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biterboy -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (12/18/2010 13:31:19)

Monster/Area/Quest being farmed: Uh... Good things so that the war is over and we can move on.
Specific area location: park-1096
Who to "goto": Biterboy(I'll be there, but I won't help because I'm a hero)
Restrictions: Not mind getting Evil Rep.
Time: Now
Goal: To finish the war.

Park-1096 does not exist.[:(]
But a good idea.[:D]

chowo -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (12/18/2010 14:28:27)

Reason of gathering: To socialize and possibly become a large force of heroes
Location: mainstreet-7722
Who to "goto": code
Restrictions/Rules" Heroes only
Time: Now

jrobot2 -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (12/19/2010 19:00:05)

Time for the alpha testers United meeting II :D

Where fellow HS players can meet up and make new friends, similar to my forumites united meetings.

Reason of gathering: ^above
Location: battleon(liberty square)-1001
Who to "goto": Jrobot
Restrictions/Rules" Be friendly
Time:7:30 server time-?

See ya there. ^^__^^

Thanks to all who came. The next ATUM will come soon. ^^o^^

0vercast -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (12/22/2010 22:04:15)

Reason of gathering: To help people with the new Smashmas quests
Location:/join mainstreet-9978
Who to "goto":Overcast

EDIT: This is for people who want help finding presents or getting elf armours

bluebowser31 -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (12/22/2010 23:26:21)

Reason of gathering: To farm the "Mandatory supplies" quest
Location:/join mainstreet-3194
Who to "goto": beginning
Restrictions/Rules: None :)
Time: Now

Weve got people here, its realy easy exp, and the more, the faster :)

canceled, everyones gone. thanks to those who came =D

Gabriel Darkmoon -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (12/23/2010 10:37:42)

Monster/Area/Quest being farmed: Destroyers at mainstreet, good elf's quest.
Specific area location: /join mainstreet-1777
Who to "goto": Visionary
Restrictions: Don't attack APBs. As in "Villains are NOT welcome!"
Time: Now, i'm already farming Destroyers.
Goal: To get ELF ARMOR!

Too many villains are farming APBs for Dark Elf Armor at regular mainstreets, so i've decided to gather heroes at private maistreet.

Explode_Suicider -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (12/23/2010 12:20:57)

Monster/Area/Quest being farmed: APBs at mainstreet, evil elf's quest.
Specific area location: /join mainstreet- 1777
Who to "goto": Visionary
Restrictions: Attack APBs only. As in "Heroes are NOT welcome!"
Time: Now
Goal:To crash Gabriel's event

thelegofan -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (12/23/2010 14:15:46)

Monster/Area/Quest being farmed: APBs
Specific area location: /join mainstreet- 1337
Who to "goto": morald3
Restrictions: Don't AFK, besides that, not much
Time: Now
Goal: Try to get Dark Elf Armor

Party over, I just got the armor

tahiti -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (12/23/2010 23:35:27)

Monster/Area/Quest being farmed: Doodie's and Hermes quest then after Destroyer's / ABP's
Specific area location: /join mainstreet-9090
Who to "goto": dr bronkasaurus
Restrictions: None.
Time: Now
Goal:To help people get the Smashmas items and farm gold/exp

Over, got tired of waiting.

silverslay3r -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (12/26/2010 23:11:24)

Monster/Area/Quest being farmed: Destroyers at mainstreet
Specific area location: /join mainstreet-9999
Who to "goto": Plenipotentiary
Restrictions: Destroyers only
Time: Now
Goal:To get dangers claws (which sell for 3.5k each) they drop from destroyers. And also for people who need elf armour.

EDIT: noone came, its over

alpha strike -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (12/30/2010 2:20:33)

Monster/Area/Quest being farmed: Destroyer
Specific area location: (Example: /join name-####) /join mainstreet-9999
Who to "goto": Shocked
Restrictions: no swearing!
Time: (If applicable) now
Goal: (If applicable) get 100k or more

the_[herosmash] -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (12/30/2010 9:46:34)

it has finish it was awsome we farmed and lots thanks for joining us!

frozenfire12 -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (12/30/2010 20:35:21)

Area/Item: Danger Claws farming
Specific Area: Mainstreet-98989
Goto: Frozen
Time: Now
Goal: Get money

