kite
Astounding Kite
Astral Forge (Guardian)
Avalanche Attack
Avalanche Attack 06 (Rare/Guardian)
Avalanche Extreme
Avalanche Extreme 06 (Rare/Guardian)
Avalanche Slide
Avalanche Slide 06 (Rare/Guardian)

Baby Sacragon Shapeshift (Guardian)
Bag O' Bones
Banshee Shapeshift (Normal; Guardian)
Basic Lawn Darts (Rare/Guardian)
Beaming Wyrm Strike
Big Bag o' Bones
Biggest Fan (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Billowing Biology Blast
Blue Blazes (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Blue Lightning (Normal; Temp)
Bomb-o-lantern (Rare)
Bomb-o-lantern G (Rare/Guardian)
Bomb-o-lantern Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Book of Elementary Scholars (Rare)
Book of Junior Scholars (Rare)
Book of Sages (Rare)
Book of Scholars (Rare)
Borrow G (Guardian)
Borrow Z (Z-Token)
Boulderdash (Normal; Guardian)
Brain Spider Shapeshift (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Breath of the Ice Lord (Guardian)
Brilhado Feathers
Brilhado Pinions
Brilhado Quills
Brilliant Wyrm Strike G (Guardian)
Bun-Rangers Go-Kart Attack (Rare; Z-Token/Rare; Guardian/Rare)

Call Barry Jotter
Call DarkZard (Normal; Guardian)
Call Death Flair (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Call Dunamis (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Call Edacious EgGobbler (Rare/Guardian)
Call Edacious EgGobbler Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Call EgGobbler (Rare/Guardian)
Call EgGobbler Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Call EnergyZard (Normal; Guardian)
Call FireZard (Normal; Guardian)
Call FrogZard (Normal; Guardian)
Call FruitcakeZard (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Call Gluttonous EgGobbler (Rare/Guardian)
Call Guardian Angel Elder (Guardian/Temp; Guardian)
Call 'Helpful' Barry Jotter (Guardian)
Call 'Helpful' Barry Jotter Z (Z-Token)
Call Hungry EgGobbler (Rare/Guardian)
Call IceZard (Normal; Guardian)
Call Insatiable EgGobbler (Rare/Guardian)
Call of Chillax (Rare/Mastercraft)
Call of Chillax Z (Rare/Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Call Mana Bat (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Call Mittens (Normal; Guardian)
Call Nezujimbo
Call Nezujimbo G (Guardian)
Call Nezujimbo Z (Z-Token)
Call Poutine Golem (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Call Ravenous EgGobbler (Rare/Guardian)
Call RayZard (Normal; Guardian)
Call Shogun & Ansatsu
Call Slavering EgGobbler (Rare/Guardian)
Call Squidge (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Call TadZard (Normal; Guardian)
Call Thernda (Normal/Mastercraft/Guardian/Mastercraft)
Call WindZard (Normal; Guardian]
Call Voracious EgGobbler (Rare/Guardian)
Call Voracious EgGobbler Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Candy Corn Shower (Rare)
Candy Corn Squall (Rare)
Candy Corn Storm (Rare)
Candy Cane Cataclysm (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Candy Corn Tempest (Rare/Guardian)
Carnax Stomp (Mastercraft)
Carnax Stomp G (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Carnax Stomp Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Candy Hearts (Rare)
Cat-nap (Temp)
Catching Fire (Mastercraft/Z-Token/Rare; Mastercraft/Guardian/Z-Token/Rare)
Catnip Senses (Normal; Guardian)
Caustic Calculus Cloud
Caustic Calculus Cloud Z (Z-Token)
Cave Collapse
Cave Crash
Cave Crumble
Celestial Forge (Guardian)
Chalky Candy Hearts (Rare/Guardian)
Champions of Lore (Z-Token/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Champions of Lore ll (Z-Token/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Chilling Jack Frost in the Box (Guardian)
Clone Shoes I
Clone Shoes IIZ (Z-Token)
Clone Shoes IV
Clone Shoes V
Colored Pencils (Rare)
Colored PencilZ (Z-Token/Rare)
Conjure Shadow (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Consuming Wizard's Fire (Rare)
Cool 'Cupuncture
Cosmic Blaze
Cracked Candy Hearts (Rare/Guardian)
Crazy Candy Hearts (Rare/Guardian)
Creation Burst (Special Offer/Mastercraft)
Cruel Poison Arrow (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Cuddle Cube Conflagration (Guardian)
Cuddle Cube Pyre
Cuddle Cube Pyre Z (Z-Token)
Cure Deadly Poisons (Mastercraft)
Cure Deep Wounds
Cure Extreme Wounds
Cure Fatal Poisons (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Cure Fatal Wounds (Guardian)
Cure Mortal Wounds
Cure Nicks
Cure Scrapes
Cure Scratches
Cure Toxic Poisons (Mastercraft)
Cure Virulent Poisons (Mastercraft)
Cure Wounds
Current Event
Cyclone (Guardian)
Cyclone Wyvern Shapeshift (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Cysero's Teleport Booth (Special Offer/Mastercraft/Rare)

