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Ashari -> =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/19/2011 21:04:33)

The thread for all those amazing things you accomplish, or plan to accomplish in HeroSmash! Have you defeated an incredible amount of monsters in the war, or did you just get enough gold for that super-awesome armor? Then this is the place for telling the world about it! Anything and everything that you're happy, proud or grumpy about goes here. This is not a place for conversations but rather for declaring your accomplishment or dis-accomplishment as the case may be.

Just a few ground rules:
  • Universal Rules Apply as well as the HeroSmash General Discussion rules, of course ;)
  • No extended conversations
  • No flaming, trolling, harassment, etc...
  • No "woot! first post!!11" type entries
  • No embedded images/videos.
  • No asking for account sharing/donation/verification/etc...
  • No posting bugs. If you are experiencing problems, go to the official HeroSmash Bug board instead to get it looked at!

    Good luck with your hero-ing/villain-ing, and SmashOn!

  • Jae10 -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/20/2011 0:08:18)

    My best accomplishment today was meeting new friends and old ones!^^

    New heal crit is +1114!!! Resurrection!

    Devastate -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/20/2011 2:14:07)

    ACC : New skillset

    - I'm enjoying this game esp that it fills up most of my time, oh look I've been sitting down for 5 hours without me noticing!

    Arachnid -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/21/2011 11:12:17)

    ACC: Frostval is being released today! ^^
    DIS: I don't know when, and I'm impatient o.o

    ~Lady Zafara

    J9_Bett -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/21/2011 15:00:08)

    ACC: Found out my friend Bhod became an NPC

    ~J9-Bett (AKA Vapurizer)

    ArchNero -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/24/2011 4:14:00)

    ACC: Got fashion sense
    DIS: Fashion sense not so good if you get flogged by DoT powers.
    DIS: My friend says me using full heal like pandora's grace in 1 v 1 after being hit by stupefacio, Death touch, eye boil and frozen doom, leaving me with just about 180 health after the stun and using a full heal as revenge makes me a noob :(.

    Crystal Lion -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/24/2011 4:25:30)

    ACC: Got the Super Shooter rank, after an accidental slip of the mouse.

    darkpulse29 -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/24/2011 9:18:14)

    ACC: Got Super Sharpshooter rank on DT Kiosk 15 times in a row
    ACC: Complete the Lava Manipulator Set
    ACC: Defeated Bhod and some high leveled peeps with my friends.
    ACC: Completed my Fire Skillset
    ACC: Rank 5 Evil
    ACC: Got Shadow Wings
    ACC: Alpha Tester Badge!
    ACC: 20k+ Fame!
    ACC: My first Smashcoin Armor!
    ACC: Got my Ultra Rare Gloves
    ACC: Completed my Alphalectric Skillset
    ACC: Soloed Shadow Kahli May
    ACC: Level 10+
    ACC: Won my first 1v1 PVP match
    DIS: Missed lots of events
    DIS: Never won a 1v1 PVP

    Celestin123 -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/25/2011 15:03:48)

    Amazing ACC: I got two legendary powers. :) I could have three, but I don't need nor want eye boil.
    Awesome-ish ACC: I got on the leaderboards! 8th7th place. :)

    ArchNero -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/25/2011 21:34:42)

    ACC: Achieved 500 pvp tokens [:D].
    ACC: Finally achieved rank 35 unstoppable [:D]

    Thadd71 -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/26/2011 12:19:57)

    ACC:10% Away From Lvl 20!
    ACC:Evil Rank 6!!

    LemonStrike -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/27/2011 2:45:36)

    ACC: Evil Rank 10 =D
    ACC: 1 million fame!!
    ACC: Got my 1st Royale Veteran medal

    rejaylob -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/28/2011 13:11:36)

    ACC: I beat a lot of people
    ACC: Im on top 1 leaderboards (daily)
    ACC: Got my LED powers (legendary powers)
    ACC: Rank 6 Evil (Rank 8 Good Before)
    ACC: I almost got the medals to rank 35 (Lacking veteran badges)
    DIS: I dont have much fame now..(I bought LED powers)


    BadDream Productions -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/28/2011 18:42:14)

    ACC: Finally got Level 20
    DIS: Still bad at pvp .-.

    Master K -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/29/2011 11:55:56)

    Acc: Hung out with a mod in the Overlook. :D
    Acc: Got Hero Of Smashmas armor!

    ND Mallet -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/29/2011 22:31:37)

    Acc: Rank 7 on Evil
    Acc: 5k exp til lvl 18.
    Acc: Now lvl 18
    Dis: Browser keeps crashing when I'm farming.

    Antithesis -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/10/2012 0:53:38)

    ACC: 'Nuff said. Friggin' win.

    Drakkoniss -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/16/2012 19:24:17)

    Major Acc: I just soloed the Alligator Man. ;) One sec... editing pic.

    There: http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/2875/boomhissoulismine.jpg

    Yes, there are other players in the pic, but they did not help me in any way, other than possible encouragement. No healing, attacking, or anything of the sort, at least in that fight.

    ND Mallet -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/16/2012 20:47:33)

    Acc: Rank 8 evil
    Dis/Acc(?): I got a Noob and MVP medal from the same Power Defense match.

    Drakkoniss -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/16/2012 21:30:12)

    Acc: 14.5K dmg in 1v1: http://img198.imageshack.us/img198/2349/doomforthedamagecometh.jpg

    delta blitz -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/18/2012 14:09:04)

    ACC:My backup heroes story is finally finished x3.
    ACC: Tale of the Two Heroes begins some time later this week.

    monster116 -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/20/2012 7:04:55)

    ACC: 80% Finished with our HS Clan (Chaos Carnival) website
    ACC: people can now join the Clan through the website :D
    ACC: Made a ticket signature that is if clicked will redirect you to the website! Try it out :)
    DIS: Clan Info still empty
    DIS: ClownTheJester Page needs some re-arranging
    DIS: Carnival page needs fixing ._.
    DIS: Still haven't seen clown personally in game x(

    imran102 -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/27/2012 7:09:02)

    ACC:FINALLY soled cinder bender

    Thiefboy109 -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (2/3/2012 16:57:58)

    DIS: This game is hard!
    ACC: It's fun though!
    ACC: Icy & Golden met me in game, was fun. (Head of MQ Pedia, and another AK)

    Ze Mage34 -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (2/6/2012 4:04:51)

    ACC: Back to HS after i started in Alpha :D
    DIS: Need a new place to lvl quick

    -Ze, Legion Ranger

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