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Memory of a Nightmare -> Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/1/2016 7:10:53)

Welcome to the 34th official Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread!

What is the purpose of this thread? Well...

  • Did you finally accomplish that special something?
  • Did something not go as well as you had hoped for? (You'll get it next time!)
  • That exam you worried about turned out to be piece a cake?
  • You dropped your fairly new phone and of course the screen had to shatter all over the place?

If you have anything among those lines that you want to share, then here's the place to do it!

You may comment on someone else's announcement, but any extended conversations should be taken to Private Messages or IRC. This is not meant to be a discussion thread. It will be routinely locked and restarted as it reaches ~30 pages. The previous thread ran from 4/17/2013!

SonicTbear -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/4/2016 14:26:01)

ACC: Debit card unlocked for online/over the phone purchases. It had nothing to do with the bank closing. Dumb fraud protection kicked in because it thought someone else was making purchases with my card.
ACC: Getting a Lifeproof case to prevent further drop damage on my phone.
DIS: Still need $100 for repairs. ($79 for repairs, the rest for shipping it to Apple.)

Onyx Darkmatter -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/7/2016 15:10:17)

ACC: Passed my Driving test, and I finally got my Driver's License.
ACC: Insurance is a lot cheaper than what I expected.

???: Start my Spring Semester next month. While I am a bit excited to return to classes, I'm gonna miss my break. ;-;

Digital X -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/8/2016 11:28:52)

ACC: After a year or so of waiting.. finally these were released! Link Tidy Power Supply cables soon!

Akanatsu13 -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/9/2016 22:06:08)

DIS: Out of work for half a year because all the jobs in my city go to high school students, or they're looking for more years of work experience in that field than I've been able to be in the work force.
DIS: Might have to move cities to find work but can't afford to do so.
DIS: Can't even get health insurance to take care of issues that need to be addressed.
ACC: Found out I'm pretty decent at Dark Souls though.

Womba -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/14/2016 16:31:42)

Dis: Trying to stay cool but man I'm just freaking out in my head right now.

Tl;Dr story about it... Mother had eye surgery and I've basically got to stay up for 4 days straight to keep track of all the stuff for the healing process. There's just so much to keep in mind and I'm just overworking myself thinking about the consequences of not doing this appropriately. Keep moist gauze in the fridge to keep it cold, keep track of the time for application of cold stuffs to keep swelling and oozing down, keep track of the time as well for application of an eye ointment. Et-cetera, et-cetera... ugh...

Dis: To top it off, I got two sick dogs to be aware of... one needs oral medication once every day and then I have to watch out since it could make him more sick. (though he's been fine so far with it) The other dog, my sisters, is apparently having pain or something in his mouth so I have to give him medicine to numb him down a bit if I see it bothering him. Just altogether making sure they both seem pretty happy-ish at least.

Acc: For once I'm glad I'm unemployed at least. All the time to worry about more personal things like these rather than my own work.

Acc: Just keepin' cool.

Superemo -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/15/2016 10:53:29)

DIS: Although I don't personally know them, the recent cluster of artists dying is still a loss to me, as I'm sure it is to people around the world. I can't begin to imagine what those who knew them are going through, but they have my sympathy.

DIS: Work has been cutting my hours like crazy recently...
???: So, I decided to put my info in with a staffing agency.
ACC: The staffing agency called me the next day for an introductory interview.
ACC: They connected me with a job similar to a few jobs I've had in the past that I enjoyed. Job specific interview is scheduled for Thursday.
ACC: Don't want to jinx it, so I'll stay non-specific and that life is looking up in other aspects as well.

SonicTbear -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/15/2016 20:47:43)

DIS: Having chest pains. I think it's due to high blood pressure. If I keep it up, I'll possibly end up with a stroke. I hate getting angry. But I can't help it if messed up bull crap happens almost every day of my life.
DIS: My medicine dosage is probably gonna go up to help it "work better" because my mom is gonna snitch on me to my psychiatrist about my recent outburst. Meds don't keep me calm, stuff just pees me off too much. Though I could use some medicine to lower my blood pressure and reduce the risk of strokes or heart problems.

ACC: I love my Lifeproof case. It allows me to throw my iPhone without fear of breaking it even though it's not the phone's fault if something happens. I know I sound like I'm stupid, but you don't know how much violence I grew up around...

DIS: Lifeproof case fails, and I just cracked my damn phone screen again. That's another $100 out of my pocket and the last time I can send it to Apple to repairs too. The next time I'm stuck with it until I upgrade, and I still might have to pay a ridiculous amount of money should the screen be cracked upon trading it in. And yes, it's the damn video games again... -_-

Onyx Darkmatter -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/22/2016 12:44:31)

ACC: Got a letter from my college saying that I'm on the Dean's List and going to be in my permanent record. Quite fascinating news indeed. [:D]

Digital X -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/27/2016 7:21:25)

ACC: Levelled up in real life :)

DIS: Pouring down with rain and wind and I'm going out.

Superemo -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/27/2016 22:55:28)

DIS: Found out I now have difficulty stomaching a drink I used to enjoy. I thought that after adolescence, change in tastes meant that you got used to things that you didn't like, not the opposite.