D.A.N.C.E.R. (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
D.A.N.C.E.R. Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Damnation I (Rare)
Damnation II (Rare)
Damnation III (Rare)
Damnation IV (Rare)
Damnation V (Rare)
Dark Lightning
Dark Statue
Dark Wings II (Z-Token)
Dark Wings III (Z-Token)
Dark Wings IV (Z-Token)
Dark Wings V (Z-Token)
Darkness Dragon Ambush
Darkovian Powers
Darkovian Triad
Darkovian Trinity
Darkovian Triumvirate
Darksplash (Z-Token)
Darksplatter (Z-Token; Temp)
Darksplatter Classic (Z-Token)
Darkspray (Z-Token)
Deadly Dunce Dust
Deadly Icicle (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Death Chops (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Deck of Hearts (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Demolish (Rare)
Destruction Burst (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Diminished Water of Immortality
Dinozard Bite
Dinozard Chomp
Dinozard Crunch (Guardian)
Dinozard Nibble
Dr. Voltabolt's Lightning (Temp)
Dracarys (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Dracarys Z (Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Dracoform (Mastercraft)
Dracomorgrify (Mastercraft/Guardian)
Draconate (Mastercraft)
Draconic Blast (Temp/Guardian)
Dragonbane Blast (Temp/Guardian)
Dragonpact Assault
Dragonpact Onslaught
Dragonpact Storm
Dragonpact Strike
Dragons of Calladus (Guardian)
Dragonify (Mastercraft)
Drakonnan's Fury (Mastercraft)
Drakonnan's Fury G (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Drakonnan's Fury Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Drellie Blaze (Special Offer/Mastercraft/Rare)
Drone Strike (Guardian/Token/Rare)
Drone Strike Z (Guardian/Token/Rare)
Drop the MOAP (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Dull Lawn Darts (Rare/Guardian)

Earthsplosion (Guardian/Rare)
Earth Fury
Earth Rage
Earth Spikes
Ebil Pencil (Temp; Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Eddy (Guardian)
Effulgent Wyrm Strike
Eggsplosion (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Elemental Boom
Elemental Doom
Elemental Gulf
Elemental Rage (Normal; Guardian)
Elemental Scorn (Normal; Guardian)
Elemental Singularity
Elemental Unity
Elemental Vacuum
Embrace the Shadows
Embrace the Shadows Z (Z-Token)
Enormous Surge (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Entangling Vines (Normal; Guardian)
Everlasting Guardian Gumn
Evil Shadow
Exhume (Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Exploding Poison Arrow (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Extreme Recovery
Eye of Chaos (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)

Fawwing Wonder
Fire Bat Swarm (Normal; Guardian)
Fireball Z (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Fireworks (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Firezard Shapeshift (Normal; Guardian)
Fissure Fall Z (Z-Token)
Four Eye Blaster
Frigid Fury (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Frogzard Shapeshift (Normal; Guardian)
Frostbite (Rare)
Frostbite G (Guardian/Rare)
Frostbite Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Frost Elf Assault (Z-Token)
Frost Elf Attack (Z-Token)
Frost Elf Attack Classic (Z-Token)
Frost Elf Skirmish (Z-Token)
Frostval Merc's Regen Factor (Guardian/Rare; Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Fruitcake Fury (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
FTWBBQ (Guardian)
Fundead Flensing
Fundead Lacerating
Fundead Ripping
Fundead Shredding
Fwoating Wonder
Fwying Wonder

