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BlackAces -> Aromatic ShadowKitten Body Spray (10/23/2011 22:05:01)

Aromatic ShadowKitten Body Spray

Also see Aromal ShadowKitten Body Spray, PunGent ShadowKitten Body Spray, Heady ShadowKitten Body Spray, Redolent ShadowKitten Body Spray, FraGrant ShadowKitten Body Spray

Level: 72
Power Level: 72
MP Level: 72
Price: 11400 1611
Sellback: 5700 805
Location: Cat-astrophe!
Element: Neutral

Activation: 0 turns
  • -4% Light Resistance
  • -4% Dark Resistance
  • +35 CHA

    Cost: 48 SP for activation and for every turn with the item equipped.

    Shadowkitten Body Spray is guaranteed to make you popular with the long as you're a shadowkitten. For everyone else, it's a decent way to boost your CHA!


    Numbers thanks to Dev. Image and write-up thanks to UltraGuy.

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