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Kuld -> Mechquest Acronyms and Abbreviations (5/1/2009 17:02:06)

There are many acronyms an abbreviations in Mechquest used on a regular basis, and there are some who are only ever brought up every now and then. To many people, this may be confusing - thus I, with the help of a number of other people, have created this list of MQ acronyms and abbreviations. 

Do you have any acronyms or abbreviations to add to the list? 

ArB - Arthurian Bull.
ArR - Arthurian Ram.
ArW - Arthurian Wolf.
ArE - Arthurian Eagle.
CAL - Corrupted Arthurian Lion 
CHM - Classic House Mecha.
AHM - Advanced House Mecha.
NHM - Nova House Mecha.
ChM - Corrupted House Mecha.
WB (3.5 - 3.9) - Wolfblade. (Version 3.5 - 3.9)
RH (3.5 - 3.9) - Runehawk. (Version 3.5 - 3.9)
MR (3.5 - 3.9) - Mystraven. (Version 3.5 - 3.9)
AW - Advanced Wolf.
AH - Advanced Hawk.
AR - Advanced Raven.
ANH - Advanced Nova Hawk.
ANR - Advanced Nova Raven.
ANW - Advanced Nova Wolf.
CRH - Corrupted Runehawk.
CWB - Corrupted Wolfnlade.
CMR - Corrupted Mystraven.
StrM - Strider Mech.
WrB - Warbear.
MH - Mohawk.
BC - BC-AOD-X## Series.
BaM - Build-a-Mecha.
4oJ - Fourth of July. (Refers to the mecha released in celebration of that day; usually whichever one is the most recent.)
Clown - Aprils Fool day Clown Mecha.
DMR - Deluxe Mecharoni.
DPA - Drakel Power Armor.
DWA - Drakel War Armor.
CDPA - Corrupted Drakel Power Armor .
SP/STP/Steamy - Steampunk.
FM - Frankenmecha.
FFM - Fresh Frankenmecha.
GH - Geist Hunter.
Jason mech(a) - Jameson mecha.
UJ - Über Jameson mecha. (Not to be confused with the older Jameson mecha.)
HH - Hammerhead.
HHM - Headless Horse Mech.
HW - Hunter Wraith.
HE - Hunter Eidolon.
KAU - Knightron AU.
PR - Pirate Raider.
RF - Rapidflash.
Seppy - Sepulchure.
SCM - Skullcrusher Mecha
DG - Dragonguard.
SCMM - Star Captain Monthly Mech.
SM - Snow Mecha.
VH/VS - Vampire Hunter/Vampire Slayer.
V-H/V-S - Vampire Hunter/Vampire Slayer.
V-Hunter/V-Slayer - Vampire Hunter/Vampire Slayer.
VH - Void Hover.
VL - Volt Lance.

Mod - Modification. (Trinkets.)
Wep - Weapon.
FA - Front Arm.
BA - Back Arm.
BS - Back Shoulder.
FS - Front Shoulder.
YDS - Yellow Ducky Submarine.
CSR - Crusader's Shining Repeater.
GFR - Gift Freeze Ray.
BM - Bullmace.
BBM - Bristly Bullmace.
UES - Used Electron Sniper.
ES - Electron Sniper.
SES - Shining Electron Sniper.
Snpr - Sniper. (Gark Musket series.)
Slugs - New Years Slugs Ultra.
BBS - Brutal Beta Shot.
DS - Dualstrike.
SNDS - Supernova Dualstrike.
RCP - Rocket Propelled Chainsaw. (KRN Rocket Chainsaw.)
KRC - KRN Rocket Chainsaw.
NY Head - New Years Head.
PJ - Birthday Pyjamas. (Character costume.) 
NDE - Nephyrisis Death Embrance 
EDSP - Earth Day Solar Panels
TZ - Ticklish Zorbo 

HP - Health Points.
EP - Energy Points.
EXP - Experience Point(s).
XP - Experience Point(s).
Regen - Regeneration.
Dmg - Damage.
Crit - Critical Hit.
KO - Knockout. (Referring to the weapon special, may also refer to "killing" an enemy.)
OHK/OTK - One Hit/Turn Kill.
BTH - Bonus to Hit.
DPT - Damage Per Turn.
Nerf - To make something weaker.
Buff - To make something stronger.
DoT - Damage over Time.
HoT - Heal over Time.
BoT - Buff over Time.
NoT - Nerf over time.
DNoT - Diminishing nerf over Time.
GNoT - Growing nerf over time.
GBoT - Growing buff over time.
PWR - Power.
LUK - Luck.
EFF - Efficiency.
PRC/Per - Perception.
RFLX/REF - Reflex.
ACC - Accuracy.
BBB - Big Bad Broncho.
BRR - Big Rusty Rat.
HSA - Hoverscythe Model A.
HSB - Hoverscythe Model B.
RCS - Reconnaiscythe.

[u][size=3][b]Locations, Quests and shops[/b][/size][/u]
K&S/KS - Knife and Spork.
TM - Tek's Mechs.
SCC - Star Captain Club.
GG - Gears Games.
SC-EC - Star Captain Extreme Challenge.
AvP - Arthurians vs Pirates. (War.)
NC - Necryptos.

[u][size=3][b]Non-Player Characters:[/b][/size][/u]
MJ - Mysterious Johnson.
MS - Mysterious Stranger.
HV - Han Velsing.
Bally - Ballyhoo.

WB - Wolfblade.
RH - Runehawk.
MR - Mystraven.
SS - Shadowscythe.
ShS - Shadowscythe. (Preferred.)
EC - Ebilcorp. (Formerly known as Evilcorp.)
SDF - Soluna Defense Forces.
SPD - Soluna Police Department.

Misc - Miscellaneous aka "What doesn't fit into the other categories."
IRC - Internet Relay Chat.
AE - Artix Entertainment.
AEsome - Above awesome/Artix Entertainment good.
S.O.O.N - Soon or Otherwise Never.
MQGD - Mechquest General Discussion.
G(G)D - Mechquest General Discussion.
MQSF - Mechquest Suggestions Forum.
Q&A - Questions and Answers.
RNG - Random Number Generator. (May also refer to the Random Number God; offending it tends to be a bad idea.)
RLL - Real Life Luck.
NaN - Not a Number.
PvP - Player vs Player.
LvL - Level.
NPC - Non-Player Character.
Rep - Reputation.
MQ - Mechquest.
DFA - Death from Above.
NG - Nova Gems.
SC - Star Captain.
DG - Dragonguard.
NSC - Non-Star Captain.
GV - Guardian Verification.
DLV - Dragonlord Verification.
UP - Underpowered.
OP - Overpowered.
Char - Character.
ID# - Identification Number. (of your character.)
F2P - Free to Play. (Not paying any real life money for upgrades or secondary currency.)
P2W - Pay to Win. (slightly negative connotation referring to NG items and NG users.)
LC - Level Cap. (The highest level currently attainable in the game.)
LT - Level Threshold (The state of having enough experience points to level up after reaching the level cap. In such cases, a character will level up instantly once the cap is raised.)

Commonly used acronyms/abbreviations with no relation to Artix Entertainment:[/b][/size][/u]
RL - Real Life.
IIRC - If I Remember/Recall Correctly.
IMO - In my opinion.
IMHO - In my honest opinion.
TBH - To be honest.
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival.
K - Stands for thousand when added after a number. I.e 10k=Ten thousand.
M - Million.
IDK - I don't know.

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Kuld no longer has time to update this. Selutu will be taking it over.


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