Galanoth Ally Assist
Galvawk's Binding
Galvawk's Bond
Galvawk's Charge (Guardian)
Galvawk's Compulsion
Galvawk's Compulsion Z (Z-Token)
Galvawk's Obligation
Galvawk's Duty
Galvawk's Geas
Galvawk's Service
Gandolphin (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
GBBQ (Guardian)
Ghost Blast
Ghost Blast Z (Z-Token)
Ghosts of Frostval (Rare)
Gift Box (2004) (Rare/Guardian)
Gift Box (2005) (Rare/Guardian)
Gift Box (2007) (Rare)
Gift Box (2008) (Rare/Guardian)
Gift Box Golem IIZ (Rare)
Giftbox Golem (2009) (Rare)
Giftbox Golem Z (2009) (Z-Token; Rare)
Giftbox Spell I-XXVII (Guardian/Rare)
Giftbox Spell XI - Z (Guardian/Token/Rare)
Giftbox Spell XV - Z (Guardian/Token/Rare)
Giftbox Spell XXIII - Z (Guardian/Token/Rare)
Giftbox Spell XXVII - Z (Guardian/Token/Rare)
Giftbox Spell I-XXX 2012 (Guardian/Rare)
Giftbox Spell X-XXX - Z 2012 (Guardian/Rare/Z-Token)
Gigantic Surge (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Gnat Shapeshift (Normal; Guardian)
Gnome Stampede II-Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Gogg Shapeshift (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Goopy Gumn
Goopy Gumn Z (Z-Token)
Gravity Crush (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Gravy Cannon (Rare/Z-Token)
Great Elemental Unity
Greater Charm
Greater Pumpkin Patch (Mastercraft/Rare)
Greater Recovery
Greater Slay Bells (Rare)
Greater Spellcraft
Green Envy (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Griffin Strike
Groglurk Rage
Guardian Clone Shoes III (Guardian)
Guardian Colored Pencils (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Dark Wings I (Guardian)
Guardian Dragon family
Guardian Earthshatter (Guardian)
Guardian Ghost Blast (Guardian)
Guardian Gift Box Golem I (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Gift Box Golem II (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Gift Box Golem III (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Gift Box Golem IV (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Gift Box Golem V (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Gift Box Golem VI (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Gnome Stampede I (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Gnome Stampede II (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Gnome Stampede III (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Gnome Stampede IV (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Gnome Stampede V (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Gnome Stampede VI (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Heckgate (Guardian)
Guardian Ice Beast Attack (Guardian)
Guardian Kite (Guardian)
Guardian Lava Tunnel I (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Lumen Ruin (Guardian)
Guardian Mayhem Explosion (Guardian)
Guardian Midnight Rider (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Shadowbat Swarm (Guardian)
Guardian Shadow Wolf Pack (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Shocking Kite (Guardian)
Guardian Skyblade (Guardian)
Guardian Stalactite Crush (Guardian)
Guardian Stalactite Smash (Guardian)
Guardian Summon Amoria (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Summon Bun-Bewitcher II (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Summon Cartwright VII (Guardian)
Guardian Summon Crystal Dragon II (Guardian)
Guardian Summon Crystal Dragon IV (Guardian)
Guardian Summon Eukara Vox V (Guardian)
Guardian Summon Gaiden V (Guardian)
Guardian Summon Grax IV (Guardian)
Guardian Summon Hybee I (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Summon Hybee VI (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Summon Kiveras VI (Guardian)
Guardian Summon LOCOmotive I (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Summon Malinius II (Guardian)
Guardian Summon Malinius VII (Guardian)
Guardian Summon MegaZard II (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian Summon Memet III (Guardian)
Guardian Summon Memet V (Guardian)
Guardian Summon Mirror Ryussei VII (Guardian)
Guardian Summon Stunning Amoria (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Tentacle Fury I (Rare/Guardian)
Guardian Toy Bomb (Guardian/Rare)
Guardian ToxiCleen (Guardian)
Guardian Trail Mix (Temp/Guardian)
Guardian Twig's Ewectwic Boogawoo (Guardian)
Guardian Volatile Poison Arrow (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Guardian's Embrace the Shadows (Guardian)
Guawdian Fwuttewing Wonder (Guardian)

