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Archer's Scope

Also see Other Scopes: Novice's, Archer's, Marksman's, Sharpshooter's, Sniper's, Deadeye's Z, RanGer's

Level: 21
Power Level: 21
MP Level: 21
Price: 450 28
Sellback: 225 14
Location: Parakkas Unbound!
Element: Neutral

Activation: 0 turns
  • If you're using a ranged weapon and the current attack type is Ranged: All Normal Player Ranged attacks (no Weapon Specials) get an additional 2 BTH and deal 108% damage.
  • The Boost takes into consideration type conversion things. For example, if you wield a Ranged weapon, but use an armor that converts to Melee type attacks (like Straightjacket), you will not receive a boost.
  • The BTH is a pure bonus - you don't then multiply the damage by 85/XX or anything.

    Cost: 10 SP for activation and for every turn with the item equipped.

    This item improves your accuracy and power with a bow. It was designed by Dude193.

    Numbers thanks to IMR. Image and write-up thanks to UltraGuy. Additional thanks to bszoke88.

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