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Demdon Niomet -> Favourite SSB series video game characters (12/10/2017 17:44:17)

I searched for this topic and got no results. Perhaps I did a bad search entry; as I only searched once.

The rules of this topic are as follows:
Must be either a playable character (standard, unlockable, or DLC) or a boss (i.e. Master Hand or Galleom).
One non-playable character only! (i.e. Resetti or Wobbuffet) (bosses not included)
You may choose up to seven total different characters and bosses.
Above all else, obey the rules of the forum! The topic rules are courtesy only. The forum rules MUST be followed!

My favourites all come from SSBB, as I only ever play that game in the series. My list (in no particular order) is:
Peach, Ness, Zelda, Luigi, Kirby, Zero Suit Samus, and Tabbu.

May everyone enjoy speaking their minds on the matter at hand.

EDIT: Also allowable is up to three favourite moves and final smashes (three each).
Mine would be:
Peach Bomber (useful on bosses), Green Missile, and ZSS's side special (makes Cruel Brawl a LOT easier).

Xplayer -> RE: Favourite SSB series video game characters (12/13/2017 10:15:58)

I used to play a lot of Smash 4 and even entered a national tournament once and got completely bodied. For various reasons I decided to "retire" from the game but I still like watching tournaments on Twitch (mostly for Melee though).

My main was Rosalina and Luma because I really like playing a defensive zoning character. I would much rather try to shut down whatever my opponent is trying to do than try to go in fast and combo them myself.

Despite watching a lot of melee, I don't play it much (mainly because I don't have a Game Cube). I played it a lot at my friend's house as a kid but never seriously.

Top 7 Favorite Characters:
1. Rosalina and Luma (Smash 4)
2. Peach (Melee/Smash 4)
3. Lucina (Smash 4)
4. Marth (Smash 4/Melee/Brawl)
5. Samus (Smash 4/Melee)
6. Young Link (Melee)
7. Bowser (Smash 4)

Side note, I HATE Cloud despite playing a lot of him. He's such a frustrating character to play against. He rewards mediocre play and his amazing strengths (great neutral game, strong punishes, insane juggling tools, laggless landings) more than cover for his weaknesses (poor grab game, poor recovery without limit).

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