Heal Wounds (Temp)
Healing Light (Temp)
Healing Seeds (Normal; Guardian)
Healing Wings (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Heckgate Z (Z-Token)
History's Guardian Chalk of Chagrin (Guardian)
Huge Surge (Z-Token/Mastercraft)

Ice Beast Attack
Ice Beast Attack Z (Z-Token)
Ice Dragon Spirit
Ice Needles
Ice Nine
Illuminate Ultra
Inferno (Guardian)
Insane Candy Hearts (Rare/Guardian)
Invisible Blast (Normal; Guardian)
Invocation of the Hateful AntiGuardian Z (Z-Token)
Invocation of the Malicious AntiGuardian
Invocation of the Mean AntiGuardian
Invocation of the Rancorous AntiGuardian G (Guardian)
Invocation of the Spiteful AntiGuardian
Invocation of the Vengeful AntiGuardian G (Guardian)
Invocation of the Vindictive AntiGuardian

Jack Frost In The Box (Guardian)
Jacques' Fury
Jacques' Fury Z (Z-Token)
Jacques' Guardian Fury (Guardian)

Kiss of the Amesha I (Mastercraft/Rare)
Kiss of the Amesha II (Mastercraft/Rare)
Kiss of the Amesha III (Mastercraft/Rare)
Kiss of the Amesha IV (Mastercraft/Rare)
Kiss of the Amesha V (Mastercraft/Rare)
Kiss of the Amesha VI (Mastercraft/Rare)
Kiss of the Amesha VII (Mastercraft/Rare)
Kiss of the Amesha VIII (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Kiss of the Angel of Darkness (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Kite Z (Z-Token)

Lady Liberty's Footprints (Rare)
Lady Liberty's Footsteps (Rare)
Lady Liberty's Paces (Rare)
Lady Liberty's Tracks (Rare)
Lady Liberty's Treads (Rare)
Lambent Wyrm Strike (Z-Token)
Lava Tunnel II (Z-Token/Rare)
Lava Tunnel III (Z-Token/Rare)
Lava Tunnel IV (Z-Token/Rare)
Lava Tunnel V (Z-Token/Rare)
Lawn Darts (Rare/Guardian)
Least Elemental Unity
Least Spellcraft
Lesser Charm
Lesser Elemental Unity
Lesser Pumpkin Patch (Mastercraft/Rare)
Lesser Recovery
Lesser Slay Bells (Rare)
Lesser Spellcraft
Lick Wounds (Temp)
Light Blast
Lightbringer Shapeshift (Guardian)
Light Cross
Light Cross G (Guardian)
Light Cross Z (Z-Token)
Light of Mana
Limkragg's Essence
Limkragg's Breath
Limkragg's Prana
Lost Deck of Guardian's OverSoul Cards (Guardian)
Lost Deck of OverSoul Cards
Lost Deck of OverSoul Cards Z (Z-Token)
Lucent Wyrm Strike
Luminous Blast (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Luminous Wyrm Strike G (Guardian)

Mad Candy Hearts (Rare/Guardian)
Major Award (Rare)
Malevolent Shadow
Mana Regeneration
Mana Restoration
Manasplosion Mini
Maple Storm (Z-Token/Rare)
Mayhem Bang
Mayhem Beam
Mayhem Blast
Mayhem Burst
Mediocre Award (Rare)
MegaInferno (Guardian)
MegaShock (Guardian)
Melore's Dark Statue
Mending Vines (Normal; Guardian)
Mental Energy
Metamorphosed Water of Immortality
Meteorbak (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Meteorbak Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Midnight Rider (Rare)
Minor Award (Rare)
Minor Pumpkin Patch (Mastercraft/Rare)
Minor Recovery
Minotaur Ambush (Normal; Guardian)
Miraculous Pumpkin Patch (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Miraculous Recovery (Guardian)
Moglin Carolers (Rare)
Moglin Carolers Z (Rare)
Moglin War Party
Moglord War Party (Mastercraft/Guardian/Rare)
Moglord War Party Z (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Guardian/Rare)
Monkakazi BOOM (Mastercraft/Rare)
Monkakazi BOOM G (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Moonwalker's Grace (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Musical Stomp (Normal; Guardian)