My stomach started to hurt and i was in alot of pain so i couldnt farm e.e

alpha strike -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (1/1/2011 19:39:34)

Monster/Area/Quest being farmed: destroyers
Specific area location: /join park-2011
Who to "goto": Shocked
Restrictions: must be a hero
Time: now!
Goal: get some gold

darkreaper411 -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (1/1/2011 21:21:40)

Monster/Area/Quest being farmed: Destroyer
Specific area location: (Example: /join name-####) /Join Mainstreet-2011
Who to "goto": darkreaper411
Restrictions: None
Time: (If applicable) Now
Goal: (If applicable) Get Danger Claw and sell it

primalvoldo -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (1/5/2011 4:04:21)

Reason of gathering: Party!!!
Location: /Join Battleon-3845
Who to "goto": Voldo
Restrictions/Rules" Have fun! and I would really prefer if you would refrain from AFK'ing
Time: 5/1/11 Noone came the past few minutes so preper for a party on 5/1/11 (American time)

Hallie Slidepath -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (1/12/2011 19:07:57)

Monster/Area/Quest being farmed: Destroyers on mainstreet. All for the gold.
Specific area location: /join mainstreet-2342
Who to "goto": /goto Hallie
Restrictions: None, really, as long as you attack the destroyers everything's fine ^-^
Time: ===
Goal: Get loads of gold! So much gold we'll be able to pile it!

We'll (or I'll, if no one shows up) be hanging 'round to the right (jeeze, when will I learn to tell the different between right and left? >.>) of the APB NPC, since it's kinda practical with a shop right above our heads.
However, if someone that hasn't unlocked the elf shop shows up we can move to the other destroyers instead. And yup, now we're by the other destroyers ^-^

EDIT: I've left, but people might still remain farming. A thanks to everyone that showed up, it was lots of fun n' awesomeish ^-^

jrobot2 -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (1/13/2011 9:58:57)

Monster/Area/Quest being farmed: Destroyers
Specific area location: (Example: /join name-####) Mainstreet-1001
Who to "goto": Jrobot
Restrictions: Assist and cooperate
Time: (If applicable) Now
Goal: (If applicable) Gold farming and I want the elf armor before it goes rare.

Askewen -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (1/13/2011 13:29:08)

Monster/Area/Quest being farmed: Destroyers
Specific area location: Mainstreet-9702
Who to "goto": Askewen
Restrictions: None.
Goal: Farm and sell the Destroyer's drops, level up a bit and enjoy the Party.

Good party was good. that would be enough Gold for a wihle too. =)

Sir Parsifal -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (1/13/2011 22:18:55)

Monster/Area/Quest being farmed:The Davinci Killbots and Hacked APBs.
Specific area location:: /join park-1993
Who to "goto": /goto Sir Parsifal
Restrictions: Please, be nice
Time: (If applicable) Now
Goal: (If applicable) To help good in the war.

Party's over, but there might still be some people lurking there if you want to go

SMGS -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (1/14/2011 4:06:56)

Monster/Area/Quest being farmed: Destroyers
Specific area location: (Example: /join name-####) /join mainstreet-3011
Who to "goto": /goto SMGS
Restrictions: None.
Time: (If applicable) Now!
Goal: (If applicable) Earn money and XP.

Done, thanks!

vv_Darkknight_vv -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (1/14/2011 7:26:56)

Monster: Destroyers
Who to goto: /goto Red Steel
Restrictions :None
Time; Now
Goal; Farm gold and level
Room no; /join mainstreet-12345

Elementer -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (1/21/2011 20:29:20)

Monster: Destroyers
Who to goto: /goto Elementer
Restrictions: NONE! Everyone welcome
Time: Now
Goal: Farm gold/level/rep/whatever
Room no: /join mainstreet-7860

Had to cancel it. No once came + have to go somewhere. Will try later.

Plank -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (1/21/2011 21:44:28)

Monster : Destroyers
Who to goto : Plank
Time : Now
Goal : Farming for the weapon drop, and selling, and farming, etc.
Room # : mainstreet-7007

Nobody showed up o-o and i have to go anywayz

Burn -> RE: =HS= Let's Party! (1/22/2011 5:11:40)

Monster/Area/Quest being farmed: Destroyers
Specific area location: join mainstreet-1001
Who to "goto": Burndot
Restrictions: none!
Time: now!
Goal: get some gold!

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