SonicTbear -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/28/2016 15:12:19)

DIS: This is the day I realize that my mom doesn't give a damn about me. She controls my welfare money and refuses to pay certain bills and acts like a jackass about it. My services are getting cut off and my bills will be late with extra late fees added to next month's bill which combined with next month's rent will be double plus some stupid amount and she doesn't even give a damn. All she worried about is "Moneymoneymoney!" and refuses to let me maintain control of it so that I can pay my bills. She is being so freaking snarky about it and it's just pissing me off. She says if I have control of my money, stuff won't get done, BUT DO YOU SEE WHAT THE FREAKING HELL IS HAPPENING WHEN YOU'RE CONTROLLING MY MONEY?! I'm not a minor anymore, but I believe this still counts as child neglect. I should sue! Why can I not get the courage to kill myself?! [:@][:@][:@]

Hells Elder Brother -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/29/2016 5:48:42)

ACC: Been nearly a year since I first played the guitar. I've been enjoying playing it so much.
ACC: Finished learning "When you say nothing at all" by Ronan Keating. That songs very tricky to learn, especially More than Words by Extreme, which is even worse.
ACC: Started working.
ACC: Getting good pay.
DIS: I miss most of my friends so much.......I guess thats how life is......hopefully we will reunite one day......

superbat67 -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (2/6/2016 15:39:01)

ACC: Got a phone for christmas
ACC: I am just realizing right now that I can play almost all of the AE games on my phone because of the puffin browser. Now I can play AE games more conveniently [:D]
ACC: Lost a lot of weight
ACC: Trying to get back in the groove of playing AE games now because of my phone.
DIS: High School sucks

Zeruphantom -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (2/6/2016 18:34:01)

ACC: Learnt the guitar solo to Coming Home by Avenged Sevenfold. The only thing I need to work on is getting the tone right, I believe it's in Drop C but my current guitar in general just sucks. Thinking of upgrading to either a Gibson SG or an Ibanez, but that remains to be seen (taking into account the price of a guitar [&:])
DIS: Can't feel my fingers...

Digital X -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (2/12/2016 15:28:56)

ACC: Got around to watching Ted 2. Fantastic film.

SonicTbear -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (2/12/2016 16:47:17)

ACC: As expected, Deadpool was worth the $8.50. [:D]
DIS: The discounted movie tickets I get from my credit union (and college) went up $0.50. But the extra $0.50 was worth it. (They better not increase it to $9...)

Digital X -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (2/15/2016 20:45:28)

ACC: Planning to build a racing simulation cockpit by summer, have found a suitable dashboard and instrument clusters from a BMW E36.
DIS: I need an Arduino board and I have no idea about circuit boards or wires or voltages..

Womba -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (2/16/2016 14:31:38)

Huge Acc .... Kinda?: Failed my Mathematics G.E.D. test earlier last year. But confirmed by e-mail recently, I "passed" it instead. They changed the passing scores down by a few points so the score I already had in the data was kept and got changed from a fail to a pass afterwards.

Not a very religious person, but hoo wee... grace of God or just some fluke that's some real good news for me.

Dis: Still got two more subjects to pass. But I'm far more confident that I can get a passing score on those.

Digital X -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (2/16/2016 16:36:39)

DIS: Dashboard is a no go as it would involve drilling into a 120 Ikea Galant desk..
ACC: After not being at the gym for months managed 2 reps of a modest 90KG chest press, aiming for 2 reps of 110KG by end of March.
DIS: Still skinny-fat, need to bulk..

SonicTbear -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (2/29/2016 11:11:24)

ACC: I did it! I survived! After 60 days in a row, I'm done with Insanity... I look good... and tired...
DIS: Batman challenge starting tomorrow... Insanity better pay off when I do this...
DIS: OPM workout in April... (I will DEFINITELY NOT be doing the 10 Kilometers thing.) So much suicide... DX

Vonix -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (3/19/2016 15:05:51)

ACC: 100 pages of a book in two days.
ACC: (FINNALLY) Going to get rid of my rhinitis for once and for all
DIS: Not going to the new cinema though.

Immortal God -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (3/20/2016 4:15:04)

SUPER MEGA DIS: Got locked out of my room at 4 in the morning. I know the RA on call can't wait to add that wonderful fine to my account for getting locked out 3 times. [:(]

UnderSoul -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (3/21/2016 13:30:19)

ACC: Went to a concert last night with The Clincher, Eyes Set to Kill, and One-Eyed Doll. By far the best concert I've ever been to.

Lorkade -> RE: Life (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (3/23/2016 9:47:11)

ACC: Decided to log back on to AQW and these forums after being inactive for around 4 years.
DIS: So many people I knew from these forums are gone, and even some of the forums are different(why are there so few threads on the AQW GD?).
DIS: AQW is so different as well, I don't know where to start. And I can't find where any of the old players are, if any are left.
ACC: I started going on these forums and playing AQW back in 2009. I was 14. When I quit all this back in 2012, I just entered college. I am now an English teacher at an elementary school. Funny how fast time goes by.


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