Necromantic WAHHHHH (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Nightbane's Apotheosis
Nightbane's Baby Teeth
Nightbane's Canines
Nightbane's Fangs
Nightbane's Harrowing Howl
Nightbane's Howl
Nightbane's Purification
Nightbane's Redemption
Nightbane's Salvation
Nightbane's Soulchilling Howl
Nightbane's Teeth
Ninja Lawyer Assassin Contract (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Ninja Stars (Ninja ability)
Ninjat Flip-Out! (Guardian)
Ninjat Madness
No Lemons, No Melon (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
No LemonZ, No Melon (Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Nova (Z-Token)

Overcharged Cure Deep Wounds (Z-Token)
Overcharged Cure Extreme Wounds (Z-Token)
Overcharged Cure Fatal Wounds (Z-Token)
Overcharged Cure Mortal Wounds (Z-Token)
Overcharged Cure Nicks (Z-Token)
Overcharged Cure Scrapes (Z-Token)
Overcharged Cure Scratches (Z-Token)
Overcharged Cure Wounds (Z-Token)
Overcharged Extreme Recovery (Z-Token)
Overcharged Greater Recovery (Z-Token)
Overcharged Lesser Recovery (Z-Token)
Overcharged Minor Recovery (Z-Token)
Overcharged Miraculous Recovery (Z-Token)
Overcharged Recovery (Z-Token)
Overcharged Trivial Recovery (Z-Token)
Overcharged Wonderous Recovery (Z-Token)
Overwhelming Surge (Z-Tokenn/Mastercraft)

Penetrating Poison Arrow (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Perfect Elemental Unity
Phantasms of Frostval (Rare)
Pheron Shapeshift (Normal; Guardian)
PieRat's Retort (Guardian)
PieRat's Retribution (Guardian)
PieRat's Revenge (Guardian)
PieRat's Retribution Z (Guardian/Z-Token)
PieRat's Vengeance (Guardian)
Piercing Poison Arrow (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Pixel Storm (Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Pixel Storm Z (Z-Token/Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Pointy Lawn Darts (Rare/Guardian)
Poison Arrow (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Powerword Die
Powerword Red Fog
Powerword Soupy Red Fog
Powerword Thick Red Fog
Powerword Whoops (Rare)
Psycho Candy Hearts (Rare/Guardian)
Pulsar (Z-Token)
Pumpkin Patch (Mastercraft/Rare)
Purifying Pollen (Normal; Guardian)
Purity Portal
Purple Rain (Normal; Guardian)
Pzycho Fiend Shapeshift (Guardian)


Radiant Rampage
Radiant Wyrm Strike
Raging Wizard's Fire (Rare)
Rain Bolt
Randomizing Beam
Randomizing Blight
Randomizing Curse
Randomizing Ray
Ray of Light
Raydius Dragon Shapeshift (Normal; Guardian)
Repair Critical Systems (Temp)
Repair Dents (Temp)
Repair Nicks (Temp)
Repair Scrapes (Temp)
Repair Severe Dents (Temp)
Repair Systems (Temp)
Restful Night (Temp)
RoBear Rampage Alpha (Guardian)
RoBear Rampage Beta (Guardian)
RoBear Rampage Chi (Z-Token)
RoBear Rampage Gamma (Guardian)
RoBear Rampage Omega (Z-Token)
RoBear Rampage Psi (Z-Token)
Robina Ally Assist

Salad Shooter
Sandblast (Rare)
Sandicane (Rare)
Sandnado (Rare)
Sands of Suffocation
Sands of Suffocation G (Guardian)
Sands of Suffocation Z (Z-Token)
Sandstorm (Rare)
Scale Rot
Scrambler Beacon
Scrambler Beam
Scrambler Light
Scrambler Ray
Sea Squirt Shapeshift (Guardian)
Searing Wizard's Fire (Rare)
Seeds of Restoration (Normal; Guardian)
Seeing Red (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Shadowbat Swarm
Shadow Wolf Pack (Rare)
Shadow Wolf Pack Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Shapeshift (Rare)
Sharpened Lawn Darts (Rare/Guardian)
Shock (Guardian)
Shooting Stars
Sidereal Forge (Guardian)
Sisters of Mercy (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Sizzling Wizard's Fire (Rare)
Skyblade Z (Z-Token)
Slay Bells (Rare)
Smog Breath (Z-Token/Rare)
Sol and Luna (Normal; Guardian)
Solar Incinerator (Normal; Guardian; Temp)
Sonic Boom
Soul Steal (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian Mastercraft)
Spectrum Swirl
Spellcraft Z (Z-Token)
Spell Gift Box '14 (Guardian/Rare)
Spell Gift Box '15 (Guardian/Rare)
Spell Gift Box '16 (Guardian/Rare)
Spell Gift Box '17 (Guardian/Rare)
Spell Giftbox 2013 (Guardian/Rare)
Spell Gift Box Z '14 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Spell Gift Box Z '15 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Spell Gift Box Z '16 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Spell Gift Box Z '17 (Z-Token/Guardian/Rare)
Spell Giftbox Z 2013 (Z-Token/Guardian/rare)
Spectres of Frostval (Rare)
Spirits of Frostval (Rare)
Star Forge (Guardian)
Star Sabre Slashes (Normal/Mastercraft/Rare; Guardian/Mastercraft/Rare)
Stellar Forge (Guardian)
Sticky Gumn
Sticky Gumn Z (Z-Token)
Stone Golem Shapeshift (Guardian)
Storm of Kus
Storm of Kus G (Guardian)
Storm of Kus Z (Z-Token)
Storm of Stories
Storm of Stories G (Guardian)
Storm of StorieZ (Z-Token)
Storm Tide (Guardian)
Summon Amoria (Rare)
Summon Amoria Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Summon Angel Guard (Guardian)
Summon Antlertops II
Summon Antlertops III Z (Z-Token)
Summon Antlertops III
Summon Antlertops IV
Summon Antlertops V
Summon Argent Gnil
Summon Bad TwEbil
Summon Bewitching Amoria (Rare)
Summon Black Widow Brain Spider
Summon Bonkers Loco (Rare)
Summon Brain Spider Imago
Summon Brilliant Gnil
Summon Brooding Gatekeeper (Guardian)
Summon Bun Bewitcher I (Z-Token/Rare)
Summon Bun-Bewitcher II (Z-Token/Rare)
Summon Bun-Bewitcher III (Z-Token/Rare)
Summon Bun-Bewitcher IV (Z-Token/Rare)
Summon Bun-Bewitcher V (Z-Token/Rare)
Summon Cartwright I
Summon Cartwright II
Summon Cartwright III-Z (Z-Token)
Summon Cartwright IV
Summon Cartwright V-Z (Z-Token)
Summon Cartwright VI
Summon Cartwright VIII
Summon Chilly (Rare)
Summon Coraline's Mother (Rare)
Summon Crystal Dragon I
Summon Crystal Dragon II-Z
Summon Crystal Dragon III
Summon Crystal Dragon V
Summon Cuckoo Loco (Rare)
Summon Dazzling Amoria
Summon DemiWarLich
Summon DemiWarLich Z (Z-Token)
Summon Diviara
Summon Doomquake Minions
Summon Dragonchaun I (Rare)
Summon Dragonchaun III (Rare)
Summon Dragonchaun V (Rare)
Summon Dragonchaun VI (Rare)
Summon Dragonchaun VII (Rare)
Summon Dragonchaun Z IV (Rare/Z-Token)
Summon Draklin (Rare) (Highest is Guardian)
Summon ElBhe
Summon Eldron
Summon Energy Dragon (Z-Token/Rare)
Summon Eukara Vox I
Summon Eukara Vox II Z (Z-Token)
Summon Eukara Vox III
Summon Eukara Vox IV
Summon Ferociously Guarding ElBhe (Guardian)
Summon Gaiden I
Summon Gaiden II Z (Z-Token)
Summon Gaiden III
Summon Gaiden IV
Summon Galrick
Summon Giliara
Summon Glimmering Gatekeeper
Summon Glittering Gatekeeper
Summon Glittering Gnil
Summon Grax I
Summon Grax II
Summon Grax II Z (Z-Token)
Summon Grax III
Summon Guano Loco (Guardian/Rare)
Summon Guardian Angel (Guardian)
Summon Guardian Antlertops I (Guardian)
Summon Guardian Antlertops VI (Guardian)
Summon Guardian Dragonchaun II (Guardian/Rare)
Summon Guardian Dragonchaun VII (Guardian/Rare)
Summon Guardian Dragonchaun VIII (Guardian/Rare)
Summon Guardian Necropunk II (Guardian)
Summon Guardian Necropunk IV (Guardian)
Summon Guardian Necropunk VIII (Guardian)
Summon Guardian Paladin (Guardian)
Summon Guardian Talvan IV (Guardian)
Summon Heavenly Amoria (Rare)
Summon High Paladin
Summon Hybee II (Rare)
Summon Hybee III Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Summon Hybee III (Rare)
Summon Hybee IV (Rare)
Summon Hybee V (Rare)
Summon Hybee VII (Rare)
Summon Icemaster Yeti (Normal/Rare; Guardian/Rare)
Summon Impish TwEbil Z
Summon Jumping Brain Spider
Summon Kiveras I
Summon Kiveras II
Summon Kiveras III Z (Z-Token)
Summon Kiveras IV
Summon Kiveras V
Summon Krenos
Summon Lamenting Gatekeeper
Summon Languishing Gatekeeper
Summon Loco (Rare)
Summon LOCOmotive II (Rare)
Summon LOCOmotive III (Rare)
Summon LOCOmotive IV Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Summon LOCOmotive V (Rare)
Summon LOCOmotive VI (Rare)
Summon Loony Loco (Rare)
Summon Malinius I
Summon Malinius III
Summon Malinius IV
Summon Malinius V Z (Z-Token)
Summon Malinius VI
Summon MegaZard I (Rare)
Summon MegaZard III (Rare)
Summon MegaZard IV Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Summon MegaZard IV (Rare)
Summon MegaZard V (Rare)
Summon MegaZard VI (Rare)
Summon Memet I
Summon Memet II Z (Z-token)
Summon Memet IV
Summon Memet VI
Summon Memet VII Z (Z-token)
Summon Mirror Ryussei
Summon Mirror Ryussei Z (Z-Token)
Summon Naughty TwEbil
Summon Necropunk I
Summon Necropunk III
Summon Necropunk III Z (Z-Token)
Summon Necropunk V
Summon Necropunk VI
Summon Necropunk VII Z (Z-Token)
Summon Nightmare Eukara (Normal; Guardian; Z-Token)
Summon Night Wisp I (Rare)
Summon Night Wisp II (Rare)
Summon Night Wisp III (Rare)
Summon Night Wisp IV (Rare)
Summon Night Wisp V (Rare)
Summon Paladin
Summon Paladin Captain
Summon Paladin Lord
Summon Paladin Recruit
Summon Paladin Soldier
Summon Paladin Soldier Z (Z-Token)
Summon Pitiless ElBhe
Summon Pitiless ElBhe Z (Z-Token)
Summon Pixie
Summon Plant Dragon I (Rare)
Summon Plant Dragon II (Rare)
Summon Plant Dragon III (Rare)
Summon Plant Dragon IV (Rare)
Summon Plant Dragon V (Rare)
Summon Plant Dragon VI (Rare)
Summon Plant Dragon VII (Rare)
Summon Plant Dragon VIII (Rare)
Summon Poelala (Normal/Mastercraft; Z-Token/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Summon Radiant Gnil
Summon Ramleoness I (Guardian)
Summon Ramleoness II (Guardian)
Summon Ramleoness III (Guardian)
Summon Ramleoness IV (Guardian)
Summon Ramleoness V (Guardian)
Summon Ramleoness VI (Guardian)
Summon Ramleoness VII (Guardian)
Summon Rapacious ElBhe (Guardian)
Summon Rascally TwEbil
Summon Ravishing Amoria (Rare/Guardian)
Summon Seductive Amoria (Rare/Guardian)
Summon Screwball Loco (Rare)
Summon Skull
Summon Sparkling Gatekeeper (Guardian)
Summon Sparkling Gnil
Summon Squirrel
Summon Sulking Gatekeeper
Summon Talvan I
Summon Talvan II
Summon Talvan III
Summon Talvan III-Z (Z-Token)
Summon Talvan V
Summon Tarantula Brain Spider
Summon Troublesome TwEbil
Summon Truculently Guarding ElBhe (Guardian)
Summon TwEbil
Summon TwEbil KinEbil
Summon Twinkling Gatekeeper
Summon Undead Army (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Summon Unglued Loco (Rare)
Summon WarLich
Summon WarLichLord
Summon WarLichLord Z (Z-Token)
Summon WarLichKing
Summon Wicked TwEbil
Summon Wind Spirit
Summon Woolly Thoctar I (Rare)
Summon Woolly Thoctar II (Rare)
Summon Woolly Thoctar III (Rare)
Summon Woolly Thoctar IV (Rare)
Summon Woolly Thoctar V (Rare)
Sundering Z
Super Pumpkin Patch (Mastercraft/Rare)
Superior Award (Rare)
Supernova (Z-Token)
Supernova Classic (Z-Token)
Surge (Guardian/Mastercraft)
Surprising Kite
Sword of Wind I (Rare)
Sword of Wind II (Rare)
Sword of Wind III (Rare)
Sword of Wind IV (Rare)
Sword of Wind V (Rare)
Syrup Surge
Syrup Surge G (Guardian)
Syrup Surge Z (Z-Token)

Tacky Gumn Z (Z-Token)
Tacky Gumn
Tendrils of Darkness
Tentacle Fury II (Rare/Z-Token)
Tentacle Fury III (Rare/Z-Token)
Tentacle Fury IV (Rare/Z-Token)
Tentacle Fury V (Rare/Z-Token)
Tentacular Tentacular (Guardian)
Tentational Tentacular Z (Z-Token)
Tentdid Tentacular
Tentelous Tentacular
Tenterful Tentacular
Tenterior Tentacular
Thorns (Normal; Guardian)
Thunder Stalker Guardian Strike (Guardian)
Thunder Stalker Strike
Thunder Stalker Strike Z (Z-Token)
Thunder Wave (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Titanic Surge (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Torturous Torrent (Normal; Guardian)
ToxiCleen Z (Z-Token)
Toy Bomb (Rare)
Toy Bomb Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Toy Soldier Bombardment (Rare)
Toy Soldier Bombardment Z (Rare/Z-Token)
Toy Soldier Round (Rare)
Toy Soldier Salvo (Rare)
Toy Soldier Volley (Rare)
Trail Mix (Temp)
Trail Mix Z (Temp/Z-Token)
Transcended Water of Immortality (Guardian)
Transformed Water of Immortality
Transmogrifed Water of Immortality
Transmutated Water of Immortality
Tremendous Surge (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Trivial Award (Rare)
Trivial Pumpkin Patch (Mastercraft/Rare)
Trivial Recovery
Trobble Shapeshift (Normal; Guardian)
True Spellcraft
Truphma Surge (Normal; Guardian)
Tsunami Tide (Guardian)
Turn Undead
Twelve Days of Frostval
Twig's Ewectwic Bolt
Twig's Ewectwic Dischawge
Twig's Ewectwic Spawkiness
Twig's Ewectwic Stwike
Twig's Ewectwic Swide Z (Z-Token)
Twig's Ewectwic Zappiness
Two-Bear Shapeshift (Normal; Guardian)
Two Sizes Too Small (Rare)
Two Sizes Too Small Z (Z-Token/Rare)
Typhoon Tide (Guardian)

UltraGuardian Dragon family (Guardian)
Ultraviolent Light (Normal; Z-Token; Guardian)
Unhinged Candy Hearts (Rare/Guardian)

Vanquish Shadow
Vicious Poison Arrow (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Vile Shadow
Violent Poison Arrow (Z-Token/Mastercraft)
Volatile Poison Arrow (Z-Token/Mastercraft)

Water Dragon Blast
Wave Tide (Guardian)
Whirl Tide (Guardian)
Whirlpool (Guardian)
Wicked Shadow
Wizard's Dark Statue
Wizard's Fire (Rare)
Wizard's Fire Z (Rare)
Wonderous Pumpkin Patch (Mastercraft/Rare)
Wonderous Recovery


Yellow Snow Attack (Rare)
Yellow Snow Assault (Rare)
Yellow Snow Doom (Rare)
Yellow Snow DOOM! (Rare)

Zard Droppings (Rare)
Zardribargribarg (Normal/Mastercraft; Guardian/Mastercraft)
Zardzilla Trample (Z-Token/Mastercraft/Rare)
Ziggy's Stardust (Normal; Guardian)
Zorbak Ally Assist
Ztarlight Zlaughter (Z-Token)

Thanks to computafreak for some added descriptions.

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